Severe Storm to suddenly form as it reaches NZ on Thursday, then weakens (+12 Maps)

EXTENSIVE REPORT - UPDATED: A low is today forming offshore from Brisbane and is heading towards New Zealand, rapidly deepening, intensifying and reaching our shores by Thursday PM, air pressure down to 976hPa or maybe lower by early Friday morning.

Potential for Severe Storm to approach North Island this Thurs/Fri (+6 Maps)

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A deep low that can generate flooding rains, strong winds and dangerous beach conditions is in the forecast for the end of the week. 

It's still early days and the modelling may alter, but here's the latest:'s Top 10 Thank Yous for 2017

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What a long and interesting year 2017 was. The weather has sure had it's fair share of extremes across all the seasons with perhaps a very wet year followed by a very dry end being the biggest highlight. has had a humbling year with a lot of change and we wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You to those that have helped us the most in 2017:

Your official New Year's EVE forecast + midnight temperatures and 5 Maps

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FINAL UPDATE --- A front is moving into New Zealand bringing a cooler change in the south, some wet weather in the South Island and cloudy, mild and dry weather for most others.

Dangerous offshore low causing swells, rips, rain and gales (+3 Maps)

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A low located to the east of North Island has stayed almost in the same position for a few days and is today deepening and drifting a little closer to eastern regions.

Boxing Day: Some rain moving through along with a cool down for many (+4 Maps)

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A cold front is crossing the country and with it comes a temperature drop and a bit of rain. Much of the rain will be patchy and drizzly with light to moderate falls, however a few isolated spots will get heavier downpours.

Final weather video of 2017: Christmas Day & New Years Eve


Droughts are not 'declared' - so what makes a drought 'Official'?

Filed in: head forecaster Philip Duncan speaks with the Ministry for Primary Industries to make sense of it all.

Parts of New Zealand are very dry now, which is concerning many farmers and growers up and down the country with many asking us if we are going into a drought.

But what actually is a drought and who decides if we are in one?  

Fiordland drier than Alice Springs...what the heck?! (+2 Maps)

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Fiordland - one of the wettest places on earth - has had less rain that desert parts of central Australia over the past 30 days.

While New Zealand has been stuck under high pressure for much of the past month many inland, southern and eastern parts of Australia have been much wetter than average.

Weather Video: Some wet and cooler weather this week

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The week ahead sees a bit of a change in our pattern - we’re getting a southerly. It may not be the coldest or strongest but it will help drop temperatures in many areas back to where they should be for least for two or three days anyway.