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White angelic like beings in Toronto sky

I saw four, maybe five white clouded like beings that took on a somewhat human form, in the downtown Queen area of Toronto, Canada. They were walking like humans do. Back and forth and in random ways. I could not find a light source from underneath them explaining to me the mystery of where they were reflecting from. I took a video.

meteor sighting

I spotted a meteor in the sky early Tuesday morning in Columbus, Ohio (EST)@ 02:55. Was fairly large with the bright blue light trailing and fiery orange leading the way across the sky from NW to the SW

I saw it too. Burning ball

I saw it too. Burning ball with a tail. Across Lake Ontario

Saw a falling star and saw the comment before.

Not sure if relevant, but i saw something similiiar at about 845pm Mt VIctoria NSW, perfectly formed floating across the sky with no tail just sailed through the sky... though it wasn't orange to me just looked like a star.

Bright orange ball

Just witnessed bright orange ball, perfectly formed with no tail gliding very slowly over Avondale, Auckland 23rd November 2014 at approx 11:20 pm. No sound. Object kept shape as it disappeared behind tree line.


Trinidad and tobago..where im at is close to a dense forest reserve called Arena..i think we hav the biggest dam in the caribbean so anywaz.was on my pc outsid my gallery lets say my nephews were outside hanging out and they pointed it out to first it looked like what appeared to be a chinese lanthern..but the lighting sequence was the thing i waz focusing about the like omg...22/11/2014...r.estrada.


bright star among many

A bright star woke me up this morning around 3am. 

I slep on my balcony all night and to my notice which 

I have not witness before, a bright light from a star.

I snare at the star and pray because it strange to me.

Bayo, Lagod, Nigeria.

Red Glow

In Ellerslie Auckland New Zealand...sitting out on the deck the whole sky glowed red tonight at about 7:30 not sure as just decided to have a look online to see if there was any news and sure enough people from all over the world have seen the same or similar.

Red lights over auckland

Saw this as well from one tree hill. Glowed once at around 8:15. Noticed it again at around 10:30 where it happened 4 times in a row. The whole sky glowed red, quite bright, lasting about 2 seconds each time. Seemed to be centered over Onehunga.
My guess would be the misty evening mixed with lights from a Waikaraka speedway event, but it was quite strange to see!

Red light

I just saw a red, fiery light in the sky. Only one. Passing Redhill, Papakura. I thought it was a plane at first, then for a second a shooting star, but, it wasn't. I'm curious as to know what it is. It didn't look like it was falling, more like it was searching for something. I don't know. It was weird and has me curious. 

Red lights

I live in Christchurch and last night I saw red lights as well, about 10 of them. They looked like they were coming from the south heading north. They looked like slow moving shooting stars. So weird and creepy.

oh my goodness

On my way home from school I witnessed a blue/green fireball with a white tail shoot down from the sky at an angle, then just dissappear.. I couldn't believe it at first, but it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.

something falling from the sky burning red

Im from arlington tx I just saw something falling. From the sky it was like a shooting star but on fire.. wierd looking

Blue and Green Fireball

I live in North Mississippi and just witnessed a blue and green fireball with a tail falling from the north toward the south.  It was huge and freaky.  I really expected to hear it crash, but it didn't.  I could even here it making a sizzling noise.

No Lie I live in south ms and

No Lie I live in south ms and I saw the same blue green fireball in the north sky. I too could hear it sizzle but I never saw it hit the ground.


Saw a large orange ball speed across the sky tonight around 7 pm from Langley, BC Canada

meteor florida Nov 19 2014

I think I see a meteor about an hour ago 9:15 pm. Falling orange fireball then turned blue then gteen then nothing had a tail

jesus on a cloud in sky

did any one see  jesus on a cloud on monday 17/11/2014 at 7.00 pm ? i saw this in ngaruawahia ,new zealand . i was looking out my window saw a darker cloud and saw jesus standing on the cloud with his hands out in front of him and i saw the long hair, beard,white roped ,but the picture of jesus was lighter than the darker cloud he was standing on.

Flaming Meteor

I witnessed a speeding flaming falling star/ meteor while  driving home in Ocala, FL at about 5:45 to 6:00 am.I will sometimes catch sight of shooting stars and falling flaming stars the the wee hours of the morning while running or driving.


I also saw this in Ngunguru, Northland, heading northeast, awesome!

Shooting star/meteor over Christchurch

We saw a beautiful shooting star/meteor (?) flying slow over Christchurch east, bright with orange flaming tail around 11:55pm tonight!

Flaming balls over chch 20-11-14

I seen three objects tonight around 2200 over Christchurch, first was headed southeast, was orange and two smaller peices broke off and dissappered, then a large bit heading south glowing orange went right over head, no sonic booms heard. Then appeared to stop burning and continue. A third object followed but then fluttered, wavered and appeared to drop like a heavy feather, still glowing, over west coast. Cool but scary.

Yes I saw this in Nelson.

Yes I saw this in Nelson. Most amazing thing I've seen....other than birth of my sons. Was waiting to feel something after impact lol

White light with tail

I was standing on the deck around 23:25 when I noticed a white glow come through the clouds. It was traveling in roughly a North to South direction. It had a small bright white 'head' and a tail which grew in length as it travelled over. I was moving fairly quickly but not as fast as a shooting star, this was much larger, the whole event lasted perhaps 2-3 seconds and it faded out as it passed over towards Wellington harbour.


I was on my Balcony when i looked up and saw a comet with a long tail speeding across the sky , bout 11.30 tonight , what an amazing sight .

Upper Hutt  Wellington .


