Big change in our weather pattern - Monday's Weather Video

So far this month has been much warmer than average thanks to an almost two week stream of subtropical air.

Midway through this week though, we say goodbye to the subtropics and hello to the more typical windy westerlies we tend to get in mid to late Autumn.

Australia: Heavy rain floods SA; flooding cuts off small towns

Heavy rain has flooded a number of outback roads in South Australia's far north, with between 40 and 60 millimetres recorded in some areas over the past few days.

Large stretches of the Oodnadatta, Birdsville and Strzelecki tracks are closed to all vehicles cutting off several towns including William Creek, Oodnadatta and Innamincka.

A warm and wet start to the new week - Your Weather Highlights for the next 3 days

We start a new week with a front moving over the South Island and bringing rain - while a ridge steadies and settles things in the North Island - though there remain conditions for fog or mist to start the day in inland places.


Grey: A chance of fog in the morning Auckland through to the Central North Island.

Canada: Alberta residents praying for rain to contain massive blaze

There's a massive task for firefighters in Canada, where a catastrophic blaze has almost doubled in size.

Now the best they can hope for is rain, to help contain the flames.

CNN's Dan Simon said temperatures are expected to drop tomorrow and there is a slight chance of rain.

POLL RESULTS: Kiwis happy with warm start to May

We've seen some very unusual temperatures hang around for the start of May - with summer conditions sticking around in many places - and overnight highs in the early to mid 20s this past week!

Warm air is being funneled down from the Tropics as weather systems bring northerly winds, and high temperatures are resulting in far less snow on the country's skifields as a result.

Wildfires, hot autumn nights and rainstorms - Your Week in Weather Headlines

What a crazy weather week around the world - and here at home! 2016 has been an eventful and shocking year already - and it's certainly not slowing down.

Mild, dry and cloudy - Your Weekend Weather Video

This weekend is looking mostly dry but humid with mild and sometimes cloudy weather.

There may even be a few fog patches.

Warmer than average weather looks set to continue for another week at least.

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Canada - Alberta wildfire grows 8 times its size, 80,000 residents evacuated

When she spotted a small circle of orange flames flickering in the trees outside, Erica Decker knew she had just minutes left in the house she had always described as her dream home.

Showers, fog and sun - Your Weather Highlights for the next 3 days

We've seen some very warm nights this week, and that northerly airflow from the tropics continues to bring higher temperatures than usual for this time of year.

The frontal system which brought rain and flooding to parts of Wellington is weakening and moving north as we head into the weekend.


That now-weak front covers most of the lower North Isl

Thursday's Weather Video - Warm nights continue

Wednesday night saw some fairly rare temperatures for this time of year - with many centres remaining in the 20s overnight, as these northwest winds bring heat from the tropics to New Zealand.

A burst of rain and showers is heading in for the upper North Island, which will please many farmers in dry parts of Northland and Waikato in particular - though most of the rest of the c