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Orange light

Saw an orange light in the sky tonight in Timmins ontario IT was brighter then Sirius and then faded in and out until it slowly dissapeared any idea on what this could be its now gone plZ enail me

I'm in Dunedin and saw ball

I'm in Dunedin and saw ball of fire with tail! Was awesome . somewhere around 720pm

4 orangy red objects in Oamaru skies

My partner & I were driving along at approx. 5:50pm tonight & I noticed 4 bright orange-red objects that were situated in a diagonal line. We don't know what they were but we didn't think planes as they seemed too close to each other & the further up the road 1 by 1 they seemed to just dissapear. What was in the skies of Oamaru??

Tiny red flashes & a few larger white "burst" observed

Noticibly darker sky tonight 5/27/15 and I noticed a fairly larger count of what appeared to be very small red meteor's here or there initially in perpherial vision at a count of approximately 2 to 5 per minute. The majority of these did not leave any trail so I have to theorize that this was a most direct events (coming directly towards me). I then noticed one or two directly in my line of sight and the brievity of these surprised me (less then a second i would postulate).  Continued to observe for an additional 10-15 minutes and also noted larger white flashes but these were also brief and also left no trail.  This was from 1:15am eastern time at the mechlenburg/Cabarrus country line just outside the Charlotte, NC city limits.

Fast Bright White blinking lights flying and roosting in trees

Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning my son-in –law were fishing a small private lake south of Effingham Illinois. It was somewhere around 10: through 12 :30 when I was the first to see these bright sporadically lit, fast moving objects, some above tree level and some below anywhere from what seemed to be 1 foot to 20 feet  above the water , When seeing the first two I considered them a meteors passing above the clouds causing that blinking affect but when we saw them at the lower  level...well they were like lightning bugs on steroids after way too much Red Bull...except no orange light and fast moving objects...once they seemed to have stopped flying after a dozen or so sightings there was a time of maybe 5 to six minutes and then we started noticing the bright blinking lights of the same intensity blinking in the trees across the lake there were only maybe a dozen which seems not to move from the place they were after 5 to 6 minutes ...then again nothing for about 5 to 6 minutes the blinking would continue in the same areas of the trees...I experienced only three more after that possibly around 2 to3 am of which the last was the one about 1 foot from water surface and was reflected on the water  Can anyone help in describing what hid could have been???  “REALLY  STRANGE”


fire ball in sky

I m from India (Punjab) yesterday at night 11:54 pm I saw a dark yellow light ball in the sky it moves North to West 10 to 15 second in the sky. It look like Meteor and i am shocked because i see it first time.. the amazing light in sky

walking with a friend last

walking with a friend last night in Rangiora at around 8:45pm when we both saw a burning mass fall out of the sky it was really big and bright, was expecting an impact and the ground to shake but didnt feel anything. Conclusion is that is was a meteorite falling somewhere close in nz.

Hey there, I googled what i

Hey there, I googled what i saw and this came up. It was a bright green light, fairly large, fall from the sky around 11pm (27/5/2015) just outside of Port Macquarie in Australia. It came and went fairly quickly. It was beautiful! Could it still be related to this same article? I have had a great time reading everyones comments :D

Yellow light

Today at 00:37 saw bright yellow light traveling at high speed above Albania.I dont know its name but i think it might be 2014 YB35 .


Today at 4:30 - 4:35 am I was walking to the mailbox and glanced up. When I looked up I saw a redish orange glowing object moving extremely fast, (Going East and a little South). At first there was nothing there and then it appeared and in about three seconds it went from what appeared to be NW to the East but slightly South. As It got further away it seemed to be burning as if on fire and the back of it was melting away, but this was not visual until about two seconds into the sighting. Everything always seems to happen as I leave my phone at home... I live in Wichita, Ks...

Fireball in the sky 4:30am. 05/27/15

I saw this also. I live in Norton, KS. at first I thougt it was a plane going down.

meteorite over auckland

sitting in the spa at 7.44pm tonight 27/5/15 my husband and i were looking towards the moon when we saw a large burning bright orange flash across the sky that lasted for a second - a meteor we think !

shooting stars?

Us to but we saw some information about 6.45? And just now towards west. I saw another shooting star?that's what I jumped on line to see what's haopeninfcmc

I live in little falls new

I live in little falls new York and last night me and my husband were sitting outside at 2 in the morning when all of a sudden a orange

Red orb of light was flying by about mabey 100 feet in the shy and it was going really slow. We were just standing there watching it then all of a sudden it disappears then a second one comes right after that and does the same things and vanishes in the same spot. There was no sound coming from it and it wasn't blinking like a plane but was kind of fading in and out like a candle would. It was really weird and amazing at the same time



in south carolina sunday morning @2am( something bright falling)

we was at lake keowee in south carolina and we was walking down the road at 2 am, i saw a bright light/flash that lit up the whole sky!! i looked up and saw something stright out of the movies, what seemed to me was a falling object could even see the sparks and trail off of it! something that i will always remember, and it gave me a very eerie feeling! has anyone seen the same thing, and after looking seems like many have reported similar sightings.


