A windy and cloudy Father's Day

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It’s been a fairly cloudy and breezy here in the Waikato today.  In fact, it’s been fairly cloudy and breezy all over the North Island.

Now things are turning a bit wet at the top of the island with showers already being reported about Northland.

Heavy rain threat today and tomorrow

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A typical spring front that is loaded with moisture will continue to spread rain across the western sections of the South Island today and then across much of the country tomorrow.

First week of spring will be unsettled

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North Islanders won’t see a lot of rain today.  Even some South Islanders will have rain-free hours during the day today.

But that will all change as we head into tonight and tomorrow.

Sunday's national forecast

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A wet day is on the way for the western South Island today.  A front will move very slowly onshore and combine with plenty of moisture to keep rain going throughout the day for the West Coast and Nelson.  Heavy rain is also possible.

Father's Day forecast

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A spring-like front will get snarled as it tries to move across the country tomorrow thanks to a big ridge of high pressure off to our northeast.

Has spring sprung for you?

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It’s the first day of spring, although it actually seems like it started a few weeks ago.  Of course, as Head Analyst Phil Duncan talked about this morning, still others will say it doesn’t start for 3 more weeks.

But what really counts is; Does it FEEL like spring?

Saturday's national forecast

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A settled Saturday is expected for most of the country.

A mix of clouds and sun is expected for most of the North Island as we go throughout the day.  Northeasterlies will pick up during the afternoon about the northern regions.  Northwesterlies are expected for Wellington.

Weather Video: The first official weekend of spring + Isaac latest

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Philip Duncan and bring you a detailed forecast for the first official weekend of spring - and also a look at early next week.

We also touch base with what's happening in the US as Isaac's deadly path continues and more hurricanes are named today in the Atlantic Ocean and eastern Pacific.

Antarctic ice may hide huge methane menace

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The melting of Antarctic ice could release huge amounts of greenhouse gas trapped under the continent's surface - creating a feedback loop that would accelerate climate change.

A few settled days this week

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Today is getting off to rather wet start for many Kiwis.  Rain has already spread over the top of the North Island, extending along the west coast to Taranaki and then down to the north-western corner of the South Island.