VIDEO: Special update on large low for NZ

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Yet another large low is coming in to New Zealand promising more rain into saturated areas and another burst of wind, warmth and then cold.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday basically see higher pressure dominating around New Zealand, with a few coastal showers mostly in the east of the upper North Island.

Weekend: A huge low crosses New Zealand, more pockets of rough weather

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New Zealand's second large low in a week is approaching and this one may affect more of the country with it tracking directly across central areas, unlike the sub-tropical low last week that only brushed the north.

Sunday's national forecast

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We're still in an unsettled weather pattern across the country but generally speaking there's less going on as the country slides into a west to south west airflow.

Wettest weather looks to be in the north of the North Island and east of the South Island.

"Calm as" in Northland at midnight as centre of low finally makes landfall (+4 Maps)

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12:15am -- The centre of the large low pressure system drifting in from the northern Tasman Sea has finally reached New Zealand. It's currently crossing the Far North and upper parts of Northland and brushing Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula.

A follower messaged us a short time ago "Calm as day in Northland". 

Video: Special Update on sub-tropical low heading to New Zealand

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New Zealand looks likely to have a ‘rough’ ending to the week as a developing and deepening low tracks our way. While doesn’t yet consider it to be a storm it may produce pockets of “stormy” weather, created by the squash zone between this deepening low and a big belt of high pressure currently over New Zealand.

Thick Fog across parts of the North Island again

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Updated 6:37am --- There's thick fog across parts of the North Island this morning thanks to a large high pressure system.

With fog patches around driving may be extremely hazardous at times on some North Island State Highways.

Please drive with extreme care.

Fog forecast in Upper North Island (& possibly elsewhere) overnight

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Updated 6:09pm --- has issued a Fog Advisory for the Upper North Island tonight and overnight with fog patches possible in other sheltered parts of New Zealand too:

The areas of fog are being caused by a strong high crossing the country. It's currently centred over New Zealand.

Fog cancels and delays flights at Auckland Airport, also Hamilton

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Updated 9:45am -- A large high centered over New Zealand is creating fog at our largest airport and also in Hamilton.

Foggy areas extend across a number of regions this morning but as of 9:45am the fog was lifting in Auckland and Hamilton.

With little to no wind some foggy areas inland may linger until early afternoon, but most fog patches should evaporate before noon.

Feeling SAD? Why you might have the winter blues & what the cures are

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Finding it hard to wake up in the mornings? Feeling a lack of energy? Feeling generally down? You may be suffering from SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is quite normal to experience as the nights get longer and days shorter.

Large ice sheet 'very close' to breaking away from Antarctica

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