NZ's New Year's Eve forecast

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Heading out tonight for New Year's Eve celebrations? has the latest forecast for the nation.

It appears cloud will play a main role in our weather today but the good news is most places are looking dry and warm. says there are a few weak fronts around the country, but they will remain mostly offshore.

Weather pattern becoming more unstable:

Filed in: forecasters believe the weather pattern around New Zealand is becoming increasingly unstable over recent weeks - a sign that La Nina is starting to take a firmer hold over our part of the world.

New Year's Eve: Still looking good for most

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Most of New Zealand is in for a warm and settled New Years Eve according to, but not all of the country will have "perfect" weather.

A front, which is connected to the wet, humid, weather in Queensland, may slowly drift towards the upper North Island later on Thursday and into Friday but isn't expected to bring much in the way of rain.

UFOs over Napier? (Photos)

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Over the past few days has received a big jump in reports of strange lights seen over the skies of Napier. reader Fraser Duncan says he saw three lights travelling in formation - and sent us a photo showing what he - and many others - have seen.


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This is the 2010 Santa Tracker - to read comments sent last year, please see below.

To see the 2011 Santa Tracker - click here!    (Live from Friday Dec 16)

Rare lunar eclipse tonight

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A front rolling across the country is set to obscure the first lunar eclipse in New Zealand skies in almost three years.

In a lunar eclipse, the moon is obscured as it passes through the Earth's shadow.

A total lunar eclipse only occurs when there is a full moon.

Hot weather today - late 20s for many

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Hot weather will affect most of New Zealand's main centres today predicts

The weather news authority says hot, humid, air will reman over the North Island with sunny spells adding to the heat.

Meanwhile strong, hot and dry nor'westers move into eastern and southern parts of the South Island.

NZ Passengers warned of delays: Britain snow storm

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Passengers flying from Auckland to Europe are being warned flights leaving this evening may terminate in Asia or America.

Heavy snow has grounded numerous flights in London and other European cities.

Air New Zealand says flight NZ 2 to London via Los Angeles will depart as scheduled at 11pm.

Flight NZ 39 to London via Hong Kong will also depart as planned at 11.55PM.

Droughts over when they've only just begun?

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Droughts have this month been declared in Northland, Waikato and Ruapehu but with heavy rain for some in these regions this past week - and more on the way today and the coming week - it's possible the droughts may be over before they even set in.

Severe Thunderstorm risk for North Island continues

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UPDATED - 5:30pm

Hot, humid, conditions will today see an increased risk of thunderstorms over the North Island reports with MetService today increasing the risk of thunderstorms to include Severe thunderstorms.  A new map has been provided (see below).

Humidity levels are extreme in Auckland with 95% humidity and 23 degrees creating a 'feels like' temperature of 29.