Warmer air: more lightning?

Lightning strikes in the United States will likely increase by nearly 50 per cent by the end of the century as the world gets warmer and wetter, a new study says. 

USA - More arctic weather on the way (+VIDEO)

That freeze blast last week -- it got refueled with another round of arctic air.

And it's creeping toward the Northeast and down to the Deep South, northern Texas, and the desert Southwest, the National Weather Service says.

Weather warnings: Tuesday's wind and rain

Tuesday is looking like a chance for most of the country to catch its breath after a hectic week in our weather - though there will still be a need to brace yourself in some areas.

Weather Video: More wind and rain coming

An unsettled spring week is on the way this week with more wind, rain and showers - but nothing like the stormy weather of last week or the weekend.

Generally the storms are now tracking further south of NZ - but over the next couple of weeks they will continue to clip NZ keeping the spring weather pattern alive for the rest of this month.

G20 summit: Climate change emerges as 'the big issue'

Climate change emerged as the big issue of the G20 meeting in Brisbane over the weekend.

The Government is following Barack Obama’s lead with a contribution of $3 million to the global effort.

John Key says the time is right for leaders to tackle the issue.

Wet in the north - Monday's situation & outlook

Looking at the satellite images at the moment, you can clearly see the major influence in our weather for the start of a new week - a big low pressure system sitting off the coast of the North Island.

Clean up continues after rough weekend

Power outages and severe weather have meant a change of weekend plans for many parts of the country.

Less than a month after Auckland's blackout, some eastern suburbs have been without power yet again.

18,000 homes were left without power last night.

NEW POLL: Spring winds - love them or hate them?

The wildest week of spring weather continues, with fierce winds affecting almost the whole country at some stage since last weekend.

POLL RESULTS: Allergic reactions slightly worse this spring

After a bit of a technical hitch last week, we managed to get our new poll up and running - asking about spring allergies.

Here at, we get lots of correspondence from our readers every year about spore counts, and the prevalence of allergies during the worst times of year.

Weather Video: Gales blast middle NZ

Another blast of gales is moving back in to central New Zealand for Saturday with rain moving into the North Island and falling apart and becoming patchy as it does so.

On Sunday winds start to ease and sunnier spells move in. But we’re stuck in an unsettled (changeable) weather pattern for the next week ahead too.