INFOGRAPHIC - Wednesday's Morning Lows

With rain and showers on the way for much of the country across the next few days (more details here) the temperatures are varied.

Much of the warmth we saw last week is now totally gone - with only Kaitaia and the northeast of the North

INFOGRAPHIC - Your Tuesday Afternoon Highs

With a good amount of rain and showers on the way for both islands of the country from Tuesday onwards, temperatures will fall along with the rain.

Higher humidity is likely though, meaning in many parts of the North Island it won't necessarily feel any cooler - in fact it may even feel warmer at times.

This is good news for dry farms around Northland in particular.

INFOGRAPHIC - Your Tuesday Morning Lows

A southerly change looks set to drop the temperature for many South Island areas considerably on Tuesday - with morning conditions quite a bit cooler than we've seen lately.

The southerly change will bring rain and showers to parts of Canterbury though, something they desperately need - so it's not all bad news.

INFOGRAPHIC - Your Monday Afternoon Highs

The start of a new week sees much more of a mixed bag of weather around the country than we saw almost all of last week.

There are some changeable winds, showers, and sunshine in different parts of both islands, and temperature-wise we're seeing a bit of a dip in some places.

Highlights of the Week - What's been making Weather News?

A warm week has come to an end - and with it, the high temperatures that dominated our weather over the past seven days. 

INFOGRAPHIC - Your Weekend Highs

The weekend looks a little cooler in some parts of New Zealand, with afternoon temperatures falling out of the late teens and early 20s range for some regions.

The east of the North Island remains the warmest part of the country - by far - though, as the weekend will see consistently high temperatures in eastern regions there.

INFOGRAPHIC - Your Friday Afternoon Temperatures

The highs keep on coming, with the recent trend of temperatures in the early to mid 20s this week continuing.

The warmest conditions are in the east of the North Island - with both Hawke's Bay and the Coromandel looking to get into the mid to late 20s through the afternoon.

INFOGRAPHIC - Your Friday AM Temperatures

The week rounds off in style (and warmth) once more, as we head into a weekend of yet further high temperatures - though it's not all sunshine around New Zealand.

There's a fair variety of weather coming your way going into the weekend, but what won't change is the consistent warmth we've seen all this week, although some mornings are a tad cooler now.

INFOGRAPHIC - Thursday PM Temperatures

This week's warmer weather continues unabated - as most regions of the country look to get into or close to the 20s.

Warmest, as usual, are northern parts of the North Island, though most parts of the country are looking at highs in at least the late teens.

INFOGRAPHIC - More of the same on Thursday

If you've enjoyed Wednesday, then the message is: get set for more of the same on Thursday - because not much is changing, conditions and temperature wise, at least.

Most places are in for a repeat of the midweek conditions and overnight/morning temperatures - with a couple of places (Dunedin, Invercargill), in for a slight fall in temperatures but certainly nothing dramatic.