NZ sport vs severe weather

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Over the weekend we've seen terrible weather conditions affect the British Open golf tournament with wind and rain blasting the golf course but we've also had our moments of weather affected events in this country as well.

Climate Change - the other side of the coin

Yesterday we brought you Q&A from NIWA's Dr James Renwick on Climate Change after dozens of your questions were forwarded on to him by   To ensure we provide a balanced view point today we're running an article from the Weekend Herald from a climate change skeptic.

Garden city escapes winters bite

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Christchurch has largely escaped the wild weather over the last 10 days with only a few showers and occasional wind gusts from the nor' west being anything of note.

Although temperatures have just been a little below par for mid July during the day, sunny skies with just the odd cloudy spell have graced Canterbury skies.

Australian frosts heading our way

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Adelaide and Melbourne both shivered through their coldest mornings of the year today while many areas across the southeast plummeted well below freezing.

Dr James Renwick responds to your Climate Change questions

Dr James Renwick of NIWA responds to your questions relating to Climate Change. thanks Dr Renwick for taking the time to answer the many questions sent in by our readers.

Dr Renwick's replies are in italics.

Global warming 'influencing weather extremes'

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Human-influenced global warming has played a role in the severe weather events in New Zealand and abroad over the past year, says a visiting climate expert.

Weather-related disasters in the past year range from a heatwave in Russia to flooding in Pakistan, China, India, and Queensland and drought in Brazil.

Sub-tropical low looms for next week

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The cold has barely had a chance to even make a dent to northern New Zealand despite now being the half way mark of winter, and just when it felt like the cold was setting in Mother Nature surprises us with a sub-tropical low.

While it's not going to bring especially mild weather it should bring more above average overnight lows, plus the potential to drag in more heavy rain.

Floods send vege prices soaring

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The Queensland floods are being blamed for a massive increase in the cost of tomatoes, capsicums and cucumber during June.

The latest Statistics New Zealand Food Price Index shows food prices were up 1.4 per cent, led by a 12.2 per cent increase in the fruit and vegetables subgroup.

Weather Video: Winter storm update and bring you the latest information with an extended weather forecast presented by Philip Duncan.

This video covers the latest squalls and thunderstorms (tracking around central NZ as of mid afternoon and heading northwards for tonight).

Photos (10) - View of storm from above the clouds

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A unique view of snow clouds, thunderstorms and squalls taken earlier today on a flight from Christchurch to Auckland by our head weather analyst Philip Duncan.

"From the ground the clouds look hazy and fairly unimpressive...but from the sky it's like flying into the tropics".