Rain Accumulation Map until 8am Friday (+2 InfoGraphics)

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A developed low is located to the north of North Island and is today slowly starting to weaken. Though its track will not cross the country’s landmass directly, an associated front has brought patchy rain over the upper North Island since Tuesday.

Weather Video: A weekend North Island low, but a wintry South Island blast next week

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The next couple of days will see southern places warming up further but it’s ahead of a big cold change sweeping in next week which will put single digit daytime highs back into Southland, Otago and perhaps even as far north as Canterbury.

Blustery winds and snow will also be in the forecast and this is an early heads up to farmers with newborn stock.

Snow is normal in spring, if it was hot and dry that would be 'summer'

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Snow is normal in spring. So too are frosts. Warm, hot, windy days are also normal. Spring is all about transitioning slowly from winter and gradually into summer. Autumn is all about transitioning from summer slowly into winter.

Total Rain & Snow outlook for NZ for remainder of the week (+4 Maps)

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We have a couple of rain makers affecting New Zealand this week. The first is a low just off the Northland coast today... the second will be another low just off the Northland coast this Saturday.

Like the low today, the one on Saturday will start as a rainmaker further south and then track northwards.

Colder, windier, week next week for some farms and regions further south

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A cold, windy and possibly sometimes snowy southerly is on the way for some parts of the country next week after a warming up occurs this week. 

Video: Snow yesterday, becoming warmer than average today + 2 subtropical lows for NZ

In true spring style for those who had snow yesterday many places today will be warmer than average there by a few degrees as nor’westers develop.

Meanwhile in the upper North Island a low with sub-tropical connections is developing and will bring some heavy rain just along coastal parts of the upper North Island for late Tuesday and early Wednesday.

Check out these 2pm Temps - NZ's both hotter & colder than average at the exact same time

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Some parts of New Zealand are several degrees above average right now while others are several degrees below normal at the exact same time.

The set up is due to sub-tropical northerlies from just south of Fiji, pushing temperatures in the northern half of New Zealand into the low 20sC.

Weather Video: Spring-like week with varying temps bringing rain/snow + warm/dry too

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A southerly change in the South Island today will drop temperatures to a few degrees below normal for mid September while at the same time the other two thirds of New Zealand are enjoying warmer than average conditions, some by several degrees above average.

New Zealand next few days: Heavy rain possible...but not locked in (+4 Maps)

Most parts of New Zealand will enjoy spring warmth today but from Sunday afternoon a well-marked cold front will sweep the lower South Island. Northwesterly winds ahead of the front will be enhanced. The western side of the South Island will be wet, with a few hours of intense ran fall (around 10-30mm/h) coming in tonight associated with the front.

Sunday's national forecast - here comes windier weather

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A surge of windy northerly quarter winds will push across a number of regions today with the strongest winds likely to be Nor'Westers across the eastern South Island and central part of NZ (Cook Strait area).

The winds won't be major but in some exposed areas they may reach gale force, like through the Southern Alps.