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glen innes

i was walking home from work just now. I live in east side of auckland central. Just saw a lime green trail going downwards. Unfortunately no one else that was with me saw it.

meteor fireball

came from mars direction to moon, looked like a orange falling star then as entered earth it had a long tail with 8+smaller balls behind it, lasted about 12-15 seconds, went from orange to green to blue & the fireball went yellow to white as it burnt out and fragments fell 100km away at low ground level, 1:35 am 27/5/2016 friday south of Adelaide

Dunedin NZ 4:25am

Im in North East Valley and just parked my truck up and got out facing east then the sky lit up above me, I looked upwards and a big lime green coloured ball with a lime green trail behind it flew over me and disappeared seemingly over the harbour.


Aside from the colour which glowed very brightly it looked very close, it was big.

I found this site re google "  bright lime green light in sky Dunedin "

Strange surfing light?

Hi all,


I am from Southland NZ, Bluff in paticular..

it was 10:30ishPM when all of a sudden my flatmate text me telling me to hurry upstairs to their room to look out the window at this strange light to gather a 2nd opinion on his amazing sight he had, by chance, just gazed upon before he was going to sleep and closing the curtains..

I can absolutely confirm he is not crazy and that what were both witnessing was a strange orange/white flashing/glimmering light rising straight up into the dark sky, pausing.. then climbing higher on a slight diagonal approach to the NW, then doing several circle motions (loop de-loops) and then zig zag bird-like motions before completely b-lining directly NW again until we lost sight of it amongst the clouds..

We waited to see if the clouds would clear to see if we could find this anomaly again but sadly the classic Southland weather did it's thing and decided to stick around so that we could not further follow this strange and freaky occurence..

Was just posting on here hoping someone else had seen this light too, probably unlikely. But hey, my flatmate wasn't crazy and it defientely had us glued to the night sky for a good 30 mins..




Me and my family saw 2

Me and my family saw 2 strange looking lights up in the sky they were still for like 20 mins and then slowly moved further and further away. They were thin shaped lights that changed colours from like red blue white yellow green. We're in the capital of New Zealand 

Forgot to add in that the

Forgot to add in that the light was long, kind of like a tail off of a bigger white light. I really wonder what they were?... A night to remember 


Big, bright fireball speeding from south to north over the Manawatu, New Zealand this evening around 7.30pm. Anybody else see this?

7.15p.m Kenya, in the east

In Kenya 7.15p.m. Have observed a bright star on the east that changes to red and makes other formations. Amazing!

white night rainbow

Wow! I have never seen that before. A white night rainbow. Awesome! In the western sky by Mt. Egmont. A brilliant misty moonlit night. Is this very common? 

meteor or similar

Travelling from Hawera to New Plymouth tonight, 25th May 2016, and at 6.43pm, sighted a distinct bright light shooting down towards the ground from East to West on approx. 45 degree angle. It seemed very close. We were just south of Stratford. Did anyone else see this? 


starnge cloud formations and UFO's in craigieburn paddock/sky

22nd may 2016 early sunday morn, 2.00am,  full moon in sky, sky was completely clear, as we were outside, then a cloud formation appeared in the sky which looked to be near the moon, then 6 circles appeared in the cloud sort of in a curve, then within mins the whole formation and cloud vanished. This is  definately NOT a weather formation.

then 2 saturdays ago, along a side road in Craigieburn, Melbourne Vic, late at night, while driving home, i saw 2 cars up ahead pulled over, people outside their cars with their phones videoing 2 LARGE glowing orange objects/lights  hovering in a paddock, I stepped out of the car, in a few seconds they just shot straight up into the sky in different directions-NOT man made craft- I didnt get the other peoples info as we were completely stunned, why is the government not telling the public about what they know- so many sightings now across the world. 

Meteor or UFO!?

I live in Toronto, Ontario and at 10:23pm i seen a bright orange ball of light coming down from the sky and as it was coming down it suddenly makes a circle then goes back up in the sky and then comes down almost disapppearing...

What could this be?

Ball of fire over ontario

hi, I saw the orange flaming ball also, I live in Oshawa. It travelled very slowly in a southerly direction. It seemed to almost stop, it than travelled south east and disappeared. I can't find any other info on it. We did get some video.

Green shooting star

Last night, approx 10.25pm (Monday 23 May 2016) I saw a bright green shooting star what appeared, south to north, in the northwestern sky. It was like nothing I've even seen before. It reminded me of the comet shower in that old '80s TV series 'The Triffids'. However I still have my sight this morning :). Did anyone else see this? I'm in Greenmeadows, Napier, new Zealand. From my perspective, it was above Anderson park. Thanks, Kelly.

