Tasmanian low could be a real devil for New Zealand

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A low that is expected to develop over Tasmania later this week will be our next big rainmaker.

That may sound downright evil to folks like me on the North Island.

However, it's likely to be viewed as miracle by folks in the deep south.

Rain for the deep south? Dry weather for the North Island?

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It looks like some decent rain is on the way for the Southland and Otago later this week.

Low pressure is expected to move across the southern South Island on Thursday.

Bahamas only answer to tiresome torrents

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Funny how a week ago I talked about turning weather negatives into positives, but seven cloudy and showery days later even I'm starting to get tired of this weather.

The sodden North Island can expect more rain today

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After a night of continuous rain for North Islanders, more rain will fall throughout the day today across most of the island.

In fact, heavy rain is expected on the east side of the island.  Heavy rain warnings are in effect for the Bay of Plenty, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay.

A detailed look at the rainmakers for the next 14 days

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There is no end in sight for the relentless rain over the upper North Island and now the latest long range maps are showing things getting worse rather than getting better predicts   

Rain drenches the North Island, eyes the South Island

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Earlier today, I asked folks to submit comments about what things were like where they were.

It was pretty evenly divided.  Folks on the North Island were getting wet.  Folks on the South Island, not so much.  And the areas that have been so very dry for the last month, continued to be dry.

How is your Saturday? Soggy or sunny?

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Rain continues to spread across the North Island today.  The majority of it is falling across Northland, Auckland, the Waikato and now moving into Taranaki.  Very few places on the North Island will escape the rain today.

There was even some rain this morning across the central South Island thanks to a weak little boundary.  Most of that, however, has fallen apart.

The wet weekend begins

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Rainfall, some of it heavy, is still expected across the North Island this weekend.

The first bands of rain are already making their way across Northland and Auckland this morning.  Rain will continue to overspread the North Island as we go throughout the day.  By the time we get to this evening, most if not all of the North Island should be getting wet.

Focusing this weekend's forecast

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A sub-tropical low is still on track to bring some wet weather to parts of the country this weekend.

Heavy rain breaks December records, washes out holidays

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Rainfall records tumbled throughout New Zealand in December as downpours wreaked havoc for holidaymakers and caused flooding around Nelson.