A big blast coming - Tuesday's Weather Video

A typical winter forecast is on the way, smack bang on time for the school holidays!

The South Island is looking to get the coldest and wettest weather to start, while the North Island stays settled for longer - but the next 24 hours are set for a big change.

There are building clouds and building winds - with some fierce, cold and showery weather coming in.

A springier feel - Your Weather Highlights for the next 3 days

It's a return to a spring or autumn-like weather pattern this week, as some weather comes in from our west - pulling in some very strong westerlies and rain for parts of the country.

Wednesday could see some gale force winds, possibly rising even to severe gale force, or "hurricane strength" at times in exposed places, while there's some wet weather affecting the South Isl

Wet in the west - The Big Picture on Tuesday

There's a mix of wet and dry on Tuesday, after some very low temperatures and chilly conditions in some parts of the country to kick the week off.

School holiday weather - Your Monday Weather Video

The school holidays are underway and the weather is, well, typical for mid July!

Over the coming week we have a mixture of wind, sun, rain and snow - and snow coming to ski fields in both islands for a time.

With no El Niño anymore the neutral pattern means there's a real variety of conditions being thrown at New Zealand right now.

Wow! Check out this way to beat the heat - Korea's massive annual waterfight (+VIDEO)

In a bid to beat the summer heat, South Koreans have taken part in a huge water gun fight in the streets of Seoul.

The fight is part of the fourth Sinchon Water Gun Festival, which kicked off on July 9.

Water fights have recently become popular summer festivities in Korea, according to local media.

A cool, dry start to the week - Your Main Centre Outlook on Monday

A big bubble of high pressure has pushed away a lot of the wet weather we've seen over the weekend - leaving a lot of sun in its wake.

The high pressure sticks around on Monday, bringing northerly winds down in the aftermath of the low pressure that's been affecting our weather recently - and bringing temperatures up a little - but not too much!

Main Centres

Enjoying 2016? It's set to be one 'leap second' longer! (+VIDEO)

We hope you're enjoying 2016 -- it's set to be just a tick longer than a normal year.

And by 'tick', we mean that literally. A single 'leap second' will be added to the world's clocks at 23:59:59 p.m. UTC on December 31, according to the U.S. Naval Observatory.

POLL RESULTS: Kiwis 50/50 on frost vs warmth!

Well, we've done a lot of these polls over many years, and this has never happened - an almost exact 50/50 split between our two answers!

With the last two weekends seeing falling temepratures and some of the years' first really heavy frosts, we wanted to know how many of our readers were happy with the change - and how many yearned for the high temperatures we'd seen almost ri

Jack frost, a Jupiter first, and a super typhoon - Your Week in Weather Headlines

Another epic weather week is coming to an end - with some up and down weather at home and some truly astronomical events around the world - and solar system!

Let's start with New Zealand's weather - after a very cold weekend last week,

High pressure moving in - Your Weekend Weather Video

High pressure is building over the South Island and will grow into the North Island across the weekend.

Expect frosts across the South Island and maybe into parts of the North Island into Sunday.

Lingering downpours will affect eastern North Island and Northland - but the should ease on Sunday.