Thick Fog across parts of the North Island again

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Updated 6:37am --- There's thick fog across parts of the North Island this morning thanks to a large high pressure system.

With fog patches around driving may be extremely hazardous at times on some North Island State Highways.

Please drive with extreme care.

Fog forecast in Upper North Island (& possibly elsewhere) overnight

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Updated 6:09pm --- has issued a Fog Advisory for the Upper North Island tonight and overnight with fog patches possible in other sheltered parts of New Zealand too:

The areas of fog are being caused by a strong high crossing the country. It's currently centred over New Zealand.

Fog cancels and delays flights at Auckland Airport, also Hamilton

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Updated 9:45am -- A large high centered over New Zealand is creating fog at our largest airport and also in Hamilton.

Foggy areas extend across a number of regions this morning but as of 9:45am the fog was lifting in Auckland and Hamilton.

With little to no wind some foggy areas inland may linger until early afternoon, but most fog patches should evaporate before noon.

Feeling SAD? Why you might have the winter blues & what the cures are

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Finding it hard to wake up in the mornings? Feeling a lack of energy? Feeling generally down? You may be suffering from SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is quite normal to experience as the nights get longer and days shorter.

Large ice sheet 'very close' to breaking away from Antarctica

A rift in an Antarctic ice shelf will soon create one of the largest icebergs ever recorded, according to scientists.

Unreal mate! When the weather perfectly matches the coastline (+Map)

Every now and then a weather map looks, well, beautiful. Last night (Thurday) there was a cool set up to look at as the air flow around the southern and eastern coastlines of Australia and out towards New Zealand drew a stunning picture that even Navigators would be proud of.

Meteors - Your Eyewitness Reports!

Filed in: receives meteor reports from all over New Zealand and the entire globe, 24/7/365.

If you've seen something in the sky please post a comment below - and don't forget to tell us where you're from!

Cyclone Donna hurdles around Vanuatu, New Caledonia now at greater risk (+Maps)

UPDATED 9:45am Saturday NZT --- Severe Cyclone Donna remains a Category 3 tropical storm with central air pressure down to 968hPa.

Donna seems to have a bit of a groove on, bouncing north and south in a wave fashion as it snaked just north of Vanuatu yesterday to lie north west of the island nation this morning.

Tropical trouble brings travel trouble for Easter travellers Thurs & Fri

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ExCyclone Cook is about to bring heavy rain and gales to many parts of New Zealand. Even if only for a few hours there's enough energy with the system to cause problems for travellers.