Sunday's national forecast + 7 days rainfall coming up

Due to hot air flowing around high pressure for a while, temperatures will be higher than normal, especially quite higher during daytime. 
Drought - Judging from the temperature & precipitation trends there is a possibility that a drought will increase - especially over the North Island widely in the coming week or two.

VIDEO: Hotter weather coming for NZ, storms nearby but missing us

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We have a few showers in the forecast over the next few days, mainly focused on the West Coast. Elsewhere it’s mostly dry with hotter weather moving in thanks to both sub-tropical nor’westers and winds out of Australia. 

Showers next week won't do much for drought zones - but some small pockets of relief (+3 Maps)

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Rain/showers icons are popping up a little more next week in drought affected northern New Zealand but it may not be as wet as you might think.

A new easterly flow will develop for a time, encouraging some extra humidity and cloud into the upper North Island. Drizzle and morning showers are possible, so too are some even more isolated afternoon showers.

Most of the complaints we get are ridiculous! Here are some tips to reduce weather surprises

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Imagine planning a drive through Auckland City by measuring the distance only and not factoring in traffic. Weather complaints are similar. 

VIDEO: Northern NZ has now caught Australia’s drought

As first mentioned back in September last year, the upper North Island is caught up in the big dry from Australia.

Now NZ Government forecasters say drought has arrived in Northland, Auckland and north Waikato - the same regions we’ve been focused on since spring.

Dry 14 days ahead for many + Rain Accumulation Maps for rest of January & 14 days

High pressure has finally locked itself over New Zealand and apart from a few weak rainmakers brushing Fiordland and spreading a little further up the West Coast or over into Southland the rest of the country is definitely leaning much drier than normal.

Auckland Anniversary weather looking dry, calm, hot for some (+3 Maps)

Half of New Zealand has a long weekend this weekend and the forecast is looking fantastic for most spots in the upper North Island.

As high pressure continues to dominate, putting pressure on those who rely on rainwater, it's giving a positive spin to holidaymakers after unsettled start to January in northern NZ.

VIDEO: Hotter, drier, weather moving in to NZ now

We are entering peak summer with even hotter, drier, weather in the forecast for the next week in many regions. 

Big Dry over northern NZ increasing - A drought is forming (+6 Maps)

Back in September 2019 alluded to northern NZ catching Australia's dry - now even more dry weather is forecast.

VIDEO: Drought risk increasing in NZ as hotter, drier, weather sets in

The big dry over northern and eastern parts of New Zealand is getting even drier - and hotter. Airflows out of Australia and the sub-tropics, coupled with a large amount of high pressure keeps NZ drier than average in most places.