Looking ahead

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The same ridge of high pressure that we’ve been talking about for a week will continue to be our weather-maker into early next week.

Monday and Tuesday are looking generally dry and settled across the country even as the high starts to lose its grip.

Sunday's national forecast

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Another dry and settled day is expected across the country today.  It’s all thanks to the big high that we’ve been talking about for the last week.

ITM400 Hamilton - Forecast + Poll!

The weather for the ITM400 in Hamilton is looking excellent - if you like a fast race that is. says conditions look dry with mostly sunny weather but some cloud build ups.

Winds will be light due to the large high moving in - with wind speeds less than 8km/h, or walking speed.

Friday's national forecast

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The ridge of high pressure we’ve been talking about for many days remains firmly in control of our weather.

Thursday's national forecast

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I think I could pretty much copy this and re-post it every morning for the next week or so and it would still be accurate.

High pressure continues to control our weather.  As a result, dry and settled conditions are expected for most of the country.

Big high makes weather news tricky here - while rain drenches QLD

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Big highs.  They are great for most of us.  But boy these big ones can be hard to find new angles to talk about.

We we had a colder southerly change arrive yesterday in Cantebury bringing drizzle and showers - that wetter change is shifting up the North Island's east coast today.

Wednesday's national forecast

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High pressure will continue to slide east today, keeping the country under its influence.

One of the main features we will notice today will be the increased southerly flow.  That will mean that temperatures may be a bit cooler than what we saw on Tuesday, especially about the North Island.

ANZAC Day forecast

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It’s a bit early yet to really nail down a forecast for ANZAC day.  It’s 10 days away yet.

However, let’s give it a fair go shall we?

"Super-highs" raise chance of more Antarctic blasts

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Could we get another huge polar blast like we suffered last August?

Keeping warm?

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Whilst the days have been pretty sunny and warm for most of us, the nights and mornings have been chilly.

That's ok, that's what autumn is supposed to be like.

But, as we move into the last half of autumn and continue our descent into winter unabated, the need for additional heat becomes greater and greater.