Dry and average - October's climate summary

Check out some highlights from NIWA's October climate summary - it was a dry month for some of the country with near average temperatures for most.

Climate change poses risk of irreversible impact: IPCC report

The following is a media release from the New Zealand Climate Change Centre, on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

NEW POLL: How are your spring allergies?

With spring comes pollen and spores - and the annual sniffing, watery eyes and allergies that they bring.

Here at, we get lots of correspondence from our readers every year about spore counts, and the prevalence of allergies during the worst times of year.

Apprent-ICE scheme for Scott Base

It's been touted as the opportunity of a lifetime for young Kiwi builders - living in Antarctica and working at Scott Base.

Antarctica New Zealand and the Certified Builders Association are calling for applicants to apply to an apprent-ICE scheme.

A mixed bag: NZ's situation and outlook

There's something for everyone in Tuesday's weather, depending on where you are in the country.

Weather Video: Guy Fawke's Week

This Wednesday is Guy Fawkes but the forecast sees a few showers, mostly in the North Island.

The good news for those celebrating is that the weather improves heading into the weekend – Friday and Saturday are looking mostly settled and mainly dry across much of New Zealand.

The week ahead is changeable with colder southerlies for some southern and eastern areas.

Australia: Severe storms and Sydney's hottest weekend of 2014

Severe thunderstorms bring a close to Sydney's equal hottest day so far this year.

Cooler start to summer tipped

The start of summer is likely to be cooler than average for parts of the North Island, while anticyclones and weak southwesterly winds could hit the west of the country.

However, Niwa's seasonal climate outlook for the next three months said the rest of the country was likely to experience normal conditions.'s November outlook

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POLL RESULTS: Spring comparisons

Last year we experienced something of a mixed bag of a spring - with unsettled weather coming in from the Tasman, made up of a mixture of fronts and highs - and if that sounds familiar, it's because we've had much of the same in 2014!