America's Cup: Tomorrow's racing in doubt - weather

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The advance weather forecast for tomorrow's America's Cup racing is not good - depending on how you look at it.

Weather Video: Two lows to affect NZ

Don’t worry – the headline is about as severe as it gets this week, nothing like last week!

Poll: How is Spring shaping up?

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As we head into our third week of Spring, it's fair to say not everyone has had an ideal start to the season.

Here at Weatherwatch, we wanted to get a guage on how kiwis view their Spring so far - wherever you are in the country.

Let us know, and have your say in the comments below too!


Poll Results - kiwis happy to see the back of "Winter"

The results of our latest poll are in - and we've split opinion almost straight down the middle!

We asked our readers to tell us how they felt about the end of Winter - were they happy it was over, sad to see the back of their favourite season, or wondering whether it ever arrived in the first place?

Week in Weather – What’s been Making Headlines this week

Well there was really only one story dominating the headlines this week - the severe gales which hit much of the South Island, wreaking havoc throughout Canterbury in particular.

Help on the way for storm-hit South Island farmers

Scores of South Island dairy farmers are still struggling with milking, as power supplies remain scarce in the aftermath of Tuesday’s record breaking storms.

Drought still felt on NZ farms

Last Summers’ drought is being felt keenly by meat processors this Spring, as fewer animals are going through plants as a result of a larger cull, earlier than usual.

Poll: Are you glad to see the back of Winter?

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For many of us, Winter is a necessary evil - we grit our teeth and bear it, but when it's over we can't hide our glee.

Week in Weather – What’s been making headlines this week

We started the week with a worrying story, about an enormous "mega canyon" discovered beneath Greenland's frozen surface.

Weather Video: Spring storm on the way

A very windy week is on the way next week for the nation, as a storm near Antarctica pushes against a large high north of New Zealand.