Your Weekend Weather Video - Saturday wet, a Sunday change

A burst of subtropical rain and showers will kick off Friday night and Saturday, but in autumnal change across Saturday or Sunday will see sunnier weather returning.

A few showers here and there stick around though, and there may be a slight drop in temperatures to boot.

Next week a large high is rolling in, settling the weather down again in most places by Tuesday.

Papua New Guinea - Island nation starving due to drought

Thousands of Papua New Guineans remain at risk of malnutrition and disease because of the lingering effects of drought, aid groups say. It is unclear how many people have died, but a teacher in one village told the ABC five people including children lost their lives, and another said locals felt forgotten.

Heavy rain in the west - #WeatherRisks on Friday

On Friday we have a front move in from the west so we have some heavy rain potential moving in.

Rain on the West Coast of the South Island becomes heavy in the afternoon, especially north of the Glaciers, then eases later in the evening.

Is it an asteroid? A UFO? Check out this spectacular display in Auckland's skies

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Aucklander Joan Kirk, looking out over a stunning sunset last night, saw something unfamiliar in the burning orange sky.

Intrigued, Ms Kirk - who lives in Rocky Bay on Waiheke Island - emailed the Herald and asked: "What was that?"

Another subtropical weather system - Your Thursday Weather Video

More subtropical weather is on its way, as big clouds start to form over the North Island - with humidity and rainfall rising!

We may see some patches of heavy rain in northwestern areas of both islands, along with strong winds along the outer edge of the front.

Check out what the rest of your week (and weekend) has in store with Philip Duncan, below!

New study finds sea levels could rise more than predicted (+VIDEO)

Sea levels could rise nearly twice as much as previously predicted by the end of this century if carbon dioxide emissions continue unabated, an outcome that could devastate coastal communities around the globe, according to new research published Wednesday.

Another burst of sub tropical rain - Wednesday's Weather Video

High pressure dominates across New Zealand today and Thursday, but a subtropical airflow will spread down across both islands on Friday.

This airflow brings heavy rain to the north and west as the day goes on.

However by Saturday the rain will start to clear the north and west of both islands as it heads eastwards.

Australia: Unhappy with the weather? You need "Weather Vent" - the climate complaints line

People are annoyed about the weather and they like talking about it.

When Angela Garrick took out classified ads in small newspapers advertising "a professional service" for people to vent their frustrations about the weather, the response was swift.

Depressed beachgoers, underdressed travellers, house-bound elderly people and climate conspiracy theorists finally had an outlet.

Early Autumn chill? Your Main Centre outlook on Wednesday

An anticyclone sits over most of the country through the midweek - keeping New Zealand's weather largely settled and consistent.

It is looking like a cold start, though, especially for much of the inner South Island - leading to a light frost or temperatures sitting around 0 or –1C.

A fine midweek - The Big Picture on Wednesday

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On Wednesday we have a high pressure system over the South Island - while around it a southeasterly airflow sits over the North Island - though it's not very strong.

So for the North Island, we have mostly sunny weather in the east - despite the southeasterly airflow - which means there may be some cloud towards evening, with the chance of a light shower or dri