VIDEO: Your Updated Easter Weekend forecast and sneak peek at next week

An enormous high is centered over NZ, one that stretches from Fiji to almost Antarctic and New Zealand is smack bang in the middle.

This means colder nights but lovely warm afternoons across a large portion of the country for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday's national forecast - A huge high moves in nationwide

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An enormous high pressure zone, or anticyclone, is centring itself nicely over New Zealand for Wednesday and Thursday pushing remaining light showers off eastern NZ and bringing plenty of sunny, dry, weather across the country.

VIDEO: Special Long Weekend forecast through until Easter Monday

We take a detailed look at the forecast right through until Easter Monday across New Zealand as high pressure pushes in but an area of low pressure forms bringing some rain.

The Big Picture for Tuesday & Wednesday - High pressure dominates NZ

A large high is rolling in across New Zealand and it's pushing away any remaining light showers in the east further out to sea. 

Tuesday has a similar set up to Wednesday weatherwise but the large high moving in will properly cover both islands by then with mainly dry, settled, weather nationwide.

Tuesday's national forecast - high pressure is now growing nationwide

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Any remaining light showers today fade from the eastern side of NZ with high pressure now growing across most, if not all regions.

Fairly mild afternoons in some inland areas but the southerly flow means coastal areas, especially those in the south and east, will be fairly cool still today.

VIDEO: Your detailed forecast through until Easter Sunday

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A large 'Easter Egg' high pressure system is rolling in this week and will clear the southerly showers from the eastern coastline.

The high will cover NZ perfectly over Wednesday and Thursday bringing mainly dry conditions to both islands.

Cooler southerlies for eastern NZ and a colder than average night ahead for many (+3 Maps)

A cooler southerly flow continues today across the country but the winds are slowly easing as high pressure gradually builds from the west.

The southerly quarter flow is with New Zealand for Monday and Tuesday but fades away as the high rolls in for Wednesday, Thursday and part of Good Friday.

Monday's national forecast - Some coastal showers in the North Island

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Monday kicks off with cooler southerlies but afternoon temperatures inland do lift today with some in the north breaking 20 degrees. 

High pressure between the South Island and Tasmania is growing and will grow to cover all of NZ by Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Sunday's national forecast (+2 InfoGraphics)

Temperatures bounce back today in the eastern and southern North Island but another cold front moves up the South Island bringing a colder day to Otago and Canterbury. A very large high pressure zone is centred between Tasmania and Stewart Island and is bringing a southerly flow to New Zealand.

VIDEO: Special long range forecast right through to Good Friday

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We have a special 7 day forecast today so New Zealanders can best plan before Easter Weekend. 
This weekend upon us now will see a fair bit of sunny weather but not so much in some eastern areas due to southerlies bringing in cloud and a few showers.
On Sunday a secondary surge of southerlies moves up eastern NZ and reaches the North