Two cold nights coming, frosts likely - but subtropical by Thursday night (+4 Maps)

A southerly change followed by a large high is often the perfect recipe for cold nights and that's precisely what is happening.

A large high is today rolling in from the Tasman Sea and it will 'lock in' the cooler air.

No video today, instead we've dumped all our weather maps for you to see (+19 Maps!)

We have no weather video due to sick leave so instead we're giving you all of our maps to help make sense of what is coming in the days ahead.

Why are the Greens/Labour so silent on Climate Change via our Government Agencies? It's all about $

These days NIWA rarely talks climate change and the Greens/Labour rarely quote them. NZ has 3 commercial Govt forecasters - none focus on Climate.

Nationwide cool down coming, temperatures to hit 'reset' (+5 Maps)

Friday is warmer than normal in just about every part of the country and while Saturday won't be as warm for some places, it is still expected to be above average temperature-wise. However, it's all ahead of a cooler surge coming in for Sunday across the South Island and into the lower and eastern North Island for Sunday night and across Monday.

VIDEO: Colder weekend change coming before sub-tropical winds later next week

We have a warmer than average Friday and Saturday across many parts of NZ but it changes on Saturday night in the South Island and spreads over 70% of the country into Sunday and Monday.

The cool down lingers into Tuesday too as high pressure rolls in bringing clearer skies and lighter winds.

Friday warmer than average, colder by Sunday/Monday, sub-tropical by next Wednesday! (+6 Maps)

Thursday and especially Friday are warmer than average over a large chunk of the country by as much as four to eight degrees while overnight lows are either bang on average or above average for most - with the exception of only Northland this week which has been colder than normal overnight.

VIDEO: Eastern low bringing rain, weekend southerly on the way

A weak but large area of low pressure is transiting over the North Island today and brought some early calm and foggy areas to Auckland and Waikato.

On the eastern side if the island this system is driving in rain to dry Hawke’s Bay and also into Wairarapa too.

VIDEO: NZ forecast until Monday - a couple of cold fronts on the way

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We have very little in the way of extreme weather this week but a couple of cold fronts, a weak low, and some warmer than average weather are all in the mix.

New Zealand: 3 day Rainfall Accumulation Map + InfoGraphics (x3)

We have rain and showers coming to the two opposite corners of NZ - the western South Island and East Cape.

With a couple of cold fronts coming out of the Southern Ocean/southern Tasman Sea area places like Fiordland and further up around the Nelson Ranges should see the highest totals in the coming days.

Mystery Creek Forecast - Hourly chance of rain specifically for the Events Centre location

If you need a detailed forecast for Mystery Creek check out our hourly and detailed forecasts for the Events Centre.

You can find the forecast