Warm for now, cold on the way - Thursday's Weather Video

We still have warm weather right now, but a cold change is on the way - with highs in the 20s for many on Thursday a result of a warm northwesterly flow.

There is a cold change coming in behind the current system on Friday, with showers and even snow and graupel to low levels as a result in parts of the South Island.

Australia: Spring storms hit Adelaide

Adelaide's streets were blanketed in white as hail rained down across the city and Hills, while heavy rain caused flash flooding in some areas.

The State Emergency Service worked into the night to respond to more than 170 callouts to storm affected homes and businesses across Adelaide.

A rain band and windy straits - #WeatherRisks on Thursday

Rain and wind are the risk factors in Thursday's weather - though neither represents a significant or grave threat.

A rain band brings heavy falls for the West Coast of the South Island both morning and evening, with dry spells in between.

More rain on the night

A rain band moves northwards along the West Coast of the South Island again, bringing some heavy rain in the morning before easing in the afternoon.

Overnight, another rain band moves in, and once again this could bring further heavy falls - though nothing the coasters haven't seen before.

Wet weather coming - Wednesday's Weather Video

The theme for many areas, especially the North Island over the next several days, is a wet one.

A cold front moves up the country on Friday bringing some rain or showers then a new low pressure system forms around northern NZ (North Island) on Sunday – some modelling shows it may even hang around for five days in the North Island area.

USA: Utah flash flood: 8 dead, 5 missing

Eight people died and five others are missing after a flash flood washed away vehicles at the Utah-Arizona border, the Hildale, Utah, fire department said.

All the victims are mothers and small children, Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Barlow said. The youngest child was about 4 years old.

Wind and rain for some - and your Main Centre forecast

There aren't too many risks around the country on Wednesday, though there is some wet weather and gusty winds in places.

A rain band moves into South Westland late on Wednesday, before moving further north overnight, taking heavy falls with it.

Wind, showers, and clouds on Wednesday - The Big Picture

An anticyclone sits to the north of New Zealand on Wednesday, and meanwhile we have a breezy northwesterly airflow lying over the country.

These winds will blow through both straits, likely strongly, with the strongest winds coming through Cook Strait.

A cold change later in the week - Tuesday's Weather Video

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There's a lot of cloud around the country at the moment, while competing weather systems vie for our skies - with varying degrees of success.

There's rain and showers on the way for the South Island, as a system comes out of the sub tropics towards the country through the middle of the week.

Another space race? China to explore 'dark side of the moon'

China has confirmed it plans to send a spacecraft to land on the moon's "dark side" before 2020, state media reports -- a mission, which, if successful, would make it the first country to do so.

The mission will be carried out by the lunar probe Chang'e-4, Zou Yongliao, a scientist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences said at a deep space exploration forum on Tuesday.