Southwesterly easing - The Big Picture on Tuesday

The gusty south to southwesterly airflow eases away during the morning on Tuesday, as a ridge of high pressure pushes in from the Tasman Sea - meaning an end to the squally, blustery and stormy conditions we saw to start the week.

Early showers clear the whole North Island before sunny areas increase while winds blow cool from the south or southw

Stormy autumn pattern moving in - Monday's Weather Video

We've had the warm, summer-like part to Autumn but now more traditional Autumn weather is moving in.

Some parts of the country can expect westerly gales and more heavy downpours - especially in the west.

A storm brews in the Southern Ocean on Friday, with central air pressure around 970hPa - meaning this week ends, and the weekend starts, on a rough note.

Video Just In: Squally downpour & thunderstorm hits West Coast, heads north

The following video is a great example of the squally nature of the downpours and thunderstorms moving up New Zealand's western coastline today and into tonight.

The below video, taken in Hokitika this morning by Andy Thompson, should give everyone around the country a great understanding of what is going on around this front (currently moving over the upper South Island and Co

Some thunder & downpours today - but still a lot of dry

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An active front is zipping up the country today and it's creating a lot of thunder, but mostly out at sea.  As the front moves northwards tonight and clears the country overnight it will see these Tasman Sea thunderstorms and downpours crossing the North Island (and clearing the upper South Island this afternoon, with heavy showers remaining on the West Coast).

Australia: Sydney air quality 'hazardous' as city cloaked in blanket of smog (+PICS)

Hazard reduction burns over the weekend have reduced air quality in the Sydney area and light westerly winds overnight will cause it to deteriorate further by Monday morning.

Rain and thunder - Your Main Centre outlook on Monday

A new week sees a rain-bringing frontal system moving over New Zealand, affecting the South Island first, and later moving north onto the North Island.

This means heavy rain and thunder will affect some in the west of both islands while the east of the country should stay relatively dry.

Main Centres


Aviation - Wow! Check out the undisputed 'king of the skies' - the world's biggest aircraft (+VIDEO)

The undisputed superstar of the skies -- the biggest airplane in the world -- is taking flight on a rare delivery mission across three continents.

POLL RESULTS: It's starting to feel a lot like autumn

This last week, we've seen a big swing in our conditions and temperatures in some parts of the country - with a strong westerly airflow pushing away a lot of humidity and high temperatures in the west of both islands.

Meanwhile, the east of the country has been experiencing the after effects of that airflow, with temperatures pushed higher in the east, both north and south.

Fire, flooding and gales - Your Week in Weather Headlines

2016 has already thrown up enough weather headlines and big news stories to keep us going for the rest of the year - and yet each week we are faced with more and more interesting, concerning and tragic climate and weather news.

Let's start in Canada, where

WHO: Air quality a 'worldwide problem'

A World Health Organisation report shows more than 80 percent of people in urban cities are breathing dirty air.

The new report says populations in low-income cities are the most impacted, but all regions in the world are affected by air quality levels currently exceeding WHO limits.