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More wind and showers on the way - Wednesday's Weather Video

Some parts of New Zealand have had gale force winds over the past 24 hours – and more wind and showers are crossing the country across Thursday and Friday.

By the weekend conditions do settle down a little, and many places will be drier.

Australia: Cities at 'increased risk' of flooding - new report

Australian cities are at an increased risk of experiencing flash flooding as temperatures warm, researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have found.

Conclusions published in the journal Nature Geoscience suggest peak downpours during storms are intensifying at warmer temperatures, leading to greater risk of flash flooding in urban centres.

A moving front - #WeatherRisks on Wednesday

We have the risk of some showers in the west of both islands as a front moves north off the South Island, while out east it should stay mostly dry and risk-free for most.

Front moving north, with showers to follow on Wednesday

On Wednesday the front moves off the upper South Island in the morning, and onto the lower North Island in the afternoon before slowly pushing northwards later in the day.

Fieldays & the rest of the week - Tuesday's Weather Video

Mystery Creek hosts Fieldays this week, and there is a weather system on the way to mix things up a little when the town comes to the country for another year.

There's a lot of cloud around and about for the South Island, along with some pretty strong winds - while the North Island won't see much in the way of weather until later in the week.

Australia: NSW's ski slopes 'best opening weekend in years'

Hundreds of people have packed the slopes of the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales for the first weekend of the ski season.

Bright sunshine greeted lovers of the cold white powder, with resort staff saying last week's cold snap gave them a boost in snow cover.

Richard Phillips from Perisher Resort said more than 30 centimetres of early snow had come down.

Winds from the west - #WeatherRisks on Tuesday

Wind is the key word today - and there will be plenty of it across the South Island!


Pretty much the whole island will see strong northwesterly winds through the day, especially afternoon onwards - as is often the case.

NEW POLL: What do you love most about winter?

With winter well and truly underway with a bang, we are looking at what lies ahead for the next 3 months, during our coldest season and our longest nights.

For some people, winter signifies playtime - when they can get up onto the mountains and hit the slopes after a long, dry, hot summer - while for others, it's a time for nights by the fire, mulled wine or a hearty broth.

Video: Windy Westerlies - Your week ahead...

This week kicks off warmer and windier with a north west flow increasing over both islands on Tuesday.

By Wednesday and Thursday a cooler west to south west flow moves in.

The non-stop westerlies this week means rain for the West Coast, showers for the North Island's west coast, and gusty, mainly dry, weather for eastern areas.