I saw a big green light

I saw a big green light Sunday morning around that time in Cheraw, SC

falling object

how far away from the nuclear station ? you also have an airforce base there, that right. 8

falling object

how close to the oconee nuclear station ? 

Possible Meteor West of Auckland

Just walked outside about 3 am 27/05/2015 from the Henderson Area in West Auckland and saw a streaking flash over/past the Waitakere Ranges.  Flared up about 2/3 of the way and again when it vanished.  Looked rather green, and coming down in about a 45 degree angle.

Perth Falling Star

26/05/2015 about 12:30ish Perth I saw a falling star in a north west direction. It was a blue white and turned into total brightness almost blinding to look at. It lasted about 2-3 seconds. I couldnt see where it may have landed as the tree's and buildings blocked my veiw. I never heard a bang from it landing so it may have passed over Australia. It was beautiful to look at

Looked like a falling firework

just saw something rapidly fall from the sky in downtown Chicago.  It's dusk here and looked quite close. so close in fact I could see the leftover smoke trail. Not sure if it was a comet or what but I have never seem anything like it. 

giant white trail in the sky after loud noise and bright flash

I was outside at around 8:10 pm on 5-25-2015 near Bloomdale Ohio.  I heard an insane loud noise like a train times 100. I then saw a bright flash come from above then a huge white trail was left behind, about 5-10 times wider than a jet trail, and it was also spiraling. It was crazy fast too.

bright light in the sky.

Sitting in the spa at about 10.10pm and saw a bright flash with a line after it move rapidly across the sky for about 3 seconds. wellington New Zealand


I was driving to work at this

I was driving to work at this time and saw a bright explosion of white light in the sky over Tauranga!

forgot to say bright

forgot to say bright flash/light was in Wellington, New Zealand

bright light in the sky.

Sitting in the spa at about 10.10pm and saw a bright flash with a line after it move rapidly across the sky for about 3 seconds.

Bright falling object

I saw something similar but with a green trail of light, around the same time in Dannevirke 


25 may 

while in spa pool saw meteorite in eastern sky at approx 6.10 pm low on the horizon 

fast moving with bright tail only lasted a few seconds before burning up

flash of green light

At approximately 5am this morning 25/5/15 I saw a massive green light burning up in the sky about 20 seconds long I won't to no what it was.location was long bay Auckland new Zealand north island.

Burning object in the sky

May 23 2015 around 11 pm I saw a burning object in the sky flying in south River ,NJ I have no idea what it was. It looked kind of like an air balloon fire but it was too high and laso it was to big for the lantern that people set to fly, also it wAs too fast for both of the things. It flew over south river and then flew to Perth amboy side, I've no idea what it was and it never died down. It just kept flying while burning...

thunder snow, lighting with no thunder

25/05/2015 early morning.. 4:15am  awoke to flashes of light outside, got up to find a heavy snow storm, crazy lighting that lite up the whole sky... but no thunder.  maybe to far way to hear. anyone eles watch it ? ment to be rather rear.. 

i saw a meteor!!!

I am from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. This morning at 6:00 am I saw what I thought was a contrail aof a plane at first. However, it was different shades of bright red and orange. If it was a meteor, the head was bright red and tail smoky orange. It never disappeared. It went across horizontally. It did not make much sound, but a whooshing type hissing noise. It gave me chills lol.


I am Heather Newberry Im from Dallas Georgia was driving and Witnessed a glowing green circular shaped object fall from the sky around about 2:12am in the morning on Sunday morning off highway 285 19 south maybe one exit before Bolton Road exit 13 around the 10th or 11th mile mark on 285 somewhere in the open it fell it shocked me I've never seen anything like that I thought it was very interesting and if I wasn't headed home from work on an armed security officer to get some rest I would go and investigate what that was because  I think it's neat I think that would be pretty cool to find or if you could find what was green that fell out of the sky.

My fiancé and I just got home

My fiancé and I just got home in South Carolina at 220 am, I saw a huge green fireball fall from the sky, I was amazing started researching it and 25 min ago heard a noise as it was falling outside, it gave her goose bumps....any ideas....?!?! 

I saw it too!!!

I saw it too!!! I live in North Carolina and saw it about the same time except it looked white. I didn't hear any noise but I was driving with the radio on. It was extremely bright, in fact I thought it was lightning at first because it lit up half of my car. Then I looked at it for a split second and it looked like a meteor. I couldn't get a good long look at it because, again, I was driving. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who saw it!

