Easter Sunday's national forecast - Rain moves across both islands

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We have plenty of rain, showers and drizzle across NZ today as a cold front and associated weak low pressure system move into the North Island.

The southerly change in the south will drop temperatures and bring rain in to the north and along the eastern side (while clearing from the south west). It will move into the lower North Island later in the day.

New Zealand: Warm Saturday, Cooler Easter Sunday (+2 Maps)

Most of NZ is either around average temperature-wise for Saturday or above normal thanks to a mild northerly flow in many regions - along with an abundance of sun.

Some places will break the 20 degree mark this afternoon, with highs of around 22 in some North Island regions. Parts of the South Island will be up around 20 degrees too as high pressure slowly slips away to the east.

Updated: NZ Total Rainfall map covering Saturday, Sunday and Monday

A weak low and a cold front are slowly moving up the country this long weekend bringing rain or showers into every part of the country but the totals do vary, even within regions.

The bulk of the rain will be falling on the western side of the nation but the upper South Island and central North Island are also likely to get some heavier falls.

Saturday's national forecast - rain band slowly moves up the West Coast

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High pressure still holds over the North Island for Saturday but is being pushed off the South Island due to a weak area of low pressure and a cold front with some heavy falls.

VIDEO: Your Detailed Easter Weekend Forecast for NZ

We have a cold front moving up New Zealand this long weekend and a weak area of low pressure.

4 Day Rain Accumulation Map for New Zealand

Using New Zealand's most powerful weather supercomputer, IBM's Watson, has crunched the rainfall numbers across the country to generally make sense of what rain is coming in this long holiday weekend.

The forecast is a little patchy/hit and miss for some regions while others have more sustained rainfall.

Good Friday's national forecast - warm and dry for many but a slow moving rain band arrives too

High pressure continues to dominate across much of NZ but today it is slipping away to the east. There may be some brief morning fog patches through a few inland parts of the North Island in particular. Warmer than average for many this afternoon, especially inland - but a cold start for some inland areas with a possible frost around Central Plateau.

Expected rainfall totals next 4 days around NZ

With a cold front and weak area of low pressure moving in this long weekend many are trying to gauge just how much rain is coming for there place - or where they will be.

The area of low pressure will help create additional rainfall beyond just the initial cold front but it's a bit more hit and miss, for example some eastern areas. 

Next few days: NZ under influence of 5000km long high pressure zone (+3 Maps)

An enormous high pressure system is perfectly centred across both main islands of NZ but stretches from Fiji to eastern Australia and all the way down to near Antarctica. says from north to south the high (anticyclone) is around 5000 kilometres in distance. New Zealand is 1600kms long from north to south.

Thursday's national forecast

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High pressure smothers New Zealand today and clears 99% of the showers away and 99% of the southerlies too. Some foggy areas this morning. An average to warmer than average afternoon for many regions.