Isolated showers - #WeatherRisks and your Main Centre outlook on Monday

The new week starts in a settled vein - with high pressure over the South Island and a calm, settled day for pretty much everyone around New Zealand.

There will be a few isolated showers here and there around Buller and northwest Nelson in the afternoon and evening - though these should clear away as quickly as they arrive.

A record breaking October - warm, sunny and dry

As with every new month, we take a look at the latest climate data from the month just gone - which for October, was dry for most and warm for the eastern South Island.

According to NIWA, October 2015 saw a strengthening of El Niño, with the current event slightly weaker than the 1997/98 El Niño (the strongest since 1950) at this stage.

NEW POLL: Have you been for a spring swim?

As we head closer to summer, and the warmth of high temperatures, kiwis start to gear up for beach season - and long hot days frolicking in our rivers and oceans.

We wanted to know how many brave souls have tested the waters already this spring - despite some chilly periods - or if we're all waiting for things to really heat up.

POLL RESULTS: Most Kiwis weaned off heating

With a return to wintr-y temperatures in parts of the country this week, some people would be within their rights to check their calendars again - yes, we are in November!

As the interior of the South Island saw late spring frosts, we wanted to know how many of our readers were still using heating - either some, all or none of the time.

VIDEO - Check out this spectacular shelf cloud rolling in to Sydney

A spectacular shelf cloud was seen slowly moving over the ocean toward Sydney's Bondi Beach, before dumping rain on the city.

"Walking towards the beach it looked to me like a huge wave coming from the back of the ocean about to swamp us all!" Hannah Murphy told CNN on Friday.

"People were running from the streets to capture the unbelievable cloud formation."

Week in Weather - What's been making headlines this week

A week that started with the country as newly crowned rugby world champions (again) also saw some New Zealanders getting off to fairly frosty starts, as spring temperatures plummetted in areas this week.

The major weather headlines were all coming from overseas though, as the Middle East and Australia both grabbed international attention following storms.

Your Weekend Weather Video

A high is rolling in this weekend, but not everyone will have sunny weather.

A low near Southland will drive in patchy rain around the South Island's south western corner on Saturday – and spreading into parts of Otago and northwards into Sunday.

It will be patchy – with driest weather in the north.

Australia: Wild spring continues with Canberra flooding

Heavy downpours have damaged homes and properties in Canberra, with at least 62 calls for help made to emergency services.

Rain hit the city hard on Thursday evening, after a severe thunderstorm warning for Canberra and much of New South Wales was issued by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Anticyclonic - The Big Picture on Friday

On Friday we have an anticyclonic weather pattern over New Zealand, which by and large means settled conditions and mainly sunny skies.

For the North Island, it's shaping up mostly sunny for pretty much everyone, along with light winds.

Another chilly start - #WeatherRisks and your Main Centre outlook on Friday

Friday is looking calm, clear and cool for most of New Zealand - with just a hint of frost around some sheltered parts of the country - but not much more than that!

It's been a bit cold to start in both the interior of the South and North Islands - though not much lower then around 1 or 2 degrees in isolated sheltered areas.