Tuesday's national forecast

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Now that most people are back to work after a long weekend, it looks like some serious sunshine will settle in.

That doesn't mean everyone will see great weather today.  But it should be one of those rare days, rare for this summer anyway, that the majority of Kiwis seen nice weather as opposed to clouds and rain.

Here's how it breaks down...

January not one to remember

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 The official figures have come in from NIWA in regards to the weather last month and it won't be a month etched in our memory banks unless you were in the far south for the first half.

Friday's national forecast

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A tropical storm and its associated storminess will stay away from us today.  High pressure will not only keep the storm well to our north, it will also try to keep our weather settled for today.  For the most part, the high will do just that.  No wild temperature swings or gale force winds or heavy rain is expected.  However, it won't be completely dry either.

Thursday's national forecast

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The South Island didn't get as much rain yesterday as was orginally expected.  The dying front that was the focus for what rain did fall yesterday, will be the focus for today's North Island rain.  But again, it looks like it will be less than what was originally forecast yesterday.  But, it's not going to be a dry day either.

Wednesday's national forecast

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It's going to be a sodden day for South Islanders.

But us North Islanders shouldn't get too comfortable.  Our turn is coming tomorrow.

Waitangi Day weekend is looking nice overall...

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But there are a few exceptions.  Also, this has been a summer of weird weather.  Let's hope Mother Nature doesn't throw us any curve balls.

Tuesday's national forecast

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Rain is on its way back into the forecast.

But not necessarily for today.  A pocket of dry air will help to keep all but Fiordland dry in the deep south of the South Island.

Monday's national forecast

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Clouds finally began to break apart in Auckland late yesterday and into last night.

Now the question is; will they be back before Monday is over?

The answer is; probably.

A very varied Sunday.

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"Hot and windy in Ngapara North Otago"

That was the comment from WeatherWatch visitor Tania Hayman.

So we know that there was some summer today in New Zealand.  Some summer even showed up on the North Island.

"Hot and 28 in Gizzy", says Debby Cresswell.

How was your Sunday?

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A wide range of conditions existed across New Zealand today.

Everything from clouds and chilly rain to bright sunshine and warming temperatures.