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(homepage photo: Magazine Bay Wharf, Maraetai, New Zealand. Used with permission by Twitter user Mil8Ant)


green light

23/3/2018 About 5.20am I seen a green light shoot across the sky on State highway 57 just north off Shannon NZ

White light falling from sky

White light falling from sky and then disappeared, Morristown TN about 15 minutes ago

Saw I green ball this

Saw I green ball this morning. Just after 5am. Leaving from matata to whakatane.

Bright orange fireball shot

Bright orange fireball shot across sky 3/22/2018 945pm looked to be pieces falling from it. Manchester ky.

Large Green ball

Sighted this morning at Edgecumbe Bay of Plenty. Large bright green ball -appeared to explode as it fell.

Bright green ball

At about 5.20am east of edgecumbe. Large green ball. Looked as though it exploded as it fell.

Grren light Ball , Timaru

Monday 19 march 2018 around 9.30pm near Timaru NZ I saw a bright green ball, with a tail, shooting very low in the sky in an east west direction. It was very fast and gone in a few seconds.

Green ball

Monday 19 March around 9.30 I saw a bright green ball shooting low through the sky in an east to west direction. It had a tail. Very fast. Disappeared in a few second. It was very pretty.

Red Light

Im from Palmerston North New Zealand. Its now 22:18 and about 5mins ago ive just seen this red light in the sky. At forst i thought it was just a plane but the way it was moving i knew it wouldn’t be. I watched it move for a good 5min but then it just vanished.

Christchurch 9.35pm

Christchurch 9.35pm 19/03 Bright Green ball shooting NW to W, low in the sky. Gone in two seconds. Very fast but could distinctly make out Emerald flames/vapor. A quick Google suggests the colour is keeping with meteor high in nickel/iron?

Bright light

In Maramarua approx 10.00pm saw what looked to be a shooting star that fell towards the earth and appeared to get bigger and brighter then it was gone.

Christchurch nz meteorite

Just saw a yellow/white steak due north at 2130, going east to west.

Green flash over Christchurch

Around ten minutes ago, I was sitting on my front porch looking at the stars and I saw a large green explosion in the sky, then a green streak shot down and to the left. There was no sound and the streak seemed to be shooting rather than falling

Shooting Star / Asteroid

Just saw a massive shooting star or asteroid burning up in St Albans Christchurch at 9.40pm

Light falling in sky

About 9.32pm tonight Monday I saw a bright white light travelling across the sky in a east-west direction. I am in Richmond Nelson and saw this through a window and Venetian blind.

just saw a green ball flying

just saw a green ball flying ?? meteor west of christchurch, at about 9.34 pm on 19/3/2018

Flash of green light

So awesome just saw a flash like a shooting star green ball like fire at the end shoot through sky in greymouth so cool!

White lights

I live in Texas and I was working the night shift this week of March 12-17 . I saw every night a white light go so fast and hit the ground. There was no noise and it was out in the middle of no where away from the city. This happened five times. One night it happened twice.

Fire ball

Last week I saw a fire ball fall from the sky. I think k it was a meteor because it seemed too big for a star. It was white and coming straight down. It got to about 4 feet above my head in a tree and fizzled out. It seem to burn brighter right before it went out. It was about 6 pm at a motel in Canton, Ga.

Huge bright camera-like flash in the sky

I am from Adelaide, SA, Australia. On Wednesday night the 14th of March 2018 at approx 11:40PM I was driving my car through the north eastern suburbs. Something caught my eye and as I looked up I saw a massive flash moving through the sky the same way a tennis ball moves, but if you imagine the tennis ball starting from the ground and then bouncing once, that’s the way this flash moved. It lasted about a second and there was no noise (although my windows were up). It didn’t seem to be that far away, almost as close as you would see a chem-trail jet plane in the air. The best way that I can describe the colour of the flash is the same as a professional camera’a flash. I was so freaked out because I’ve never seen anything like it before + the way the flash of light disintegrated into nothing was also very strange. I’m not gonna lie... I thought some real crazy shit was about to go down in the world... has anybody else ever witnessed anything like this ?

Strange object

I saw something again fall from the sky, like a turquoise blue meteor, in the morning sky in North Texas. The first time I was driving north into Denton, highway 35 and it appeared falling from the West to East for at least a few seconds. 2nd time I was at work driving back to the office, which is north from where I was working. I saw it for a second, AGAIN, in the morning time about 8 oclock a.m..

Meteor or space junk

I was driving north on I-35w toward Denton,Texas Thursday 15th of March at approximately 3:00 or 4:00 pm and I saw a bright white shiny something streak from the west toward the east for 3 full seconds. The leading piece of it was bright white and the body of the streak was a pretty bright sky blue. The very tail was white and it left a white contrail. It dropped below the north horizon. I thought it might be hitting Denton,Texas area, but then realized it could be much further north, even in Oklahoma. It was beautiful and very fast. Did anyone else see or hear about it?

Saw Something

I saw something earlier. It created a trace of smoke, but it moved upwards then went to the South. What is it? I'm in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Observed a fireball from Barbados, to the SE, at 6.30pm. I have an image if you are interested.

Burning object in the early morning

Was out a 3-4 hours before dawn March 14th and happened to see the end of a falling object as it burned up. Atlantic county New Jersey


I just saw something white falling from the sky. Looked like it fell straight down. Shellman Bluff Ga

Ring me f stars

I saw a perfect ⭕️ circle/ring made up of ten(10) ⭐️ stars approx 1-2a.m today. Never saw it before in my life and I am 60 years of age. No other stars where in the circle/ring and the moon

Bright light

A very bright star-like light that didn’t move so I thought it was a star like Venus and it got brighter then fizzled out - the whole episode lasted no more than 20-30 seconds. It was pretty high up overhead in the sky, maybe in a slightly southerly direction. Seen from the Tokongawa Peninsula near Marahau and the Abel Tasman National Park at the top of the South Island. Observed at about 20:25 on Sunday 11 March.

