Warmer than average days, cooler nights - Temperature trends for the rest of May (+4 maps)

When it's warmer than average that doesn't mean it feels warm, but it means the temperatures are higher than they should be. That's what we have happening this week in many regions, average to warmer than average temperatures by day.

International Weather Headlines: India heat, Japan rain, big dry across Australia / NZ (+3 maps)

High temperatures are coming for India, more heavy rain for Japan and a huge high pressure system for Australia and NZ means a lot of dry weather in the week ahead.

Here's a quick glance at the weather stories make the news this week around Asia and the Pacific.

Enormous 9000km belt of high pressure drifts in today, lingers 8 days

A truly massive belt of high pressure will this week influence New Zealand's weather starting today and not leaving until next Tuesday (8 days from now). It is by far the largest high pressure system in our part of the world so far this year.

VIDEO: Massive high pressure system to influence NZ’s weather for 8 days

A huge high from Australia is about to affect our weather until early next week but it’s not all plain sailing with some showers in the forecast and a few subtle wind direction changes.

The southerly over NZ today is warmer than average - because it really comes out of Australia (+2 Maps)

A southerly flow over New Zealand today is surprisingly mild for this time of year. It's not often NZ has a warmer than average day in late May with a south to south west wind flow. So why is it warmer than it should be? You can blame Australia.

Sunday's 'cold snap' still to produce warmer than average temperatures for many (+3 Maps)

The placement of high pressure this Autumn is producing some warmer than usual wind flows - even with southerlies. Sunday's "cold change" is not looking overly cold when you compare it to the average temperature for this time of year.

Sunday's national forecast - A windier south west flow for many

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We have a colder surge of air heading northwards today with windier south to south west winds bringing in showers to sea level and snow to the mountains.

Generally speaking today isn't overly wet with the highest risk of showers around the North Island's western and eastern coastlines. Many areas are mostly dry by tonight.

Latest Maps (x3): Rainfall, Snowfall and peak Wave Heights

A windier south west flow around New Zealand will whip up some big waves, push more rain on to the wet West Coast and bring a dusting of snow to the mountains.

The angle of the wind flow means the bulk of the precipitation (both rain and snow) will be in the South Island with rain on the West Coast and snow in the Southern Alps.

NZ Rain & Snow Accumulation Maps (x2) through to Sunday

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Windier west to south west winds develop this weekend and bring more wet weather in, but the bulk of it will fall in the south west corner of the country (Fiordland, Westland, Southland mostly).

Showers will appear in both islands this weekend, more so around the South Island on Saturday and the North Island on Sunday.

9000 KM wide belt of high pressure to affect NZ next week

Australia is 4000kms wide from west to east, the high coming in next week is more than twice that width for a time around Tuesday and Wednesday before consolidating into one large high that may eventually cross New Zealand next weekend.