Increased tropical cyclone potential north of NZ next 14 days (+3 Maps)

The tropics north of New Zealand has become quite active in recent days with plenty of rain and downpours forming right across the South West Pacific.

Drier, calmer, warmer weather heading to NZ + the tropics wakes up (+6 Maps)

NZ is about to enter a calmer, drier, phase of weather as high pressure finally increases. At the same time the tropics north of NZ is starting to wake up with very active wet weather north of this high pressure belt - but the highs should keep these tropical lows and storms away from NZ for now. 

Australia: Cyclone Blake forms near Broome, WA (+9 Maps)

Extensive Update: A Tropical Cyclone has been named by Australian forecasters. Tropical Cyclone Blake, near Broome, is currently Category 1 but may climb up another notch to Category 2.

This means it will likely bring some flooding and wind damage at the lower levels to the western desert side of Australia.

WeatherWatch's 3 biggest moments of 2019 - and list our positive plans for 2020 has had a big 2019 from launching a new rural website to making political gains, winning new clients and creating a strong innovative focus for 2020.

Here are our 3 biggest moments of 2019 - and what we are planning for 2020...

Windy, cooler, weather in NZ for a week: 10 bullet points + Maps explain why

NZ is going through an unsettled, windy, cooler phase of weather as high pressure remains stuck over Australia. 

NZers can thank one of the largest lows on earth for the wind this week (+7 Maps)

A windier, cooler, week is on the way for many regions - so what is to blame? One of the largest areas of low pressure on earth right now.

The Southern Ocean is active this year, more so than usual and possibly due to the Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) that occurred last spring. 

Auckland, upper North Island skies turn orange & gloomy as smoke from Australia arrives

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Updated 8:05pm --- Another unprecedented plume of smoke from Australia is crossing New Zealand, this time Auckland and the upper half of the North Island, where about half of NZ's population lives.

Sunday's national forecast - The weather is starting to going downhill

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NZ is entering a cooler, windier, week but Sunday is a little bit of a breather before the more severe weather kicks in on Monday (with gusts over 120km/h in some areas of the South Island and lower North Island - mainly ranges/hill tops and exposed areas).

Most Kiwis aren't going to like this 7 day weather forecast (+4 Gust Maps)

It's the start of summer but the weather is about to return to spring with strong winds, more cloud and cooler air about to surge northwards.

NEW: January & 3 month Climate/Seasonal outlook for NZ (+8 Maps) has issued our second ever seasonal forecast in partnership with IBM and it looks as though December's pattern will continue on into January. It's a fairly unsettled pattern over the South Island and even the upper North Island (which often is more settled) will have a windier start to January/2020.