Rare total eclipse of the Moon coming

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New Zealanders will get the rare opportunity to observe a total lunar eclipse in their skies on Tuesday 21st December.

The eclipse will begin before moonrise in New Zealand, so in Auckland it will rise in partial eclipse. Further south the Moon will rise in total eclipse, while the lower South Island will see only the tail-end of the eclipse.

Rain and showers in the forecast

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A number of weak fronts will today and tomorrow move slowly across the country bringing much needed rain to dry regions. says that some areas may see some good top ups while others may not be so lucky. 

Sunday scorcher for some

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A nor'wester is set to return today lifting temperatures greatly in some eastern and northern centres. 

As of 6am it was sunny in Christchurch, following what was a fairly cloudy week with only modest temperatures.

Hot and sunny for many today

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Weather conditions across much of the country today will be hotter and sunnier than yesterday, reports

Weekend Weather

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It's been a cloudy week for many main centres but the weekend is looking sunnier as yet another high moves in.

In this job it's always hard to please everyone. Someone called "kiwigirluk" sent me a message on Twitter the other day - "Weather forecasts alway leave something to be desired - they're either 100% wrong or definitely not what we want to hear".

Drought looms if rain doesn't arrive soon

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Farmers in the upper North Island region of Northland are becoming increasingly worried that they are heading back in to drought - possibly their third consecutive one. confirmed today that rainfall figures for October and November were dramatically below the average - and are also below levels for the same time last year.

Warm everywhere today, low thunderstorm risk for SI

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Warm to hot weather will spread across all of New Zealand today, reports

Under mostly clear skies and light winds highs will reach the 20s for most main centres with late 20s or even 30 possible through inland parts of the South Island.

Yesterday Alexandra again reached 30 degrees.

Tropical low may come towards NZ

Filed in: has been monitoring the long range computer models and for three days in a row they have been predicting a tropical low moving down towards New Zealand later next week.

The low, which is likely to form around Vanuatu and New Caledonia this weekend, will next week start to drift southwards, according to the long range maps.

Dry for the rest of November? What's happening out there!?

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Weather conditions across New Zealand will remain mostly dry for the rest of November reports

The dry conditions will be caused by a very large anticyclone that will drift in from the Tasman Sea and remain slow moving for the next week or so.

Tasman Anticyclone to dominate week's weather

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A large high moving in from Australia looks likely to dominate our weather for the coming week, undoing any good that Sunday's rain did. forecasters believe the high will bring mostly dry weather to New Zealand and possibly windy conditions as well.