A cold, wet start - The Big Picture on Tuesday

It's a wet start for most as a low pressure system moves over the North Island, moving from west to east during the morning and afternoon.

A polar blast on the horizon - Your Monday Weather Video

It was a very busy weekend with winds close to 200km/h, snow, downpours and dramatic temperatures.

This week isn't so crazy with the first few days of the week far more settled and a bit milder.

By the the end of the week gales and rain returns with a potential short lived polar blast on Sunday and next Monday (Aug1).

USA - Country continues to swelter in deadly, record-breaking temperatures

Dangerously high temperatures will keep scorching the Northeast United States in the wake of a deadly wave of heat and humidity that has plagued the Midwest.

Think our winter is bad? Spare a thought for Kuwait - at 53C, a new record breaking temperature! (+PICS)

In the middle of winter it's an unfathomable idea for some, but temperatures in Kuwait reached 54C last week, a record for the eastern hemisphere and possibly the entire planet.

A weather station in Mitribah, an unmapped area of north-west Kuwait, recorded the temperature on Thursday, with Basra reaching 53.9C (129F).

POLL RESULTS: One third of kiwis yet to fly in 2016

Maybe it's simply an indication of how obsessed with aviation we are here at, but the results of this week's poll came as something of a shock!

A combined 47% - or nearly half - of our respondents said they either haven't flown "yet" this year or "never fly at all" - a combination we simply didn't see coming...

Heatwaves, a tornado and a new season - What's been making Weather Headlines this week

Another wild and windy week for New Zealand - as the westerly "sprinter" system (a hybrid of windy spring and winter weather) really takes over as July draws to a close.

Internationally, though, things have been just as crazy - with heatwaves in both North America and Europe - as parts of

"Sprinter" brings more winds - Your Weekend Weather Video

The season dubbed as "Sprinter" earlier this week (windy Spring plus winter) returns this weekend.

Saturday looks warm in the North Island for late July with gales moving in and showers.

Sunday is just as windy but winds turn colder SW.

Next week sees plenty more strong westerly quarter winds for NZ.

5 Solomon Islands 'swallowed by the sea'

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Rising sea levels that submerge entire islands were supposed to be a distant possibility of an apocalyptic future. But in the idyllic Pacific, that future is here.

Watch out in the west - Your Weather Highlights for the next 3 days

The winds return as we head into the weekend, blowing strongly from the westerly quarter - along with heavy rain at times to boot.

Things calm down again somewhat on Sunday, though westerlies continue to blow - making life difficult for western parts of both islands.

Rain spreading; winds strengthen - The Big Picture on Friday

Increasing cloud and rain, along with strengthening winds are the orders of the day as we head into our weekend - with a northerly airflow developing over the North Island.

Sunny and areas increase along with high cloud, spreading from the north, from Northland in the morning.