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Light over Livingston, ca

there is a big white light over Livingston, CA. From where I live on the north east edge of town you could spot it towards the north west and seemed to be falling and fairly fast rate heading towards the north east from my op. 

anyone got any info for me 

Around 12:40 at night  I was

Around 12:40 at night  I was Laying  On my bed since its next to a winDow then I look at the sky and then I see A blue light it wasn't dark it bright and it was  falling from the sky it didn't seem to far from my house I didn't hear no crash or anything it was amazing 

falling star

12:39am santa clara ,ca  duration of ~3 seconds south west direction. Fell very low (almost to horizon line) in the sky.

Bright flash in sky.

Myself and my daughter have just witnesses this bright yellow flash in the sky. I was expecting a huge thunder bolt or something after it, but it was eerily quiet, which was kind of unsettling. The other thing was it wasn't the usual lightning colour, sadly I only saw it as a flash reflected off a house, so didn't see what caused it in the sky.

My daughter said she also saw this on her way home from work in the early hours of today around 12.30am. But again no sound was heard, just an odd flash of colour in the sky, which made her a little scared. We live in the UK on the South Coast England.

hi yesterday 4th may 2015 at

hi yesterday 4th may 2015 at around 12.30-1.30 am I saw a light something falling from the sky it disappear within a seconds it was very fast.I saw it from india.


White ball of light falling from the sky then disappeared

Last night (can't confirm time, somewhere between 9:30 - 10:30) a sudden ball of light fell from the sky in an arc like fashion and disappeared as fast as it appeared.  I was sitting in my hot tub facing south when it appeared.  The incident was only about 2 seconds, if that.  It came from the southeast and fell towards the southwest.  There was no impact tremor, nor was there any sound associated with the incident.  This goes without saying, but if this hadn't been the case, it would have been all over the news like a rash.  I tell you I know what I saw, and it is the strangest thing I've witnessed.  I've seen meteors and falling stars, but this looked like a falling star except this was HUGE and UP CLOSE, like a very small moon or something.  Did any body else witness this?

I was driving around 9 on the

I was driving around 9 on the New Jersey Turnpike north and I saw something fell from the sky like a lightblue ball with a tail like fire... 3 or 4 seconds.. its was cool...

Ball of light

I saw exactly the same thing; came from the southeast in an arc to southwest and had a tail; it was a bright white ball. Nobody believes me because it isn't in the news at all that I can find.  It was so fast and bright, no sound and it was HUGE. I was sitting in my son's living room in Clarence Creek Rockland, Ontario in front of a huge bay window, a field across the street about 9:30 p.m. May 1;  I too have seen shooting stars and meteors, but this was so bright white and huge.


black trail of smoke with fire infront

At 8:25pm in Owen Sound, Ontario my daughter told me there was something black in the sky.  There was a bright (almost full moon) at dusk and right under where the moon was, there was a black streak of smoke and a fire ball infront of it.  It was moving slow but coming down towards earth.  It was crazy looking! Just wondering if anyone saw this.  I've searched the news and different reports and have found nothing about this.  Someone else must have seen this too! lol

orange light passing Lower Hutt NZ

Hi at approximately  7.30pm  on Saturday  2nd  May 2015 at Belmont  Western  Hills  Lower Hutt, we  saw a bright red/orange light traveling in the sky coming from the northeast and heading  south  along the HUTT river. It was a clear and calm night. Initially  thought it was a small plane as aircraft use the HUTT river as a guide.  As it flew closer we realised it was too small to be a plane and thought it must be a helicopter  but  as the object got closer there was no sound.  It was quite large and bright like on fire. Headed south east  towards Eastbourne/Wainuiomata. By the time I rushed to grab my camera it was disappearing southeast. We know it was not a plane or helicopter  as no engine  sound, travelling at high speed.. There was no tail, shape was either like a triangle or trapezium. Does anyone have ideas on what it could be.


Arc shaped cloud falling from sky.


At apporimately 8:00-9:00 pm (CST) on Sunday May 3, 2015 in the Keller Texas area. He was looking NW, approx 280 degrees, and about 5 degrees above the horizon when he saw an arc shaped cloud. He took a few pictures of it and sent it to me. I don't know how to post the picture here, but I do have it on Google+. Look for AlvieC on Google+, because I have other websites with the keyword AlvieC. Please look and help me figure this out, because it appears many saw something. I do have other photos my friend sent me, and I can get them uploaded on Google+, if there is an interest? Peace be with you.


bright light in the sky

at around 11pm, after watching the mayweather-paquiao fight, I went outside and saw this bright red/orange light with a green tail travelling in the sky coming from the west and heading to the northeast, I was wondering if this was a firecracker, but it easily disappeared and there was no sound, just wondering if it's meteor ? I live in Delta, British Columbia, Canada...

