Weather Video: Weekend weather plus Warriors & All Blacks weather

Filed in: weather analysist Philip Duncan says a low over Sydney will bring 'Auckland-like' weather for the NRL Grand Final between the Warriors and the Manly Sea Eagles.

Weather to suit the Warriors this Sunday

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The weather forecast for this Sunday's Grand Final between the Warriors and Manly looks set to favour the Warriors says head weather analyst Philip Duncan.

Mr Duncan says an offshore low this weekend will mean "Auckland-like" weather conditions for the big game.

"Sydney has recently been in a heatwave, with highs in the 30s and hot, windy, weather.  Th

NZ air pollution not as bad as report suggested

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The World Health Organisation has removed data from its website that suggested New Zealand cities' air quality was poorer than any major city in Australia and that Auckland's air pollution was on a par with Tokyo's.

In a compilation of air quality data from 1100 cities in 91 countries, reporting concentrations of health damaging "PM10" particles WHO published 2009 data it said was source

Study ranks NZ's reputation among best in the world

New Zealand has one of the top five reputations in the world, in the eyes of the globe's leading nations, new research shows.

The CountryRep study, produced annually by the Reputation Institute in conjunction with Australian research consultancy AMR, put New Zealand at fifth place overall for reputation, trailing behind Canada (1), Sweden (2), Australia (3), and Switzerland (4).


Falling satellite passed over NZ, crashed into Pacific Ocean

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A defunct six tonne satellite passed over the West Coast and near Auckland before burning up over a remote area of the Pacific Ocean, Nasa maps show.

As reported by on Saturday the satellite quickly zipped up the West Coast of the South Island before crossing over the top of Northland and heading out over the Pacific.  It then crashed into the the sea.


Missing yacht arives in Ireland

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A missing yacht with a New Zealander on board has arrived safe and sound in Ireland.

The Golden Eagle sparked a massive air and sea search when it failed to turn up on schedule after setting out from Bermuda on August 21.

It was crewed by a 69-year-old from Norway who owns the boat and a 60 year old New Zealander, who was described as an experienced sailor.

The Irish Times

So...what time is it again?

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Daylight Saving officially got underway this morning - and for all New Zealanders this Sunday will be just 23 hours long.

In the olden days when clocks went forward an hour you'd have to go around the entire house changing them - but these days computers, phones, MySky etc, all do it automatically.

But because some are automatic and some are not - it can leave you wondering just w

Falling satellite due to hit Friday

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A 20-year-old NASA satellite the size of a bus that is heading for Earth is expected to hit tomorrow.

NASA and the US Department of Defense are tracking the 35ft spacecraft, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, or (UARS), as it rushes towards the planet at eight kilometres per second.

Experts say there is a one-in-3200 risk of the six-ton space junk hitting someone - considera

Tasmania blasted by severe gales, NZ's winds ease a little

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Very strong winds whipped through Tasmania yesterday and the windy conditions are set to continue due to a series of fast moving fronts - the same ones that will also affect New Zealand.

A series of cold fronts passing over the state are generating blustery westerly winds, which have been gusting well above 100km/h over exposed and coastal locations.

A gust of 126km/h was reported

NZ currently one of the windiest nations on earth

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It probably comes as no surprise but right now New Zealand is one of the windiest countries on the planet as the Roaring 40s continue to blast across us.

This map - provided by - shows the strong belt of westerlies across latitude 40.  The yellow, orange and brown indicates where the strongest winds are.  We've highlighted where New Zealand is and the northern