Australia: Cloud seeding experiment before major flooding investigated

The Tasmanian Opposition has urged the State Government to release a report into Hydro Tasmania's decision to conduct a cloud seeding flight in the Derwent River Catchment a day before serious flooding.

Cloud seeding is a technique used to increase rain to bolster dams and involves the addition of a substance to suitable clouds to encourage the growth of ice crystals or raindrops.

High into the weekend - Thursday's Weather Video

We've seen high pressure bring in clear skies and warm conditions for many parts of the country, while showers have persisted in others.

As we go into the weekend, some showers still cling on in parts of both islands, but the predominant weather is dry - until Saturday that is.

A mild one before the weekend - The Big Picture on Thursday

Thursday is looking fairly calm, settled and mild for most of the country - as high June temperatures continue for many areas - particularly in the east.

An anticyclone in the Tasman Sea stretches a ridge over most of the North Island, while the South Island has a northwesterly airflow.

High pressure and showers - Wednesday's Weather Video

High pressure is trying to dominate NZ this week but west to south west winds are bringing in a few light showers.

A cold front is heading north over the next 12 hours but is weakening as it does so.

Next week prepare for possible record challenging warmth across NZ as the subtropics return.

New study says '80 percent chance' future years will continue to break temperature records (+VIDEO)

It seems like every month, we keep hearing something was the hottest on record.

Cold, calm and sunny to end the week - Your Weather Highlights for the next 3 days

The week continues in similar fashion to how it began - low temperatures, wet in parts, and reasonably settled around New Zealand - for winter!



Blue: Rain on the West Coast of the South Island

White: Frosty conditions to start in the inland north and south

A quick front, brief rains - The Big Picture on Wednesday

A fast-moving front pushes northwards over the country during the day, and while there isn't too much rough weather associated with it, there will be some showers and gusty westerly winds.

For the upper North Island, there are cloudy areas and the chance of a shower, while westerlies tend southwest late in the evening and overnight.

Australia: 'Words can't describe it' - Record breaking rainfall in Western QLD

The best June rain in more than 10 years has fallen on parched ground around Longreach and Barcaldine in central-west Queensland.

Almost 60 millimetres was measured in the Longreach Airport gauge at 9:00am, which was the most rain for a single day in June since 2005.

Settled before a cold front - Your Weather Highlights for the next 3 days

The new week kicks off reasonably settled, under the influence of a large, slow moving high pressure system coming in from our west - but things change a little as the week progresses.

A cold front moves up the country on Wednesday morning, bringing some wet weather and lowering temperatures in places around the North Island in particular.


Late showers on the way - The Big Picture on Tuesday

A large high pressure system is approaching from the Tasman Sea, while a ridge stretches out over the North Island on Tuesday.

A west to northwesterly airflow lies over the South Island and the lower tip of the North Island, meaning it's looking cloudy on the west of the North Island, with the low risk of a shower or two out there.