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Shootig star?

10:55pm tonight 10th Feb'16 I saw a bright green/white light/ball shoot acroos the sky from way above me travelling to the north  (possibly NNW) in a direct line. Took about half a second and went over and beyond some low white clouds..

I have no idea what it was but i saw it.

I live in Hillmorton, SW chch.

Meteor Spotted from Wellington

Was outside just before 11pm tonight(10/02/2016) and looked up to see a HUGE raindrop shaped bright light falling, from east to west, above the horizon. The back part had a green glow and it was visible and seemed to fall very slowly, for approx 4-5 seconds. I actually yelled out the 'F' word to my wife, as I've seen hundreds of shooting stars and this seemed larger than all of them put together!! Heaps of ppl MUST have seen this as well, surely??!! Jac

saw the same thing but it was between 6am-6:30 am

Jac i saw the same thing the only thing his that i did not see anything here it was falling from the sky it was like something was burning then that one raindrop looking shape split into 6 piece and then they were just hovering around, when i look around i had seen there was more below... i also saw like something coming out like a red small light coming out from the 6 piece like it was shooting out something.. This is unexplainable and i know that there is going to be lot of people reading this thing i must be crazy, my cell phone was dead in battery so i could not video or take picture, but if someone saw something please post so i could make sure that i was not  the only one that saw this. I live in homestead florida.

Meteor over Christchurch

About 10.52 pm saw a very bright white greenish meteor travelling NNW from high above down to horizon over Christchurch. Spectacular As a clear starry night.

Shooting Star

About 9pm on Tuesday, 9th February 2015 EST I saw what I believe was a meteor entering the atmosphere from east to west. It was a bright flare-like streak with a greenish tinge to the meteor. It burnt out before it touched the ground. The journey lasted onlt about three or four seconds.

I am from the South East corner of Queensland, Australia.

Meteor sighting

I saw the same meteor, around 11pm in the Canterbury region on the South Island of New Zealand.  Large fire ball, with a bright blue-green color, following the path of the Milky Way across the sky from southeast to northwest.  I'm in  high country with a clear sky and no light pollution, it was very bright and highly visible.



I saw a quite bright green meteor over Christchurch looking toward the west. Only lasted a second or so. Burnt out before hitting the ground. 10.50pm NZ time.

Bright streak through the sky

I saw it too!!! But I'm in Vancouver BC.Canada. it was about 6pm here, and it was heading from east to west. And it was big but I can't find anyone else talking about it.  Weird.  

Metor south toward northwestern approximately 8:15 pm central F

Approximately 8:15 pm. Fast moving from south to northwestern .  I am in central Florida inland from Daytona Beach. 

metor sighting

About 5pm February 9th from Texas San Antonio that is I was outside doing 

Some yard work when my wife got my attention and told to look up I saw a red and yellow streak in the light sky was traveling down in high speed. took about 2 to 3 minutes to be out of sight then another. Red and yellow streak appeared for a brief moment I thought they were missiles but nothing came out on the news. Good luck world. God bless

Big Bright Emerald Green Ball Of Light Fall Fro Chicago North!!

I Saw A Beautiful Green Ball Of Bright Light Shot Across The Sky On The North Side Of The City Of Chicago Illinois Then It Just Disappear Before I Could Take Out My Phone.

On saturday February 6 TH 2016.   We're driving on the north side of the city of Chicago.I knew I saw what look like the color a big green emerald jewelry color ball of light fall down and disappear. I Google to see if anyone else saw this and came across this article. So I had to write here what I know what I saw with my own eyes. I known I was not crazy because it was so bright and beautiful but also strange at the same time. Thank you from Chicago Illinois.



Green ball of light in the sky.

I Saw A Beautiful Green Ball Of Bright Light Shot Across The Sky On The North Side Of The City Of Chicago Illinois Then It Just Disappear Before I Could Take Out My Phone.

On saturday February 6 TH 2016.   We're driving on the north side of the city of Chicago.I knew I saw what look like the color a big green emerald jewelry color ball of light fall down and disappear. I Google to see if anyone else saw this and came across this article. So I had to write here what I know what I saw with my own eyes. I known I was not crazy because it was so bright and beautiful but also strange at the same time. Thank you from Chicago Illinois.



Comet flying through the sky

Tonight while driving home 8/2/16 i saw what looked like a ball of fire in the sky off in the distance, slowing moving further out of my vision. I could see it faintly flickering so it looked like fire definitely. Watched it driving for about 10-15 minutes before it was out of my view. Looked up pictures of comets and it matches my description! I live in Melbourne, Australia

Green ball of light

I was sitting on my back patio at 6 am this morning and saw this huge green ball of light traveling through the sky! It had an orange colored tail! It did not carry any sound with it! It was traveling at a slower speed than a shooting star or a meteor! I am from Sellersburg Indiana! 

