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INFOGRAPHIC - Your Weekend Highs

The weekend looks warm in the north and cool in the south - as wet weather continues in some places.

The northeast of the North Island is looking like staying very warm - with Napier and Gisborne in particular enjoying some very high temperatures across the weekend.

INFOGRAPHIC - Friday Afternoon Temperatures

Friday afternoon is warmer than most of the rest of the week overall around the country, but there's still a good spread of temperatures around New Zealand.

Most areas should get into the 20s at some point during the afternoon, with the exception of the lower South Island regions.

INFOGRAPHIC - Friday Morning's Temperatures

Things are warming up around the country as we head into the weekend - after a chillier week than we've become accustomed to!

Most of the North Island will start the day very warm indeed - hovering in the mid to late teens well before lunchtime - while in the South Island, temperatures are up too.

INFOGRAPHIC - Thursday Afternoon Highs

Thursday afternoon temperatures are rising again - with most regions of the country looking at highs in or around the 20s.

The north of the North Island is the place to be if you're a heat seeker - but other places - including Queenstown - look set to match or come close to the temperatures in the Far North too.

INFOGRAPHIC - Thursday Morning's Temperatures

Thursday morning sees temperatures around the country start off in a similar manner to the beginning of the week - that is, high in the north, lower in the south.

Most regions should get into or near double digits during the morning, with just a few areas (the dark blue on the map) staying under 10 until closer to midday.

INFOGRAPHIC - Wednesday Afternoon Highs

With much of the country seeing either rain, showers or gusty winds through the day, temperatures on the whole are set to stay relatively low - that is, compared to what we've become accustomed to recently!

Only the top half of the North Island and the west of the South Island are looking to get near or above the 20 degree mark, while the rest of the country sees a drop in temp

INFOGRAPHIC - Wednesday's Morning Lows

With rain and showers on the way for much of the country across the next few days (more details here) the temperatures are varied.

Much of the warmth we saw last week is now totally gone - with only Kaitaia and the northeast of the North

INFOGRAPHIC - Your Tuesday Afternoon Highs

With a good amount of rain and showers on the way for both islands of the country from Tuesday onwards, temperatures will fall along with the rain.

Higher humidity is likely though, meaning in many parts of the North Island it won't necessarily feel any cooler - in fact it may even feel warmer at times.

This is good news for dry farms around Northland in particular.