A break in the rain for some

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Northland, Auckland, the Coromandel Peninsula and Waikato are just some of the regions to find themselves with a break in the rain.

For Northland and Auckland, the rain isn't likely to make much of a return. There could be some light showers here and there, but the heavy stuff appears to be over.

Heavy rain update

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Rain continues to fall over much of the North Island this morning. Some areas are seeing a bit of a break in the rain, but more is on the way.

Parts of Northland added to rain warnings

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Government forecaster MetService has now included the eastern hills of Northland in their rain warnings for tonight and early tomorrow.

MetService says that peak intensities could reach 10 to 15 mm/hr with a chance of 15 to 25 mm/hr in thunderstorms that may develop overnight.

Rain and wind already affecting upper NI, more on the way

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Showers are continuing to move across Northland and Auckland this morning thanks to the incoming Tasmanian low.  Showers will affect the Coromandel Peninsula this morning as well.

More rain is on the way for these areas this afternoon.  Some heavy rain is still possible about Auckland this afternoon as well....and then Auckland, Bay of Plenty and north Waikato for tonight.

Sunday's national forecast

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It will be a wet day for much of the North Island. Even parts of the South Island could see a bit of rain.

Rain heading back to the North Island

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A low pressure centre will make its way toward the North Island overnight.  Already, rain is falling about parts of the far northern tip of Northland.  By morning, it should be close enough to be spreading rain across much of Northland and south to Auckland.

Clouds blanket much of NZ today

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So how is your Saturday?

Here in the Waikato, it's been a very cloudy day.  It even looked like we might get a light shower.  But that never developed.  

But not all Kiwis are socked in with clouds.  Central Plateau, eastern North Island and central New Zealand are seeing some sunshine today.

Saturday's national forecast

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A low coming in off the Tasman continues to make its way toward the North Island this morning. This means we will see an increasing chance for precipiation for the north and east with rest of the island remaning dry.

Mt Tongariro volcanic alert level lifted amidst jump in activity (+ seismograph)

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BREAKING NEWS --- GNS Science has this afternoon lifted Mt Tongariro's volcanic alert status to level one and aviation status from green to yellow amidst a sudden rise in volcanic activity lately.

Weekend could turn wet for NI

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We will start off the weekend on a settled note. But North Islanders and some South Islanders may find the end of the weekend a bit wet.