VIDEO: More westerlies for NZ, more dry for Australia

We have the latest 5 day rain maps for both New Zealand and Australia - and the Aussie one is quite significant.

Over NZ we have more spring westerlies over the next week with driest weather in the north, warmest in the north east, wettest on the West Coast and coolest in southern NZ.

Animation: Next wave of Australian smoke crossing Tasman Sea for NZ tonight

Another wave of smoke from the Australian bush fires is currently crossing the Tasman Sea and will track over the North Island tonight/overnight.

For those with clear skies it may make the near full moon rising tonight or setting tomorrow morning a more orange colour for a time. 

VIDEO: Aussie bushfires continue as windy westerlies continue in NZ

We take a closer look at air pollution being caused by the Australian bushfires in NSW and what that means for New Zealand.

We also look at the latest weather pattern in NZ which is bringing more westerlies and more West Coast rain.

Temperatures in NZ will vary over the next week or so but leans average to warmer than average for most.

Extremely dry weather fuels Australian bush fires, but air pollution levels in NZ remain 'good'

(+8 Maps) --- Another plume of smoke from the Aussie bush fires will track over NZ later today and tonight as the weather conditions in Australia get drier and hotter. says the heat and dry will continue in the week ahead with daytime temperatures into the 30s and 40s across Australia.

VIDEO: Spring westerlies mean more rain, wind - and dry

Depending on where you live the forecast coming up is either a wetter, windier and cooler one - or a windier, drier and warmer one. The common factor - wind.

We have more westerly quarter winds, tilting warmer nor’west at times, colder sou’west at other times.

Eastern areas will be mainly dry and mild overall as a result of this set up.

RainWatch: Totals for the next 5 days, plus past 24 hours (+2 Maps

The West Coast has a deluge while dry parts of the upper North Island continue to get hit and miss downpours.

The set up over the next five days is 'classic spring' with strong westerly quarter winds that will be warmer than average at times for the north and east while the odd swing to Sou'Westers means Southland will be brushed by cooler air off and on.

VIDEO: A cooler start to the week, but warmer than normal later this week

Spring is still doing it’s thing with a cooler change for Monday and Tuesday around NZ ahead of the next warm up (which will actually start as early as Tuesday daytime in the South Island).

This week is dominated by westerly quarter winds with a southerly lean to begin with and northerly lean to end with.

Sunday's national forecast

Sunday has a mix of drizzle patches, dry spells and downpours across the country along with some thunderstorms.

Rain will be broken up today with heavy set in falls but other surrounding areas drier with lighter spits.

Both islands have the same set up with the upper North Island and western side of the nation most exposed to heavy rain and driest areas in the east.

Animation: Sub-tropical airflow descends across New Zealand

It's warmer than average right across Aotearoa today and it's all thanks to two airflows, both out of the subtropics.

Like a bath with two hot water taps, NZ today has two streams of sub-tropical air moving across each main island.

Why rain this Sunday and Monday is critical for some in northern NZ (+5 Maps)

Detailed Update --- Northern New Zealand is now becoming drier than normal and warmer than normal - on top of an annual rainfall deficit. It's an increasingly concerning set up so early before summer as NZ appears to be catching some of Australia's dry weather patterns.