Weather Video: Your Weekend Forecast

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See your weekend forecast plus the latest situation in Japan with Philip Duncan and

Weather for Christchurch memorial services across NZ

Filed in: brings you the weather forecast for Christchurch and other main centres as Christchurch memorial services get underway.

Downunder disasters cost insurer $4.3b

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Munich Re, the European-based Australasian reinsurance market leader, says recent Australian and New Zealand disasters will cost it about $4.3 billion.

But the natural catastrophes will cost the wider insurance industry up to $15.8 billion, the firm estimated, excluding Cyclone Yasi and last month's Christchurch earthquake.

Ken Ring debate: Skeptics and supporters respond

Top Debate -- Ken Ring says he never predicted an earthquake for Christchurch on March 20th - he responds, as do readers.. 

Nick Smith is the Minister responsible for ACC - but some might say he's just asking to come a cropper.

Tsunami reached all coasts of NZ - NIWA

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New data from NIWA shows waves generated by last Friday’s magnitude 9.0 Japan earthquake reached all coasts of New Zealand, as predicted, and even registered on a sea-level gauge at Scott Base, in Antarctica.

Weather Video: The Japanese tsunami explained

Philip Duncan teams up with to explain how Japan's devastating tsunami rippled out across the Pacific - plus he shows how many aftershocks have occurred, where they've occurred and the area responsible for all the activity and tsunami.

POLL - What is your favourite month?

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Weatherwise what is your favourite month of the year?  Vote in our poll below and feel free to comment on why the weather in that month is most enjoyable.

Weather Video: Should NZ be worried about Nuclear fallout?

Philip Duncan from teams up with to explain how air currents could carry nuclear fallout from Japan if the feared meltdown did take place.

Animation - Japanese Tsunami spreading across Pacific Ocean has uploaded this incredible animation from NOAA's Center for Tsunami Research. The Honshu tsunami was generated by a Mw 8.9 earthquake 130 km (80 miles) E of Sendai, Honshu, Japan. All rights to NOAA.

Quakes not increasing, but human risk is

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(CNN) -- The 21st century is still young, and it has already suffered a spate of catastrophic earthquakes across the world -- from Haiti to Chile and New Zealand. The misery continued Friday with an earthquake off Japan so big its seismic waves made the cliffs along the Hudson River wobble by almost an inch.