Hi There, I saw the exact

Hi There,

I saw the exact same thing in Melbourne!! I saw it while facing North but it went in the East to West direction. Im so glad someone else has seen it! Im still stunned. Was beautiful.

Green shooting star

Hi Kelly I'm based in South africa Johanesburg and on my way home at 11pm there about I spot the same shooting star in the Constantia Kloof area ... I'm still in awe!




Monday night 23rd May 2016

At about 10.23pm I just happned to see the meteor going over Taupo, east to west with a bright white body followed by traces of red & purple/cerese colours. The first time I've ever seen such a sight, gave me goose bumps!


Looking NNE at 6pm Sunday 22nd May 2016 30KM South West of Sydney Australia. I saw a large orange/white object presuming a Meteor with bright white sparks coming from the tail travelling fast in a South West to North East direction towards Sydney and appeared very low in the sky, low enough to make out the ball of fire extinguising as it fell. Unreal! 

A glowing object fell down from the sky with long tail

I am from Auckland, New Zealand. It was around 10 pm, I was facing south, and I saw a blazing object fell from west to east. It was so bright that seems way brighter than any meteors I've ever seen, with an extremly long tail, and felt quite near. At the begining I thought it was a firework, but firework wouldn't have such a straight trace. I really wonder what that is.

Object from last night

I to so a bright shooting light in the sky over the city 

23/05 approx. 10:20-10:25pm Auckland

From the city looking south toward the motorway saw a bright green light travelling very fast in a diagonal direction. Never seen anything like this before but it did seem rather large/close.

10.22pm 23/5/2016 ....meteor!!

I saw a object that appeared to me to be a meteor flaming across the sky from west to east direction it was visible for 2secs approx and  it was definately breaking up sheading glowing orange pieces .wow it was awesome I feel so lucky to hav seen it (now that I know I wasnt seeing things ).


We saw it too in Auckland, travelling really fast at 10.25 glowing green. Travelling west to east. Only lasted 3 seconds. Looked really close. Any reports of where it landed?

It was awesome!

me too

I saw this meteor too.

To me it seemed glowing blue or might be the kitchen window

Indeed, lucky!!!


Saw what I can only describe as a meteor, Cape Town South Africa, 2pm, 20/05/2016 over the Atlantic Ocean while surfing. Never seen anything like it! In broad daylight with a long bright purple, blue, green tail connected to a fireball.

Anyone else see that? Can't seem to find any other info about it in South Africa! Seems to be happening more regularly this days! 

Meteor 20/5/2016

Rob, sure, I saw it too!  It was truly beautiful, with colourful long tail vanishing after a few moments.  So glad to know you saw it too - it was above the ocean in Table Bay, Cape Town.

Emerald Green Comet

I'm from Auckland, New Zealand. I saw a meteor or comet going across the sky at 10.22pm, on 23 May 2016. I was driving on the North Western Motorway (Massey suburb heading towards the city) when I saw the comet or meteor. It was a quick flash and its tail was an Emerald Green Colour. Hopefully someone could tell me what it was because it was beautiful :)

Bright meteorite or space junk fall over Hawkes Bay tonight.

At 10:20 pm I spotted a bright falling object through my window. It appeared for about half a secong and appeared to be breaking up with multiple objects flashing beside it. The direction was NNW and it was falling in a Norhterly direction.


Me too, I saw a bright light arc across the sky very briefly at 10:22 last night. It was WNW in the sky and arced to the north. It was way too big for a shooting star. looked about the size of a mini basketball. It was very bight and a cool white colour. I'm in, Kahuranaki, Hawke's Bay.

Something Green

20min ago I saw a bright beautiful green meteor/something.

It was round, bright green and a long yellow trail.

Initially I thought it was a plane crashing because of the rate it was descending.

All of sudden the descent rate changed to super sonic.

First time I've seen anything like it. Wonderful experience.

Time approximately 22.20, Taupo NZ

Metor sighting from whanganui

WOW 10.22pm Tuesday night  23rd may

Spectacular ..flaming fireball and appeared to be coming apart sheading white /orange breakaway pieces .it was .traveling from west to east that was a jaw dropper ,!  



Over Auckland Harbour

Seen about 15 minutes ago, streak of light and fragments visibly breaking up over the Auckland (Waitemata) Harbour, as I was driving south on the Northern Motorway, just coming off the Edmond Road on-ramp. 

Just Now

I watched something falling from the clouds with a long trail of what looked like fire or smoke with the reflection of sun. It seemed to fall very fast and a few points looked as if it slowed down and then fell fast again. It dissappearded behind the trees. I'm from south Florida. I live in Davie. Could potentially have landed on the west coast

Blue light in sky

Early morning May 22, 2016, I saw an amazing blue light fall from the sky. Moments later I saw another blue light, this one falling faster. Look like a blue flare. Beautiful color blue. Never seen anything like it before and I have seen some weird and crazy things in the sky. I am from the United States near Yosemite National Park.

