Weather Video: Detailed update on the incoming ‘hit and miss' rain needed by many

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Rain is in the forecast but as continues to repeat it is a bit “hit and miss” meaning we need more than one day of rain to help out the many regions that are now drier than average.

Weather Video: Rain coming for dry parts of NZ

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Rain is on the way for both islands which will be welcome by many farmers, growers and gardeners dealing with both warmer than normal and drier than normal conditions.
The rain is going to be a bit hit and miss but should provide relief to some regions.
Temperatures to drop down a bit for the eastern North Island on Friday, but it warms up

Some places just dropped over 10 degrees yet daytime highs still above average! (+Rainfall map)

A cold southerly change has arrived in the South Island with daytime highs plummeting today by as much as 15 degrees in places like Dunedin (compared to yesterday) and around 10 degrees in parts of Canterbury.

Video: Wetter weather back in the forecast for New Zealand

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Rain is back in the weather forecast and while it may not be soaking for everyone there is a good chance most regions will get some rain with heavy falls affecting both islands for a time over the next several days.
We also have a cold southerly change moving up the South Island which, in some cases, may be 10 to 14 degrees down from recent days, but even then it ma

Thursday/Friday cool down coming - rain for dry regions too (+5 Maps)

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A cold front is about to move up New Zealand bringing a significant temperature drop to southern and eastern regions following a much warmer than average run of weather lately.

Just when you thought the rain had stopped - it's suddenly back in the forecast

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After a very dry September and October across New Zealand the rain clouds appear to be returning in the final week of October with at least three rain events coming to the nation over the next 10 days.

High pressure slipping away, allows for some rain to move in (+5 Maps)

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An enormous high pressure system (anticyclone) has been affecting New Zealand for 10 days now and will continue to do so for another 24 to 48 hours before finally slipping away out to the east.

NZ: Brief hiccup in the warmer than average weather this week, otherwise it's here rest of October

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The warmer than average weather across much of New Zealand is set to remain for the rest of October but there will be a colder change briefly this week, especially in the South Island.

Long Weekend: Every single region is warmer than average by day, mainly dry too (+8 Maps)

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A powerful high pressure system is controlling New Zealand's weather this Labour Weekend and is encouraging a warmer than average set up across the country.

Video: Special Labour Weekend forecast + outlook for next week

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A large high will dominate New Zealand’s weather this long weekend with almost every region warmer than average by day and mainly dry.

However there is a little wet weather floating around, mostly around Fiordland and surrounding regions on Saturday, then on Sunday and Monday both islands have a few downpours in to the afternoon.