Mum's day looks unsettled for most

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It could be a showery Mother’s Day for many Kiwis.  Showers are a pretty good bet across the western sections of the country.  Showers are possible further east as well, across the inland sections of both islands.

Friday's national forecast

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Weak weather systems will continue to keep the weather unsettled for much of the country today.

Tasmania tastes our next stormy system

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Gale force winds are expected to rattle Tasmania with a front bringing showers and snow as low as 600 metres. The hardest hit will be western parts of the state, where winds are likely to gust over 100km/h with rainfall totals of 50 to 100mm for a three day period.

Thursday's national forecast

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It will be another day of some rather mixed weather for the country.

Showers are still possible across the country.  Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa and Wellington all run the highest risk of seeing more precipitation today.

Wednesday's national forecast

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Plenty of rain and showers will be seen across the country today.

A warning on those warnings

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If the public are to understand severe weather events better, they're going to need more education as well as some fine-tuning of forecasters' weather warnings.

The Government, through your taxes, funds MetService to provide weather warnings, watches and thunderstorm warnings, watches and outlooks.

Incoming rain may be hit and miss for some

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Some parts of the country are getting incredibly dry - not the usual news you hear as we head into the second week of May. However rain clouds are building thanks to a low in the Tasman Sea which has sub-tropical connections, but while heavy downpours are likely - the rain may not be widespread.

Supermoon Sunday

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How is your view of tonight’s Supermoon?  If you have taken any pictures we would love to see them.

Here are is a shot from the Waikato near Te Awamutu.  This was taken just after 5:25 this evening.

A sunny Sunday for most.

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Clouds have started to move in about Northland.  Derek from Whangarei says that they have lost their sunny weather this morning to some cloud and a few showers.

So how are things by you on this Sunday?

Photo by CM Kong


Looking ahead

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Some rather unsettled days are on the way for this upcoming week.

Monday should be another quiet one for much of the country.

But on Tuesday, that ridge of high pressure will move far enough way to open the door for a Tasmanian low to move toward New Zealand.