Monday's national forecast

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Cold and snow are set to return to the South Island today.  Although the snow isn’t looking quite as intense as last week, it could still cause a few travel problems.  Snow showers will be likely down to around 200 metres for parts of higher coastal areas of Canterbury, Otago and Southland as the cold front moves through later today.

More cold and snow on the way for the South Island

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Another blast of snow and cold is on the way, but it doesn't look as intense as last week.

Christchurch could end up with sleety snow showers down to 300m tomorrow afternoon…lasting into tomorrow night.

Give us one or two words that describes your sky

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Saying its “sort of sunny” is a bit of a stretch for some areas.  In the Waikato, for example, the sun is having a terrible time punching holes in the low cloud cover.

In Auckland, nice patches of blue are showing up but don’t appear to be keen to stick around very long.

Sunday's national forecast

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It will be fairly settled day across the country.There will likely be a few patches of drizzly showers around this morning for the northern tip of the North Island.  Also some showers possible about Hawkes Bay and Gisborne. 

A settled Sunday

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If you are hoping for a settled end to the weekend, it looks like Mother Nature will be cooperating.  Unless you are in the deep south, in which case you are probably going to be disappointed.

Upcoming week still looking fairly settled

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We will see lots of lows hanging around New Zealand next week, but it doesn’t look like any of them will actually get close enough to unsettle our weather.

But, of course, there is an exception to that rule.  The exception is the lower and eastern regions of both islands.

May 2012 in review

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May turned out to be pretty sunny and a little cool for much of the country.

Looking ahead; Drying out for early next week...maybe.

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As we head into the weekend and look ahead to next week, things will be settling down for the country.

Friday's national forecast

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It will be a bit unsettled today for the western and southern sections of both islands.

Thursday's national forecast

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The weather will be a bit more settled across the country today.

There will still be chances for precipitation, but most of what falls will be in the form of rain.  The deep south could see a few showers this morning.  Inland Otago should be dry during the day today, but showers could develop tonight.