POLL RESULTS: NZers noticing the longer nights, shorter days

With the Cricket World Cup kicking off this weekend, we wanted to know what our readers made of what is traditionally the hottest part of the year - several weeks after the official longest day.

Week in Weather: What's Been Making Headlines this Week

A momentous week for farmers and cricket fans - as two milestones that many have been waiting for finally arrived, one good and one bad.

Weather Video: Your weekend, the cricket, and Valentine's Day

The Cricket World Cup gets underway this weekend in Christchurch and apart from some morning drizzle or light showers possible it’s looking mainly dry.

Great for cricket fans – not great for farmers in Canterbury who need rain.

East and west - Saturday's situation & outlook

A south to southwesterly airflow will cover the country tomorrow, meaning different outlooks for the east and west of both islands.

South Island 

Christchurch looking good for the cricket

The start of the Cricket World Cup shouldn't be marred by bad weather, according to our latest rain models - though there may be a bit of early and late drizzle around and about.

Australia: Some NSW farmers cut off from drought assistance

Farmers in New South Wales say they may miss out on drought assistance and subsidies because eligibility criteria does not reflect drought areas. 

The Federal Government uses the Bureau of Meteorology's rainfall deficiency analyser to determine what areas receive assistance. 

Wind in the east - Weather risks for Friday

The risks today will all be related to wind, as a southerly wind change works its way up the South Island’s east coast this morning and into the early afternoon, winds will be gusty near the coast, blowing strongly at times.

The showers arrive - Situation & outlook for Friday

On Friday we have a weak front pushing northwards over the South Island during the day, before moving onto the lower North Island in the afternoon.
Behind this front is a cool south to southeasterly airflow, and the rest of the North Island sits under a very weak area of low pressure.

South Island

Not a drought breaker - but showers coming

There's good news and bad news for the weekend ahead - some good for farmers, but potentially bad for cricket fans...

Power outage last night 'a one-off'

Spark insists last night's network outage was a one-off, and it's all been fixed.

The upper half of the North Island in particular was hit by the outage for more than three hours.

Chief Operating Officer David Havercroft says the problem started when key network computers received a corrupted packet of information.