Wednesday's national forecast

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Another nice day for today?

That's two in a row.  That almost seems too good to be true.

But believe it.  The large ridge of high pressure that has been keeping our weather dry and settled will continue to do so for this Wednesday.

Tuesday's National Forecast

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A huge bubble of high pressure continues to make its way across the Tasman Sea.  This will be our nation's weather maker for the next few days.

High pressure means sinking air and sinking air means stable air and stable air means fair weather.

Fair weather is exactly what you can expect today.

This is January?

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So how many of you had to get a fire going last night?

How many of you wanted to just crawl back into bed this morning after discovering the very winter-like chill in the air?

A rainy Friday may cap off an otherwise dry week ahead.

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High pressure building in off the Tasman Sea will give Kiwis a stretch of dry and comfortable weather this week.

The nice weather should even last into next weekend.

However, there is a fly in the ointment.

A temporary, but potent chill settling in across NZ

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Things got off to a chilly start this morning on the southern end of New Zealand.

The colder air had already overspread much of the South Island early this morning.  Temperatures were in the single digits in many areas.  

9:00 am readings included;

A windy Sunday signals a quiet week ahead.

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You won't need a weather expert to tell you what's on today's weather maps.  All you have to do is stand outside for a while.

The increasing winds and the cooler air that are spreading across the country will let you know that we have a set of tightly packed isobars draped across New Zealand, as well as a rather potent cold front.

Biggest NZ storms since 1900

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Looking at the last 100 years or even further since the year 1900, has decided to delve into the archives and look at the biggest 5 weather events that have grabbed hold of our shores.

There are a few events that stand out and we've listed a few but we'd love your input about what other significant storms have swept across parts of the nation.

NIWA continues with warm start to 2012

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NIWA have issued their predictions over the next 3 months with much of the country set to have warmer than average temperatures but not necessarily warm sunshine for the first 3 months of the year.

Below are the long term forecasts for January, February and March.


The rain moving in....

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 A deepening low centred near central parts of the country is already bringing rain and windy conditions over parts of the country but rain is likely to intensify along with the increasing winds in central regions particularly.

Summer- Could the season be later?

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There's be a bit of talk amongst weather enthusiasts in recent years about summer and its timing and we're wondering here at if you think the season should be revised and introduced somewhat later than the traditional months of December, January and February?.