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VIDEO: September to kick off with a high…also a sub-tropical low

We have more mild westerlies this week but a cold front on Thursday and Friday drops temperatures just a little ahead of a big high rolling in for the weekend.

The large high from Australia means August ends on a high and September kicks off with one. However a sub-tropical low is drifting our way around early next week.

Warm by day, cool by night, August goes out on a high (+3 Maps)

August has been the most turbulent month of winter after a fairly calm June and July, now this month is going out on a high - literally. High pressure rolls in this Friday night and brings a settled calm weekend saying farewell to August on Saturday and hello to September on Sunday.

September: Get ready for spring chaos! (+2 long range Maps)

The next 10 weeks ahead are traditionally NZ's most chaotic of the year with winter slowly fading and hints of summer coming in. You can expect a real variety of weather with bigger highs drifting out of Australia towards us but also bigger lows in and around the New Zealand area churning the weather up.

VIDEO: Windy westerlies this week, some places warmer than average

August is going out with a westerly theme which means some places will be warmer than average, others bang on average. Rainfall this week is lower but western parts of the South Island have normal rainfall.

By the end of this week high pressure grows around NZ with a calm start to next week likely.

August to end with spring-like mild westerlies, September kicking off with sub-tropical low

A week of spring-like westerly quarter winds are on the way which will push temperatures above average by day in a number of regions. Not every day is warm but the general rule is the further north or east you are the milder it will be. A couple of SW changes (like today and again on Thursday) may see some cooler weather in the south in particular.

Sunday's national forecast - warmer than normal for this time of year

Windier westerlies blow through some places today while others will be more sheltered with, sunny, warmer than average weather.

In fact much of the country will be above average today compared to historical daytime highs for this date. It's a sign the early spring pattern is with us and we have more westerly quarter winds for the final week of August.

August to end on mild note for many regions (+2 Maps)

The westerly windflow is with us now and as we enter the final week of August it may turn more sub-tropical for some. The set up means the further south you go the colder it will be. Westerly quarter winds mean next week some in the north may have sub-tropical nor'westers and above normal warmth while those in the south have Southern Ocean sou'westers and single digit highs at times.

VIDEO: Windier westerlies coming, next week dominated by early spring pattern

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We have a windier change coming in behind the large low currently in the NZ area.

Is this NZ's shortest cold snap of 2019? Just 12 little hours...

NZ has had some short lived cold snaps this winter but the one coming in today and tonight is truly the shortest. While both Friday and Saturday will see a large portion of the country warmer than average a nationwide southerly change tonight will reverse that trend making for a colder than average night in many places.