What was that? Fireball in South Africa

First time ever I've seen something like this in South Africa from our back yard...BIG RED fire glowing. Thouht it was a missile bu then suddenly it faded away.

No idea what it is

This paased from East to West to the South of Paraparaumu shortly before 22:00.

I'd attach a picture but I can't see how to do that. :(

slow moving object in Bakersfield, Ca

Im in Bakersfield, Ca and on 5/2/2015 at about 2am I went outside to smoke a cigarrette. Im looking at the stars as i always do and what I thought to be a very bright star was blinking and knew it definitely was not a plane because it kinda hovered and the blinking just wasnt consistent with a plane. I watched this object for what turned out to be about 45 min as it very slowly kinda bounced around a lil while very slowly headed nw. I watched it grow dimmer and smaller as it made its way further away im the sky. Apparently, a local man publicly announced he's also seen something similar more than once quite recently.

Orange Light

some object in sky with orange light... its moving but no tail ...


disappear after few seconds ...



Green light in sky

At about 8:30/9 pm in Boston Massachusetts I witnessed a very bright green light in the sky. It was very fast. It moved like a shooting star but it seemed too big and I've never heard of a green shooting star. Very weird and unusual I did some researching because it was that crazy I didn't know what to make of it and also in California there have been a lot of reports of people seeing a similar green light.

I just saw a large object falling from the sky

At about 21:45 May 1, 2015 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada I saw a very large object that seemed to be rapidly falling towards the earth. It had an emerald green tail of light behind it similar to a shooting star but moving far more slowly and was far much larger in size. I was observing the moon, it appeared suddenly as if out of nowhere. It was larger then anything I've ever seen and the light was extremely bright, the trail of light was very wide and the object was round in shape much darker then the light following behind it. It dissapear out of my view when it was close to the horizon. 

Large green ball with extended green tail

moving across field of vision in about 3 seconds, a bit after 9:30 pm May 1, in Norwich, Vermont, moving towards the west. No noise. Several people saw it. Seemingly low.

Green streak over New York State

Just before 9:30 outside of Rochester, New York, USA I saw a bright green streak in the eastern sky that broke up fairly quickly. First thought it was a plan going down but there was no sound. Then thought it could be a meteor or satallite breakup.

So tonight is May 1st 2015

So tonight is May 1st 2015 and I just seen what I think was a comet shooting across the sky! I live in Massachusetts. It was pretty big. And just like a ball of fire. I saw it for about 4 secs. But I didn't hear anything about a meteor shower tonight.... 


Burning object

saw a burning object falling in the sky ..bright green tail... Then just disappeared. Whatever it was , was cool to see!!

I am from Bricktown, New Jersey, U S A

green ball of light shot across sky

I was standing outside smoking a cigarette and out of no where a huge neon green ball of light shot in a semi circle shape across the sky until it fell behind the tree line. It had a white line of smoke behind it like a plane would while flying. Totally freaked me out. What was that??!!??

Probably Space Junk

I was sitting in my living room in Vermont and saw a bright coral blue light streak across the sky, almost at a direct angle. Of course I freaked out, I'd never seen a shooting star or meteor like that. After some research, I have concluded that it was something traveling at a very high speed. It was solid, so I figure it had not, or will not burn up. I guess it was solid with what looked like a skin of blue fire plummeting towards Earth. It was headed west from my area.

NY siting

Driving north on route 87 and saw a huge ball of light with a green tail traveling through the sky, thundering toward Earth. it was gone in a flash, totaling evaporating before our eyes. 

Route 87, Ramapo NJ


Hi  I think we must have seen the same thing.  One of the first things I thought after I saw it was " I wonder if anyone else saw that.'   Pretty spectaclular!






i saw a green ball with a orangish white tale at apprx. 21:32 in Northern New Jersey in the north/west sky traveling west.  This is the first time I've seen one of these, so I got On the computer to try to find out what it was. I'd say it definately was a fire ball

3 orange lights in sky above Auckland last night!

Three bright orange lights, in a perfect triangle formation, moved across sky from south to north, over North Shore, Auckland last night visible for a few seconds, one disappeared, then another, leaving one glowing brightly as it moved northward and then suddenly faded and was no longer visible. Not meteor like at all, very bright and starlike.

