VIDEO: Weekend wind and rain, before cool & warm changes next week

It may have felt like summer in some places lately but spring is still with us and this weekend NZ gets a burst of strong to gale nor’westers with heavy western rain.

The North Island in particular is also dealing with a tropical airflow from Fiji making it feel more like the end of December rather than the start of November.

Animation: Fiji airflow explains why so many regions are warmer than average (+4 Maps)

The air flow across New Zealand has quite the journey at the moment, originating around Fiji and tracking as far south as Antarctica where it then gets pulled back into a Southern Ocean storm. 

VIDEO: Warm end to week then weekend wind & rain

The next couple of days will be warmer than average nationwide ahead of a windy and/or wet weekend coming.

This weekend a strong to gale N to NW flow kicks in, making for more warm to hot weather in the east but bringing heavy rain to the West Coast. By Sunday heavy rain also affects the upper North Island with strong to gale NW winds further south.

Heavy rain potential for parts of northern NZ this weekend (+2 Rain Accumulation Maps)

Parts of NZ are in a heatwave right now with highs today again above average. With things drying out rapidly the forecast of rain this weekend will be welcome by many. has been receiving updates from farmers saying just how little rain has fallen this year so far. 

VIDEO: Rain and wind coming this weekend

The hotter than usual weather continues around NZ with winds building later this week. The North Island has sub-tropical winds and the South Island has nor’westers from Aussie.

Either way many places are warmer than average for the rest of the week despite a very slight cool down coming.

Your Guy Fawkes & Melbourne Cup forecasts

November 5th is a busy day with fireworks celebrations in New Zealand and Melbourne Cup in Australia. 

Heavy weekend rain possible after warmer, drier than normal week ahead (+3 Maps)

A dry and warmer than average working week is on the way for many - but the weekend may turn very wet for some. It's still early days but a set up this weekend could see a sub-tropical airflow slide down over the North Island bringing heavy slow moving rain.

VIDEO: Dry, warm, week ahead for most but wind & rain potential this weekend

The week ahead looks hotter than average, especially in the North Island where sub-tropical winds blow until the weekend keeping temperatures above normal.

The South Island is also warmer than average but a slight cool down on Tuesday and Wednesday will see some regions reset back to normal.

Above normal temperatures continue, some areas may reach 'heatwave' criteria (+4 Maps)

Temperatures nationwide are above normal on Sunday, not just by a few degrees but in many regions by over 10 degrees as air flows from Australia and the sub-tropics combine to move down over parts of New Zealand.

Sunday's national forecast - Warmth increases nationwide

Today will be warmer than average in most parts of New Zealand with 75% of the country over eight degrees above normal. 

High pressure is today centred just west of Northland and Auckland out in the Tasman Sea. The airflow is warmer up more today over New Zealand with dry weather nationwide.