Sunday's national forecast - In comes a Mother's Day rainmaker

Today starts off dry in many regions - and mild - but a large low in the Tasman Sea is coming our way and will cross New Zealand this evening.

It means most places get a period of rain and wind today, some first thing, others not until the end of the day.

Nearby time zone differences that may surprise you, eg the Chatham Islands is 45mins ahead of mainland NZ

In our part of the world we have to monitor the weather in several different nations and some - including New Zealand - have time zones you may not expect.

!FogAlert: Saturday has a high risk of fog in some places (+2 Maps)

The humid sub-tropical air flow, combined with an area of calm high pressure plus the longer nights is the perfect recipe for fog. says areas of fog will form around the upper North Island and some isolated pockets elsewhere across the country. Visibility will be lower than 100 metres in some places this morning.

VIDEO: A nationwide Mother's Day low is moving in with wind and rain

Saturday will be warmer than average across the entire country with fairly light winds. The light winds in the North Island will produce fog, especially in the upper North Island.

Northerly airflows create warmer than average Thursday and Friday (+2 Maps)

Much of the country has already had a warmer than average week by day but both Thursday and Friday will be warmer than average in every region of New Zealand.

Rain on the way for all of NZ due to Mother's Day low - here's how much is forecast:

We have a weak area of rain and showers moving up the western side of New Zealand today and tomorrow but a burst of heavier more nationwide rain moves across the country on Mother's Day.

VIDEO: Mother’s Day low means wind and rain for NZ

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Warmer than average weather is spreading into all regions of New Zealand for Thursday, Friday and Saturday - but a nationwide low is moving in for Mother’s Day followed by a cool down.

VIDEO: Warmer northerlies next few days, a low for NZ on Mothers Day

Warmer than average winds will be pushing across New Zealand for the next few days with some places over 8 degrees above normal for this time of the year.

Aussie's big cool high heading towards NZ next week...sort of (+7 Maps)

An enormous anticyclone (stretching over 4000km wide - the size of Australia) is moving over Australia in the coming days and it's bringing a big cool down for them and will then likely affect New Zealand.

First hints of winter snow now appearing in NZ and Australia forecasts (+2 Maps)

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From a mathematics point of view we are now over 4 months past the longest day of the year, 6 weeks past the equinox (when nights became longer than the days) and in just 6 weeks time it will be the shortest day of the year. In saying that we currently have mild northerlies across NZ creating for warmer than average afternoons.