Heavy rain breaks December records, washes out holidays

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Rainfall records tumbled throughout New Zealand in December as downpours wreaked havoc for holidaymakers and caused flooding around Nelson.

Your Friday forecast

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Tomorrow should be another lovely day for most of New Zealand.

The dry weather should be right where it's been wet.

Here comes the low

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The late George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun" would be a very appropriate song for today for most of New Zealand.

For this weekend, we would have to do a cover it and change the title.

Once again, a subtropical low has its eyes on New Zealand.  In other words, get ready for more rain this weekend, especially for the North Island.

Turning the tables today

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Whilst much of the country is looking for some drier weather, Southland is begging for some rain.

Well, beg no more Southland.  The tables have been turned.  The leading edge of some cooler air is moving on shore in the far south.  That is helping create some rain for some very parched people.

A steady flow of lows means more rain for an already wet January

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We just can't seem to catch a break this month.

It's like a conveyor at your favourite grocery store.  The pattern we are in keeps tapping into tropical moisture and storms systems (lows) and bringing it all from the trolley (Coral Sea) to the cashier (New Zealand).

A tale of two lows

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A real battle will be taking place over the skies of New Zealand this weekend.

First, a little background.

High pressure means sinking air.  The big "H" that you see on a daily weather map means that the air under the influence of that "H" will be sinking.  This is also known as a "stable" atmosphere.

The rest of the week looks nice, with a few exceptions

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As this first week of 2012 starts to wind down, so do many holidays.  Will the weather cooperate with your plans?  Let's take a look...

North Island-

Reports of "strange lights" & "UFOs" flood in as 2012 hysteria arrives

On a daily basis receives around a handful of eyewitness reports of meteors and other lights in the sky, from nations all over the world.  Some busy days we might get 10 eyewitness reports.  However in the past 24 hours we've had almost 80 reports and they are still flooding in at about 10 an hour.

The nation's forecast for this first day of 2012

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Here's the way things are shaping up on this New Year's Day.

North Island-

A very cloudy day is expected for the island.  Rainshowers will keep the central part of the island wet for much of the day.  Heavy rain is possible, mainly tonight and mainly in the southern half including places like Tongariro National Park, Taihape and Hawke's Bay.

A wet weather welcome for 2012

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Tens of thousands across the North Island braved miserable weather and counted down to 2012.
Muck from the big wet was so bad a hose had to be hauled into Thames Hospital emergency department to clean patients turning up from the Coromandel Gold music festival before treatment because they were so caked in mud.