Saturday is the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice is at 3:54am

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At precisely 3:54am on Saturday June 22 is the Winter Solstice - it indicates the shortest day of the year, the middle of the solar winter and the start of the astronomical winter.

VIDEO: Low pressure this Sunday, high pressure next week

This weekend New Zealand has a cool down with rain arriving on Sunday for the North Island thanks to a small area of low pressure.

By Monday many regions will be colder but drier too as high pressure builds.

VIDEO: Huge high coming, but it’s very slow with rain and cold coming first

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Sub-tropical winds are developing across New Zealand and tonight will be milder nationwide compared to the past two nights and mornings.

We have some rain and showers around the next few days, mainly on the West Coast and then northern NZ.

Enormous winter high to influence NZ's weather for a week, starting this weekend (+2 Maps)

An enormous block of high pressure is building over Australia and will drive in colder air to NZ this weekend and linger for all of next week.

Rain, snow a mild Friday then things start to get colder going into next week (+3 Maps)

New Zealand has a burst of rain, then some snow, then a mild Friday - before a cooler change grows this weekend and into next week nationwide.

Rainfall totals aren't too extreme but gives dry regions a little top up, although those in the east won't be getting more than a few millimetres. 

Cold tap, hot tap -- Cold again tonight, but sub-tropical warmth tomorrow night (+2 Maps)

This morning was the coldest morning of 2019 and while tonight looks frosty for some again Thursday night looks much milder thanks to the sub-tropics.

Currently high pressure with clear skies covers New Zealand and following the southerly at the start of this week it's helping 'lock in' that cold air, which is why we saw frosts as far north as Auckland this morning.

VIDEO: Cold again tonight, warmer Friday, then colder this weekend/next week

New Zealand has a brief warm up - it’s overnight Thursday and across Friday. Then, the pattern changes to colder as we go through the weekend and colder still as we enter in to next week.

High pressure is currently crossing New Zealand bringing the light winds, clear skies at night and frosty conditions.

VIDEO: Cold nights, some frosts, then sub-tropical winds followed by southerlies

It’s more like Autumn this week as temperatures and weather patterns swing around from cold to mild and back to cold again.

The chaotic weather pattern does calm down for today and Wednesday as high pressure rolls in - bringing clear overnight skies to many regions so colder nights are coming with the chance of frosts in sheltered inland areas.

Two cold nights coming, frosts likely - but subtropical by Thursday night (+4 Maps)

A southerly change followed by a large high is often the perfect recipe for cold nights and that's precisely what is happening.

A large high is today rolling in from the Tasman Sea and it will 'lock in' the cooler air.

No video today, instead we've dumped all our weather maps for you to see (+19 Maps!)

We have no weather video due to sick leave so instead we're giving you all of our maps to help make sense of what is coming in the days ahead.