Rainfall Accumulation Map for NZ next 4 days

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High pressure is moving in across the country but this weekend heavy rain again returns to some western regions with totals upwards of 200mm possible.

VIDEO: Stormy weekend looks set to bring severe weather

A typical Autumn blast is on the way this weekend with the potential for severe rain warnings, wind warnings, snow alerts and marine warnings.

Up to 200mm may fall on the West Coast while eastern parts of the North Island may have highs up to 24 degrees on Saturday under sunny skies and nor’westers.

Your ANZAC day weather forecast: Ideal for most but a few coastal showers (+3 Maps)

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Updated Wednesday AM --- Most places across New Zealand will have excellent weather for ANZAC but some wet weather is in the forecast which is monitoring.

Wednesday's national forecast - A huge high moves in nationwide

Sunny weather spreads in to a number of regions today with showers lingering around the north eastern North Island - like East Cape and Gisborne. Sunniest weather inland. Warmer than average for a number of places this afternoon.

Thunderstorms, waterspouts, downpours affecting Auckland

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It's a calm yet busy weather day in Auckland today with morning waterspouts in the harbour and now significant afternoon thunderstorms and cloud build ups.

As of 1:30pm it was northern and western Auckland affected by the thunderstorms, which are producing a fair amount of thunder. The downpours are slow moving and heavy enough to cause dangerous flash and surface flooding.

VIDEO: Waterspouts in Auckland + Your ANZAC Day forecast

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This week kicks off with sunny and dry weather in many regions but Aucklanders were greeted by some dramatic looking waterspouts and funnel clouds this morning due to an offshore thunderstorm near Waiheke Island - we have a couple of photos.

Tuesday's national forecast - rain clouds fall apart, high pressure grows

A very weak low pressure centre falls apart over Auckland and the upper North Island today while high pressure grows elsewhere.

Updated: 24 hour forecast Rainfall Accumulation Map

A front is very slowly crossing the North Island today and has fractured into areas of rain, drizzle and some slow moving dry areas too. 

The rainband will slowly continue to track eastwards across Monday and the remnants will fall apart further and clear away across the next 24 to 36 hours.

It's still brushing the upper South Island too.

Cold front SLOWLY moving forward - the latest Rainfall Accumulation Map next 48 hours

Rain is moving up the country slowly...very slowly. Surrounded by high pressure the front is slow moving but isn't weakening, with localised heavier downpours over the next 48 hours.

A sunnier Sunday means a wetter Monday - the cold front may not arrive as originally forecast for some northern places today but the front will arrive overnight and drag on across Monday.

Your Official Easter Weekend Forecast - Around 24 hours of wet weather for everyone (+3 Maps)

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UPDATED SUNDAY AM: Generally speaking most places around NZ get roughly 24 hours of wet weather this long weekend, some may have steady rain others just showers and drizzle.

The rain band moving in to the North Island is slowing down and may arrive a little later (and linger a little longer) for some places.