Queensland's wet start to winter

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Many parts of Queensland can expect significant rainfall over the next few days as a low pressure trough deepens over the state.

Updated weekend outlook

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New Zealand is still looking pretty settled for Queens Birthday weekend, right up until the holiday itself.

Thursday’s national forecast

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Our incoming ridge of high pressure is still on track and on schedule.  It still has the potential to produce some precipitation though, as it moves in off the Tasman.

Wednesday's national forecast

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The ridge of high pressure that should give us a lovely holiday weekend will be responsible for keeping parts of the South Island under a threat of showers for today and tonight.

Queen's Birthday weather forecast

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It’s still just over a week away, but here’s a rough, sneak-peek at what the weather looks like for the Queen’s Birthday.

Your view: It's been a mixed Sunday.

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We’ve been getting reports that there has been a wide variety of weather across New Zealand today.

Not surprising.  We were forecasting everything from heavy rain and strong winds on one side of the country to settled sunshine on another.

And some areas got both.

Super- telescope will peer deep into space from our own backyard

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A mega-telescope to be partially built in New Zealand will provide our best chance yet to detect extra-terrestrial life as it maps the farthest reaches of the observable universe.

New Zealand, Australia and South Africa will co-host the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a $3.1 billion radio telescope dubbed "the biggest science project in the world".

Looking ahead

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After a rainy start to the week, it looks like our weather will settle down as we put the finishing touches on Autumn 2012.

Sunday's national forecast

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Look for a pretty unsettled day for much of the country.  In fact, in some areas it will be downright stormy.

Heavy rain and wind for western SI and lower NI

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Chunks of energy will be sliding across the country tonight and Sunday.  These weather features will be setting the stage for strong winds, showers and possible thunderstorms across the western South Island and lower North Island.