Where will ex-cyclone Fina track?

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UPDATED 6:56pm -- Cyclone Fina is no longer technically a tropical cyclone.  As expected Australia's Bureau of Meteorology downgraded it to a tropical low this afternoon, following the the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre downgrading it earlier today.  But the storm still poses a risk to New Zealand.

Longest day dawns

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As a ridge of high pressure continues to hold its grasp over the country, the longest day today is set to deliver a combination of sunshine, some cloud but also the odd heavy shower due to daytime heating.

Coasters could cop more rain over time

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One school of thought about temperatures rising over a period of time in this part of the world suggests that West Coasters could see more rain falling than was initially expected.

Antarctic rescue: Life-saving supplies reach stranded ship

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A Royal New Zealand Air Force C130 Hercules made a mercy dash for sinking Russian fishing vessel Sparta stranded in Antarctica yesterday with life-saving supplies.

The plane flew out of Christchurch at 11am on its seven-hour journey to deliver pumping equipment and fuel to the stricken ship.

Flag debate continues: New Labour leader backs fern on flag

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While not totally weather related (although flags need the wind to fly) a news story in today's Weekend Herald does relate to a poll ran in October about the addition of the silver fern to the New Zealand flag.

Hot weather linked to burglaries

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By RBG --- Police are urging households to be vigilant as we head into a sticky warm summer.

Hamilton Police have been frustrated by the number of 'open' homes burgled by opportunists. Their message is: buying a fan or air conditioning unit may be cheaper than having your household goods stolen because you left your home unsecured.

Special Weather Video - Latest on the rainstorm

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Philip Duncan from teams up with to bring you the very latest on the rainstorm across NZ - what it means for Nelson and other areas for the next 24 hours.

A text version of what is discussed can be found here.

Floods, slips, flash floods - Parts of NZ brace for more rain

Steady rain has returned to water logged Nelson and rain is now covering much of the North Island as we head into Thursday afternoon reports 

Latest satellite images confirm significant rain clouds remain to the north of Nelson and are being fed into the area by a northerly flow.

Last minute climate deal, delegates extend efforts of Kyoto Protocol

An agreement reached Sunday in South Africa will help tackle the challenges of climate change for years to come, the United Nations' chief said.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hailed the decision reached by parties of the Climate Change Convention in Durban, South Africa, which agreed to extend efforts set forth in the Kyoto Protocol.

Rare lunar eclipse in tonight's sky

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A copper-tinged moon will be visible early tomorrow morning as New Zealand gets the box seat for a rare lunar eclipse.

The hour-long total blocking of the view of the moon will begin around 3am and will be seen from all of New Zealand if the skies are clear.