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Burning Object

20.00hrs - We observed what looked like a large burning fireball moving quickly south, south/east past Ruakaka Beach, Northland. It was visible for 15 to 20 seconds before it reduced in size and then disappeared.

June 23 2018

We just watched something fall from the sky in clear view. South East towards Arkansas United States. I live in the bottom of the Bootheel of Missouri. Does anyone else know what we saw?


18 June 2018 approx 9:30pm Large green blue comet like flash with a red tail travelled across the southern western skies, Kowhitirangi Hokitika. Amazing! It was much larger than a normal shooting star or typical space junk. I will remember it forever! It was a crystal clear night and unmistakably big and beautiful.

Meteor Sighting?

Saw a large meteor like object streak slowly through the sky west of Sonoma CA. just at sunset about 8:50 PM tonight June 18. Does anyone know what it was or see it?


18/6/2018 around 7:30pm I saw a large metroite/spacejunk with a large tail, headed west from Haast. Around 5-6 minutes later I heard a boom similar to a far away clap of thunder, but the sky was clear.

~2130 20180618

Bright fireball meteor passed almost directly overhead around 2130 last night. Unfortunately it was very very cloudy so we only got a glimpse of it through a small gap but the clouds were lit up for a few seconds. Tekapo, NZ

Just saw two bright blue

Just saw two bright blue flashes in the sky with a small tail, followed a minute later by a sonic boom that shook the house, it was heading over mount Roy near Wanaka

Something green tail light comming to earth

Now i am in gotar,rajoun banka bihar,india.i daw a green tailed light looks like cricket ball,shape and size was same.and it was comming to earth.near about 2000 kms from sea level. It must be a UFO or asteroid. Hope it will come in news at morning.

Large object in S/SE sky

While sitting on my back patio late last night, about 1 am Central time (I am in NW Louisiana), I looked to my right and saw what I thought must be a planet...we are avid night time sky watchers with are backyard telescope...I knew it wasn't Jupiter, as Jupiter had been in that same general area hours before. I just thought it must be are nother planet, and looked up there again, are not Herndon now it looked like just another star. So I walked over to the edge of my patio to get arenothwrndnothwr look, and it was even tinier, then it was just GONE. I couldn't believe my eyes....I had JUST seen what I thought was a HUGE, BRIGHT planet get smaller and smaller, then disappear altogether. Just curious if anyone else happened to catch this?

Small meteor?

Just watching the sunrise in Marlborough Sounds 7:45am and saw what appears to be a small meteor/object start burning up while falling towards the earth then disappear. Trail and direction did not appear to be that of a plane. Interested to hear if this was anything specific.

Fast moving bright light

Just seen a bright ball of light descending quickly over Taupo lake New Zealand from Turangi township at 11:45pm NZ time. Approximately at 38°59′24″ S 175°47′57″ E.

Passing light above my house

My mom and me see light just like a rocket but not actually rocket,at around 11:00 pm ,I never seen before like that, my mom said that it seams dragon.

May 30 7:45 PM Oxford, MS. My

May 30 7:45 PM Oxford, MS. My wife and I were driving home, saw a large ball of white light falling fast from a mostly clear sky. It disappeared in a lower cloud formation and didn't re-appear below clouds. Total time of visual was maybe 1 second.

Space Invaders

What did I witness in the sky at 2:50 a.m. on June 2, 2018 in Clarksville Tennessee? I thought it was a star, but then it started jumping around really fast then it separated into 2.. Then here come blue lines and red lines almost coming from it then it looked like it was chasing the star like object. Then I saw what appeared to be a spaceship a little further to the left. I got it all on video

Fast moving orange objects in night sky - NZ

Approx 7.20pm in Mid Canterbury New Zealand 30 May 2018 saw three bright orange objects coming from the North and heading across the sky South then veering to the West and disappearing. Moving too fast to be satelight or plane. Did anyone else see them?? Have video.

I saw something similar in

I saw something similar in west canada on new years eve. I giant organe light fly across the sky for 15 seconds or so than vanish. Than a second one appears on the same path and does the same thing. Wonder whats been going on in our sky. Seen a few white lights do the same.

green falling object

went to let my dogs out on may 28/29 "around midnight|" in Saskatchewan canada, and seen a green ball of light fall from the sky. pretty cool and weird.

that was no meteor

I live in kenya (Africa) and to be frank with you, weird sightings in the sky are usually seen in the U.S.A or some parts of Europe but rarely in on the 28th of may at exactly 6:23 pm i just got of work, got into my Mustang qnd headed of to my fav local, after downing to beers i decided to get out of the bar and go home. before i got into the car, i decided to take a piss behind some bushes and thats when it happened, i saw what looked like something burning like a shooting star but the weird thing is that the airspace this thing was flying in is where you could fly a helicopter so it wasn't that far into the sky and just so u know this thing kind of burst into flames then it disappeared in thin air... i just got into my car and told mself maybe its the booz but i dont think i imagined all that man..naah man that was real

Something weird in the sky

Saw something in the sky 26 may just before the sun went down. Had the appearance of a meteor but the sky wasn't very dark and it moved very slowly.

