NEW POLL: Are you disappointed with the summer weather?

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With an unusual start to summer, we've seen low temperatures and very windy conditions around parts of the country, leading many to ask "what happened to summer?"

We know there are all kinds of weather lovers out there - those who hate the heat, those who love the rain, and many others - so we really want to know - how do you feel about the summer so far?

POLL RESULTS: Most kiwis avoiding the chilly water in 2017

It certainly hasn't been a traditional kiwi summer so far, with average temperatures down almost all across the country!

In this week's poll, we wanted to know how many of our readers had been for a dip yet, and how many were scared off by the 1-1.5C difference in water temperatures compared to the average New Zealand summer.

Your Week in Weather Headlines - What's been making news this week

2017's weird and wild weather continues around the world, while at home we're still shivering through a somewhat chilly summer!

We began the week with our eyes on the skies - or, more accurately, space, as a

Be careful in the water over summer - spike in drownings this season

There's a spike in the number of people dying in our rivers, with Waikato experiencing a 55 percent rise.

Water Safety New Zealand's annual figures for last year shows 81 drownings.

30 percent of those were people dying in our rivers, which is a 60 percent spike on the five year average.

EUROPE: Subzero temperatures kill dozens more

Authorities have dug out stranded residents as heavy snow blankets Eastern Europe and people struggle with travel delays, power outages and subzero temperatures.

The recent cold snap has now been blamed for at least 69 deaths, and has seen the lowest temperatures for decades in some parts.

AVIATION: And the world's most punctual airline is...

Hawaii might be famous for a laid back approach to life but when it comes to punctuality, Hawaiian Airlines has the best timekeeping in the world.

Think it's been a bit chilly at the beach this year? You're right!

Goosebumps and shivers aren't usually symptoms associated with summer.

But if you've taken a dive into fresh New Zealand waters that's probably what you've come up with.

And it's not just your imagination, government meteorologist Ben Noll confirmed that water temperatures are 1°C to 1.5°C cooler than average.

Queenstown fire burning 'out of control' near Glenorchy

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Glenorchy has been cut off by a major scrub fire burning out of control near Queenstown this morning.

The small southern settlement at the foot of Lake Wakatipu is without power and road access as a fire, which started before midnight, burns fiercely at Bobs Cove on the Glenorchy Rd.

Think the changing temperatures are bad? Try being a tuatara!

New Zealand's native dinosaur, the tuatara won't be able to mate if the country keeps breaking record temperatures.

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research yesterday confirmed 2016 was the warmest year since records began, more than a hundred years ago.

EUROPE: Heavy snow claims more lives; causes travel chaos (+PICS, VIDEO)

Freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall are making life even harder for thousands of refugees living in limbo across Europe.