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Saturday's national forecast

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Most of New Zealand is looking at a dry and settled Saturday.  However, rain is on its way and by late tonight much of the country should be getting wet.  That’s because a long area of low pressure will be unsettling our weather very gradually today.

Friday's national forecast

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A trough of low pressure will slide west to east across New Zealand today.

A 2 C rise in temperature could put large parts of New Zealand under water

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Sea levels will rise up to 22 metres even if the worst scenarios for global warming are avoided, researchers say.

An international team of scientists, which included a New Zealander, found that a 2C increase in global temperature would still cause the world's oceans to rise between 12m and 22m.

Weekend outlook

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For those of you hoping for a dry weekend, I wish I had better news for you.

But it appears that a couple of weather systems will combine forces to make this a pretty wet weekend for most of New Zealand.

Did you escape the latest low?

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Some Kiwis actually managed to get through the last few days with very few effects from the pair of sub-tropical lows that have moved through this week.

Our latest low is continuing to die as it moves to the south.  That means things will still be a little unsettled today.  But any the threat for heavy rain and strong winds is pretty much over.

Thursday's national forecast

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A dying sub-tropical low will keep things rather unsettled on both islands today.

Wednesday's national forecast

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Another sub-tropical low will bring wind and rain to the North Island starting tonight and lasting through early tomorrow.

Tuesday's national forecast

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Another very wet day is on the way for the North Island.

Rain is expected for much of the island today.  However, the heavy rain threat will be sliding south.

Family rescued from Northland floodwaters

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UPDATED 1:23pm --- A fire crew had to use an inflatable boat to rescue a family of three from rising flood waters near Ngunguru, 22km northeast of Whangarei, with flooding expected to get worse over the next day.

Are you getting rained on this morning?

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It could be sodden day for much of the North Island.

Rain has been falling in the upper regions of the island during the overnight and early morning hours.  The rain will continue to slide across the rest of the island as we go throughout the day.

So how has this Monday started for you?  Are you seeing rain?  Has it been heavy?  How are the winds?