WW POLL RESULTS - 57% say environment & climate low priorities

Well, our readers have spoken - and if they're representative of the wider NZ voting public, then politicians wanting the popular vote may be best served avoiding campaigning on climate and environment issues.

Watch this amazing hail storm in Russia (VIDEO)

Check out this video of an incredible and sudden cold snap on a Siberian beach!

The temperature dropped 20 degrees (from 41 to 21) in a matter of seconds, plus strong winds and hail.

Weather Video: Cooler, drier week ahead

The upper North Island will finally see the sun this week (after Monday’s fog burns off!) – with 5 days of southerlies it should mean drier, sunnier, weather for those hit hardest by the floods and gales over the upper North Island recently.

NEW POLL: Are you looking forward to spring?

Here at Weatherwatch, we've had our fair share of correspondence about the onset of "proper" winter weather over the last couple of weeks.

It seems that despite its reputation as the ugliest of all four seasons, winter has its admirers - those who enjoy hearing the rain and wind howl outside, from the safety of a warm house.

2014: Year of the "Supermoons"?

What's better than a "supermoon"? Three Supermoons!

The full moons of summer this year -- July 12, August 10 and September 9 -- will all be Supermoons, as NASA calls them.

The phenomenon happens when the moon becomes full on the same day as its perigee -- the point in the moon's orbit when it's closet to Earth.

Japan: Deadly mudslide destroys small community (+VIDEO)

Heavy rain caused by Tropical Storm Neoguri triggered this intense mudslide in Nagiso, Japan on Wednesday. The video shows a muddy waterfall violently overtaken by an onslaught of trees, mud, and debris.

The mudslide destroyed numerous homes and businesses, killing a 12-year-old boy and sending more than 200 people to shelters in the area. 

NEW POLL: Do you have a survival kit?

In the wake of some stormy weather to kick off July, which included some extended power outages in the upper North Island, we thought we'd stage a bit of a public service announcement - and remind everyone to check their emergency supplies!

So we're asking our readers - do you have a survival kit to last you and your family for at least 3 days without help?

Weather Video: Weekend weather + next week

One last burst of wind and rain from this weeks system will cross the North Island over Friday and Saturday – then finally clear.

Sunday across New Zealand looks much calmer – with warm and sunny weather returning to a number of eastern and northern areas.

Week in Weather: What's Been Making Headlines this Week

A crazy week of weather isn't over yet, although it is finally coming to an end for many in the upper North Island today.

POLL: Will climate/environmental policies affect how you vote?

Poll Closes Tonight! (Saturday) -- It's election year, as if anyone who watches the nightly news needed to be told again - and that means political jostling for the hearts and minds of kiwis of all interests.