Monday's national forecast

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A lovely day is shaping up for New Zealand on this, the final Monday of summer.

Plenty of sunshine is expected for most areas.  That will lead to some pretty summer-like temperatures.  In fact, highs across central Otago could be right around 30 this afternoon.  Most other areas should see highs in the low to mid 20's. 

More on lore

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We've been talking a bit about weather lore over the last couple of days.

But how much of it has a basis in fact?  Can you really forecast the weather using these sayings?

Let's take a look at a few of them...

Lambs, lions and the month of March

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There is a saying that if "March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb".

It will be interesting to see how the month ends, because it looks like the beginning of the month is going to have a decidedly "King of the Jungle" flavour to it.

Saturday's national forecast

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High pressure continues to push toward New Zealand today.

That has set up a nice southwesterly flow across the country.  So look for lots of dry and settled weather today with just a few chances for showers.

Friday's national forecast

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The Tasmanian low that has been our weather maker all week long is now a Pacific low and will continue to move away from New Zealand.

That means our weather will be trending toward a drier and more settled pattern as we head into this final weekend of the summer.

Thursday's national forecast

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Expect a very wet and windy day for New Zealand.

The low that has been moving slowly across the Tasman the last few days will cross the South Island tonight.  As it does, heavy rain, showers, thunderstorms and gusty winds are all expected for various locations.

Wednesday's national forecast

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That Tasmanian low continues to keep its sights set on New Zealand, although at this point it is making very slow progress.

Tuesday's national forecast

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A very unsettled Tuesday is expected for New Zealand.

A large, but rather weak area of low pressure over the Tasman will be the nation's weather maker for today...and for the rest of this week.

A look ahead to summer's last weekend

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The last few days of this summer may be more summer-like than most of this summer was.

This week could be rather unsettled across New Zealand.  But this weekend is looking like it could be dry and comfortable for most areas.

Monday's national forecast

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High pressure will continue to drift away from the country today, setting the stage for the development of clouds and showers.