New fault line discovery 'unlikely' to affect insurance premiums

Insurance premiums in Wellington are unlikely to change with the discovery of a new earthquake fault.

While the Aotea fault line could cause quakes up to seven on the Richter scale, the likelihood of a big shake in the capital won't change.

Insurance Council of New Zealand CEO Tim Grafton says it doesn't change anything from an insurer's point of view.

Australia: Drought spreads south; crops suffering

The weather bureau's latest drought statement confirms dry conditions that have plagued north-eastern Australia are creeping further south, reducing crop yields in grain growing regions.

JAPAN: Another 'super typhoon' on its way (+VIDEO)

A super typhoon on course to hit Japan over the weekend is as powerful as the deadly storm that ripped through the Philippines in 2013 killing thousands of people.

Calm and settled heading into the weekend

This week is looking like finishing a lot more settled than it started - as an anticyclone currently moving across the country will bring calm and sunshine for most around New Zealand.

Keep your eyes on the sky tonight - total lunar eclipse on the way

Get your binoculars and telescopes at the ready - there's a total lunar eclipse coming to a night sky near you.

Tonight's total eclipse will turn the full moon a bronzy-red colour for almost an hour and Auckland's Stardome Observatory astronomy educator David Britten says the event is not to be missed.

Iconic Wgtn sculpture hit by lightning dismantled

Wellington's Zephyrometer sculpture has been dismantled before being sent to Christchurch for repairs after it was hit by lightning in August.

The sculpture near Wellington Airport was damaged when it was hit by lightning during a storm on August 4.

Two islands, two outlooks for the 2nd half of the week

The past few days have seen some wildy fluctuating weather - from sunny and calm to wild and windy - and the end of the week is looking variable too - just not in those extremes.

The front which moved over the South Island yesterday looks like giving way to a southwesterly airflow, while right behind that is an anticyclone currently moving towards us from the Tasman Sea.

AUSTRALIA: Hot, dry winds in front of cold snap hit SA farmers

Most of South Australia was hit by strong winds yesterday, as a vigorous cold front crossed the state towards Victoria.

That's caused more problems for farmers in South Australia's Mallee, who are already dealing with frost damage and a lack of rain.

Peter Loller farms near Karoonda and says yesterday's weather will only make things worse.

Questions over Auckland power cuts (+VIDEO)

A former Vector and Transpower board chairman is questioning why better fire prevention methods were not in place at a Penrose substation after fire broke out, cutting power to swathes of Auckland.

Weather sinks boat & 400l of fuel in Tauranga

A boat holding 400 litres of diesel has sunk at Pilot Bay. 

The vessel is one of five vessels to come to grief in Tauranga Harbour due to wild weather yesterday

A mast remains sticking out of the water in Pilot Bay this morning, marking where the yacht has sunk.