Weather Video: Weekend update

We take a look over the Tasman at Brisbane, where golf ball-sized hailstones caused havoc after a supercell storm swept through the city yesterday.

Then we turn attention back home, where a cold southerly change is in the offing this weekend, but we shouldn't expect the same severity as Australia.

Week in Weather: What's Been Making Headlines this Week

It's been another absolutely jam packed weather week around the world, with Australia hogging most of the headlines in this part of the world after heatwaves, bushfire warnings and hailstorms - to name just a few of the stories coming across the Tasman.

Saturday's situation & outlook

Tomorrow is looking like a strengthening west to northwesterly airflow over the country, with showers for western regions while staying dry in the east.

Showers in the west of the North Island will stick around for most of the morning but run out of puff by the afternoon, to leave things mostly dry.

NZ Govt warned by Dr Jan Wright: 'we can do more to prepare for climate change'

There's a stern warning to the Government that it needs to urgently take a front seat in tackling climate change.

Parliamentary commissioner for the environment, Dr Jan Wright, predicts seas will rise by 30 centimetres by 2050. 

She says while it may not sound much, its impact will be very costly for landowners.

Watch as hail smashes car windshield in Brisbane (VIDEO)

A flash hail storm cracks a driver's windscreen as a severe thunderstorm causes major damage across Brisbane.

As of 9pm last night NZT the ABC was reporting 82,000 homes were without power after the thunderstorms - described by one local as being "like a cyclone" as winds snapped trees in half and lifted roofs. 

Check out this incredible footage from ABC news:

The wind eases - Friday's situation & outlook

After weeks of rough winds, we're finally looking at a calm outlook for the country, though the west to southwesterly airflow sitting over most of NZ will lower temperatures in eastern regions.

North Island

The eastern North Island will cling on to warmer temperatures for most of tomorrow though, with those further south likely to notice it more.

Australia: Fire danger eases in NSW

Rising humidity across New South Wales will accompany heating during the coming week, contributing to widespread rainfall and keeping fire danger down.

Heat and fire danger will fail to reach the peaks of the last few hot spells, falling short of severe across most of the state.

USA - Earthquake swarms - are they a sign of 'the big one'? (VIDEO)

Parts of the American Northwest are experiencing earthquake swarms - with some places recording dozens of shakes around 3.0 on the richter scale every week.

Geologists have been studying the causes and effects of such swarms, which begs the question - could the next 'big one' be just around the corner?

CNN's Dan Simon explains what they are, and what they mean.

Risks for Thursday - wind, wind, wind (and some rain)

The main threat to any picnics or outdoor activities today will be the strong westerlies blowing across the country as a result of the big weather system which simply refuses to budge this week.

Wild and wooly - Thursday's situation & outlook

As mentioned in our latest weather video, it's looking again like another day of strong winds around the country, with only the northern half of the North Island escaping with calmer conditions.

North Island