No video again today, but here's what we would've talked about!

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Our studio is still temporarily out of action as we upgrade a few things but thankfully the quiet weather means there really isn't a lot to update you on... although we do have Labour Weekend fast approaching, so here's the latest for that and the following week too.

No video today - but here's what Phil would've said...

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We have no weather video today as we're making upgrades to our studio, equipment and camera. It's one of those things where you make small change here and it affects something else down the line! The positive is that we're working on improving the quality of our videos and looking to expand the content we make, but it means today (and maybe Thursday) we don't have a video.

Your official 2018 Labour Weekend forecast! (+4 Maps)

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Our first long weekend in around five months is finally upon us and most of you should love the forecast!

Thanks to an enormous area of high pressure most places look calm, dry and mild by day. The high is currently over the Tasman Sea and across the weekend will slowly transition more so over New Zealand.

Video: NZ’s weather forecast right through until Labour Day Monday

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**Please note, our studio is having some behind the scenes work this week and is out of action for a few days.

Warm by day, cold by night - NZ in Maps next few days (x6)

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Cloudier weather is moving in to western New Zealand but it's still sunny inland and towards the east, where it is also warmer than average by day.

NZ still has cool nights though, cooler than average for many in the North Island and eastern South Island - at least for the next couple more days. Warmer weather arrives this Friday and long weekend.

Enormous high to bring mainly dry week, warm days & cold nights (+6 Maps)

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A huge high pressure system anchored over the central Tasman Sea will dominate New Zealand's weather for the next week ahead, including this weekend.

Sunday's weather in maps (x3)

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The cold change is already on the way out and warmer than average weather starts to return today to some southern regions and spreads into the North Island on Monday.

An enormous area of high pressure is growing and expanding out in the Tasman Sea and will push most showers away from NZ by the end of today.

Sunday's national forecast

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The cold southerly will fade further today with temperatures slowly bouncing back up. Overnight lows will still be down though with frosts possible again overnight tonight for some inland sheltered areas.

An enormous high pressure system is building in the Tasman Sea.

Cold today but warmer than average for many next week

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Updated 11:34am to include 3 new Maps --- It's colder than average across a number of regions today as the main southerly flow covers all of New Zealand. However, already the South Island is starting to warm up a little. Places that had single digit highs yesterday are likely to make it to the teens today.  

!Frost Alert: Concern as heavy frosts forecast for Saturday and Sunday mornings (+2 Maps)

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After the cold southerly comes the frosty weather, at least for inland parts of both islands. says cold air brought in by the southerly change today will settle as winds ease and showers clear the South Island slowly, allowing for clear skies to produce frosts.