Video: More downpours and isolated thunderstorms ahead of even bigger low coming our way

Another burst of rain is coming towards Dunedin today while in the north more heavy downpours with isolated thunderstorms continue. While the risk for thunderstorms is low to moderate today, they should be fairly random/isolated. A few have already developed today in the upper North Island.

This weekend more downpours are coming - but so too are long dry spells.

Animations (x3) showing low pressure and total expected rainfall across NZ until early December

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New Zealand looks set to be dominated by low pressure for the rest of November and that means more rain is coming. These three animations below, covering the next 8 to 14 days, show the current best thinking of where the lows should track, how large they will be and their likely rainfall.

There are two important things to note about the expected rain:

PHOTOS (x2): Waterspouts spotted in Hauraki Gulf just offshore from Auckland City

Isolated downpours continue to affect parts of the Auckland region with an early evening thunderstorm near Rangitoto Island creating waterspouts (a tornado over water).

The weak waterspouts connected from the clouds to the water with two remarkable photos captured by Jo Ottey Photography clearly showing the sea water being sucked up.

Your Photos (x12): Hail, flooding, snow, lightning and sunshine...spring does its thing across NZ

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A large low over New Zealand is bringing pockets of rough spring weather with thunderstorms, hailstorms, big downpours, flooding, wintry temperatures and spectacular sunshine.

Weather Video: More rain coming, thunderstorms today too

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A large low is affecting New Zealand with an even larger one on the way from this weekend and into next week.

In the next day or two ahead we have heavy rain forecast for both main islands with eastern parts of Otago and Southland most exposed to heavy rain later today and tonight and the North Island exposed to heavy downpours, some with thunderstorms too.

Updated: Rain & Snow Accumulation Maps for all NZ next two days & next week ahead (+9 Maps)

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Rain is being welcome by many farmers and growers but more is needed in the North Island and more is coming. As a large low lingers over New Zealand until Thursday of this week it will bring heavy downpours with isolated thunder to the North Island today while South Islanders have more rain on the eastern side down towards Otago and Southland - falling as snow in the mountains.

There is no winter storm, but we do have pockets of severe weather - WW breaks it down (+2 Maps)

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Sometimes in New Zealand other forecasters and media outlets love to call everything a "storm", but in reality this week we have a big lazy low that is delivering some pockets of rough weather - while many in between have quiet conditions.

Weather Video: Rainmakers heading towards NZ next several days

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We have a change in the weather pattern, away from highs dominating to lows running things for a while.

This week kicks off colder than average in many places, especially the South Island, with colder southerlies and below normal daytime highs. This spreads into the North Island on Monday too.

Sunday's national forecast - A wintry change develops in the south today

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Temperatures are about to drop as a cold front and southerly change slowly moves up the country. For the most part a large portion of New Zealand is warmer than average today, especially inland this afternoon. The North Island also remains mainly dry with downpours not arriving until later today or this evening in some western areas.

Australia's summer outlook - and a quick look at NZ

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A dry and hot summer is anticipated for much, but not all of Australia, according to the latest seasonal outlook issued by the Bureau of Meteorology on Thursday.

Australia is heading towards the start of summer with the following broad-scale climatic influences at play: