Tropics starting to wake up

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Tropical activity directly north of New Zealand is showing signs of coming to life says following several days of increased humidity over northern New Zealand.

While the humidity increase here is related to a shift in anticyclones (highs) the thunder and rain activity north of us has significantly stepped up in recent weeks.

Japan: Has radioactive water leaked into the Pacific Ocean?

Workers at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility have discovered a leak of 45 metric tons of radioactive water, operator Tokyo Electric Power Company said in a statement Monday.

It's unclear whether the contaminated water reached the Pacific Ocean.

Could big cities lead the fight against climate change?

They are the world's cultural capitals, the nerve centers of innovation and the engine rooms of economic growth, but could cities also hold the key to cutting carbon emissions long-term?

Explanation: Why it's been so windy over NZ

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After what has been a windy past two weeks for some areas the winds are today finally light for most as a deep low in the Southern Ocean moves away to the east, while a large high in the Tasman drifts closer to us.

Election: Weather conditions improving for most

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All severe weather warnings for land have now been lifted by the government forecaster but blustery conditions remain in a number of regions - but despite the wind conditions are still good for getting out and voting with winds continuing to ease this afternoon and skies clearing further.

Election Day - rules for us and for you

Filed in: will be closely monitoring all comments here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages up until 7pm, to ensure we abide by New Zealand's election laws. 

It's important for all New Zealanders to cast their vote today, regardless of weather conditions.

POLL: Do you need rain soon?

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Despite some dramatic West Coast rain yesterday - and more on the way tomorrow - some parts of New Zealand are now starting to dry out.

In particular the Top Half of the North Island, which includes Auckland, Hamilton, Whangarei and Tauranga and surrounding communities.

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George Laking: Epsom and climate change

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Dr George Laking MD PhD FRACP, Te Whakatohea, is a Medical Oncologist who lives and works in Auckland. He is an Executive Member of OraTaiao: New Zealand Climate and Health. These are Dr Laking's personal views via

Strong winds hit Tasmania, now NZ's turn

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The high spring winds that hit Tasmania on Tuesday gusted up to 120km/h with more strong and cold winds expected during the week ahead - and it's all coming towards New Zealand too.

Most of Tasmania continues to feel the strong and cold southwesterly winds with gusts being reported over 100km/h yesterday.

All whales in mass stranding die

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All of the pilot whales which stranded at the top of the South Island have now died, the Department of Conservation has confirmed.

The pod of more than 60 stranded whales were found by a Farewell Spit tour guide on Monday evening.

DOC rangers found 20 dead whales and one whale in a poor condition was euthanised.