Climate change action urged by Greens; Labour

Labour and the Greens are urging the Government to take a more hands-on role in response to a major report which showed New Zealand was unprepared for a warmer climate, rising sea levels and an increase in extreme weather events.

Fog disrupts flights out of Auckland

Fog has disrupted some flights in and out of Auckland Airport today.

An airport spokesperson said one flight to Sydney had been cancelled and two arriving flights had been delayed, Radio New Zealand reported.

A handful of domestic flights had also been delayed or cancelled.

Weather Video: More dry weather for the North

A stream of high pressure systems continue to block the rain makers – despite the rain maps this coming weekend showing a low on either side of the North Island.

Dry conditions that really set in across March over some northern regions will remain in place for at least the first week or two of April.

USA - Quakes rattle LA region

A magnitude-5.1 earthquake struck the Los Angeles area Friday night, jolting nearby communities and breaking water mains in some neighborhoods.

Its epicenter was in Orange County, one mile east of La Habra and four miles north of Fullerton, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Shortly after the earthquake, nearly two dozen aftershocks followed.

NEW POLL: How's Autumn looking at your place?

With Autumn well and truly underway, we thought we'd address some of the correspondence we've been getting from readers recently about the colours around the country so far!

With steady, warm, dry weather prevailing after the drama of Cyclone Lusi a fortnight ago, many in the North Island could be fooled into thinking it's still Summer!

POLL RESULTS - A reluctant transition...

The results of our latest reader poll are in, and it seems a reasonably even split between those who are clinging to the past and those who are looking forward to Autumn.

Weather Video: Dry weather continues...

A few showers this weekend will likely brush Southland and parts of the West Coast – but for most other regions expect mostly dry, settled, weather thanks to a strong high pressure system moving over the nation and stalling somewhat over the North Island.

The forecast is positive if you’re harvesting grapes, but not positive if you need rain for your farm or garden…

Week in Weather – What’s been Making Headlines this week

It's been a busy week both in Australasia and abroad, with two major events dominating the headlines - the drought in the North Island, and the landslide tragedy in Washington State.

Drought stricken farmers urged - 'talk to your bank'

Farmers in drought stricken parts of the North are being encouraged to speak to their banks openly, and sooner rather than later – if they haven’t already.

The West of Northland was this week confirmed as a drought zone, with the Government declaring the area a medium-level adverse event, for the second year running.

Environment: Has Fukushima radiation reached New Zealand?

Scientists are to check whether New Zealand muttonbirds that spend the winter off the coast of Japan have been exposed to radiation from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant.

In a new pilot study, University of Auckland scientists will investigate whether radioactive cesium has entered the New Zealand ecosystem or food chain via the birds.