Friday's national forecast

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It should be a lovely day for most of New Zealand today.

Hawkes Bay and Gisborne will likely be a bit showery today thanks to an easterly flow with a bit of a southerly twist. These areas will likely see highs a bit cooler than the rest of the North Island.  Temperatures should top out in the upper teens.

Thursday's national forecast

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The low that was supposed to bring lots of showers to most of the North Island today appears to be taking a detour.

A detour that will take it away from New Zealand and right out to sea.

That means that whilst some rather windy conditions will remain in place, showers will be the exception, not the rule.

Wednesday's national forecast

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A pair of weather systems will bring showers and wind to both islands today.

The South Island will be the first to see showers and wind as a weak disturbance moves from south to north.

A few final thoughts on the summer of 2012

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New Zealand had two different summers this year.  For a handful of Kiwis it was a bright and warm summer.  For most, however, it was cloudy, cool, rainy and just generally un-summer like.

So yesterday we asked you what you thought of the summer 2012.

Tuesday's national forecast

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Unsettled weather is slowly returning to New Zealand.

Summer by the numbers

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How was this summer for you?  Did you like the weather you got?  Here’s a look at a few of the highlights (or low-lights depending on how you look at it).

The week ahead

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The dry weather seen across New Zealand today will quickly be replaced with some decidedly unsettled weather.

For the southern part of the country, that could happen as soon as tomorrow.

Monday's national forecast

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A beautiful Monday is expected across the country.

A large ridge of high pressure will spread over New Zealand today, making for a dry and settled start to the week.

Sudden storm causes damage across lower NI

Hurricane force winds have roared through some parts of the country this morning with severe gales in the lower North Island causing the most amount of problems.

The low tightened more than models suggested yesterday - that has spared northern regions from the full fury but has instead pushed more wind into central areas.

A very windy overnight

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Our "weather bomb" has gone off and it made quite a mess.

Scattered damage reports have come in to us from both sides of the North Island.  Wind gusts exceeded 100 km/h at New Plymouth, on the Manukau Heads and in Pirongia.  There were also a few reports of power outages in western Wellington as well as in Auckland around Torbay.