Yay I saw a Meteorite only just four or five minutes ago..South of Sanson NewZealand..It was awesume..and feel so rapt to have seen one :) Very Bright and had a tail and was just beautiful to watch

Probable Meteor sighting

9-15 pm Tuesday eve  Auckland New Zealand time,  Looking South east  a  streak heading downwards headed by what appeared to be a burning ball..Not multi coloured just appeared white ish  ...

blue ball of fire

Sitting in my room, i glanced out the window to see what looked like a big ball of blue fire with a glowing tail behind it pall over the sky southwest of Perryville, MO.

Straight line cloud


My name is ron from Bangalore India. I saw a strange straight line cloud from one end to the other end. It looks like a rocket has just flew across the sky and the smoke release from the rocket but the smoke is so constant that it not fading off like any other jet plane smoke release. Dont really know what is that exactly and how it happened.


If you know the answer then please reply.




Orange fireball over Orange, Texas

I was standing in the parking lot of a local restaurant talking with some friends when I noticed an orange fireball in the sky as I was facing the south. This occured at about 7 p.m. CST. It made me think of fireworks at first but it was very brief and fast.

bright light of coast of Dunedin

At 8:50pm on the 16th November 2014 seen a bright orange light that looked like it was falling, very slowly. Dane color as a street light much brighter and bigger. Also it was out at sea so could not have been a street light. I seen it coming down Eglinton Road and it was between st Clair and st kilda beach. After coming home by wife said she seen out too native 10 or so minutes after me. Not sure what it was but her description matched mine, falling very slowly. She seen it for longer but lost sight as it went below trees in the way of our view from home

fast travelling light

I am based in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.  At 10 pm 14.11.14 i saw two small white/orange lights travelling at a rapid rate in the same direction horizontally yet the 2nd one was lower and travelling behind yet at same speed then they faded out a few times then disappeared.  Two more lower in the sky hovered then disappeared. 

Shropshire UK two of us just

Shropshire UK two of us just witnessed a beautiful white light in the dark sky a lot of stars about but this one was fast and left a trail that lasted a long time

Cape Town sky Thursday 13 nov

About 2045 While driving saw white fireball travelling in NE direction with long trail and with red and blue hues. Appeared for a few secs only and disappeared.

blue moving object in sky in Delaware

On Nov. 12, 2014, at around 8:30 pm, two of us saw a falling star or blue streak in the sky over Wilmington, Delaware. It only lasted for a few seconds, and it moved in an arc. It looked pretty big.

Cape Town sky

About 2045 While driving saw white fireball travelling in NE direction with long trail and with red and blue hues. Appeared for a few secs only and disappeared.

ChesterSprings PA

Saw a blue green ball with long white tail fall quickly over dark sky tonight. Direction was West over PA turnpike. Near Downingtown Exit. Saw a post here near Milky WayFarm which is close by. We see these on a regular basis . Lack of light makes seeing them easier. This one tonight appeared to fall at a very low level quickly

nov. 12th, 2014 orange streak

There was an orange streak in the sky tonight(November 12th, 2014) before it got dark. It was moving up and down, left to right. It also had another part under it that was also orange. I don't know what it was and nothing came up about it when I looked it up. No reports or nothing. Please enlighten me with what it could be.

commet?shooting star

approx 22.05 i saw a commet/shooting star direction was 138deg SE

very bright in the sky no time to get a pic

My Location is redditch UK

Fast moving white light

I was stood outside having a cigarette while looking into a clear sky, when I saw a fast moving white light(thought to myself it was moving to fast for a plane) it lasted for approx 3secs ten just disappeared?

I just saw

I just saw two objects both with white tails they were moving quite fast in the sky don't know what they were.


I was traveling on Rt. 248 yesterday somewhere close to 4:55 PM. There was a fireball of somesort directly in front of me in the sky. I was trying to figure out if it was a plane reflecting the sunset and looking red or if it was actually on fire. It didn't have a long tail but it did have a wide tail. It was beautiful but I wish I knew what I was looking at. It went behind clouds and I never found it again. This was near Bath, Pa shich is northeastern Penna.

Fireball in the sky over Central Pennsylvania

I saw a very large, very fast moving fireball in the sky this evening. It was amazing. It was moving so fast I could not get to my phone to get a picture. Over our area between 6 and 6:30. Unsure exact time.

Orange Fireball in Sky

November 11 between 6:30- 7 PM, I saw it coming down and and burning up -- had light a tail -- bright orange in the southeast sky looked like it was right above the tree line and like I could touch it -- I am in the Upstate of South hCarolina in the USA.



Nov.11/2014 langley bc canada

Just saw something shoot through the sky, going east (thought to be a meteor) around 6:30 pm over langley bc canada. Bright blueish white. Fairly large. 

I just saw a meteor falling

I just saw a meteor falling in the night sky at about 6:45pm in Collegedale, TN, driving in the road to my father-in-law's house. At first I thought it was a giant shooting star but it was like a flaming ball that kept going! It was spectacular!


I just seen a huge ball of mass falling thru the sky tonight (11.10.14 9:30pm est) over my house in Georgetown Delaware. The mass looked to be about an eighth the size of the moon.

Yes! I saw Big Blue Ball of Light Crashing in Delaware Sky Too!

About 4:40 am on Monday,, November 10, 2014, I was driving on Rt 1 toward the Delaware Memorial Bridge from Middletown, DE. Just after the costume store, I witnessed a huge ball of light toward my right side windshield. It was huge,looked man-made, was blue and white in color and streaked across the sky making a comet-like sound. It was too huge to be a comet.

Green ball

Just saw a big one at 2:45am Texas huge very very bright fast but slow. Beautiful thing whatever it was