Cloudy and chilly - The Big Picture on Tuesday

A high sits to the east of New Zealand, while a northeasterly airflow lies over the country - meaning a generally settled and calm day for most.

High cloud will be present in some western regions - especially the North Island’s west.

Australia: Sydney endures 'worst storms in a decade' (+VIDEO)

Houses in Sydney's northern beaches copped a battering, as huge seas swept away the yards of multi-million dollar beachfront homes.

Up to 10-15 metres of waterfront land washed away as residents returned to their homes to assess the damage after being evacuated.

In total seven homes and a unit block were evacuated as eight metre waves battered the coast.

Floods, a drought and a waterspout - Your Week in Weather Headlines

It seems like we've been saying it every week, but that's because it's true - we've had a crazy past 7 days in the world of weather - both here at home and abroad!

Let's start in the USA, where authorities in central Texas have found two m

Europe - Another lightning strike leaves more than 70 injured (+VIDEO)

A rock music festival in Germany was halted for five hours after lightning strikes injured 71 people, and organisers urged more than 90,000 fans to seek shelter in cars and tents as another thunderstorm approached.

NEW POLL: Do you enjoy the cold frosty snaps?

With winter finally starting to exert itself around the country, we wanted to know how many of our readers were enjoying the cooler conditions - especially in areas prone to frosts!

We've started to see the year's first real snowfall and heavy frosts in the last few weeks, and we know many kiwis who love this season, and the conditions that come along with it.

New Zealand covered perfectly in high pressure

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It's an absolutely stunning Sunday across many parts of New Zealand this morning, as day two of the three day long weekend rolls around. 

Despite many regions having two solid weeks with rain or showers every day, the long weekend is proving to be one out of the hat with most areas enjoying three settled, dry, mostly sunny days.

USA - 5 Soldiers dead after Texas flooding (+VIDEO)

Five Fort Hood soldiers are dead and four are missing, the latest victims of an onslaught of flooding in Texas that shows no sign of letting up.

Your Queen's Birthday Weekend Forecast Video

A large high is rolling across New Zealand this long weekend meaning cold mornings but sunny days.

A few showers may linger around East Cape and north of Whangarei. Next week looks warmer and subtropical for a time.

USA - Geological survey shows Alaskan wildfires 'driving climate change'

The devastating rise in Alaska's wildfires is making global warming even worse than scientists expected, US government researchers said on Wednesday.

High pressure weekend - Your Weather Highlights for the next 3 days

High pressure is on the way this weekend - but before that starts to impact on our weather, we see some more frosty and cold conditions in the interior parts of the country.

The weekend itself is more settled and drier overall - with some shower activity clinging on in the northeastern North Island - but other than that,