Fire Ball near Tammin/Cunderdin WA around 8pm saturday evening

Saturday Evening 6th Feb 2016 Around 8pm an extremely birght light came down to earth splitting before final impact.

vision Very similar to the vision of the shuttle disaster returning from the space station albeit with shorter tail.

 and fireball at tip. Estimated broke up about 5000ft above earth in low night sky towards Cunderdin.

Was with a group of amateur astronemers setting up their telescopes, I yelled out but none had any equipment ready and could not see its final stages as a shed excluded their view,

It was extremely bright and more brilliant than most shooting stars I have ever seen with a tennis racket shape of a large fire ball at its tip and a short tail about twice as long as the diam of the fire ball.

I do hope someone can verify this as it was to big to be completely unnoticed. 

A stupid suggestion maybe but could it in anyway be connected with the North Korean roaket launch

Dennis Newland

Blue Meteor in sky

I was driving north in Perth northern suburbs and noticed a blue meteor with tail streaking through the sky down towards the coast. It was around 8am..



Meteor 6th feb

It was actually 8pm sorry..wonder if this was the meteorite that hit India..not sure of the time difference?

Bright Flash in the western sky.

I am in Southern IL and I saw this as well.  Around eight pm central time.  It streamed from around due west and about 70 degrees up.  I saw a red streak the the bright flash and then a continuing stream afterwards for a short time. 

I too wonder if this is part of the N Korea missle launch as well.

I saw a large bright light

I saw a large bright light last night around 7:45pm at Monkey Mia, shark Bay in west Australia.... The most westerly place in WA. 


Strange light

It was around 10:30 pm tonight (which is February 6th 2016) and I was laying in bed and the whole sky lit up outside. It kind of looked like lightning like how it flashes and the sky lights up except there's no clouds and no thunder. It happened 3 times and then stopped. The light was colorful too so it looked kind of like it was morning but it's still night. I am from south Washington state btw. Very close to the Oregon border. Does anyone know what this was or had a similar experience?

I live in scal temecula area

I live in scal temecula area and yes I saw the same thing same time!

Meteor/Shooting Star Christchurch

Saw a meteor/shooting star over Christchurch heading South-South West at about 9:30pm on Wednesday 3 Feb, wondering if anyone else saw it. Very bright white, moving rapidly with a tail behind it

Saw a meteor cross the sky

Saw a meteor cross the sky and just burn up and disappear this afternoon around 6:25 p.m. I am in Central Florida. It was an awesome sight.

Very strange sighting in sky

So, we live in Nelson co Virginia. Boarding close to albermarle co line. My partner went outside about 710 pm.2/5/2016. He called for me. Up in the sky was a line of 10-15 flashing red/white lights. Resembling what plane light would look like. They were in straight line formation. No sound. Suddenly, the lights went straight down, curving left to form somewhat of a circle, but then started to flash green lights also. It stayed in that shape until it headed south, out of our sight. 

We also called out our 15 year old son who is as stunned as we are. Attempted to take photos with phone but they look just black:( 

what in the world was this?!?!?!

Bright White Light

totally overcast tonight and saw the sky light up white a few times so assumed it was distant lightning. But then at about 2am (approx) I saw a huge white ball falling that looked like the moon. but with a small tail! Amazing sight!!! It lit up the whole paddock and hills in front of my house! Situated South of Katikati in rural area. Still sitting on my deck hoping to see something else! 


2.13ish am. Saw A very Huge very bright white meteorite which broke into two.  A very cool sight. 

Fireball in Dunedin skies

I seen a fireball in the sky lastnite about 10pm.... it came from north taieri heading towards mosgiel then it made a right hand turn an started heading towards Dunedin over 3mile hill.... it's the strangest thing iv ever seen....

re: Fireball in Dunedin skies

Probably a helicopter connected with a sea rescue off Tomahawk Island, perhaps the helicopter had a searchlight.


I was staying in St Kilda at the time and there was lots of helicopter activity.


I live in Picton New Zealand. At about 2.10am I saw 2 flaming meteors cross the sky heading in a Southeasterly direction. I wonder if others sighted them. 

Lights in sky over Wellington

woke up at 2:14am to get a glass of water to see out my kitchen window 3 lights in the sky just above the hill line moving north to south. I saw them for about 3 seconds and they were greenish in colour and quite close together in almost a triangular pattern. They disappeared behind the hill after that. Almost looked like a plane was angling into the hill but definitely not an aeroplane. I am from Wellington New Zealand


Just about 4 mins ago, I saw

Just about 4 mins ago, I saw a shooting star. So beautiful. (12:15 am)cypress tx. 

fell from sky

I live in New Baltimore michigan and on Feb. 1 2016 I saw a greenish ball fall from sky, never seen something that big before falling from sky.  

