Cyclone Pola forms north east of NZ, tracking our way but should be blocked by high pressure

As exclusively forecast last week a new cyclone has just formed east of Fiji. The storm has been named "Cyclone Pola" by the Fiji Met Service and is currently Category 1 (out of a scale up to 5) and will likely strengthen into a Cat 2 storm by the end of today.

VIDEO: Two tropical cyclones may form north of NZ before March 5 as high pressure dominates here is monitoring two areas of concern that may produce more cyclones. The first has a moderate to high chance of forming in the next couple of days east of Fiji at sea (not heading to Fiji but instead tracking SW towards New Zealand).

Agitators are just what NZ needs to break stubborn big anticyclones

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New Zealand needs an agitator, or two, to troll and break the big stubborn highs that just won't budge as dry regions face an even drier couple of weeks ahead. says the big slow moving highs are bringing repetitive conditions to the country, where as an agitator would stir things up and bring varying wind flows and more variety in our weather.

Are droughts starting to develop in parts of NZ? We examine as March kicks off very dry (+5 Maps)

The Tasman Sea is being dominated by high pressure and it's killing off our rainmakers with more of the same to come in the start of March according to

Monday colder than normal for half of NZ, but most of NZ colder than normal tonight (+3 Maps)

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A refreshing southerly change has now spread nationwide and has dropped temperatures by a few to several below where they should be for late February. Around half of the country has a colder than normal Monday at the warmest point of the day (this afternoon) while a number of other areas have simply reset to 'normal'.

Video: High & dry weather to dominate much of NZ this week, meanwhile tropics still active

High pressure is rolling in to New Zealand this week, the same high that helped tear apart Cyclone Oma at the weekend.

The high brings a colder than normal Monday and Monday night but by Tuesday the warmer westerlies are already kicking back in to the South Island with above normal daytime highs.

Updated Rainfall Accumulation Maps (x2) plus Temperature Maps (x2) showing colder change

Sunday will gradually become a windier day for a number of regions with central New Zealand (upper South Island, lower North Island) the most exposed to strong winds, late gales and pockets of heavy rain. 

Fairly dry Saturday but a colder, windier, Sunday coming (+5 Maps, including updated Forecast Rainfall)

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The main rain band is sliding out to east sea east of the upper North Island as of Saturday morning while a colder southerly works its way northwards. There is some patchy rain around the north east corner of the North Island, Gisborne/East Cape and parts of Hawke's Bay for Saturday morning, this should mostly ease this morning.

Oma downgraded to Ex-Tropical Cyclone but about to do U-turn back north into the tropics (+7 Maps)

UPDATED 3:45pm Saturday --- Cyclone Oma has this afternoon been downgraded to an Ex-Tropical Cyclone by Australian forecasters at the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM).

Video: Cyclone Oma stalls, but NZ has wind & rain from another low + a new cyclone next week?

Blurb: New Zealand has some rough weather on Sunday as a cold southerly moves up the country bringing gales to some exposed central areas, pockets of rain and showers and a drop in temperatures.

Not everyone is highly impacted by it so we try to break down the many moving parts.