Heatwave pushes temperatures towards 35C in upper South Island & eastern North Island (+5Maps)

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UPDATED 12:03pm --- It was 30 degrees by 9am, by noon it's closer to 35 degrees in some parts of New Zealand as the heatwave kicks in. 

Auckland's long gloomy weekend continues, sunny spells likely to return

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It's a three day weekend for Auckland and it's now the third day with overcast, gloomy, conditions. While some very eastern parts of the region have seen sun, much of the city and the entire western side of the region has been cloudy.

Sunday's national forecast - Highs into the 30s today in both islands, but not for all

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A mostly settled day across New Zealand but still a slight westerly flow (generally speaking) over the South Island and cloud in the west with showers.

Tropics active north of Australia, but not north of NZ - but that may change in February continues to monitor the tropics closely for rain makers now that large portions of New Zealand are starting to dry out. Today Australia has two storms, Cyclone Riley on the western coastline and a Tropical Depression in the Gulf of Carpentaria which may become a cyclone. Neither of these tropical storms pose any risk to New Zealand.

Weather Video: Australian heatwave will bring heat to NZ next week

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We have both Nelson and Auckland Anniversary weekends this weekend with over half the country taking Monday off.

PHOTO: Dramatic Southerly Buster as it moved through Canterbury

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The cold snap on Wednesday afternoon, called a Southerly Buster, was dramatic both temperature-wise and visually.

As the main front came through temperatures dramatically tumbled by 15, even nearly 20 degrees in a short period of time.

Video: Auckland/Nelson Anniversary weather + A special 14 day Rainfall outlook as NZ dries out

We have a special video today as we take an extra extended 14 day look at rainfall across New Zealand now that some places are very dry.
There may be just 1 to 5mm of rain for some over the next half month, we break down where rain is least likely.
We also have a detailed look at the forecast this weekend not only for NZ but also the extra

Heatwave for some parts of NZ next week, highs up to 34 degrees possible (+7 Temperature Maps)

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Temperatures will be consistently higher than average in some parts of New Zealand from this Sunday through much of next week with 30+ temperatures forecast, says

For the most part many regions will have daily highs between 27 and 32 degrees, some a degree or two higher and lower.

NZ's drying out, some regions have little to no rain over the next 14 days, we highlight where:

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As we approach the end of January some parts of New Zealand have become very dry after a wet end to 2018 and no real rain is in sight for some regions according to

Scorching! Low - mid 30s C forecast this weekend and across next week, we break down where:

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This week is a bit all over the place temperature-wise, but this weekend and across next week look much hotter nationwide as winds swing more northerly.