Low pressure coming - how much rain is going to fall? (+2 Rain Accumulation Maps)

A lot of low pressure will affect New Zealand in the week ahead, from a large area of Tasman Sea low pressure to a Southern Ocean storm it's all combining to throw a fair bit of rain at us.

But our mountains and ranges play a significant role at making the rain (and snow and wind) worse for some, while others stand around whistling wondering what all the fuss is about!

Basic Timeline to make sense of large complex low coming our way (+6 Maps)

A very large and complicated low pressure system is building in our part of the world and peaks next week as a number of lows merge to create one enormous area of low pressure.

Once again, after attacking us, Metservice now agrees with us...

Last year we were "fearmongers" for advanced warnings of Cyclone Gita, despite the next day MetService agreeing with us. Well guess what just happened?

VIDEO: Large deep low to bring rain and wind this weekend, colder southerlies next week

An enormous area of low pressure is forming near New Zealand over the next several days and it will produce heavy rain and strong westerly winds this weekend in some regions (mostly the west) then next week it turns more southerly in the south.

Australia: Land of the big wide drought as NZ gets rain relief (+5 Maps)

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As rain returns to New Zealand following a very dry first half of the year spare a thought to our Aussie neighbours dealing with drought - and more dry coming their way.

What cold snap?! Temperatures already bounce back to above normal by day (+4 maps)

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The same places that had snow to sea level yesterday are today bouncing back to normal or warmer than average and will be even milder in the days ahead. says the westerlies will turn more north west this week and some in the north will even have sub-tropical winds pushing temperatures up above normal for early August.

Giant Southern Ocean storm to affect NZ, another wintry blast coming (+5 Maps)

An enormous low pressure system will deepen over the Southern Tasman Sea and New Zealand area this weekend, leading to an Antractic blast in the South Island next week.

VIDEO: Giant low to bring warm wind and rain then another polar blast

We’re in a warming up phase for the next few days but a very large low will form this weekend into a storm and by early next week it will lie over the Southern Ocean and likely sends another polar blast our way.

It’s not 100% locked in but the modelling has been fairly consistent for the past few days. We should be able to lock things in by Thursday.

Wintry Monday with hail, squalls, gales and cold (+4 Latest Maps)

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It was a rough night in Auckland and other western areas with gales, hail and loud squalls hitting from the west, while in Southland and Otago snow has been steadily falling to lower and lower levels, including some light snow in Dunedin.

Snow falls in Hokitika, also near Greymouth, Invercargill (+Photos & Video)

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UPDATED 1:30pm --- said sea level snow was likely in Fiordland and South Westland today, but right now parts of Hokitika and Greymouth have isolated snow flurries too.

The polar blast is moving up the South Island and will track over the North Island later today, dropping temperatures nationwide as we head into Monday.