Red light

I saw a red dot falling fast from the sky at 10:25 and I would want to know what it is

WHITE light. Odd video

I was upstate newyork traveling for work. And i noticed out of my passenger window a white light You must watch and try to spot the light seemly following in the sky along the highway with a star like distance. Then turn red and shoot off to then disappear. Idk what i saw but the video does'nt do what i saw any justice...

Monday 20th between 5:45am and 6am

I was driving from Cambridge to Tauranga, a couple of minutes out of Hinuera, it was still pitch black still, saw two bright green meteoroids streaking down at 45 degrees.

Strange activity in Tauranga sky

At 4:00am I woke up from bright lights in the sky without any thunder. I fell asleep again. But when I woke up at 6:05 the light flashes were still showing up within half a minute in only two parts of the sky in the South-West. Now and then something resembling thunder was heard, but it lasted a lot longer than normal thunder and the sound did not build up. This lasted till about 6:20am A few minutes later wind started blowing and after another few minutes this wind suddenly became very strong and some rain fell at the same time. Everything went normal again around 6:40am. This is not a normal natural activity.

Green fire ball

Green fireball looking thing coming down on a 45 degree angle with a slight blue tinge seen near Temuka newzeland 3 witnesses at 9pm

Green light sited in sky

Green light seen shooting across the sky just before 9pm, Okuku New Zealand . Saturday night.

Blue green burning light

I saw a blue-green burning light fall out of the sky at 9pm in the Malvern hills near Coalgate.


Omg I saw green light with a tail either good drugs or comet wow man

Green Light Shoots Across the Sky

I think it was about 8pm. Outside finishing up yard work when my fiancé said to look up at the green light. It zoomed across the sky then disappeared. It was headed North. Never seen something like that before. There was also a plane flying west towards Chicago. The plane was a lot slower than that green light. We are not alone...


What appeared to be a comet, this morning in Mokau, Northland New Zealand at around 6:10am what appeared to be a comet travelling in a north direction, which stayed in the sky for around 7-10 mins before i lost sight visual of it. Can anyone please confirm this.

Green light

May 16,2018 Around 9:00pm in South Haven, Michigan I saw what appeared to be a shooting star but crossed the sky at a slower speed and didn't have the usual long tail. It had a green half circle that was quite large which was in the front of the streaking object. Behind this half circle of green was a very short tail of white light. It made its way across the eastern sky shooting north and then disappeared

Green light

Live in texas Odessa. 11:30 saw it flying south west it look like it blew up kind of and took off faster

Green light

May 16, 2018 around 9pm in Mishawaka, Indiana, seen a green light circular shooting across the easter sky appeared to be a shooting star but moves slower like a firework, it was very low in the sky, appeared to be very close to me almost above me, was on the phone with my sister in law and at the same time we reacted the same OMG you won't believe what I just saw, she seen the same thing and it appeared to be right above her as well, very strange as I've seen shooting stars but never in my 44 years have I seen a green circular shape, quite large shooting across the sky slowly and then just dissapear, nor did my sister in law.

Huge flash like star exploding

I’m in the northwest of England and about 5 minutes ago (2259), I saw what looked like a star exploding. It increased in size and redness in colour and grew to the size of a pea and then slowly died down again. It lasted for 7 seconds max, and was obviously very far away. It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen in the sky.

Bright LIghts

I live in Pahi, Northland, and saw massive bright flashes over the Tinopai Peninsular looking over the Kaipara Harbour to the West. I saw these last night at around midnight and watched in awe for about 15minutes. I couldn't hear anything but they were huge light explosions in about 5 different areas. I did also see a shooting star in a different part of the sky but not sure if related. Waling back from a friends place I saw them again tonight at around 11pm. I got home to look out over the Kaipara to see another light show for around 15 minutes. It is still happening now an hour later but to a lesser degree. I had to Google it. I coudln't sleep not knowing what they are. So it seems to be happening in USA also. The guy explaining the phenomenum said there were also reports of the harbour disappearing. That was weird as I made a comment to a friend earlier today about how I had not noticed the harbour receeding as much as it did today. I will certainly check how low it goes out tomorrow and will check for more lights flashing in the sky. It is like something I have never seen before. It wasn't just a few flashes it was about 3-6 then nothing for a few minutes then more again. Some brighter than others, mostly white but some more golden. Fascinating!

