December to kick off with tropical fuelled downpours & thunderstorms

November has seen hundreds of thunderstorms across New Zealand and the start of Summer on the meteorological calender is no different.

Tropical Cyclone potential in the Coral Sea next week

A tropical depression is today deepening near the Solomon Islands and by Sunday may be a Tropical Cyclone as it moves away from the Solomon Sea and out over the Coral Sea, free from land.

Sea surface temperatures in the area are already over 30 degrees C which will allow the storm to deepen.

Weather Video: A big low in the Tasman Sea & potential Tropical Cyclone further north

Our third large low in just a week or two is moving in and will bring rain, heavy downpours and help create inland afternoon thunderstorms over the days ahead.

Yep, more rain is coming - here's the 3 day Rainfall Accumulation Map for NZ

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With another large low on the way (the third large system in just a couple of weeks) we have more rain coming in for Friday and the weekend.

Weather Video: Another big low means more frustrating areas of weekend rain

More rain is falling today in the parched eastern side of the North Island with some farmers telling us it’s done the trick for them for the rest of the year. The low responsible for that rain, and the cooler, wetter, past few days in Canterbury, is now moving away to the east bringing fairly dry weather in for the next day or two but with more inland downpours in the afternoo

Rain forecast map for next 48 hours + coolest in the east, warmest in the west (+3 Maps)

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The low that has brought several days of downpours and rain is today finally moving away eastwards out over the Pacific Ocean, but driving in some last rain across Hawke's Bay, Gisborne and a few other eastern areas.

As we head into Thursday most of the rain clears away but we do have more afternoon downpours in both islands.

How much rain has fallen in the past 7 days? What's coming in the next 7 days? (+4 Maps)

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November is ending on a wet note and the first week of December is kicking off with a large Tasman Sea low and afternoon downpours in both islands.

Weather Video: Another large low on the way this Friday & Weekend

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New Zealand’s third large dominating low pressure system in just over a week is on the way towards us but first it will bring some rain to drought affected New South Wales.

This low will arrive on Friday NZT then unravel near/over New Zealand this weekend bring patchy areas of showers and rain but also mixed in with plenty of dry spells.

Plenty of rain has fallen, now more coming for our last remaining dry regions (+3 Maps)

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The second large low in a week will cross over the North Island in the next 36 hours bringing more rain, this time to those that need it the most in the lower and eastern North Island.

Weather Video: One low this week, yet another large low this weekend

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New Zealand is in the midst of dealing with a second large low in just a week and now a third is on the way for this coming weekend, bringing more heavy rain to both main islands.