Inland afternoon downpours with isolated thunder continue next few days (+Maps)

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More heavy afternoon downpours are expected across New Zealand over the next few days, some with isolated thunderstorms - possibly severe.

Hot and humid and about to get hotter ahead of tropical low next week

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We're now in the peak of summer and for the next few weeks we can expect warm nights, hot days and high humidity at times.

High humidity in New Zealand is normal, in winter it causes foggy damp mornings but in summer when it's combined with heat it leads to muggy conditions. 

Weather Video: Afternoon deluges with isolated thunder next 5 days

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High pressure is mostly dominating the country but the humid air left over from the sub-tropical northerly earlier this week hasn’t shifted away with moisture inland leading to foggy areas overnight and afternoon cloud build ups during the day.

Afternoon inland downpours through until Sunday (+4 Maps)

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We're now approaching peak summer so it's not surprising we're now seeing regular daytime highs into the 30s. However with humidity you can add a few degrees to the "feels like" temperature during the day.

This heat plus humidity will continue to create afternoon downpours through the interior of both islands - and isolated thunderstorms too.

Tuesday Thunderstorm threat for North Island

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Hot plus humid equals a good chance for downpours and thunderstorms today across the North Island.

"Perhaps it is time to go back to one national weather agency?" - ODT Editorial

By the Otago Daily Times --- The weather seems a strange subject to get into a dispute over. Yet something is clearly not right in New Zealand’s meteorological world.

Humid with drizzle, downpours and isolated thunderstorms

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The next two days across the North Island will be especially humid, cloudy and for some people quite wet as sub-tropical air shifts back down over the island.

Across Monday areas of drizzle and light to moderate patches of rain will drift across the North Island, with heavier downpours expected on Tuesday and isolated thunderstorms here and there across the island.

!Announcement: Major upgrade to forecasts at coming very soon!

Filed in: is improving our forecasts even further by migrating to the new IBM super computer very soon for the majority of our forecasts - with updates every 15 minutes to more than 2000 forecast locations in New Zealand.

Sunday's national forecast - downpours developing

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High pressure dominates the South Island today while the sub-tropics return to northern New Zealand with late showers or downpours ahead of a wetter Monday. 

Light winds for most places today but some coastal areas may be a bit windier.

NZ Government finally looking into MetService/NIWA agency double up

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Published Thursday --- If you're a parent you know a guilty face when you see it, so NIWA's refusal to comment to the Otago Daily Times about why they compete head to head with MetService appears to suggest they know this set up is not right.