Around New Zealand today

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We were fog bound here in the Waikato this morning.  But once the fog lifted, we were left with plenty of sunshine and just enough clouds to landscape the sky.

Many parts of New Zealand have been seeing similar weather today.  Auckland and Christchurch had plenty of sunshine early this afternoon.

Saturday's national forecast

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A settled day is set most of the North Island.  High pressure will do its best to keep things dry.  The only places it may fail is about Taranaki and the Bay of Plenty where a few showers are possible.

High pressure will keep things settled for almost everyone

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It is really rare that the entire country sees a dry day.  Even a big ridge of high pressure can’t guarantee that.

As is the case today.

Drier weather on the way for this week

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Despite the few peeks of sunshine that can be seen about the country this morning, it still looks like it could end up being a rather wet day for most areas.

Monday could be a little loud

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Precipitation has been found across much of the central part of New Zealand today.  As we head into this evening we also find showers falling on Northland and Auckland.

Satellite pictures show that there is even more moisture on the way as the low continues to advance on New Zealand from the west.

Rain has targeted central NZ so far

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It’s been a wet today for the lower North Island and upper South Island.

Showers and even a few thunderstorms made their way into central New Zealand just after sunrise this morning.

And have yet to leave.

Thunder may rumble today and tonight

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The incoming centre of low pressure will bring rain to the country today, tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday.  With that rain, may come some lightning and thunder.

Sunday's national forecast

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It will be a day of increasing clouds and developing rainfall for much of the country.  The Tasman low is already sending the first batch of rain toward Taranaki this morning.

Tasman low could bring heavy rain, more thunder

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Our next weather maker, another Tasman low, will be blanketing much of the country with precipitation by tomorrow evening.

A few thunderstorms are also possible with this system.

Saturday settles after a loud start for some

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What a show last night.  Auckland saw some of the most intense lightning in a long time.  Some claps of thunder were so loud, they set off car alarms.

Auckland wasn’t alone in seeing the fireworks show last night.  Southern Northland and parts of the Waikato also saw thunderstorms roll through.