Quick kiwi weather quiz

Filed in: have decided to have a bit of fun and test your kiwi weather knowledge so we've put together a 10 question quiz about weather in these parts.

Feel free to put your answers in our comments section and we'll provide the answers later.

1/ What year was New Zealand's highest temperature of 42.4 degrees recorded?

Thunder possible in far north and west

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Skies are brewing today in the north and west of the country as humid easterlies pick up the pace after a muggy night. 
Temperatures struggled to drop below 20 degrees in many centres including Auckland but with the humidity, it certainly felt considerably warmer.

Curious Cantabs cause commotion

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As the 6 month anniversary approaches since the September 4 earthquake in Canterbury, some people have had more than a guts-full of onlookers.

Telegraph Road was the scene of considerable damage as the quake moved the road several metres eastward and many curious Cantabrians and tourists have made the journey from the Garden city to see for themselves the force of mother nature.

No 40 degree heat expected this weekend

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Last Sunday parts of Canterbury sweltered with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees in Timaru, with the official high of a record 40.3 recorded at the airport and 41.3 degrees in the city itself at the gardens.

Risk of cyclone activity north of NZ

After a calm week since Cyclone Yasi sucked the energy out of the tropics north of New Zealand the weather seems to be re-energising reports

The Fiji Meteorlogical Service today says while the next two days show no chance of tropical storm development on Saturday there is a 5 to 20% chance of cyclone developing.

Big Gay Out weather forecast

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Tens of thousands of gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered Kiwi's will be attending the 2011 Big Gay Out this Sunday and says sun, heat, humidity and possibly rain are all in the forecast.

The event, which started in 2000, will be held in Coyle Park in Point Chevalier, Auckland.

Cyclone season much busier than usual for NZ

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It's been a long time since New Zealand saw so many tropical cyclones in our waters - but 2011 will go down as one of our busiest cyclone seasons ever predicts

In less than a month four tropical cyclones have entered New Zealand waters with all of them having some type of severe weather impact on the country. 

Cyclone Wilma enters our record books

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Cyclone Wilma was the first "tropical cyclone" in recorded history to ever hit New Zealand and it topped off a month that saw the tropics quite literally move into the upper North Island.

While many of us remember cyclones Drena, Fergus and Bola - or even Giselle (causing the 1968 Wahine disaster) - those storms were what we call "extra tropical". They started off as tropical cyclones but changed when they lost their tropical characteristics. Sounds like a minor technicality but it is a significant change in the power and energy inside the storm.

Brief new cyclone forms near NZ

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A cyclone that will be very short lived formed overnight north east of New Zealand.  The cyclone - which was not predicted to form by cyclone authorities in Fiji - is currently a weak category 1 tropical cyclone called Zaka.  It is not expected to strengthen much further and is unlikely to remain a cyclone for the rest of today.

40 degree heat breaks record books

Timaru has broken the record for their hottest day ever with the temperature hitting a scorching 40.3 degrees in the shade shortly before 4pm today.

The extreme heat, which predicted yesterday, is connected to the same heat wave that saw Sydney climb to 42 degrees yesterday and then record their hottest night ever.