Rescue needed in darkness in Antarctica - Australia, NZ assisting

A medical emergency is under way at the largest research station in Antarctica, the hub of the U.S. Antarctic Program - and the flight is hoping to sneak in during some twilight at midday on Friday (as the continent is mostly in darkness at this time of year).

Rain causes flooding, slips, multiple road closures

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Drivers are being warned to take care and expect delays after steady rain overnight has caused flooding and slips in central New Zealand.

The rain has caused surface flooding around Wellington and the Lower North Island and police asked drivers to watch their following distances and to reduce speed while driving.

Mt Tongariro Alert Bulletin (+2 Photos)

GNS Science takes a flight of Mt Tongariro (Photos included below) and note that blocks were thrown more than 1.5kms from a new vent area below the Upper Te Maari crater.  Current eruptive activity is low level but could re-commence at any time.  The Volcanic Alert Level stays at Level 2. 

What are the Ash risks at your place? (+4 Maps)

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Ash from Mt Tongariro has fallen across Hawkes Bay caught up in a light nor'west flow this morning. has made 4 basic maps to show you which regions will be affected by various wind directions.

Special Video Report: Mt Tongariro eruption

In this special weather video Philip Duncan discusses the various wind flows that could impact future ash clouds - and what you can do to be prepared for possible ash.

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White Island's volcanic alert level raised followed eruption (+ Live Webcam)

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Breaking News (+ Photos & Video of eruption) --- GNS Science has raised White Island's Volcanic Alert Level to 2 following a small eruption on Sunday.  The aviation level was raised from green to yellow last Thursday and tonight it has been raised to Orange.

Just a few showers today

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As we sit between lows today, most areas are actually going to get a break in the rain.

But the word "most" is important here.  Rain won't be widespread or heavy today, but it won't be gone completely either.

Somewhat settled Monday

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The prospects for a settled Monday for most North Island Kiwis are dodgy at best.  Mainlanders will likely have an easier time finding dry weather.  But even there, don't look for a totally dry day.

A shockingly settled day for some

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Despite all the wet weather over the past week, I really didn't mind it that much.  I mean, for winter weather, this isn't bad.

Big low still on track for this week

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With the big 8 Day Low falling apart, you would think that the weather will be settling for most, if not all Kiwis.

Just as it looks like things are about to do just that, here comes another low.  As mentioned yesterday, it looks like this one will be big and fast, but not particularly potent.