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Lights in formation

My mother had just came in the house saying she had seen 3 lights in formation bolt accross the sky. Just before 11 pm est. Were in Hamilton Ontario Canada


I saw a bright light appeared large then dimished in south eastern sky last night. Saw it twice night before there was a glowing blue light that lit up the horizon  then went out like flashes. Both events occurred around 330 am estate on July 23 2016 at 330am

bright light falling in sky

bright light falling in sky toward ground. In cape cod mass at 8:25pm 

Red fireball over si my

I spotted a red fireball in western sky over SI N,Y on July 23 2016 around 9 :00 pm . Saw one first then two more followed couple minutes later, they started out bright red and sparkly then faded out till they were gone ,very cool anyone else see thanks .


APPROX. 8-9PM TONIGHT, 7/24/16  saw a massive green and white stripe light up the sky and hang there for over 9 seconds. Beautiful!!! I been searching google for anyone else who saw it.  

Intense orange reddish object 25 second transit time

Just saw an oragne oject over WLG at 9:50PM. Initially thought it was an plane but silent. Very high in sky. Continued until out of vision in about 20-25 seconds. Became a more faded shade of orange as it passed. Meteor?



Possible meteor sighting SE of Napier

At approximately 1601 hours tonight I saw a bright, sodium-yellow streak across the sky south-east of Napier city, probably out to see. The arc was of very short duration and appeared to disappear/disintegrate within a couple of seconds.

It was not an aircraft; it was moving far too quickly, was far too bright and seemed to plunge downward.

Possible meteor sighting SE of Napier

At approximately 1601 hours tonight I saw a bright, sodium-yellow streak across the sky south-east of Napier city, probably out to see. The arc was of very short duration and appeared to disappear/disintegrate within a couple of seconds.

It was not an aircraft; it was moving far too quickly, was far too bright and seemed to plunge downward.

White meteor

My son just saw a white meteor with tail from waiheke heading towards rangitoto area

Meteor/Fireball low in central California 7- 23 - 2016

Southwest view from Livermore, CA at about 10:10 - 10:15 PST, moving from southwest to northeast and parallel to low horizon. Whitish blue oval appearing slower (seemingly airplane speed), then began to fade, split in two or three as it went out of my view behind a house - we were in a hot tub!

Around 6pm I saw a bright,

Around 6pm I saw a bright, white meteor/fireball traveling in a south to north direction in the western Manawatu area. Meteor was shaped like a teardrop. It appeared to be incredibly low compared to other meteors I've seen. It broke up with a mixture of yellow and orange colours

Something entering atmosphere and burning up?

Last night in Uruewhenua, Golden Bay at around 8.30-9.00pm, we saw a large red light with what looked like flames came into the night sky - it looked like something coming in and burning up - was it space junk?

At about 9pm we witnessed

At about 9pm we witnessed what appeared to be a meteor while driving from the east side in Tucson, Az. I have watched the skies for many years and have never seen anything so bright and large before. 

White light falling from sky

Saw it too in Tijuana, Mexico. It fell pretty fast, from west to east.

Bright light falling from sky

I saw it too in Tijuana, Mexico. It was approximately 9 pm. 07/21/2016. Never seen anything like it. There was no sound, that was strange. It was a big lumnious white ball falling from the sky.


Orange light spotted 7\21\2016

I saw an orange ball of light going threw the sky. I got a few pictures of it.


i am from cork Ireland and seen a blue flash at approx 1am . Thought it was aliens.

Bright flash

Was driving between Shannon airport and Limerick city, @ 1 am bright blue/green light lit up the whole sky,,,scary

Shooting star

About 18.30 due south crossing east to west at speed thin white streak just below the brightest star about 20degress ? above the horizon

Green light

Tonight about 9:15 p.m. in Peoria, AZ my friend I were driving southbound on the 101 and saw a green floursent like light, round in shape, descending down rather quickly then it just disappeared. A few minutes later another friend who was working further east from us saw smaller ones. Any one ? 

