Warmer, windier, weather coming in (+Maps)

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Today is the calmest day of the next few days ahead with strong to gale force westerlies kicking in across a large portion of New Zealand across Saturday and Sunday.

Severe gales and heavy rain possible this weekend as spring finally wakes up (+2 Maps)

We have a spring blast for the first weekend of November and severe weather warnings may be issued. says high pressure will remain to the north of the country this weekend while deep air pressure remains around the Southern Ocean, placing New Zealand directly in a severe squash zone of air pressure - in other words, a blast of strong winds are coming.

Weather Video: Big Spring blast coming this weekend

The weather nationwide hasn’t been too rough lately with very few severe weather warnings issued so far this spring - but that might change this Saturday and Sunday as a blast of gale to severe gale westerlies moves in along with heavy, slow moving, rain on the West Coast.

NZ sure has spring weather today, so which regions are warmer/colder than normal?

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Spring is all about chaotic weather patterns and fluctuating temperatures and this week is a classic spring set up.

The South Island is today both warmer than average and cooler than average, depending on which side of the main divide you are on. The West Coast is warmer than normal today while the eastern side is not.

Rain & Snow accumulation maps for New Zealand as several cold fronts move in

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We have a classic spring set up over the next several days with a number of cold fronts and the weather bouncing between warmer than normal and colder than normal, especially around the South Island.

Winds will also come and go over the next several days with perhaps this Saturday looking the windiest and wettest for some regions.

Weather Video: Typical spring weather arrives: Rain, snow, gales & sun

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We have a classic spring set up at the moment with surges of warm, windy weather followed by windier, colder weather - and dry, calm, spells in between.

Expect this topsy turvy pattern to continue for at least another week with the weekend coming up also looking stormy.

Tornado spotted near Hamilton as warm, unstable, weather moves through

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A tornado has been spotted near Hamilton today as warmer than average, unstable, weather moves in.

This photo just sent in to by Waikato dairy farmer Sam Owen shows a clear tornado moving around Hamilton's rural outskirts a short time ago.

Weather Video: Wetter, colder, end to October

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We’re in the final days of October and spring is waking. back up again with a burst of wet and windy weather coming in. It will also drop temperatures nationwide, but in saying that we will still see more regions average to warmer than average. 

Rain & Snow accumulation maps for NZ this week as rain and downpours return (+5 maps)

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A late October surge of colder weather is on the way, peaking on Tuesday nationwide. Warmer than average weather, which has dominated a big portion of NZ this month, will give way to more normal temperatures - making it feel colder than it really is. But some regions will be briefly below average temperature-wise once this southerly kicks in.

Sunday's national forecast

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A band of rain is moving across the upper North Island and will clear the island this afternoon to the east, leaving showers developing behind it.

Mostly settled elsewhere but becoming cloudy in many areas with showers developing around the lower half of the South Island inland.

Warmer than average in a number of places today.