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VIDEO: Rain for dry North Island areas, plus your weekend weather forecast

Rain is today crossing parched North Island regions and will again be helpful to those in drought conditions, like around parts of Waikato and Manawatu.

We have the latest rainfall accumulation map for all of New Zealand between now and Saturday.

Then we look at how next week is shaping up as we head towards the long Easter Weekend.

Rain to cross parched North Island regions today, we have the latest expected totals:

Rain is crossing the North Island today and while overall totals are not overly huge this will be incredibly helpful following other recent small 'top ups' says, who has been working closely with MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) and Waikato Regional Council in recent weeks due to the borderline drought..

Enormous 'Easter Egg' high to bring cold southerlies on Monday then a dry week heading in to Easter

A large high shaped like an Easter Egg will spread across New Zealand next week with a cold start but a settled rest of the week may well linger into Easter weekend itself says

VIDEO: Rain coming for dry regions - so too is an enormous high before Easter

Rain is moving up the West Coast today with heavy falls while a few showers are affecting some western parts of the North Island.

As we head into Thursday this cold front crosses the North Island with a burst of rain and showers - it may not be enough for the driest regions but it will be helpful.

VIDEO: A burst of rain for NZ Wednesday/Thursday, then colder southerlies off & on

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The North Island has a couple of cooler nights on the way but the South Island is warming up with nor’westers developing ahead of a cold front on Wednesday.

Next 7 Days: 2 surges of cold air, 1 main burst of rain and a chance of 0 degrees

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New Zealand has two surges of cold air coming which may produce frosts, slow down pasture growth and convince more leave on trees to lose their green.

This year it appears we have "Autumn classic" - a slow traditional start to Autumn with less of the drama of previous years.

VIDEO: Autumn cold front for NZ this week + a quick Cyclone Wallace update for WA

We have a typical Autumnal week this week which sees a variety of weather with warmer conditions moving in across the next couple of days for many places before a cold front on Wednesday and Thursday.

NZ's weather in Maps (x8) - Past & Future Rainfall plus upcoming Wind and Temperatures

We have a classic Autumn set up this week with an increasingly warm start to the week, a mid week-cold front and a late week cool down.

High pressure rolls in this weekend bringing more dry weather.

The next four days will see a variety in temperatures and sunny/wet weather across New Zealand.

The maps below show some of what has been but mostly what is coming up...

NZ's weather in Maps: How much hotter/colder than normal is it + Upcoming rainfall

Tonight will be colder than usual across most of New Zealand but the rain clouds are breaking up more as we head into Monday.

We've got the latest upcoming rainfall map below covering the rest of Sunday, all of Monday and up until 5am Tuesday.