STORM UPDATE as of 2:30 am

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OK, so here's what we know for sure; winds have already picked up a lot in various NI places. Sharalee in Stratford and Ross in South Taranaki are both reporting strong winds.

STORM UPDATE as of 12:28am

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We are continuing to see an increasing number of reports of heavier falls and strengthening winds.

Most of the reports are coming from about Northland, Auckland and The Coromandel Peninsula.  Some reports have also come in from Taranaki, Manawatu-Waganui, and northern Waikato. 

Storm continues to develop, weather quiet so far

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Residents in the North Island and upper South Island are continuing to wait for the strong winds this evening as a storm over the Tasman Sea continues to develop - but the rain has already begun to fall.

150km/h wind gusts possible for central NZ

The government forecaster, MetService, has today issued almost 20 severe weather warnings ahead of the incoming overnight storm. says the low has started to deepen this morning over the Tasman Sea today and will rapidly deepen to storm status before the day is up.

Friday's national forecast

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Friday will start off fairly quiet and rather pleasant for most of the country.

It very likely will not end that way.

Thursday's national forecast

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A fast moving low is bringing plenty of rain to New Zealand today.  It should be on its way out by tonight.  But tomorrow will just be the calm before the next storm comes in on Saturday.

For today, look for very wet conditions for both Islands.The South Island could see the rain ease this afternoon.The North Island will probably have to wait until tonight.

Wednesday's national forecast

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This final day of the summer could be another wet one for many Kiwis.

Tuesday's national forecast

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It could wind up being a warm and dry day for parts of New Zealand today.

Column: Everyman's weather forecaster bows out

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He has the hair of a fluffy cumulus cloud, he introduced the term "weather bomb" to New Zealanders and his title of "weather ambassador" is unique. Bob McDavitt retired last week from his long-held job with the state forecaster, MetService.

An update on our potential for a late week storm...

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On Saturday, I talked about the chance for seeing a potent low come in off the Tasman and bring us some rough weather for this coming Friday.

Now it looks like that may be delayed a few days.