Upside of cool Canty summer

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It's been a very cool summer for a few areas of the country but Christchurch has really struggled on some days to even make the high teens and today looks set again to be one of those days.

How did you go and how did we do?

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Over 20 severe thunderstorm warnings.

That's what the North Island dealt with on Friday.  It was a messy, crazy day. We had inforomation flying every which way and keeping it all straight was a challenge.

But we couldn't have done it without you.  You, our visitors, are an important link.  You are the eyes and ears that we need out there.

Saturday's national forecast

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After one of the worst severe weather outbreaks in years, the North Island will get a well deserved break from the thunderstorms today.

Friday's national forecast

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It looks like another stormy day is on tap for the North Island.

Showers and a few thunderstorms were dotting the North Island during the overnight.  As we go through this Friday, it is likely that more showers and thunderstorms will pop up.  The left-over humidity and boundaries from the early morning activity will set the stage for development later today.

Thursday's national forecast

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Our nation's weather will have two very different sides to it today.

On the South Island, dry and settled weather is expected.  A few showers may sweep across the far northern part of the South Island.  But elsewhere it should be a pleasant day.  Highs will be mainly in the lower 20s, although some upper 20's for central Otago are a pretty good bet.

Wednesday's national forecast

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The slow moving area of low pressure that brought showers to parts of New Zealand yesterday will continue to make things rather wet for today.

Clouds and chances for showers will cover most of the country today.

Southland and Otago should be fairly dry today, with the exception of Dunedin where a  few showers are possible this morning.

Heavy shower and T-storm risk/Tuesday's national forecast

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Get ready for a showery and stormy Valentine's Day.

We've been talking about it for the last few days.  A slow moving low crossing the Tasman and heading right for New Zealand.

Is a rainy Valentine's Day a really bad thing?

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You've probably heard by now that tomorrow is looking very, very showery across New Zealand.  Even a few thunderstorms are a pretty good bet.

So we want to know from you if the rain messes up your Valentine's Day plans.  Did you have a romantic dinner planned at home?  Maybe at a restaurant?  Or were you planning on spending some time out doors?

Monday's national forecast

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A potent storm system is churning its way across the Tasman sea.   This low will be our weather maker for the next couple of days, spreading showers and even a few thunderstorms across New Zealand.

Valentine's Day forecast

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I wish I had better news for those of you hoping to have a Valentine's Day picnic under the sun or stars.

You may want to think about making reservations at a nice restaurant instead.

A Tasmanian low pressure centre will be heading our direction on Tuesday.  As it gets closer to us, our chances for seeing showers goes up.