 In Los Angeles California I

 In Los Angeles California I just saw a white and blue light fall from the sky on the Eastside 9 o'clock any other comments what was it? it fell straight down 


I was walking back to house after I put a box in the shed. All the sudden to my right I see a small white light. By time I look over to my right I seen for a split second what may have been the tail followed by a huge white flash as if I looked at the sun for a split secong. Took placein kiel, wisconsin.

Meteorite or falling star

just saw a bright white light with long tail from west Otago in the western sky - 21.20pm

stars and shooting stars

I was out in the Garden at around 11.10 pm in kent i see a few stars moving slowly then a shooting star flashed acrossed the sky. Then about a few minutes later 3 lights which formed a triangle shape moved across the sky then they stopped and stayed there for around a second then completly disappeared what are these, I have been seeing the slow moving stars for months and a few shooting ones but never these I have asked people if they have been seeing them but noone has they keep saying i need to stop drinking but i dont drink lol



Tonight, 6pm ish (EST) orange orb/ufo travelling from South to east.. Going pretty slow but steady. It looked shaped like a dart sometimes. No noise. Intriguing 


Los Angeles, 11:20  I saw a

Los Angeles, 11:20  I saw a bright fireball looking thing gliding down then vanishing after 3 seconds. It appeared to be very low in the sky too

Orangish/ Red lights

Between 1030 and 1050 pm eastern time I went outside to take out the trash and there was between 5 and 7 orangish/ red lights in the sky lined up in a straight line above the tree line by the time I called everyone to the door they had faded out one at the time since then a few have shown and disappeared again the last one darted around before looking like it was falling and then disappeared. We are in Georgetown SC 


Roughly around 1:00am EST Australia NSW laurieton 2443 I walked out on my back deck and saw a whiteish green what almost looked like a single firework go straight over the lake it was amazing and such a clear light night ive seen shooting stars before but this was truly breath taking feel so lucky to have whitness this

I live on the gold coast, I

I live on the gold coast, I seen a massive white flash and a long tail at around 1am in the southern sky...I see a lot of shooting stars at night but this one made flashed light on the friend who was looking at me and he said he could see the light flashing from behind him.

Bright light seen moving in the sky

Last night at around 11pm over kent in England UK,  me and my partner was sat in the garden,  watching the skies when my partner said "do you see that" I looked in the direction he was pointing at and we saw what originally looked like a star but it was moving (not too fast) first it was faint then it got really really bright then faded again then dissappeared,  I'm not sure what it was, I've checked flight plans of the space stations but it wasn't that so not sure what it was 

last night bright orange light

We too see this strange orange light .round about 11:15pm 19/07/2016 over surrey uk .it was travelling faster than you see the space staion travel and then just diappeared .? Not an explanation has been aired ?? 

Falling star/meteorite

I've just seen what looked like a falling star/meteorite in the night sky over Lyttelton Harbour @6:59 20/07/2016.

We were driving home up the

We were driving home up the Mata road Tokomaru Bay east coast nz and stopped as we had never seen lights in that area before. Then the night sky turned completely orange. On the way home we were all wondering what we had seen. It was spectacular. Written by Alicia Murray aged 8.

Orange globe

At 12:25 am east Indiana I walked outside and happened to look up and seen an orange globe like object moving away from me approx. 25 miles away and thousands of feet in the air. It was bright orange and was not flashing just a steady light with no tail unlike a meteor. As it moved away it dimmed until it seemed to just disappear. Then I took a picture late and from the flash seen yet another glimpse of the orange globe object for a split second. Very odd. First time experiencing anything remotely close to that. 

big flash and trail 20/07/2016

just saw big flash and trail over southern new brunswick in the northern sky

We were travelling back to

We were travelling back to Invercargill and noticed it at about 6.20pm. Truly beautiful we were right under it.


