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Weather is rapidly changing across the country

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Windy, rainy and yes...even a little sunny for some spots.  New Zealand is seeing a wide variety of weather today and in some cases it changes very quickly.  Things will start to settle down a bit for tomorrow and then should remain settled all week long (that little taste of summer I was talking about earlier).

Here comes summer?

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Yep, it looks like a little taste of summer will be settling in this week, and only a few weeks late.

It would be funny if most of us hadn’t missed out on summer to begin with.

However, this week is looking more like summer than just about any time in the past 3 months.

Monday's national forecast

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It’s not looking quite as rainy today for New Zealand as it originally looked.

Going into this past weekend, it looked like Monday was going to be a very wet day.  It will still be a somewhat showery day, but not nearly as wet as it looked 48 hours ago.

A stormy Sunday?

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After a settled couple of days, today is looking showery...and maybe even a little stormy.

Showers have already been falling across parts of both islands.  Heavy falls have eased a bit for the deep south of the South Island.  However, heavier showers could fall on the West Coast and Nelson.

Sunday's national forecast

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The nice weather that much of the country has been enjoying is about to come to end.

At least for a few days.

Were you feeling frosty this morning?

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I don't know about you, but I was cold this morning.

Saturday's national forecast

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It should be another lovely day for most of New Zealand.

A settled week next week?

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It’s very possible.  But it won’t be all sunshine and warm temperatures either.

Showers look to dampen the last half of the weekend

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It still looks like Sunday and Monday could be pretty wet days for much of New Zealand.

A disturbance moving across the Tasman should bring some showers and maybe even a bit of thunder to the country.

Friday's national forecast

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It should be a lovely day for most of New Zealand today.

Hawkes Bay and Gisborne will likely be a bit showery today thanks to an easterly flow with a bit of a southerly twist. These areas will likely see highs a bit cooler than the rest of the North Island.  Temperatures should top out in the upper teens.