VIDEO: Extended dry spell coming for NZ as rainmakers build in the Tasman

High pressure is dominating New Zealand this week, this weekend and potentially for much of next week too. Most places are looking dry with cool nights and mild afternoons.

Warmer winds will develop in the days ahead lifting overnight lows slightly and making for warmer than normal afternoons in a number of places.

Much of NZ now entering an extended dry spell (+2 Maps)

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The month of may is kicking off dry for most regions with below average rainfall expected over NZ for the rest of this week, this weekend and through most of next week too.

VIDEO: Cool nights, mild days - warmer weather coming

A large high parked in the Tasman Sea looks set to influence New Zealand’s weather for the rest of the week, this weekend and the start of next week.

As the high transitions from the Tasman Sea to the Pacific Ocean it will cross NZ and bring in warmer sub-tropical northerlies to both islands.

How much rain fell in April? Here's the past month's rainfall in one Map

The first three months of 2019 were dominated by dry by the past month has seen a shift to more rainmakers and while not everyone has had the relief they needed (in some of our driest areas) there has been improvement.

VIDEO: High pressure growing but rain clouds returning by Sunday

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A big high with a cooler southerly is spreading across New Zealand clearing wet weather away from most places over the next day or so and bringing colder than average nights to many regions.

VIDEO: High pressure on the way after an unsettled Monday

This week kicks off windy and wet with a wintry change moving up the South Island bringing heavy snow to the mountains and ranges.

It kicks off a cooler week more dominated by southerlies and high pressure with the large high rolling in quickly on Tuesday and lingering right through until the weekend.

Rainfall numbers: How much has fallen, how much more is coming up (+2 Maps)

New Zealand has had plenty of rain events in the past few weeks and is helping slowly chip away at the nation's dry zones. 

A great week for washing and drying laundry

After the school holidays and Easter some homes will be full of dirty laundry to wash today - our advice is maybe wait until Tuesday because a large high is rolling in and will linger the rest of the week, the weekend and even into the start of next week.

NZ: Wintry, windy, wet change about to pounce (+4 Maps)

The same cold blast that just brought snow to Tasmania is about to pounce on New Zealand bringing a burst of gale force winds, heavy rain and then snow on the ranges with a brief cold southerly change.

Sunday's national forecast - Heavy rain event for the West Coast, patchy rain for northern NZ

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A front moves across the North Island slowly and disintegrates as it does so, meanwhile another band of heavy rain moves back up the South Island, mainly on the West Coast.