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Colder weather coming, some rain and snow - but not major (+3 Maps)

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A series of several low pressure systems will be tracking through New Zealand in an active pattern into early next week. This will lead to off and on rounds of rain and mountain snow for the country.

Through this weekend up to 50 mm of rain will fall, with the largest totals actually shifting to the eastern side of the country.

Weather Video: Your Weekend Weather and outlook for next week

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A southerly change is spreading up the country with the wettest weather this weekend being on Saturday along the eastern side of the North Island.

Beyond that Sunday looks settled dry basically everywhere - a very low risk of a lingering light shower along NZ’s western coastline.

On this day 7 years ago it snowed in Auckland & heavily in Wellington & Christchurch

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August 15 and 16, 2011 saw a generational cold snap that brought snow as far north as Northland, the so called 'winterless north', Auckland city and a host of sea level towns most people never associate snow with.

Weather Video: Windy westerlies bring out the pine pollen and hay fever

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Recorded Wednesday, NO VIDEO Thursday, back again Friday --- The next several days are windy off and on as the early spring pattern kicks in and with the generally warmer than average weather on top of the windy westerlies it’s a perfect recipe for pine pollen.

Weather Video: Windy westerlies arrive, we look at the forecast until next Monday

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The westerlies are here and we can expect bursts of wind and rain, then calmer and sunnier, off and on over the next week ahead.

High pressure remains over Australia and in the sub-tropics, while most of the lows are in the Southern Ocean or brushing the South Island.

Poll Results: NZers aren't too concerned about the short winter this year

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Many New Zealanders believe an early spring is upon us and the results from our latest online poll show most are not concerned about the warmer than average weather most regions have been experiencing lately.

The majority at 56% say the early start to spring was "awesome".

Just 27% believe it's "very concerning". 

Mild westerlies to dominate for a week, but is there a cold southerly coming next week?

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The early spring pattern is very much locked in across New Zealand with westerlies dominating, pushing temperatures above normal by day and by night over most parts of both islands.

Weather Video: NZ about to swing back to westerly winds for the next several days

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Monday kicks off with a northerly flow but a cold front crosses New Zealand Monday night and Tuesday morning with a cooler, windier, west to southwest flow on Tuesday nationwide.

The west to sou’west flow continues on Wednesday but by Thursday winds tilt milder nor’west ahead of another cold front.

Sunday's national forecast - A little cooler in the north, warmer in the south

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A large high covers New Zealand and while it does start to slip off the South Island today it will be replaced by warmer nor'westers. A cold morning for most of NZ but a warmer than average afternoon in the South Island. In the North Island a little cooler today with afternoon temperatures closer to normal for this time of year. 

Weather Video: Your weekend forecast and outlook for next week

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A large high is moving in across New Zealand this weekend and will bring settled weather to both islands.

There will be a few coastal showers around the north eastern North Island, from about Hawke’s Bay to Gisborne/East Cape, then again around northern Coromandel Peninsula, GBI and eastern Northland.