Longer days to follow spring equinox

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Australia and New Zealand have made it through the depths of winter and will experience more daylight than darkness for the next six months.

The spring equinox occurs in Australia and New Zealand this weekend, marking the moment our sun appears to pass over Earth's equator after spending the last six months positioned above the northern hemisphere.

10 FAQs about global and local Tropical Storm news coverage

(This story was originally published on Monday) --- With two major storms impacting a number of nations in recent days a lot of you have asked several questions relating to coverage and why some events get more news than others. We've tried to break it down as simply as possible to make sense of why there isn't even coverage of every tropical storm locally and globally.

Auckland: Vector plants thousands of new trees to prevent power outages

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Vector has launched a new programme to raise awareness of the need to keep trees well clear from power lines, by planting thousands more of them to launch the initiative. 

Check out the big winter storm tracking south of NZ & blasting us next week (+6 Maps)

It is a significant storm and it will churn past New Zealand over the Southern Ocean next week, working in conjunction with a high near Tasmania to dredge up a polar blast that will bring snow, possibly to sea level, in the lower South Island.

Weather Video: Big winter storm to affect parts of New Zealand next week

This weekend is fairly mild in many areas and despite some coastal rain and showers in northern and eastern parts of the North Island, to begin with, Sunday is mostly dry.

The South Island has a cold front arriving in Southland around noon or into the afternoon.

Weather Video: Milder than average until Sunday, but next week a significant polar blast

Average to warmer than average weather will continue in many regions over the next few days with some patchy rain and showers here and there but nothing too substantial.

A weak low forms on Friday night and Saturday around the upper North Island, then fades away by Sunday.

Significant Polar blast coming, Farmers in lower South Island prepare now

Filed in: is warning farmers in the lower South Island to be prepared for a late winter storm next week as a polar southerly direct from Antarctic roars up towards New Zealand.

"This looks to be one of the more significant southerlies of 2018, at least for the lower part of New Zealand" says head forecaster Philip Duncan.

Rain Accumulation Map until 8am Friday (+2 InfoGraphics)

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A developed low is located to the north of North Island and is today slowly starting to weaken. Though its track will not cross the country’s landmass directly, an associated front has brought patchy rain over the upper North Island since Tuesday.

Weather Video: A weekend North Island low, but a wintry South Island blast next week

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The next couple of days will see southern places warming up further but it’s ahead of a big cold change sweeping in next week which will put single digit daytime highs back into Southland, Otago and perhaps even as far north as Canterbury.

Blustery winds and snow will also be in the forecast and this is an early heads up to farmers with newborn stock.

Snow is normal in spring, if it was hot and dry that would be 'summer'

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Snow is normal in spring. So too are frosts. Warm, hot, windy days are also normal. Spring is all about transitioning slowly from winter and gradually into summer. Autumn is all about transitioning from summer slowly into winter.