Monday's national forecast

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Clouds finally began to break apart in Auckland late yesterday and into last night.

Now the question is; will they be back before Monday is over?

The answer is; probably.

A very varied Sunday.

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"Hot and windy in Ngapara North Otago"

That was the comment from WeatherWatch visitor Tania Hayman.

So we know that there was some summer today in New Zealand.  Some summer even showed up on the North Island.

"Hot and 28 in Gizzy", says Debby Cresswell.

How was your Sunday?

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A wide range of conditions existed across New Zealand today.

Everything from clouds and chilly rain to bright sunshine and warming temperatures.

A nice day is in progress across New Zealand...

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High pressure is doing its best to give us a settled day.  But with a few things working against it, the result is wind and clouds and even a few spits of rain.

Auckland will continue to see clouds and wind today.  A few peeks of sun are likely.  Rain is not.

Sunday's national forecast

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It is shaping up to be a beautiful day across the North Island.  The South Island may not be quite so lucky.

Here are the details;

Next week could be summery, sort of.

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When you have a summer like we are having, I guess you take your dry days when you can get them.

The confusing season continues

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The final days of January

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Or is it July?

So how cold was it where you are?  Did you need extra blankets?  Did you have to light a fire?  Break out your mittens yet?

It seems like it was just about a week ago I was asking similar questions.

Saturday's national forecast

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Our cold snap is already starting to fade.  Although it many not feel like it just yet.  Temperatures this morning are on the chilly side, to say the least.

Many inland folks are waking up to single digit temperatures.  Some isolated below zero temps wouldn't be a surprise either.

Tropical rain clouds heading south - will NZ be hit next?

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Deadly slips and flooding continue to affect Fiji while Queensland and now New South Wales are facing torrential rain as tropical and sub-tropical rain makers start to head south. says conditions have stepped up significantly in the past two weeks across the tropics and now it's heading further south, closer to New Zealand.