POLL RESULTS: 2/3 New Zealanders need rain soon

We've had a really settled and dry couple of weeks in the most part to transition from one year to the next - and that trend is set to continue for the immediate future, at least.

Week in Weather: What's Been Making Headlines this Week

The first full week of 2015 has been a busy one - both at home and abroad, as the new year kicked off in style, weather wise.

2014 weather in review: Near average temperatures and rainfall

2014 was a year of averages, according to the newly released nationwide climate data - both for rainfall and temperatures.

The National Institute for Water and Atmospheric research has released statistics from the last 12 months, detailing rainfall, sunshine, temperature and soil moisture readings - and the findings may surprise you!


Two highs and a ridge: Saturday's situation, outlook & temperatures

Saturday is shaping up to be a nice one for most of New Zealand - with sunny conditions set to dominate the weekend.
This is thanks to those two large high pressure systems either side of the country, which will be joined tomorrow by a ridge of high pressure over Northland.

Australia: SA gears up for 'once in a generation' rainfall

The State Emergency Service (SES) is sending sandbags and swift-water rescue teams into South Australia's north where a major summer rainband is brewing.

The state could experience its heaviest rainfall in 30 years, the weather bureau has warned, as a system develops over the north and tracks south-east over the coming days.

Can farmers help address climate change?

The following is an article from the NZ Herald's Nigel Parry.

Climate change can have significant effects on farming and food production.

The boot should be on the other foot, according to Professor Steve Wratten of the Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln University. Farmers can combat climate change.

Free Auckland Civil Defence app transforming emergency warnings

A new app just by Auckland Civil Defence is helping to transform the way Aucklanders receive disaster warnings.

North Island showers: Today's weather risks

After yesterday's decent showers in the Waikato, it's looking likely to be wet again at some point - though the rainfall is looking like it will be isolated.

Squeezed between highs: Situation & outlook for Friday

Friday's situation is looking a little complicated, but it's looking like a calm and settled day nonetheless, as the systems above us will keep things pretty calm.

North Island

Southern dry bites farmers as Otago water permits under scrutiny

The Otago Regional Council has a warning for farmers irrigating on old deemed mining permits.

A number of rivers in the region have fallen near or below their minimum flows, due to the dry weather.

Deemed permits have historically not been subject to flow restrictions, but chief executive Peter Bodeker says that's no longer the case.