Thursday's national forecast

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A rather unsettled Thursday is underway.

Two powerful Indian Ocean quakes felt by NZ seisomgraphs (+ graph)

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Two very powerful earthquakes in the Indian Ocean have been detected by New Zealand's quake drums reports

The quakes measuring 8.6 and 8.2 were both detected by GeoNet's seismograph drums on Thursday evening.

8.2 aftershock follows 8.6 quake near Indonesia

UPDATED 12:25am --- Yet another powerful earthquake has hit a few hundred kilometres west of Indonesia.  On Late Thursday evening an aftershock, estimated to be M8.2, struck near the original 8.6 quake. 

Wednesday's national forecast

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A cold front will be the focus for showers, and maybe even a few thunderstorms, as it moves across the country.

The precipitation will be confined to the South Island and the far southern tip of the North Island during the morning hours.

Your 2012 official Easter travel forecast

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As holidaymakers head home the weather is shaping up nicely around the country and should pose very few problems if any.

The week ahead

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It will start out being a fairly dry and settled week next week.  Monday is looking quite nice for much of the country.

But, as Kiwis started to head back to work, the weather will become more unsettled.  Breezy, rainy and somewhat cooler weather is expected for the middle and end of next week.

A lovely Easter Sunday for most Kiwis

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The low pressure centre that brought rain to eastern sections of the North Island is on its way out.  However, showers continue to fall about East Cape and Gisborne areas.

Otherwise, it’s a dry and settled day across the country.

Sunday's national forecast

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Today could be a bit rainy for parts of the North Island.

A sub-tropical low will continue to drift south and as it does, it will spread rain across the eastern sections of the North Island.

Gisborne is likely to see the majority of this rain, and some heavy falls are possible.

Easter Sunday; quiet for most, rainy for some

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After a lovely Saturday for most of New Zealand, Easter Sunday is looking quite promising as well.

With one big exception.

The sub-tropical low that brought the showers to the Coromandel Peninsula today will strengthen as it heads south overnight.

Weather roll call

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It's another cracker of a day for most of New Zealand.

Or is it?

Well, if you’re a fan of dry and calm weather, you're in luck.  That's what most of New Zealand is seeing today.