Detailed Update: Deep low means more heavy rain, gales & snow later this week for NZ

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Just when you thought the rough weather was over Winter reminds you "we're only at the half way mark" of the season as yet another wintry blast of wind and rain heads towards New Zealand.

Weather Video: Deep low means more rough weather later this week

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An even deeper more widespread low pressure than the one New Zealand dealt with last week is coming towards the country this Thursday, Friday and Saturday with gales, heavy rain and then cold air producing snow.

How the subtropics helped make heavy snow in the North Island (+4 Maps)

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The wet weather is continuing to track northwards up the Hawke's Bay coastline and towards Gisborne - and overnight and into Saturday morning it will slip out to sea, finally easing the wet weather in the North Island's east.

Weather Video: Your weekend + 7-day outlook for NZ

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Snow and rain in the North Island continue to affect the east and Central Plateau but it should ease later in the day and into Friday night. 

Saturday looks frosty, calm, and cold in many places with the southerly and a few showers lingering around Northern Hawkes’s Bay and Gisborne but also easing. 

Wintry southerly fades by Saturday, the latest on the current weather:

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The narrow but intense band of rain that brought some flooding to Wairarapa and directly over the hills into Manawatu is now moving northwards through Northern Hawke's Bay and easing behind it.

Video: Special detailed update as NZ prepares for snow, wind, and rain

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A wintry blast is moving into the country and while it’s not a storm it is going to produce areas of severe weather, thanks to a developing low forming over the North Island and a large incoming high-pressure system heading our way for the weekend.

Cold front reaches Canterbury, Wellington tonight

Temperatures are tumbling as a southerly spreads up the South Island today. The cold front is bringing rain and then afterwards some snow showers, mostly above 200 or 300m. 

Updated FAQs: Incoming heavy snow, rain & gales for some of New Zealand

This week is a very busy week weather-wise with heavy snow, heavy rain and severe gales in the forecast for various parts of the country.

While quite a lot is happening it's worth noting the majority of populated places may not have "severe" weather - but the incoming blast of weather is likely to have significant impacts on some farmers and travellers.

Video: Snow, rain, and gales - a very busy week ahead for parts of NZ

There are a lot of misleading headlines and clickbait news stories about the incoming snow, rain and gales - so we take an indepth look at who is most at risk from severe weather, when it happens and when it clears up.

FAQ: Heavy Snow coming to both North & South Islands this week, travel likely to be affected

We're into the depths of winter now with moisture meeting the cold next week creating heavy snow in both islands - and to low levels in the South Island.