  At app. 10:30 pm on July 16, I was walking north on the beach at South Ponte Vedra. At about 65* I saw what at first appeared to NBC a very large falling star when suddenly on it's descent, it burst into green and yellow flames. It was magnificent!




 So ready it's a Was a UFO

Meteor/Space junk over New Zealand

It would seem the object the burnt up over the South Island of New Zealand was the re-entry a Soyuz upper stage (NORAD #41671, COSPAR 2016-045B)

space junk

yes- if you believe in Nasa and 'satillites'. I can never figure out how 13,500 satillites are supposed to be circling above us, but you only "see" one every few days. In theory there should be thousands above us at any one time. And why are they lighten up like sports stadiums at night, when the sun is directly underneath our feet? I can never figure that one out either. They must build these satilltes with sports stadium style flood lights on them- just so we can see them? 

Or it was a metoer. 

Object in Sky 6.30pm Tuesday 19/07/2016

Driving from MacraesGold mine to Palmerston when obseveved large object travelling north low in the night sky.

Stopped driving and watched th object travsed the sky. Compareed to metors was travelling quire slow but was 10 to 20 times the normal size, Appeared the object was breaking up in earthe atmosphere. At times there were mutiple bits. Tail was quite long at at times had an orange tint. As object moved north it faded away.eventually Was expecting a shock wave qiven object size, but no wave turned up. So concluded a large bit of space junk was returning to earth and was disintergrting in the atmosphere. It was a very impressive site.


From here at West Melton, at around 8.30 pm whilst putting the rubbish out I saw a bright orange flash descending towards the alps (West/South West of here) at a near vertical trajectory.  It lasted only a couple of seconds but seemed to end extremely close to earth surface. I was surprised to check the news that the reports are for around 6.30pm

meteor gisborne nz

wow also seen long orange tail shooting up then breaking into 3 then disentergrating 6.30pm. amazing thought it may have been a plane at first. gisborne east coast new zealand

meteor gisborne nz

wow also seen long orange tail shooting up then breaking into 3 then disentergrating 6.30pm. amazing thought it may have been a plane at first. gisborne east coast new zealand

Meteor over Timaru, NZ

Caught on SkyCam on 19/07/16 at 1826 NZST

Moving SW to E, aprox 45s duration

Nearly captured the whole event on film, gutted.

Watched the whole thing in the Spa at Lake Tekapo. Beautiful.

My GoPro was recording the sunset facing the exact direction. Battery died 10 mins short :(

Any one know where it landed?

Meteor seen in Waimate

Absolutely STUNNING meteor at 6.30pm. I'm in Waimate and it was about 30 seconds after ISS went over, also heading East. The head was super bright from a soft entry angle. The tail was about 40deg wide - with the sky straight up to the horizon being 90deg, it would have been just under half. The head broke into 4 pieces clearly visible gliding side by side towards ISS. It was the most INCREDIBLE meteor I have seen. I called a friend outside to view the high Mag ISS and then BOOOOM...there it was. It lasted for approx 25-30 seconds easily. Have seen some good ones over the years for 5secs, but nothing like this. Phenomenal tail spread out like a slow moving comet. Got a picture but not a good one :/ Who else saw it? Feeling blessed with this one.. think I may get a Lotto this weekend lol :D

Wasn't it spectacular? A once

Wasn't it spectacular? A once in a lifetime visual! SO LUCKY!!!
Saw it from the Octago in Dunedin, just stood there watching it in awe. 
Oddly enough we were sitting outside at a cafe named Nova!

Meteor over Dunedin

It was huge Meteor, bright orange burning mass, wish I got photo was was too busy looking. It look like it burnt off then reappeared whiter with long tail. Pretty amazing sight! 


6.28pm over Nelson NZ heading N to N/E. A slow moving cluster of burning balls of orange fire with a huge trail of sparks and glowing trails behind it. Moving fairly slowly, visible for around 30 to 40 or more seconds, before disapearing behind the clouds heading appeared to be towrads Wellington.Was it the Chinese space Station burning up ?