Another sub-tropical low this weekend, what will it mean for NZ? (+2 Maps)

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This weekend approaching will be New Zealand's second weekend in a row with a sub-tropical threat, but like the weekend we've just had this next low may also "brush" the country with the bulk of the wind and rain out at sea again.

Still, it remains what we call "one to watch".

Warm, dry week ahead for inland NSW, then NZ

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The next week will be mostly warm and dry across inland areas of NSW, although a rain-bearing system may be on the horizon.

A near-stationary high pressure system over the Tasman Sea will prevent any significant rain from affecting western NSW between now and the middle of next week.

Low November Snow surprises southerners! (x7 maps) (+9 photos)

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Heavy snow fell overnight in the southern half of the South Island to fairly low levels, with estimates putting it as low as just 400 metres.

The heavy snow came from a cold front crossing New Zealand. While the temperature drop isn't much for northerners, it was significant for southerners that a week ago were nearly at 30 degrees C.

Weather Video: Incoming Spring blast for NZ

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The latest: Over the next 24 hours New Zealand will experience rain, wind and even some snow and thunder as an active spring front and low tracks by.

While the cold change won’t really impact the South Island it will bring snow to the ranges of the South Island and a much cooler (more normal) change for Southland and Otago after their hotter week last week.

Weather for Guy Fawkes / Fireworks tonight (x3 Maps)

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If you were hoping Guy Fawkes would be done and dusted on one night this year, think again. The forecasts show messy weather and an improvement on Monday night in many regions. This increases the chances of more celebrations being staggered across various nights.


It's that time of year where the highs are here, but the lows won't go away (x8 Maps)

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NEXT FOUR DAYS --- We've reached that point in spring where the anticyclones (highs) are draped like a chain-link-fence around our part of the world. To the north and south of this high pressure belt are lows, which occasionally push through the "chain link fence" where the highs meet/touch.

New Zealand's settled weather to last until about Thursday (+Maps)

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A trend of good weather and high temperatures will persist this week until Thursday in many parts of New Zealand thanks to a big blocking high just east of the North Island.

Hotter than average Sunday for parts of NZ and Australia (+Maps)

Sunday will be hotter than usual across many parts of New Zealand and Australia with centres in the South Island up to 10 degrees above normal. says highs in the mid 20s are possible in Central Otago with low to mid 20s possible in many other areas, especially in the south, inland and east.

Persistent warmth coming for large parts of NZ (+Maps)

New Zealand will be covered with high pressure which will basically be stationary and centred just to the east of the country for the next week ahead.

Weather highlights: 

Weather Video: Your weekend forecast & outlook to Wednesday

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A big low in the Tasman Sea is developing and drifting towards New Zealand. The low will peak in intensity on Saturday out at sea, then gradually weaken over Sunday and Monday as it moves in towards the North Island.

Rain will start on the West Coast first, then push into the North Island later into Saturday or Saturday night.