Past 7 days rainfall Map + upcoming 5 day rainfall outlook Map

We had some better rainfall totals this past week for dry areas but the upcoming forecast swings back to dry or many. 

The pattern over the coming week is for more westerlies which will encourage rain on the West Coast, showers for the North Island's western side and mostly dry for eastern New Zealand.

The maps below show what has been and what is coming.

Video: Cooler southerlies for Saturday, sub-tropical again by late next week

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Another big high is parked to our west but it’s not so straightforward as the last one.

This next high will encourage cooler southerlies this weekend but the centre of the high will weaken before it reaches northern NZ - plus the high will track north of us, not directly over us.

Despite the rain, some parts of NZ may still have less than 5mm coming next 14 days (+2 Maps)

Rain has fallen across a large portion of New Zealand in recent days with northern regions getting a good downpour on Thursday to help dry places. A number of regions are below average rainfall-wise, some only have about one third of where they should be by mid-year.

VIDEO: Cooler change coming after warm, wet Thursday in the north

NZ is stuck between two big highs and as a result we have a band of rain with heavy falls slowly crossing over the North Island today.

Behind it is a cooler southerly which will drop temperatures across Friday and Saturday.

Rainfall forecast: Today plus next 3 day accumulations (+2 Maps)

We have one large high moving away and another large one moving in - wedged neatly between the two is an area of mild sub-tropical rain.

Totals vary today - a combination of high pressure weakening some rain bands, along with our mountains and ranges - while the sub-tropical energy is also helping fuel much heavier falls, especially at sea and brushing some parts of the North Island

Why's it so warm? It's all due to one large high pressure system that's now leaving (+3 Maps)

A cool down is coming but the warmer than normal sub-tropical air flow still covers the North Island for Thursday.

A Warm Wednesday brings rain (+3 Maps)

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A sub-tropical flow over New Zealand will push temperatures - both day and night - well above normal says

Temperatures in both islands will be above normal when you wake up and then across the day thanks to this mild air flow coming from between NZ and Fiji over Tuesday and Wednesday.

NZ is stuck between two enormous highs this week - it brings sub-tropical rain (+3 Maps)

This week New Zealand is stuck between two enormous highs and as the one that has affected us for over a week starts to move away sub-tropical rain will be pulled in across parts of the country.

The heaviest rain looks likely to affect the West Coast and the very north of NZ, with lowest totals in the east of both main islands.

Sunday's national forecast - Hi then Bye to the High!

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It almost feels like this high pressure system over NZ is part of the family now...we've known it since last Monday afterall and it's not leaving NZ until mid to late next week.

Today the centre of this great-big-high finally transits over New Zealand from the Tasman Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

Centre of massive high moves in, makes things a little messier actually

Forecasters know that when they don't have to work such long hours the weather is settled - that's been this past week but now the centre of this calming high is rolling in and that means the weather is actually going to start to change.