VIDEO: Your Labour Weekend Forecast

We have a detailed update on the weather across the long weekend as a rapid warm up moves up the country.

Heavy rain on the West Coast and gusty winds around the South Island and Cook Strait are probably the main negatives.

Monday sees a cool down in coastal Southland and Otago, otherwise most regions have a warm long weekend.

Here comes that rapid warm up!

Temperatures are about to rocket upwards, with some places tomorrow 15 degrees warmer than they were yesterday.

It's all thanks to a north west flow out of Australia and the sub-tropics.

Daytime highs will be several degrees warmer than average across much of the South Island.

Your detailed Official 2019 Labour Weekend Forecast is now out!

Labour Weekend is well known for being 50% awesome and 50% meh. Will 2019 be any different? We drill down on the forecast for the first nationwide long weekend since the start of June.

VIDEO: Your Labour Weekend Forecast - Things warm up

The long weekend is almost here and we have the latest forecast which shows warmer weather moving back in after what has been a cooler week.
However the windier W to SW winds will continue again for Thursday and Friday and don’t fade out in places like Auckland until the end of Saturday - with a warmer Sunday on the way.
The weekend is loo

PHOTOS: Fire burns as winds churn through Auckland

Gales with gusts over 100km/h are expected for much of today in Auckland making it harder to battle the fire at Sky City.

Rain and Snowfall maps for NZ next 5 days

We have a burst of wind and rain over the next couple of days and more showers in the days after.

In true spring style we a have mix of rain and snow as mild and cold air mix up around the country.

VIDEO: Stormy Wednesday, warmer Labour Weekend

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fire at Sky City we have NO VIDEO UPDATE FOR WEDNESDAY as our studio in the city has been closed for the day**


Gale force winds may cause issues on Wednesday, we have 7 maps + timing

A very windy Wednesday is coming for large parts of the North Island with gales exceeding 120km/h in some exposed areas. Winds this strong may cause powercuts, make driving more dangerous and in some exposed areas may even cause damage to weak buildings/sheds.

Typical 'peak spring' weather this week - wintry at times, warm by Saturday (+8 Maps)

Spring is an aptly named season. The temperatures this week will be springing around with a wintry drop this week and a summer-like boost for some this weekend.

The week ahead is a cold one for Southland and on Wednesday the eastern South Island and most of the North Island gets a cool down with below average daytime highs, windy weather and even some hail about.

Dangerous western marine & beach conditions this week, waves of 9M possible (+3 Maps)

With a burst of gale force winds, possibly hurricane force at sea for a time, wave heights are going to be big in the west of both islands this week.

This makes for dangerous marine and beach conditions along the western side of the country, in particular the western side of the North Island which is more exposed to this set up.