Wellington's floods - eyewitness accounts + amazing photos (6)

Updated 6:13pm -- From politicians to the public, we've had a whole series of posts to our social networking and news site today at about the Wellington region's heavy rain and flooding - so we wanted to share them with you.

Weather Video: Slips, floods and how much longer before this eases?

The front which brought all sorts of problems to Wellington this morning is sticking around for the immediate future - and it's made up of several layers, meaning there's more to come!

There could be a few isolated thunderstorms associated with that front, this afternoon and also Friday morning - with the third section of the front coming through early on Saturday.

Front moving in; winds changing tomorrow

On Thursday we have a number of weather systems in play - creating a variety of conditions around the country.

First of all, a front moves onto the lower North Island in the morning, pushing in from the Tasman Sea.
Winds ahead of the front are northerly and in behind change west to northwest.

Wednesday's Weather Video - Wet weather finally ending

We have another 48 to 72 hours to go with this low that has been pushing rain band after rain band across New Zealand for over a week.

On Friday it starts to clear the South Island and clears most North Island regions on Saturday.

The weekend sees a cooler south to south west wind flow with a large high approaching next week.

Nepal - At least 68 dead after another major earthquake (+Pics; video)

Just over two weeks after thousands died in a mammoth earthquake, Nepal got hit hard again Tuesday -- with another powerful tremor that has left dozens more dead, more than 1,000 injured and questions about what's next for the already traumatized Asian nation.

Gusts and gales - #WeatherRisks for Wednesday

For today we have a strong northwesterly airflow over the country again - leading to strong gusty conditions in both islands.

Calm between the rough tomorrow

On Wednesday we have a somewhat settled period before the next lot of weather moves through on Thursday.

Tuesday's Weather Video - thunderstorms and tornadoes

We've seen some wild weather around the country so far this week - including thunderstorms and a taranaki tornado - though it wasn't large enough to register past 0 on the measuring scale.

We're far from out of the woods with this low presure system too, as it's looking like sticking around for the next 48-72 hours for the South and North Islands respectively.

Tuesday's #WeatherRisks - Thunder, tornadoes, rain & even some sun

Right - get ready for a pretty rough ride, as several different weather systems are about to converge and interact over New Zealand - leading to some very interesting prospects.

Weather Video - Autumn winds this week

A very large low in the Southern Ocean will this week slowly churn by – driving in plenty of rain for the West Coast, some rain into our dry drought regions of the east coast, and strong to gale force nor'westers for many places – which turn to much colder southerlies later in the week.