Australia: Queensland sizzles in near-record temperatures

Parts of Queensland have come within just a couple of degrees of breaking November heat records, with some parts of the state recording temperatures up to 10 degrees Celsius above average.

The Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Rick Threlfall said the hottest temperatures seen on Saturday were in the north-west of the state.

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With a drier than usual end to spring for many parts of the country, the problems of a long, hot, dry start to the year, coupled with cold and windy winter conditions have been exacerbated.

We now see a situation where many eastern and inland regions are at a very low soil moisture level, and a dry December will only make things worse.

As 2015 breaks records, new report says earth is 'halfway to warming limit'

Looks like Earth is already halfway to the danger zone.

Less than two weeks before a crucial global climate summit in Paris kicks off, NOAA, NASA and other global temperature monitors released data showing that the planet is halfway to two degrees of warming, the much publicized limit of "controllable" climate change.

POLL RESULTS: A cold, windy, dry spring for most

We've had a mixed bag of a spring so far, with the transition from winter to summer feeling distinctly El Niño-ish, wetter weather than normal on the west coasts, and drier conditions in the east and inland for parts of both islands.

Week in Weather - What's been making headlines this week

Another week gone, and it's been HOT - maybe not so much here in New Zealand, but in other parts of the world, temperatures have been rising steadily, causing concern - especially in Australia.

We'll start across the Tasman, where Aussie for

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A narrow 'vein of rain' will spread across the North Island on Saturday – with showers and drizzle patches to the north and south of it.

This front slides across the North Island with a few isolated heavy downpours – and clears overnight Saturday.

Australia: Sweltering Sydney set to break records

A heatwave in NSW is expected to push temperatures in Sydney to 41 degrees Celsius on Friday, with 30 national parks across the state's south being closed due to an increased fire risk.

Another windy one - #WeatherRisks on Friday

A strong northwesterly airflow currently lies over New Zealand, containing a front which moves northwards over the country during the day.


The West Coast of the South Island can expect rain with heavy falls during the day, those these then ease in the evening, as gusty northwesterly winds swing to the southwest.

Another windy spring day - The Big Picture on Friday

On Friday we have a strong northwesterly airflow over New Zealand, while a front moves over the South Island.

The front hits Southland in the morning, moving north to reach the top of the South Island by late afternoon or early evening.

More rain for the west coming Friday and Saturday

Rain is on the way for parts of the North Island in more need of moisture in the soil - with a burst of rain coming in from a low pressure system coming through.

This system kicks off a period of about 7 days of rain, showers and drizzle for the West Coast, but while that's happening eastern parts of the South Island are looking at drying out even more.