Air New Zealand maintains full schedule

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Air New Zealand passengers are the only people taking to the skies today,our national carrier is the only airline maintaining its full schedule in the face of the volcanic ash cloud from Chile.

Qantas, Jetstar and Pacific Blue have all cancelled all services to, in and from New Zealand.

Qantas & JetStar cancel flights again to/from NZ

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Bad news for people hoping to fly this weekend.

The Civil Aviation Authority says the volcanic ash cloud hovering over New Zealand doesn't appear to be going anywhere this weekend.

Spokesman Peter Lechner says it's up to the airlines whether they fly or not.

The science behind lightning, how it works

If you've ever scuffed your socks on carpeting on a dry day and touched metal, or "shocked" someone unexpectedly, you've experienced a discharge of static electricity.

Similarly, the most prominent theory of lightning generation is based on collisions between ice crystals and small hail (or graupel) in the mid-levels of a developing thunderstorm.

Ash cloud latest: Air NZ up, other airlines down

The Chilean volcano's ash cloud appears to be settled over the country today, and possibly tomorrow, continuing the two weeks of flight disruptions.

Qantas has cancelled all trans-Tasman and domestic New Zealand flights today because of the ash cloud still lingering from a Chilean volcano -- and its subsidiary Jetstar has done the same.

Ash cloud - Frequently Asked Questions is fielding questions from New Zealand and Australia with regards to the ash cloud over the two countries.  We've tried to address the main questions below...

Ash Cloud - FAQ

What volcano is erupting?  The Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano in Chile began erupting on June 4.

Weather Video: Ash, then rain, then snow?

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Philip Duncan from provides an ash cloud update and describes a new front bringing heavy rain as well as the highs and lows around the country.

5.3 aftershock - Christchurch hit hard again

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Besieged Christchurch was struck by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake last night - the latest in a series of powerful aftershocks.

The quake struck shortly after 10.30pm, 10km west of Akaroa and at a depth of 12km.

Volcanic ash returning to NZ, flights cancelled in OZ

The ash cloud from Chile's Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano is set to return to New Zealand tomorrow as flights in Australia have again been affected.

Thousands of travellers in Australia will have their plans disrupted today with airlines cancelling flights to and from Adelaide because of the return of the volcanic ash cloud which is now making its second lap around the globe.

Ash casts cloud over ski operators

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Industry sources are warning that the volcanic ash cloud's impact on the tourism sector will be serious if the disruptions continue much longer.

And the boss of this country's biggest skifield operator, NZSki, says that if the problem drags on it could create enough uncertainty to make people think twice about travelling to this country to hit the slopes this winter.

Your photos (9) - Lunar eclipse over New Zealand

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A full lunar eclipse was underway this morning - but two problems, cloud blocked the view for many while the moon setting before the full eclipse occurred cancelled the chances of a full viewing for most New Zealanders.