Weather Video: Weekend weather and the forecast for next week

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A colder southerly with rain is moving up the South Island slowly this weekend then into the North Island next week.

Rain will push in across both main islands with even the driest parts of New Zealand enjoying some rain.

Rain accumulation maps until next Wednesday + soil deficit map. Some relief coming (+4 Maps)

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Rain is now forecast for some of New Zealand's current dry spots with the heaviest falls jumping over regions recently already hit by heavy rain. says the forecast is yet more evidence that New Zealand is being impacted by a chaotic local pattern, rather than any large global patterns (such as El Nino, for example). 

Weather Video: Colder, windier, wetter start to next week

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It’s warmer than average by day in almost every part of New Zealand right now but a colder change is coming and starts in the Deep South on Sunday and spreads nationwide over Monday and Tuesday.

Before it turns up we have warmer than normal daytime highs thanks to easterlies in the upper North Island and northerly quarter winds elsewhere.

Weather Video: Warm with high pressure but a cooler, wetter change coming

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High pressure is dominating New Zealand’s weather at the moment bringing mostly light winds, average overnight lows and above average daytime highs.

This run of dry, warm, weather will continue for a few more days for most regions but a cold front is approaching the South Island for Thursday and Friday then this weekend it slowly heads northwards.

Much warmer than average for many this week but a cool change coming (+3 Maps)

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Daytime highs are again today and tomorrow above average, some by over 10 degrees inland in the south as westerlies kick back in ahead of a slow moving cold front. A large portion of the North Island will also be warmer than normal, although some coastal fringes will not be impacted so much.

Another warm day today and another cool night tonight (+3 Maps)

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If you're find the days warm and the nights cool, you're not alone. Data exclusively used from IBM shows just how much warmer than average the days are with some inland parts of the South Island over 10 degrees above normal for this time of year.

Weather Video: Next few days: PM downpours, isolated thunder, two highs and a cold front

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With so much high pressure around NZ right now it would be easy to think the weather is quiet, instead we have a lot over the next few days including some heavy North Island downpours which may produce isolated thunderstorms over Wednesday and Thursday.

Downpour risks this week mostly rural, main urban centres look dry & increasingly warm (+3 graphs)

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With so much high pressure around New Zealand this week it's surprising we have so many downpours but that's the way the air pressure systems have aligned. The downpour risks are highest inland where there may also be thunder.

But what about where the majority of people live? The three largest cities don't show a lot of wet weather this week.

Sunday's national forecast - Here comes the high pressure

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High pressure is anchoring itself over New Zealand for several days promising plenty of mild afternoons and light winds, but still some cooler nights/mornings and the risk of heavy afternoon downpours.

As for Sunday itself, not a lot to talk about really - the weather is looking very settled today.

Video: Weekend Weather + high pressure and downpours dominate until Friday next week

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Major rain on the West Coast is clearing today and the North Island will only get a bit of patchy overnight rain or showers as the weakening front clears New Zealand on Saturday morning.

Behind this is a lot of high pressure that will be centred on either side of New Zealand.