Rest of September: High pressure and westerlies to dominate (+2 Long range Maps)

If you're wondering how the remainder of September is shaping up, we may have a clue: More high pressure and more westerlies. As a cooler south to south west change moves up NZ today a large high on Wednesday will start to push in from the Tasman Sea area bringing lighter, more variable winds.

Maps: Past 24 hours Rainfall, next 48 hours expected Rainfall as high rolls in

A weak front is moving up the country and is disintegrating as it tracks north across the North Island today. After a dry few weeks the West Coast has finally tipped back to normal soil moisture levels thanks to this same front when it was more active down south yesterday.

VIDEO: A Tuesday cold front but then a huge high rolls in afterwards

If you want sunny, dry and mild weather you’ll probably love this forecast. Once we get through some cloud and rain on Tuesday a big high rolls in for Wednesday and lingers through until Sunday.

Huge high pressure coming - positive forecast for most regions (+4 Maps)

A huge high is on the way, arriving this Wednesday and lingering to the start of next week bringing mostly dry weather and light winds. It will mean mild afternoons but cooler nights with a few inland frosts here and there thanks to the light winds and clear skies allowing colder air to sink into the valleys at night.

Sunday's national forecast

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Most places are dry today but we do have a couple of rainy areas, mostly in the north and central parts of NZ. Winds are also fairly light today.

Maps (x5) - NZ's weekend rainfall, snowfall & temperature trends

New Zealand has some rain this weekend, a little snow in the mountains but generally speaking many regions will be warmer than average despite a cool start for some today.

VIDEO: Weekend showers, big high rolling in next week

We have a little bit of an unsettled weekend although in saying that there will be large areas of dry and calm.

But some wet weather will linger in various regions this weekend. By Monday most of NZ is mild with a west to north west flow - but also a weakening cold front which heads northwards on Tuesday and falls apart on Wednesday in the very north.

VIDEO: Typical spring pattern now in play over NZ

We have warmer than average weather for most of NZ over the next couple of days ahead of the next cold front moving up the South Island on Friday and the North Island overnight and into Saturday.
It’s not a very cold set up though with temperatures mainly resetting back to normal after a warmer than average Thursday and Friday.
The weekend

The South Island's up to 10 degrees warmer today than Monday!

Talk about Spring chaos! On Monday single digit highs were felt across the South Island, today highs in the late teens maybe even 20 degrees are expected.

It's all to do with airflows - on Monday a high around southern NZ was dredging up a very cold southerly out of the Southern Ocean. Many places had highs between 7 and 9 degrees on Monday.

Rainfall update as some regions get a bit wet underfoot

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Some regions have a rainfall deficit but the recent wet weather is turning the ground a little muddier. We have further rain forecast but overall the eastern side and very top of the nation are actually leaning slightly drier than normal for the next week ahead, giving some areas a chance to dry out just a little.