Just saw what i believe to be

Just saw what i believe to be a meteorite heading west from napier. Had a greenish tail

meteorite greenish tail

just saw similar thing over Ingleside Ontario Canada

Was driving to work in Nelson

Was driving to work in Nelson and  saw a large bright white light with an orange sparking tail moving across the sky it broke into two and continued down I was looking south of nelson at 6:40am

was outside doing some

was outside doing some Astrotography and seen something pretty big and bright shoot across the sky very quickly. 8.30PM, Stratford, NZ looking south


Me and my girlfriend were stargazing and saw what looked like a sparkler flying through the air there was sparks fying off it then it disapeared as if it had gone out, what ever it was it looked cool glad I caught it.


aprox 12:35 am

Space object

Omaha nebr April 30 approx 10:30 pm saw redesh white object travling from south to north look like the thing was under some kind of human or alien crontrol  stopped for about 2 seconds and this white silver kind of look like sparkler exspolsion came out of this very distance object then it move and stoped right above the planet Venus where I whached for about 30 minutes then I went inside truly bezare



shooting star?

Around 2:18am, Rolleston, NZ. Saw a shooting star (unless it was something else, I've never seen one before.)

we saw a comet.

While we were gazing at the skies and stars,by 1:30 am,we saw a bright yellow light moving faster than a plane or a jet, so, we presume its a comet. While we were gazing at it, it disappeared into a straight line with no trace left. The time duration was about 30 seconds, it was shaped like a arrowish-bracket.

We later on did some research on what we saw, and it resembled the image of a comet. 

Moving objects Over Gravesend in Kent UK

I always look to the stars and tonight at around 2.45-3am I saw a light moving fast N.W. at an extremely high altitude then around half an hour later out of the corner of my eye again moving fast S.W. this time a white/silver ball zoomed across the sky and finally around 4am same as first object N.W. very high in the atmosphere travelling at speed. These were not planes.!

Moving objects

I always look to the stars and tonight at around 2.45-3am I saw a light moving fast N.W. at an extremely high altitude then around half an hour later out of the corner of my eye again moving fast S.W. this time a white/silver ball zoomed across the sky and finally around 4am same as first object N.W. very high in the atmosphere travelling at speed. These were not planes.!

object orb moving through sky last night


27/4/2015. orbject orb moving through the sky at approximitly 0.100 hours/ english time.

"i was gazng up at the sky while sat smoking on my front doorstep, while looking directly at the moon facing west of the country i noticed a small glowing object in my left eye,i immiediatley followed this object moving across the sky although it was very small i could easily distinguish that it was not a star it went on for approximatley 3-5 minutes then disapated to where i could no longer see, it was travelling south to north, i was quite happy after i watched it im hoping someone else seen it to verify this, i allways look out for these things and im an avid star gazer so to speak, some would say i look at the sky alot hopefully someone seen it too".

  or maybe someone would like to give an explanation to what it could have been. there was no lights on this object and it was star like in shape but travelling fast....if there was no meteors recorded on monday night i would love to find out what it was..

unknown object

Hi, I think it could be a satellite.

i saw It too

i was down giving my pets milk, suddenly i saw a star as bright as hell (yellow colour) moving so fast . I followed it ..but lost it later on. This is Rajat from India and this happened around 11:23 PM (24 april 2015)

hear some strange boom sound last number night

Hey!! Farid here from Karachi (Pakistan). Last night me & my few Frnd (they r from different locations of the city) heared some strange boom sound (like explosion or blast), the sound repeat 6-7 time continuously. But there is no news of bomb blast or something els. I damn sure sounds coming from the sky

brightest star ever saw

From Grand Rapids, MI, USA

This star was as bright as the moon and with a very distinctive shine that fit the actual shape of what is considered a star! And it seemed to have a very faint frame around it that appeared to look like a diamond?!

meteor sighting?

christiansburg VA @ 12:08am. I have never seen anything like it before. I was smoking and seen what for a moment saw what I feared may have been a missle or large astroid but never heard a noise. Anyway, it made my day and gave me a good scare at the same time. I have never seen a meteor come straight down like that before.

At first glance I thought it

At first glance I thought it was an airplanes lights shining straight at me because it got so bright so fast and then 2 seconds later it turned an orange redish color and on its way down in an arc like path it disappeared. Very cool to see but just wondered what it was...

Bright blue ball

Bright ball ball of light streaked across northern sky then arched and died out. Time was 10:45p.m. I live in Ukiah,ca.

Large orange ball flying over

Large orange ball flying over Milton, Otago heading towards Southland.

orange orb

I saw the same orange light in Oamaru, North Otago heading west to east at about 7:15 26/04/2015. There was no sound coming from this light. i got a video of it on my phone however quality is not that good.

Houston texas 12:15am saw a

Houston texas 12:15am saw a orange/green light fall down very quickly then dissapeared, happened in a matter of 1/2 seconds 

Galveston, TX

A customer came in and said something was falling towards earth like a meteor. We are in Galveston, TX and she said she saw it in broad daylight. She said it was not fireworks and I have not been able to find anything in the media about it.