Anyone know what this is ?

go to google earth, type in Antipodes Island, go to the top end near bollons Island... left hand side, you will see four coastal bays.  look at the forth lager bay. What is it.

Comet Shaped Object in Sky.

May 15 2015 @ 05:25am, I got up to use Toilet, an Something cought My Eye out of the kitchen window (I'm from Wilmslow, Cheshire, just South of Manchester UK) It was around the N/Eastern dircetion, at first I thought it was a Con-trail, being lit by the early Morning Sun, but as I looked more, it Definately wasn't, it looked like an Egg Shape at one end, with a fading Tail towards the other, and made of White Cloud like substance, Glowing Red/orange at the Egg end, I got My Camcorder, looked at it for Reference, Pulled out the LCD Screen, and when I looked up, it was  gone, in a matter of 5-10 sec's, but it wasn't gone it was around 30 - 50 miles More Easterly in the Sky, Yes that fast, almost as though it knew I wanted to film it so it got out of Shot...

Really very Strange...

Later that day my father Called, and I told him about this Strange Comet Shape in the Sky, and how fast it Moved, Oh okay Dan, He said, humouring Me... Then 3 day's later He Only goes and See's it, at about 3.30am, and the same thing happened it flew out of sight in Seconds...

Watch the Skys...

Bright white object (looked like a shooting star)

I am from the west suburbs of Chicago, IL.  When I went out to walk my dog at about 1020pm, I saw a fast moving object moving east.  It pretty large for most "shooting stars" but was very bright white and had a tail similar to "shooting stars".  

Was it the space craft that is out in space right now, moving across the US (chicagoland area) around that time?  


Falling Object

I just saw a big bright falling object frm sky. I am from Philippines.

Possible Meteor Sighting

On Saturday 23rd May, 5.13pm (NZST). I was standing outside St Martins New World supermarket, when I noticed an object in the sky to the northeast. I observed it for around 20 seconds, and realised it was moving diagonally, and apparently downward. It was white, with a definite tail. I have uploaded a short video of this to YouTube I was wondering if anyone else witnessed this

Orange Lights in the sky 23/5/2015 8.40m

Hi I just saw about 6 orange lights in the sky, really bright.. (I am in Christchurch) 8.40 pm 23/5/2015.. One started to fade as it came over the sky, looked big.. Can you tell me what they are???

orange lights

We witnessed them too last night, We live in St Martins Christchurch -odd

Unidentified Red Light.

I am from India (Kolkata)Today around 7:50pm just saw a big bright red light ball with smoke in the sky (north-west side). Last 20-25sec. Thn i saw the red light fall straight down out of the sky. It was so stunning.please do let me know as i am curious and want to know what it is exactly.

Falling Red Ball

I am from India(Kolkata)Today around 7:50pm just saw a bright red light ball with smoke in the sky (North-West side). Last 20-25sec. I saw the red light fall straight down out of the sky. It was so stunning. Please do let me know as i am curious and want to know what it is exactly.


Sitting in the spa tonight watching the stars and big meteor to the north west - around 7:20pm. Large burning ball with long tail - last 2-3 seconds. It was stunning

Strange bright object with long golden tail?

Great to see someone else saw large burning ball with long tail last night, 22/05/15. My sighting at 7pm lasted several minutes before it disappeared. Fascinated and a little bit frightened, I watched through binoculars as it twirled and danced flashing red and green then disappeared. I live in the southern hemisphere - Bundaberg ... Qld. 

29th May falling star or what???

I am from Tarawa, Kiribati and was curious also about the incident of a falling star or whatever you'll name it that happened on Wednesday night (20th May 2015). i was with my husband driving back home from our church rehearsal when we both saw a light that make the whole outside light as day. it was fast and was amazing, and then afterwards, we hear a noise so we thought it was something falling from the sky.

If anything happens on that night internationally or within the pacific region, please do let me know as i am curious and want to know what it is exactly.


falling star

I did see it as well , if the same. What time was it when you saw it. I live in outside Nelson (North)

It was very bright and to the South East.

Wonder if it was the same.


exploding satelite??

I am in Kenya and last night at 7pm, saw a huge ball of light in the sky, very high but seemed closer that what you would see a normal satelite.It was moving across the began to seperate into 3 distinct lights with an light aura around then all,..they spread and spread further apart moving across the sky as a satelite does untill they dissapeared like faint satelites. I thought it may be the Russaian satelite they were due to explode but i think that happened on May 16th??/ could it be a remnant of this?,,,any ideas?

Shooting star?

the eve of the 20/5  I saw a bright big shooting "star" quite low in the sky on the South Eastern sky just above the Whangamoas outside of of Nelson. round 8 pm...I was driving North out of Nelson.