Severe Weather Video: Tropical trouble looming and Philip Duncan team up to bring you the latest on the likely tropical cyclone and how it might impact New Zealand.

Tropical cyclone could trigger a series of lows for NZ (+ Maps)

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Confidence is mounting that a tropical cyclone will develop this weekend between Vanuatu and Fiji then track south towards New Zealand at the start of next week, possibly bringing severe weather to the North Island.

Friday's national forecast

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It will be another dry and settled day for most of the country.

Are you tired of this weather yet?  I hope not, because we have at least a few more days of it.

Tropical storm forecast still has a lot of questions, few answers

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Computer models are still developing a tropical low north of New Zealand this weekend.

Where it goes from there, is the big question.

Raindrops or sunshine today?

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Is the high keeping you dry today?

Yesterday, we had a few of you tell us that despite the dry high, raindrops kept falling on your head.

But, unlike the 1970 hit song says, the sun wasn’t sleeping on the job.  Most of New Zealand had a lovely day.

Weekend outlook

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After so many days of dry and settled weather for so much of New Zealand, you would think the other shoe would have to drop at some point…and most likely land squarely on the weekend.

Easter weather hinges on the big low.

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Over the last few weeks we’ve had a lot of people asking about a forecast for Easter.

Now that we are getting a bit closer, it should be a bit easier to produce a forecast that we can have some confidence in.

Note the phrase “should be” in the preceding sentence.

Thursday's national forecast

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High pressure continues to maintain its firm grip on the nation’s weather.

A little bit of an onshore flow may create some light showers for Gisborne and Hawkes Bay.  Otherwise, the rest of the country will be dry and settled.

Tropical storm likely over NZ waters next week (+ Maps)

Computer models are now in agreement that a tropical low will form this weekend about 2000kms north of New Zealand - then it will track towards the North Island, possibly strengthening into a severe tropical cyclone.  However the models still remain unsure about the exact path it will take.

La Nina finally fizzles out

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Australia's Bureau of Meteorology issued its latest update on the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Tuesday, confirming La Niña conditions are no longer present in either the Pacific Ocean or atmosphere.