Aviation News: Boeing hints at killing production of iconic 747

Here at, we get a lot of comments and feedback about aviation and flying - and when news comes through from the makers of one of the world's most popular and iconic jumbo jets - the Boeing 747, we pay attention.

After years of lackluster sales, Boeing has warned it could stop producing its legendary 747 jumbo jet if orders do not pick up.

POLL RESULTS: Our forecasts are still our bread and butter

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With a review currently underway into the way weather data and observations are made public around New Zealand, we thought this week we'd ask our readers and viewers what they liked or found most useful about

We're always keen to improve what we do - and that often starts with you telling us what services you use most at or from our free app.

A weekend of wind, snow and thunder - Your Weekend Weather Video

This weekend sees plenty of westerly quarter wind, rain and snow - and a few thunderstorms.

A temperature record, Kiwi weather wars and Winnie the Pooh - Your Weather Headlines from the last 7 days

The weather never stops, and 2016's rollercoaster ride just keeps getting crazier - as this week saw some world firsts, further tragedy and some very rough conditions in some parts of New Zealand.

Let's start overseas in the USA, where 

Does this cloud look like Winnie the Pooh? (+PIC)

Winnie the Pooh appeared in the sky at a children's charity event, just like magic.

Eagle-eyed attendees of the event at Sandbanks, Dorset, in the UK, saw a cloud in the sky which looked just like the fictional bear.

The cloud, people said, looks just like the bear relaxing after eating just a bit too much honey.

Wind and snow stick around - Your Weather highlights for the next 3 days

The weekend is looking cold and windy once again - as snow sticks around and falls to lower levels across Saturday and Sunday.



Strong west to southwesterly winds ease in the evening and overnight on Friday, winds gusting to gale about many regions on the coast.

Wet, cold and windy - The Big Picture on Friday

There's plenty of rain, wind and cold conditions in the forecast on Friday - with the weekend set to bring some more!

Showers turn to rain on the western side of the North Island, before easing back to showers again in the afternoon, as strong west to northwest winds change to the southwest.

All sorts of weather coming - Thursday's Weather Video

A cold front is on the way for the end of the week and also the weekend - but the weather for the next few days can best be described as "all sorts".

Behind the cold front are some clear skies heading into next week, but beyond that it's once again a mixed bag.

Check out the rest of your weekend outlook with Philip Duncan, below.

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