Passing fronts and warm in the east - the South Island's Thursday outlook

Today sees the northwesterly airflow currently dominating New Zealand strengthen, though a frontal system is making progress towards the lower South Island, and will start to affect weather later this afternoon, and into the evening.

Thursday's North Island outlook - calm and collected

Heading into the first holiday weekend in what feels like forever, it's looking like Thursday is going to serve up a relatively calm and quiet lead in.

Weather Video: Labour Weekend and beyond

Labour Weekend is fast approaching and the weather looks drier rather than wetter;but it’s not perfect.

Saturday looks mostly settled under a large high pressure system but on Sunday a cold front will very slowly work its way northwards.

On Monday that front moves into the lower and western North Island. We’ll update again on Friday in more detail.

USA - A 'train of storms' heading towards the Northwest

A so-called 'train of storms' is currently lining up over the northern Pacific ocean, and is expected to hit the Northwest USA and British Columbia early next week, according to

Australia: Adelaide on target to break 100 year October record

Heat is spreading across South Australia as thunderstorms also make their way east.

A deep low pressure trough has sat over Western Australia for a few days, drawing hot northerlies ahead of it and producing severe thunderstorms. This trough is now working its way east through South Australia, taking the hottest air and storms with it.

All quiet in the south - Wednesday's SI outlook

As with much of the top half of the country, the South Island is looking at a pleasantly tame Wednesday, with the exception of some morning cloud in some places.

The east coast is looking at some early morning overcast conditions, though these should break to sunny spells in the afternoon, with easterlies on the menu later on.

Situation and outlook for the North Island on Wednesday - high pressure (and possible thunderstorms)

The upper half of New Zealand currently sits under a large ridge of high pressure - extending across the nation from way out in the Tasman sea. Due to some seasonal "upper level" cooling, there IS a risk of some afternoon showers, possible heavy downpours and even thunderstorms in some areas.

Close call for snow-trapped hunters in Otago

A surprise snow storm has caught out three hunters in inland Otago. 

The men aged in their late teens and early 20s had to be rescued from the Te Papanui Conservation block after their vehicle got stuck in snow.

Weatherman vs dog - an entertaining news bulletin

Edmonton, Canada weatherman Mike Sobel had no idea what he was in for when he brought an extremely playful mastiff mix on air to assist him with his weather report.

Unfortunately for Sobel, Ripple, an 18-month-old dog visiting from the Edmonton Humane Society, was less enthused about his weather report than most viewers.

Tuesday's clearing in the South

The weak ridge that currently lies over the South Island will continue to influence our weather through the day - meaning a pretty mixed outlook depending on where you live.

The east coast should see any morning cloud break into sunny spells, with southerlies easing into the morning. Western parts are looking pretty similar, but with light winds persisting through most of the day.