Quakes not increasing, but human risk is

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(CNN) -- The 21st century is still young, and it has already suffered a spate of catastrophic earthquakes across the world -- from Haiti to Chile and New Zealand. The misery continued Friday with an earthquake off Japan so big its seismic waves made the cliffs along the Hudson River wobble by almost an inch.

Big highs block out severe weather

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The odd heavy downpour and dramatic funnel cloud is about the extent of severe weather in recent days with little to no severe weather expected in the coming days predicts

NZ slowly warms up

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There were fears this week by some readers that the summer heat was long gone and winter was fast approaching, however the cold front that hit the country last weekend is now well and truly gone and the slow heating of the nation continues - with warmer weather on the way.

TV WEATHER VIDEOS: Which do you prefer?

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Weather presenters seem to create quite an opinion with the viewing public.

Today we turn back the clock to 1980 and the weather presented by Tina Carline and below a little further, we have a more recent weather bulletin with Karen Olson on TVOne.

We'd love to hear your thoughts. Which report gets the message across clearly do you think?
They certainly differ...

How you rated Summer + how Autumn is shaping up

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How high did readers rate summer this year, what is NIWA predicting for Autumn and Philip Duncan's view on the Campbell / Ring interview.

Summer is now officially over and many believe it was a great summer weatherwise. Hundreds of people voted in a poll last week, and we asked them to score summer on a scale of one to 10. The results are now in and summer's report card was eight out of 10.

New week and a cool start

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A cool beginning for the nation today after a weekend which saw temperatures nosedive bringing plenty of rain or showers for most parts.

PHOTOS (8): Red & Black, show your support

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Keep the photos coming!

We're displaying Red & Black photos from our Galleries, a small way to show our support to those in Christchurch and Canterbury - and we want you to send in more!

Where are the thunderstorms today? (+MAP)

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View the live and free Lightning Tracker here

This weekend is providing the best opportunity in some time for thunderstorms - but where are they likely to develop? says a few thunderstorms are possible between Taranaki and Northland, including Auckland, but says they will be isolated.

Ironman New Zealand - weather forecast

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The Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Ironman New Zealand is tomorrow in Taupo, kicking off at 7am.

In previous years the event has had weather extremes including rain and heatwaves and this year is no different with an active front expected to slowly cross the region on Saturday.

Paul Harper: Dust haze hangs over a weary city

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Flying into Christchurch, a thick haze lies over the city, particularly in the eastern suburbs.

Liquefaction from last week's earthquake has brought tonnes of silt up to the surface. Over the past seven days residents and volunteers have painstakingly shovelled it on to the sides of the road, once again clearing their properties of ubiquitous filth.