Weather Video: Weekend high but severe weather possible again next week

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The weekend forecast is a mostly positive one but there will be a few things to watch out for.

On Saturday showers will linger along the eastern coastline of the North Island from about southern Wairarapa to Gisborne. Further inland will be sunnier and drier with southerlies fading over the North Island.

TGIF we have a BFH!

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It's Friday and to celebrate we've ordered a nice big fat high (BFH) for the weekend! In defence of the high it's probably taller and skinnier rather than shorter and fatter but either way it's a nice big high to roll in, calm down and dry out the weather.

Next Week: Yet another burst of severe weather possible for NZ

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New Zealand is stuck in a severe weather rut and another low next week could see yet more severe weather warnings for wind, rain and snow - and once again it may be around Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.

VIDEO: Calmer start to week but potential for more severe weather this Thursday

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This week kicks off on a much quieter note but, once again, may not end that way. While we aren’t forecasting a storm this week we are suggesting the chance of more wind and rain warnings are possible as a low crosses the country on Thursday and Friday.

There is some good news before and after this event though.

NZ: Chance of more severe weather for third consecutive Thursday

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If you're tired of the rain this update may not excite you - with the risk of more heavy rain this coming Thursday, making it the third Thursday in a row to see likely severe weather conditions in parts of New Zealand.

Storm event comes to a slow end as rain finally starts to fade in Chch

FINAL UPDATE 8:20pm --- Rain is coming to a gradual end in Christchurch this evening with a mix of light falls, drizzle and developing dry areas. While some briefly heavier rain/showers may still flare up the chances of concerning rainfall is now significantly starting to drop.

Very deep low centred near Banks Peninsula, heavy rain continues further south

Updated 3pm --- The very deep centre of the low crossing New Zealand now lies just east of Christchurch with weather stations around the area showing the air pressure is incredibly low. The air pressure is down to 964hPa in eastern Banks Peninsula while Christchurch is showing 970hPa. This compares to Auckland, which is 989hPa. 

Very deep low to bring a real variety of weather

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A deep low is developing around New Zealand with gales, intense winds in some pockets and very low air pressure at the centre - but not everyone will have bad weather.

Day by day, how this next big low might impact NZ and those travelling

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The large and deep low pressure system approaching New Zealand is complicated to forecast due to so many moving parts - but we've done our best to identify what the key issues will be each day and where. With such a large low more fine tuning will be needed over the next 48 hours.


Weather Video: Big deep low pressure system to cover all of New Zealand

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“It’s a little bit messy, in fact little bit is an understatement” says head forecaster Philip Duncan as he describes the incoming deep and large low which will engulf the country over Thursday and Friday and even Saturday to some degree.