Volcanic ash may already be in NZ airspace

Invercargill, New Zealand -- Ash from an erupting volcano appears to already be in the atmosphere above southern New Zealand tonight reports's Invercargill reporter Malcolm Gayfer.

Mr Gayfer says an extremely red sunset was visible this evening over Southland describing it as "deep red" and not normal.

Photo of the day - Jet descending over Auckland

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Air New Zealand hasn't had the best publicity this week but this peaceful image was captured by Zelda Wynn on Sunday showing an Air NZ jet gently descending over West Auckland.

We like the simplicity and cleanness of this photo - and the contrast of a powerful passenger jet bringing to life an otherwise boring and bland sky.

Heavy snow in Aussie, cold heading to NZ

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Snow has reached as far north as the New South Wales Central Tablelands, a result of the coldest blast of the year so far.

Snow fell as low as about 1000 metres above sea level overnight yesterday. As much as one or two centimetres of it fell at Sunny Corner, between Lithgow and Bathurst, and there has also been a light scattering in Oberon.

They're skiing in Oz, but there's no snow at home

As New Zealand skifields delay opening because of unseasonably warm weather, some Australian resorts have surprised the market by opening in late autumn.

Snowstorms and cold snaps allowed several New South Wales and Victoria slopes to open as early as May 20, with the added assistance of artificial snow.

Dalai Lama arrives in quake stricken Christchurch

The Dalai Lama has told Christchurch residents the city needs to look forward from the sadness of the past few months.

The Tibetan spiritual leader arrived in Christchurch just after 12pm today, as part of a visit to see the destruction caused by the February earthquake firsthand.

Weather Video: Around the globe in 6 minutes

A volcanic euption, more deadly tornadoes plus NZ's incoming rainstorm. Philip Duncan discusses the breaking news out of America as deadly tornadoes and severe thunderstorms move in this afternoon - check out the latest warnings and watches and which states are in for the worst weather. 

'Once-in-a-lifetime' La Nina draws to a close

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One of the strongest La Niña events on record has finally concluded, after playing a major role in the record breaking rainfall and flooding seen through eastern and northern Australia over the last 10 months, according to

NZ warmer than many Australian cities

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Temperatures this month have frequently been higher than many Australian cities as La Nina starts to fade reports

In fact, as New Zealanders have been enjoying temperatures as high as 26 degrees this month parts of Australia are facing the earliest frosts in almost 40 years (Canberra) and snow on the mountains.

NZ & Australia worlds apart weatherwise

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While Australia often has more extreme weather than New Zealand lately it's not only been the other way around, but Australia has been quickly slipping into winter while northerlies here have helped create record May temperatures.

Interview - Behind the scenes @GeoNet

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On a gloomy, wet, day inside a quiet office in Lower Hutt, a handful of people go through data on their computers to produce something tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of us have grown to rely on almost every day - the size and depth of the latest earthquakes from around Christchurch and NZ.