Sunday's national forecast - A cold front and some rain

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A cold front is moving into the South Island today bringing rain and a cooler south to south west change behind it.

There will be showers around the North Island developing today.

RainWatch - Friday 11th Jan (+Forecast Rain Accumulation Map to midnight Sunday)

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We have showers across New Zealand for Friday with the South Island exposed to higher rainfall totals but rain clouds breaking to showers for the most part.

The nature of the showers today will be scattered across a number of regions in both main islands but will be hit and miss too. There will be large areas of dry too.

RainWatch - Thursday 10th, January 2019

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There are two cold fronts bringing rain into New Zealand today and tonight, the first one is moving up the West Coast and then tonight falls apart as it moves into the Lower North Island. On the West Coast there is the chance of a heavy fall today. 

The lower North Island might get a little rain tonight/overnight tonight - or just a few drizzly showers. 

Thursday's national forecast

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A cold front moves up the South Island today bringing rain to the West Coast for a time and possibly a heavy fall, then mainly dry.

Again at night another cold front will move into lower South Island, bringing some patchy rain to Southland and heavier falls into Fiordland.

Your official 2018 Christmas Forecast! (+Map for Dec 25th)

*UPDATED Monday --- It's the countdown to Christmas Day! Here's the latest forecast for New Zealand on December 25th.

Special Weather Video: Christmas Day, next week + the map for New Year’s Eve

In our final video of 2018 we track the series of rain makers drifting past New Zealand from the north and how this will impact some people over the weekend and on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

The forecast for Christmas Day remains ‘one to monitor’

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While most of New Zealand looks set to have a dry Christmas Day a potential low/rainmaker in the north is one to monitor. The low is connected to a few other systems which will drag rain in this weekend to the country from the north west of NZ.

VIDEO: Our first Christmas Day 2018 weather forecast

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We have just a week until Christmas but a number of low pressure systems on the way between now and then.

A low moves into the South Island on Wednesday with a big temperature drop thanks to a southerly change. This low moves into the North Island on Thursday.

Rain Maps (x2): How much did all those thunderstorms dump last week? What more is coming?

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New Zealand was affected by tens of thousands of thunderstorms last week and all of them delivered significant heavy downpours inland, some with flash flooding.

The map below clearly shows you where the bulk of the daytime downpours formed - it's a helpful map as it shows why some coastal fringes in New Zealand are drier than average while inland areas are not.

Hot start to the week but wet, colder, change coming for some (+3 temperature maps)

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It's hotter than normal for mid-December both today and Tuesday across much of New Zealand but some areas will get a significant mid-week cool down.