More settled and sunny stuff - The Big Picture on Wednesday

On Wednesday we have a high centred out to the east of New Zealand, while around it a northeasterly airflow flows over the North and South Islands.

This leads to a largely settled day, while some eastern and northeastern locations (still getting quite warm in the afternoon) may not be as hot as some inland areas, due to east northeasterly breezes.

Another long weekend coming - Your Tuesday Weather Video

Some of the country is looking forward to another long weekend this coming Friday, as Waitangi Day approaches - with some weather surprises up its sleeve.

We have a large system of wet weather heading towards the country, though most of the really serious stuff should fall out to sea.

El Niño tightens its grip as hot weather set to continue in places

Above-average temperatures are set to linger for the upper half of the North Island and many other regions over the next three months, as a strong El Nino keeps its grip on the country's climate.

But farmers have breathed a sigh of relief that the ocean-driven system has so far spared the country the horror drought that was feared heading into summer.

Hot and humid - #WeatherRisks and your Main Centre outlook on Tuesday

Tuesday is heating up, as a few regions look like breaking into the high 20s, temperature-wise.

There's also the risk of a few late afternoon or evening isolated showers for inland parts of both islands, but they aren't looking too serious.

Main Centres


High over NZ - The Big Picture on Tuesday

On Tuesday a have high pressure system covers almost all of New Zealand, meaning mainly sunny weather again.

In saying this, there will be some cloud about in the morning for a few inland hills and ranges from afternoon onwards, with the chance of a late isolated shower.

Severe weather lashes Australia - One killed in QLD, homes destroyed in NSW

Severe weather fronts are lashing several regions of Australia, with a man dying after being swept away by floodwaters in Queensland and a "mini-tornado" destroying several homes in New South Wales.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said a unique set of weather patterns were responsible for the nation-wide wet weather event, not expected to be repeated anytime soon.

Another warm one - #WeatherRisks and your Main Centre outlook on Monday

Not too many weather risks around the country in what should be a relativey settled, calm sort of day in most of New Zealand.

Temperatures in places may get up into the mid and perhaps late 20s for some though - particularly in Marlborough, the western North Island, and on the West Coast.

Main Centres


PHOTOS: Check out the spectacular light show in Auckland

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We've seen plenty of action in the North Island today - with thunderstorms, rain and really impressive cloud formations capturing our Auckland readers' attention in the afternoon.

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