Shooting star

driving from Katherine to Matatranka, Northern Territory about 9:10 pm and observed a very bright blue comet-like shooting star, quite large, then it broke up into a couple of normal looking shooting stars for a few seconds and was gone, almost expected to come across a huge crater just down the road! :) 

May 17th 2016 northern ca. 10:10-10:12pm white light

While driving north from San Francisco towards Marin county I saw a bright white light that was traveling north east. It got brighter and brighter an then was gone. Around 10:10pm Tuesday may 17th   Did anyone else witness this?


I saw a meteor for a first time (compass : south to south west from Borneo) was 10.15pm (+8gmt) 19/05/ in Borneo...

shooting star or Meteor

Roughly about half an hour ago,saw a shooting star however it was so bright and i thing it could be a meteorite as it travelled so fast which was so bright and had a tail-like attached to the ball which is my best description over Richmond and looked like it was heading towards Avonside or Linwood area in Christchurch. Left me with a feeling of awe/astounishment

Shooting Star or Meteor or ?

This amazing treasure, fire ball, or what ever it was travelled so fast & was so bright with colours of Orange, it had a tail of white light attached to the ball and then dissappeared out of sight like a shooting star but much larger... this was sighted on Great Barrier Island, NZ at approx 7pm..... does any one know what this could of been....  so curious.... 

light in sky this morning

I was out around 4am this morning with my dog and saw a light fall into my woods, I didn't see a tail, just like a size of a volley ball

Large yellow glowing ball ... Travelling fast from sky

I saw same thing this morning in Auckland newzealand, approx 6:20am fell extremely fast yellow ball out of the sky quite big never seen anything like it!!!

Green Orb under tonight's Moon - Napier, N.Z.

I was taking a photo of the halo around the moon at 8.00pm tonight and saw a green orb halfway between the earth / moon. It looked to be vibrating at the edges / fuzzy white image, then would turn a turquoise green orb and appear to disintegrate but remained fuzzy then returned to an orb. I have around 30 pics on my phone and took a 6 min video. I stopped a number of times to show my daughter and returned thinking it would be gone but it was there each time. The sky was clear initially and then cloud formed which gave  a striking line through the moon and the orb continued as it had previously. Anyone else see this? Not visible with naked eye only on my phone. Be good to know what it may have been. Many thanks :)

Orange/yellow line in the sky

My daughter and I were driving home from Afterschool care tonight around 5.55-6.05pm and saw an orange/yellowy line in the sky, about 1cm to our eye in the distance. It became longer all of a sudden then seemed to break off into a smaller piece of orange with part of it disappearing. As we watched it grew a little longer again until it flew off out of eyesight.

I've never seen anything like it.

What was it?

Shooting star seen approx 17:31 19-05-2016 towards the north

From Brooklyn, Wellington, looking north along Ohiro Rd, I saw a light as bright as a night star, crossing from the upper right of my vision to the lower left down over the horizon (I would estimate this to be from upper/east to west or northwest).  It was definitely too fast to be an aircraft.  There was no tail - just a dot moving very quickly.

i seen two

One I see may. 16, 2016 in comber mere Ontario and just seen one in eginville Ontario @ around 4:30 am may. 18th. So bright and beautiful have never sebe anything like it before. 

two balls

at 5.30 pm AEST we saw 2 orbs joined together.  they didn't move just stayed motionless and were quite large.  thought at first it might have been a weather balloon, but now not sure...  they did change colour, but it might have been reflection from the setting sun.  the object remained in sight for over half an hour, then we lost it behind cloud.

Yellow light in sky 12:30 AM

I saw a strange yellow light in the sky it bounces around in the sky it dims in and out with light and few seconds later I see a huge red flash in the background behind the trees like a bomb with no sound 

Green and Orange Fireball falling straight down the trees

i was just driving in the Merrit Parkway, CT when I spotted an orange and green fireball with a tail falling down into the woods. This was at 1:30Am and I tried to record but it was to fast. no noise, no smell, a car stopped by the parkway to see if they were able to take a picture, I was shocked and I just kept driving away... What could that possible be ? 


Huge fire balls falling from sky

I live in Windsor Me and around 1230 pm saw three huge white flashes that lit the whole clear sky with no sound, then two huge fire balls fell from the sky into the woods with no impact sounds or smoke


Just saw the same thing in Waterboro Maine

We just saw the same thing in Waterboro crazy!