Spring Equinox in NZ was at 8:02am, Saturday

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The spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere was on Saturday, for New Zealand it was at precisely 8:02am - not that you'll notice it this weekend as it's a slow process that takes another couple weeks to really show up.

Aussie's weekend heatwave to affect parts of NZ Sunday and Monday

It is going to be exceptionally hot this weekend in New South Wales, with much of New Zealand benefiting from it on Sunday and/or Monday.

Australia's weekend heat wave is being forecast to break September records, with temperatures soaring as high as 40 degrees Celsius inland and even Sydney may hit 36C.

Weather Video: Next low for NZ, plus we track major Hurricane Maria

Wednesday is one of the nicest days of the week for New Zealand ahead of the next low pressure system coming in on Thursday and Friday, mostly for the North Island but also brushing the upper half of the South Island.

Both the Spring Equinox and Daylight Saving coming this weekend

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This Saturday is the Spring Equinox. The equinox means equal day and night - so after Saturday the days will continue to get longer and the nights shorter.

Typical windy spring weather only just settling in: Outlook until October

Windy weather across New Zealand is only just getting started according to forecasters, saying just because the classic spring westerlies arrived early this year doesn't mean they will end any sooner.

The long range forecast for the start of October shows the windy weather is with us for the next few weeks at least.

Sunday's national forecast - Classic spring cold front crossing NZ today

A classic spring set up today with a cold front moving into the country from the west with warm nor'westers ahead of the front and a colder southerly change coming in behind it tonight and overnight for many areas. Monday looks cooler in most regions, especially those in the north and east.

North Island's east up to 27 degs C, Queenstown just breaking 10 degs

It's hot in the east of New Zealand this afternoon - and in a few other pockets as the mercury soars into the mid to late 20s as we head through Friday PM.

The temperatures have already exceeded the forecast highs for today which were in the low to mid 20s.

Mid Morning: Wow, parts of New Zealand are in the low to mid 20s!

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Updated 10:37am --- It's mid-morning and already eastern parts of both islands are reaching the low to mid 20s thanks to a sub-tropical northerly flow streaming across New Zealand.

Around Christchurch the temperature has already passed the 20 degree mark in some suburbs.

Weather Video: Another spring blast coming for NZ

The weather is warming up over the next two days with temperatures both at night and day lifting up from where they were yesterday and today even.

It’s all thanks to a building north west airflow across Wednesday and Thursday.

Special double weather Video: NZ's spring blast - what is coming this week?

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In Monday’s special double video we track Hurricane Irma and the spring blast currently hitting New Zealand with hail, snow, thunder and blustery winds.

The week ahead is looking milder as winds shift westerly and then more nor’west later in the week. More rain and showers are coming though - and more winds.