5.2 quake jolts central NZ

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An earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter Scale has jolted much of central New Zealand this evening.

According to GeoNet the quake hit at 9:33pm and was 120kms deep, centred under the Whanganui Basin. has received dozens of reports from the upper South Island to Manawatu, Wanganui and Taranaki.

No reports of damage have been reported.

Karen Olsen - My time living on Raoul Island

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Exclusive --- With the weather observations that forecasters access around New Zealand there are several for various islands that few, if any, people live on - such as Campbell Island, Enderby Island, the Chathams, Secretary Island and Raoul Island.

Weather Video: Incoming snow storm explained

Filed in: and bring you the latest on the approaching snow system. 

Please note this was recorded on Friday so some aspects will now be out of date.  Please read our lead story on our homepage for the most up to date information.

How the Antarctic blast could affect your Travel Plans

Freezing air straight from the Antarctic is about to blast New Zealand bringing snow, hail, sleet, rain and gales later this weekend predicts

As we reported yesterday, snow is predicted to fall to sea level in Southland, Otago and parts of Canterbury with snow to low levels around Wellington and the lower North Island.

Toronto melts as NZ freezes

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We normally associate Canada and the word "melting" as something to do with snow - but not today as record challenging heat moves into the city of Toronto.  In fact temperatures in Toronto are expected to set a new summer record.

Our 10 day storm - a look back at the highlights

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HOS Column --- It's been a rough 10 to 12 days due to a large storm in the Southern Ocean that helped pull the roaring 40s up and over the country.

The storm proved to be an almost carbon copy of the big September storm last year, although striking us in the middle of winter meant the consequences weren't so serious.

Days graaadually getting longer

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Whether it's the few extra minutes in the morning or the several extra minutes in the evening - the days are now becoming noticeably longer.

The shortest day of the year was almost a month ago exactly (isn't this year flying by?) - and the earth is slowly shifting back to allow more sunlight into the Southern Hemisphere.

NZ sport vs severe weather

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Over the weekend we've seen terrible weather conditions affect the British Open golf tournament with wind and rain blasting the golf course but we've also had our moments of weather affected events in this country as well.

Climate Change - the other side of the coin

Yesterday we brought you Q&A from NIWA's Dr James Renwick on Climate Change after dozens of your questions were forwarded on to him by   To ensure we provide a balanced view point today we're running an article from the Weekend Herald from a climate change skeptic.

Garden city escapes winters bite

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Christchurch has largely escaped the wild weather over the last 10 days with only a few showers and occasional wind gusts from the nor' west being anything of note.

Although temperatures have just been a little below par for mid July during the day, sunny skies with just the odd cloudy spell have graced Canterbury skies.