New Zealand's 5 day Rain and Snow outlook (+2 Maps)

Most of the country is dry at the moment and while we may see some rain next week the next few days ahead still look mainly dry, except for the West Coast.

Totals vary but generally speaking the North Island and the entire eastern South Island looks either completely dry, or close to dry with just a few showers.

VIDEO: High pressure dominates but next week the sub-tropics wake up

Mild afternoons for this time of year but cold nights seems to be the theme this week as an enormous belt of high pressure slowly moves in.

This high - which is wider than Australia - will influence our weather bringing mostly dry weather and clear skies for this week and into the weekend too.

Cold nights all this week - but next week sees a sub-tropical warm up

Frosty weather and below average overnight lows are about to be replaced by double-digital warm nights thanks to an incoming sub-tropical flow.

VIDEO: NZ's detailed 7 day forecast in 4 minutes

huge high, a sub-tropical low and a curious set up next week is the focus of today’s weather video.

While high pressure means mostly dry weather we have got some rain and showers in Northland briefly and some showers further south - otherwise the high dominates until early next week.

Australia's drought now eating into New Zealand's rainfall figures

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On Sunday we wrote about how NZ is being affected by Australia's drought now a review of the past month's rainfall shows some places only got 10mm of rain.

VIDEO: Massive high to bring drier than normal weather to NZ

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A very powerful area of high pressure is moving slowly towards New Zealand and will impact our weather not only for the rest of this week but also this weekend and into next week.

It promises a drier than average several days ahead for almost every single part of the nation.

Light winds mean mild days but cold nights for many regions too.

NZ in shadow of Australian droughts as another giant anticyclone comes our way (+7 Maps)

An abnormally large belt of high pressure is moving in to New Zealand with drier than average weather for the rest of June and some places likely not receiving any rain between now and early July (not so normal for this time of the year).

Sunday's national forecast - Patchy NI rain, mostly dry SI

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Low pressure crosses the North Island today with patchy rain and showers, then cooler drier air behind it. The South Island sees a mostly cool and dry day.

Colder weather coming but Saturday ain't too bad (+2 Maps)

Friday was much warmer than normal across a large portion of New Zealand, Saturday starts to reset to normal and Sunday looks cooler.

The colder air flow is a gradual thing - for many places there may be no obvious 'weather' change, simply temperatures just start to drop over the coming few days.

Rain and Snow accumulation Maps - next 3 days.

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We have some rain and snow coming this weekend - then after that NZ enters a drier than normal period.

Rain will be falling on the West Coast today and into Saturday, then clears. This will fall as snow higher up and could be quite heavy on the tops of the ranges.

On Sunday it's the North Island's turn to get some rain and showers as a weak area of low pressure crosses by.