Showers for north eastern NZ, heavy rain for south western NZ (+4 Maps)

A well-marked cold front from the Southern Ocean lies over Fiordland, bringing persistent rainfall. Rainfall rates in Fiordland and southern Westland will be about 10-20mm/h Monday and into Tuesday morning,
increasing to 20-30mm/h by Tuesday afternoon and evening.

New MetOcean wave buoy in place south of NZ just in time for big storm

Realtime and open data means New Zealanders can now see storms live in action in the Southern Ocean thanks to MetOcean and the New Zealand Defence Force.

Sunday national forecast for New Zealand

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Some of the remnants of what was short lived Cyclone Linda last week lies just north of Cape Reinga. High pressure has now crossed over the South Island and lies out over the Chatham Islands.

A cool Saturday but a warmer Sunday (+4 Maps)

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This weekend New Zealand's weather is dominated by a high pressure anchored on the east of the South

For Saturday onshore easterly winds may bring a few light showers to north eastern areas. The eastern part of the country from Canterbury to Gisborne will also be mostly covered by low clouds. 

Weather Video: Plenty of moving parts to the weather this weekend & next week

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It’s a busy time weather-wise in the New Zealand area, but despite a lot of moving parts to the weather pattern, the forecast for many areas isn’t too bad.

Frost or no frost, that is the question tonight/Saturday AM (+6 Maps)

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Updated 1pm Friday --- A cold change today will see southerlies blow across the South Island and temperatures dropping significantly behind it. It's yet another example of Autumn's weather pattern being here - we're seeing a mix of warm to hot days and then some brief cold changes.

Enormous Southern Ocean storm to clip NZ on Monday

When talking about the weather you won't find using the word "enormous" very often, but the storm forming in the Southern Ocean this weekend and Monday fits the description.

Weather Video: Autumn weather pattern kicks in, huge storm forming in the Southern Ocean

In true March style there is a lot going on around New Zealand weatherwise. Ex-cyclone Linda is now drifting towards northern New Zealand but not deliver any significant weather here other than a bit of cloud and maybe a shower or two in the north.

Weather Video: A cyclone, two Southern Ocean lows and two big highs

The next five days ahead are busy with a short lived tropical cyclone named Linda to New Zealand’s north west, two storms in the Southern Ocean and two large highs crossing both islands.

None of these storms will directly hit New Zealand but Linda’s remnants may bring in some showers and humidity to northern NZ either this weekend or next week for a time.

Busy weather pattern for eastern Australia & NZ next few days, multiple highs & lows

Three high pressure systems and at least two or three lows will affect New Zealand's weather and coastal areas in the week ahead. Category 1 Tropical Cyclone Linda is unlikely to affect New Zealand in any serious way with the storm expected to fall apart tomorrow and Friday. It may bring a few showers to northern New Zealand into the weekend and early next week though.