Bright circular (moon shaped)

Bright circular (moon shaped) object in high southern sky at approximately 1700 hrs, March 6, 2018. Watched through binocs for several minutes. Appeared stationary. A grayish center, through binocs. Naked eye appeared bright fluorescent. Looked away for a few minutes, when resumed looking, object gone. Bright sunny day in South eastern Pa. USA. Anybody else?

Falling star

Recently moved back to Christchurch New Zealand and have seen atleast 3 different shooting stars on different nights. The lasted was a few minutes ago looking out from my house in halswell. One I saw while on the port hills two weeks ago and another I saw last week while walking through my suburb at night. Not sure if anyone else has seen them or what but they were out in milliseconds you would have to be watching the sky at the exact time. Weird

green ball

Just saw a bright green ball come down in the sky before me. It burned out, no noise so not a firework. I was thinking this was a meteor?

Fire trail falling from high altitude

I just witnessed a fire trail in the sky heading due west with a possible impact somewhere over the everglades towards flamingo marina time visible to me was 6:37 till 6:49 pm eastern time. If anyone witnessed this please respond to this post

Sky flashing red over Albany ny, March 2, 2018

After 6 PM or later, cloudy, faint light left in sky. I walked near the window of my house & could see the outside the (snowy) yard lighting up. I though it might be an outside floodlight flickering, so I went out on my porch. (Rural area, few neighbors.) I looked to the West & could see a large area of the sky--almost reaching overhead--flashing brilliant red. This continued for about 20 seconds. My own power had been off and on all day. I wondered if, in restoring power to other areas, it could somehow result in these flashes. But I am grasping at straws here. I am 63 yrs old, sober, & have never seen anything like this before. My first thought was fuel storage tanks exploding along the Hudson river, but there was no sound of explosions. At best, I though I might have heard a low rumble.

bright flash across the sky

Out on our run this morning, about 6.20am, we saw a bright light streak downward across the sky. It had a green tail and was big compared to anything I've seen before. 6/3/2018 Napier, New Zealand


I stayed at Everett’s camping site last night stargazing then suddenly I saw a huge flash pulse of light. I stood there wondering what the heck was that. I’ve never seen such a thing like that. I wonder if it was a meteorite, there was no sound.

Fireball streaking across the sky

I woke up at 3 am this morning and saw a fireball streak across the sky. I have been googling and listening to the news to see if others have seen it, but have heard nothing. I live in Lockport , IL. About 30 miles sw of Chicago

Weird star? Something fell from the sky.

I was looking at what I thought was a star it moved an inch and just fell. Freaked me out. Heard two noices like zeerk zeek. I live in Sandpoint Idaho. Something big just fell.

Visible on I-40 west bound as

Visible on I-40 west bound as I was going to old fort from hickory NC had a long green tail similar to a fire work being shot down at earth instead of up


Saw that meteor last night on way back from Lincoln, brightest I've seen

Green light

My father and I were driving back from ethridge Tennesee around 11:30 last night. We noticed a green light flashing so persistant it looked like a search light in an air field so we didn't really think much of it.. It disappeared so we figured we just passed it or lost sight of it so we just contined to drive, but out of no where it just fell out of the sky right in front of us in a huge green ball with sparks behind it.

Sonic boom

Last night about 1030-11pm in the middle of Molesworth Station we witnessed a meteor strike earths atmosphere in a fiery display travelling in a north east direction followed 3 minutes later by a very loud sonic boom.

Last night about 1030 a

Last night about 1030 a massive something with a red to orange to bright blue tail over north loburn looking towards mount grey


Witnessed a fiery rock entering atmosphere and once the flames had gone out the rock was still visible rolling through the sky eventually disappearing over the horizon. This was seen from Hamilton at around 9:55pm on the 2nd of March.

Fiery flash seen from Kaiapoi

Late last night 10.30ish what looked like a yellow fiery ball dropped to earth leaving a bluey tail was visible from Kaiapoi looking north east so could have been out to sea.

Fiery flash seen from Kaiapoi

Yes we saw that too, we were driving towards Christchurch from Prebbleton. Best meteor ever seen.

Falling star?

Over nz tonight like a hour ago? 10:30sh nz time

Possible meteorite

Saw a flashing white light going down to north horizon when standing outside at Ophir at 10.25pm. The light took about 2 seconds to disappear Was there any other siting of this light?

Flashing white light

My wife and I saw this as well as we were sitting outside our cabin in hanmer


I think I just witnessed a meteor in Lincoln at about 22:20 Sat 03/02/2018. A greeny blue light falling from the sky and dissapeared after a yellow flash. Can anyone else confirm?

What flew over SE Pennsylvania last night?

March 1, 2018 at about 11:25 to 11:40 I thought I heard maybe rolling thunder while on my way upstairs from our basement. Then I realized is sounded more like a huge air craft. But the noise lasted and lasted until I finally when outside. From our front porch, I listened for another 5 minutes as the noise proceeded west by northwest. With the cloudy skies, I could not see a thing, so I went upstairs to bed. I could still hear this! I even opened our bedroom window and heard this massive sounding jet/rocket for another 4 minutes. I do not know what could have possibly been so loud for such a duration. Did anyone else hear this?