Friday's national forecast

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A strong weather system is bringing wind, rain and maybe even some thunder to the country today.

Rain is possible for the entire country, but heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected for parts of the North Island and a small part of the South Island this morning.

Our last settled day for a while

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These last few weeks have been gorgeous for most of us.

If you like sunshine and pleasant temperatures, that is.

It seems like the entire month of April has been one long streak of dry and sunshiny weather here here in Waikato.

Unsettled weekend?

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Here’s the latest on what is shaping up to be a rather unsettled weekend and beginning of next week.

Thursday's national forecast

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One more day of quiet and settled weather is in store for today.

A Tasmanian low is taking over the control of our weather starting later today.  That means precipitation chances will go up for much of the country.

How's your ANZAC day?

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How are things where you are on this ANZAC day?  It's a been a bit on the cloudy side in many areas, but the sunshine is really busting through.  At least that's how it looks about Hamilton and Te Awamutu.  Auckland too.

Goodbye high, hello low

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Our fair weather friend, the big ridge of high pressure, is on its way out.  That will open the door for a Tasmanian low to push into the country late tomorrow.

That means many Kiwis could see a windy and wet Friday and Sunday.

Looking ahead

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Things will be turning decidedly unsettled as we go through the rest of the week and into the weekend.

Wednesday's national forecast

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Happy ANZAC day!

It looks like it will be a lovely day for outdoor plans.

The ridge of high pressure that we’ve talking about for days and days will hold on through today.

As a result, we will see quiet and settled weather for most of the country.

ANZAC Day forecast

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Tomorrow and ANZAC Day is looking to be yet another dry and settled day across most of the country.

Dawn services across the country are likely to be under mostly clear skies and cool temperatures with a chance of morning mist, fog or low cloud in some cases.

ANZAC Day plans?

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What are you doing on ANZAC Day?

The weather should be lovely for just about all outdoor activities.  There are a few chances for precipitation, mainly about Auckland, the Coromandel Peninsula, eastern Waikato and Bay of Plenty.  The chances are not real great though.