Interview - Behind the scenes @GeoNet

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On a gloomy, wet, day inside a quiet office in Lower Hutt, a handful of people go through data on their computers to produce something tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of us have grown to rely on almost every day - the size and depth of the latest earthquakes from around Christchurch and NZ.

Christchurch Quake - BLOG from the Red Zone

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This past weekend head weather analyst Philip Duncan again visited Christchurch, to take photos of what the red zone looks like and how life has changed in the garden city.

Christchurch Quake Photos 1: The Red Zone (20pics)

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The first series of photos taken on Saturday April 9th, 2011, following the deadly Feb 22nd earthquake.  Photos by head weather analyst Philip Duncan.

The power of mother nature rips this parking metre up.

Christchurch Quake Photos 2: The Red Zone (28pics)

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The second series of photos taken in April of 2011 following the deadly Feb 22nd earthquake.  Photos by head weather analyst Philip Duncan.

Early snow raises hopes for ski season

The country's skifields have had an early taste of snow, with 10-15cm falling last week on the upper slopes of Mt Ruapehu's Whakapapa field.

Mike Smith of Ruapehu Alpine Lifts said snow started to fall on Mt Ruapehu around 11pm last Monday night, and had become fairly heavy by Tuesday afternoon.

Turoa Rd was closed because of snow.

Wet and warm as winter dawns for much of NZ

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Warmer, wetter, wilder that's the forecast as the days get shorter and New Zealand heads into winter.

Niwa's seasonal outlook shows temperatures and rainfall are likely to be above average for much of the country until June.

The North Island has already had a taste of the damp, with March rainfalls more than 50 per cent higher than usual.

Rumblings at Ruapehu spark alert for planes

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Increased rumblings under Mt Ruapehu and a warmer-than-usual crater lake have led authorities to raise alert levels for planes flying over the area.

A volcanic eruption is not imminent - the alert level remains at one out of five - but volcanologists say there are subtle signs of unrest under Ruapehu, which last erupted in 2007.

Daylight Saving ends tonight

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For some it has come too soon, for many others it's "about time" - Daylight Saving ends tonight and our clocks go back one hour.

It means we'll be waking up an hour later each day but the pay off will be one hours less sunlight in the evening.

The NZ Fire Service says it's a good reminder for everyone to check the batteries in their smoke alarms too.

April Fools - Global recession affects thunderstorms

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Noticed a lack of thunderstorms over the past couple of years across New Zealand?  Well, we're not the only ones.  According to the World Meteorological Association the last 12 months had fewer thunderstorms due to the worldwide recession.

Bune now ex-cyclone, still packing a punch

Filed in: believes that Bune is no longer a tropical cyclone based on latest predictions by the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre and latest satellite imagery.

Throughout Tuesday Bune has lost its eye with the bulk of the rain and cloud pushing to the southern half of the depression.