Video: Sub-tropical low this week to slowly cross NZ

A low just north of NZ is deepening today and combining with a sub-tropical airflow. Later on Tuesday rain moves down from the north and reaches Auckland later in the day.

There may be some heavy falls overnight and into Wednesday as the low moves closer.

Sub-tropical low to bring North Island rain this week (+4 Maps)

A low pressure system is forming north of NZ today and will spread down over the country on Wednesday bringing rain mostly to the North Island.

High pressure remains in charge for Monday and while it slips away on Tuesday it will bring warmer winds into some places. By day most regions are warmer than average until mid week at least.

Sunday's national forecast - High pressure covers NZ (+2 Maps)

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A large high is covering New Zealand for the first day of spring on the meteorological calendar with a number of regions enjoying a milder than average afternoon.

Anticyclonic gloom means some western areas will again be cloudy for time, including Auckland. 

But most places will be warmer than usual for this time of the year by this afternoon.

September Outlook: Windy westerlies, big highs and big lows, welcome to chaotic spring!

We're entering true spring weather as we head into September and that means more chaos and changeable conditions. Spring weather is all about hints of summer coming in and winter weather slowly fading away.

This weekend: Bye August, High September! (+6 Maps)

August ends on Saturday with a big high rolling in and September starts on Sunday with high pressure, light winds and a warmer than average afternoon for most places.

VIDEO: Big high rolling on in this weekend, sub-tropical rain event next week

A huge high from the west is moving in this weekend bringing mostly dry weather, light winds and mild afternoons. In fact the afternoons this weekend look warmer than average (but the nights look cooler than normal).

Next week starts off warm and settled with high pressure departing and sub-tropical northerly quarter winds moving in.

VIDEO: Big weekend high coming, sub-tropical rain next week

Early spring is continuing to emerge with a big high this weekend bringing in warmer than average weather followed by a sub-tropical northerly flow developing next week.

Temperatures trending warmer than average as sub-tropical winds move in (+3 Maps)

Temperatures are already above average in about two thirds of NZ and even warmer weather is coming. By Friday night high pressure will move in over New Zealand and linger until next Tuesday. As it moves over us it will bring cooler nights with lighter winds but the afternoons will be mild, especially Sunday to Tuesday as sub-tropical winds kick in.

VIDEO: Sub-tropical warmth is coming, a weak cold front too

A weak cold front moves into the South Island on Thursday but generally speaking most of the country is enjoying average to warmer than average days this week and by the weekend and into next week things warm up even further.
In fact next Monday looks likely to kick off with sub-tropical winds descending across much of the country with a fairly calm and settled star

Sub-tropical warmth to kick off September, also a sub-tropical low to monitor

All eyes are looking north for the start of September as mild sub-tropical air comes our way along with a sub-tropical low.