Bright Flashes

I saw these bright flashes last night at around midnight. I stood on my lawn for at least 15 minutes watching them in awe. I couldn't hear thunder but it looked like lightening coming from about 5 different positions all in the West. I live in Pahi and was looking over the Kaipara at the Tinopai peninsular. Some were brighter than others. Well they are happening again tonight, just as dramatic. My cellphone doesn't capture them sadly. Again no noize but hugely bright flashes lighting up the clouds like massive explosions. I did see a meteor or falling star but only the one and it was not in the same area as the flashes. These were much much brighter than a meteor. I had to Google it. It seems it is happening in USA also. Now this is weird because the American guy explaining the phenomenum in USA said there were reports of the water disappearing in the harbour and there may be a link. Well I did make a comment to a friend this afternoon to say I hadn't noticed the tide receed so much in the harbour as it did today. Perhaps there is a link.I will be checking the low tide again tomorrow to compare. Is it weather storms or meteors or something else? I find it fascinating and was so lucky to see it both nights. I will look again tomorrow. Very intriguing and I would love to know what causes these.


May 14 at around 4:35am in Albany, Oregon I saw a bright white light with a green aura falling towards the ground. The light went out a good ways from the roofs of homes and businesses...crazy thing is that I dont know why I decided to look out my window at that time...and its my birthday. hmmm, shall I make a wish?

Falling object

Driving from invercargill to Riverton seen something in the sky falling Monday 14th may, over by mountains had a trail behind it, was about 5:45pm lasted about 5 to 10 minuites.. We thought it might of been a falling star or a comet, it burned out prity fast. Did anyone else see it?

May 12/13 - Star 'flash'

Perhaps about 1 AM May 13th eastern hemisphere from Fraser Valley BC Canada - it looked like a star went supernova - I was star gazing and a pin point of a star swelled for an instant and the disappeared altogether - it was fascinating - but am hearing no reports at all. Any insights... ? Was like a once in a lifetime experience!

No idea what we saw

This was just a little after 9PM EST on 12 May, we were looking at Polaris when we noticed an object with similar luminance falling toward the horizon. The path was nearly straight down from Polaris, as the object neared the horizon it lit up to a bright white/yellow, then return to its dim state a second later. I've never seen anything like it. It was a very gradual descent, I'm hoping somebody else saw it.

Red light

I saw a red light flash through the sky, like a comet. It was at 8:43 PST in Arizona and I would like to know what it is.

Orange light

Just saw a strange orange light that seemed to almost hover then fly northish, this was in the western sky. I'm in Oklahoma and would like to know what that was. Saw it around 9:30 Central Time Zone


saw What I think was a meteor at 6.30pm in Wellington. Looking out of window at stars with my daughter and short downward flash, looked but like a firework at first.


Just saw a large flash fall downward towards Howards Drive while we were driving on Frankton-Ladies Mile Highway (H6) towards Queenstown. Around 00:56am on May-9, 2018. Definitely larger than a shooting star, and very low, short blast which lasted for 5 seconds.

Weird light

9.05pm 7/5/18 red/orange object semi circled south east of Christchurch before disappearing from view. Very fast and in view for about 6 seconds. Anybody else see it? Appeared to fast for a drone and definitely not a plane. Towards the Port Hills and reasonably high


Saw a large flash fall briefly downward towards Lower Hutt/Wellington area. Around 6.30pm this evening. Larger than a shooting star, but very short blast and disappeared, at the time we were driving home and saw it right in front of us even with our headlights on. We were in Judgeford.


meteor greenish came down thought it was firework at first then i thought its still coming down maybe its an invasion then it exploded and i was like ww3 and then i found this site and boom ya over reacted

Meteor maybe

I was driving north on us 23 between Oscoda and green bush Michigan and to the left in the sky I saw a greenish looking ball shooting towards the ground with like a tail coming off it like it was on fire not sure where it landed but it was freaky to watch.

Green object

On Sunday night early Monday 4/30/18 I too saw a large, low to the ground, big and green light with a tail, blazing down across sky, towards the ground. It was around 1:20 am. I was driving north on telegraph in Waterford Mi almost to Elizabeth Lake Rd. No one believes me and it is frustrating.

Object passing the moon

On April 28 at approximately 11:45p.m. I was looking at the moon through my telescope and noticed and object pass the southern Hemisphere of the moon traveling from west to east from my viewpoint in southern Michigan. Anyone have any idea what this was?

meteor sighting

Approx 1.25am Monday 23 April I was on my way home from work in Carterton Wairarapa when a huge green light out to the west was streaking through the sky. Looked like it was in the paddock right next to me.