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Saturday's national forecast

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It could be a wet and cool day for some Kiwis today.  Those who don't see showers could still see a fair amount of clouds.

But the sun won't be totally absent from New Zealand.

The Waikato and Taranaki should see a decent amount of sun today.  Some clouds will likely pop up late in the day and a few showers are possible this evening..

Jasmine still a severe cyclone

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Cyclone Jasmine continues to slowly weaken this morning but remains a severe Category 3 cyclone with winds averaging 150km/h and gusting to around 200km/h.

The Fiji Met Service predicts that by tonight the storm will have winds of 120km/h which will drop it to a Category 2 cyclone.

Cyclone season peaking as tropics roar into life

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The tropics directly north of New Zealand are the most active they've been this cyclone season says - and the weather news authority says more storms are highly likely in the coming weeks.

Friday's national forecast

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A dying cold front will be the focus for some unsettled weather today.

The far north and far south of the country can expect a dry and fairly sunny day.  But as you get closer to the middle, the chance for seeing showers goes up, and expected daytime highs go down.

Cyclone Jasmine weakens a little, turns more southerly (+6 Maps)

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Extensive Coverage --- Tropical Cyclone Jasmine has this afternoon weakened a little from a Category 4 cyclone to a Category 3 storm and is now tracking directly towards New Zealand - but don't panic, it's still not expected to hit us.  We have several maps and the latest tracking and forecasts for Cyclone Jasmine as the outer bands move within 1000kms of&nb

Cyclone Jasmine remains a nasty Cat 4 storm

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Severe tropical cyclone Jasmine remains a category 4 storm this morning as it continues its trek directly north of New Zealand.

The Fiji Met Service says Jasmine is moving south east at 18km/h.

Jasmine has sustained winds of 213km/h near the centre with gusts to 260km/h according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre.

Thursday's national forecast

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It looks like a cracker of a Thursday across New Zealand.  With a few exceptions of course.

Weather Video: Two cyclones north of NZ as new high moves towards us

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Exclusive cyclone coverage --- Breaking news out of the tropical South Pacific today as two cyclones move slowly eastwards.  To our north is Tropical Cyclone Jasmine - the storm has been upgraded now to a severe Category 4 cyclone (Phil mentions it's around Cat 2 or 3 as generally speaking that's where it will be over the next few days).

Wednesday's national forecast

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A pleasant day is expected for much of New Zealand today.  The onshore flow could keep some showers going for Napier and Gisborne.  Welliington could also seem some showers.

n the South Island, a few showers are possible about Invercargill as well as Queenstown.  But of those two areas, Invercargill looks to have the better chance for getting wet.

Tuesday's national forecast

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Now that most people are back to work after a long weekend, it looks like some serious sunshine will settle in.

That doesn't mean everyone will see great weather today.  But it should be one of those rare days, rare for this summer anyway, that the majority of Kiwis seen nice weather as opposed to clouds and rain.

Here's how it breaks down...