Thursday's national forecast

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The weather will be a bit more settled across the country today.

There will still be chances for precipitation, but most of what falls will be in the form of rain.  The deep south could see a few showers this morning.  Inland Otago should be dry during the day today, but showers could develop tonight.

Main cities hit by weather

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Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch have been hit by weather elements over the last twelve hours.

Auckland saw kingtides affect lowlying areas last night over some motorways which resulted in mainly minor flooding and blustery conditions were also a factor. Further high tides between 8 and 9 this morning could also be an issue for drivers.

Wednesday's national forecast

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A very unsettled day is expected across most of the country.

A sunnier Queens Birthday forecast

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The rather gloomy predictions for tomorrow are being quickly replaced by sunshine and mild temps.

It looks like the rain chances for tomorrow will be confined to the after sunset hours for most areas.  Daytime rain is possible for Gisborne, Hawkes Bay and the West Coast.

How is your Sunday?

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How has Sunday's weather been for you?  We started  off with some showers in some parts of the South Island and a renegade thunderstorm early this morning near Auckland. 

How do you think this weather stacks up to past Queens Birthday weekends?  Is this weather about what you would expect for this time of year?

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Aussie low will bring rain and wind this week

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Low pressure that has been soaking eastern Australia over the last few days is headed our way and looks to do the same to us.

Sunday's national forecast

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A few chances for rain will be popping up across the country today.

We’ve already seen some showers during the overnight hours about the deep south and a few renegade thundery falls about Auckland.

A showery Sunday?

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For some, Sunday could end up being a bit on the wet side.

I hate "nice" weather

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Ok, I don’t really “hate” it.  But my idea of nice weather and your idea of nice weather may be on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Weekend update: A bit wetter?

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As things start to get a bit more unsettled out over the Tasman, that energy will head east and bring us some showers for this weekend and into next week.