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Sunday's national forecast

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High pressure holds on to most of the North Island while light winds over the South Island may hold in place a narrow area of rain.

Rain accumulation map + the general set up this weekend (+4 Maps)

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A cold front will hang over the lower South Island and produce heavy rainfall in Westland this weekend. Rain accumulation exceeding 150mm is expected in southern Westland until Sunday morning. Locally heavier amounts enhanced by topography are possible in the mountains.

Friday: Warmer than average afternoon for some, colder than usual night for others (+Maps)

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We have some regions that will be warmer than average today while tonight some will be colder than average as New Zealand deals with a fading southerly and an incoming Australian airflow and high.

Weather Video: Milder weather coming for many over the next week

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A large high is crossing New Zealand this weekend, mainly the North Island. It will bring light winds, perhaps some morning mist and fog in the north and it will encourage westerlies in the South Island.

By the end of Sunday easterlies are developing in the north and by Monday the east to north east flow should cover much of New Zealand.

Weather Video: Big high coming towards NZ for weekend, milder weather next week

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A large high from the Tasman Sea is moving into the country for Friday and the weekend bringing mostly dry, settled weather.

In fact daytime highs may even become warmer than average in some places.

Big high rolling in, warmer than average for some + easterlies coming next week

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The southerly change this week has already moved through and while snow did fall lower than initially forecast it has not been a major event with some places very quickly bouncing back to normal today temperature wise.

Weather Video: High building late week, easterlies may dominate NZ next week

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A southerly blast, the second one in a week, is today pushing into the North Island after last night bringing snow to Southland, Otago and Canterbury for a time.

Snow even briefly fell to sea level in Dunedin. The main system is now moving into the North Island with rain in the east and showers, some heavy with hail, in the west.

PHOTOS x 6: Snow falls to 150m in Southland, sea level in some parts of Dunedin

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UPDATED 10:11pm:  Reports are coming in of isolated snow to sea level in Dunedin, mainly around Portobello Road area. A cold front has started to march up the South Island bringing snow generally down to about 150 to 180 metres where it is settling for now. Some snow flurries are going lower to around 100m with sleet and hail to sea level. 

Another cold blast coming nationwide bringing snow, hail then a big high (+6 Maps)

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Another week and another cold burst of southerly air is coming although unlike last week the upcoming weekend will have high pressure.

Weather Video: Another cold nationwide southerly, followed by a weekend high

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Just like last week we have another cold blast spreading northwards and will affect both islands by tomorrow and Thursday.

Snow will fall to a couple hundred metres in the south although totals may not be much for some areas due to a fairly dry set up.