My daughter and I saw a green

My daughter and I saw a green light shoot across the sky tonight as well. It was very fast. We are in Talladega, Alabama

a light falling from the sky

I was in wilmington DE, between 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM i was driving to pick up my niece from work and i was going towards Newport/Kirkwood HWY/Marshellton area and i seen the yellowish light falling from the sky, it was so fast that i was not able to capture it on my phone. But i know i seen something 


blue flashes in sky in scotland this morning

i live a few miles outside glasgow and when i got in my car at 4.40 am this morning the full sky lit up in a blue flash just for 1 second.Two of my colleagues who start about an hour later both witnessed this  also.Did anyone see it or know what it is ?

Meteor Feb 1st

I saw what I thought was a shooting star last night when I was outside in the dark last night playing my ukulele! Very brief, it shot away quickly. Only last a second. We live in Wairau Valley, Marlborough, New Zealand


i was driving in warren,pa and saw this green ball of light falling from the sky very quickly then disappeared!  Really neat!  

Falling Bright Green Ball

Today, February 7, 2016, at 6:05 AM, I witnessed a large bright green ball of light decend from above my field of vision in my truck as I was looking north, toward Lake Erie, out through the passenger window while driving west on Rt 20 in Harborcreek, Pa on my way to work. It's size and brightness caught my attention instantly, falling straight down at a very high rate of speed, though not as fast as I would expect a meteor would travel, with no fire trail or sound that i could detect, and finally broke into several parts, which remained bright green until seemingly disappearing into Lake Erie or North into Canada. I reported this to Pa State Police who immediately contacted the US coast Guard. both Erie based and Buffalo NY based Coast Guard has contacted me in the last four hours to get information. They had many questions but no answers as of yet. It could not have been from a flare gun as it was much to high when I first spotted it and the flares used on Lake Erie boats are red, not green, and must go up, before coming down, which I would have easily seen. Has anyone else witnessed this event today? 

Shooting star or comet

Tonight at 8:30pm on February 1, 2016 

i saw a large comet or shooting star very low over Detroit city's downtown. I live in Windsor and was out walking along the river front with my two friends bill and vic.

very clear night out no  clouds.

it was huge lasted about 3 seconds when I noticed it  then it burned up before it hit the ground.

boy it was something!

burning object in the sky

I live in Skokie Ill, USA.  I was just out waking my dog and I saw a falling object, burning in the sky.  It lasted too long to be a shooting star.  It stopped burning before it hit the ground.  Pretty cool, but a little scary.  

I saw that meteor!

I was in the mall parking lot in Hackettstown NJ on Mountain Avenue. I was in my car facing west and saw a large white ball of light streaking to the west southwest. It lasted longer than a shooting star, a couple seconds, making me wonder what it actually was. My husband was looking away but noticed something out the corner of his eye.


I saw it too

green meteor over New York's Long Island Expressway 1/30/16

I saw green fireball with tail looking like it was shooting almost straight down from the sky Saturday January 30th around 6:15pm south side of the Long Island Expressway at exit 68. It was awesome at first thought it was a roman candle so I kept looking for more and that was it a one shot so no roman candle plus roman candles shoot from the ground up !

Green metro

We saw it also and thought it was a firework but it was coming down not up.

meteor on 1/30/16 approx 6:18 est

I was driving home from work when I saw the green ball falling from the sky and it sort of fizzled out. I noticed the driver of the car in front of me moving his has gesturing to the passenger.  I feel some relief as I wasn't imagining what I saw.

I was in Matawan NJ at the time.

Green meteor

In Germantown, NY, my children an I saw the green light shooting down.  It was Awesome! 

large orange meteorite far north nz

Large orange meteorite far north NZ, Going downward in a westerly direction leaving a long tail before spliting into two and fading out at a lower altitude.


In Phenix VA 01/30/16 I saw a bright light that streaked across the sky and seemed to break up, then vaporized. It left quite a trail behind it. It was about 6:30.


Bayville, New Jersey aprrox 6:15pm, saw now what I know to be that Meteor, streak downward though the sky with a ball in front and a long tail, disappeared with in a few seconds.  Love that it was a Meteor.

bright light falling from sky

i seen a bright light falling from the sky so fast last night! i never seen anything like it' was awesome..we were driving and it happen so fast! marlton,nj..anyone else?