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Light in sky

I just saw what looked like a travelling star above the Edwalton area of Nottingham that suddenly went really bright then went back to normal carried on travelling but went out of sight??


Whangarei, northland, new zealand 27/03/17 3:15am this morning and looked up into the starry sky and watched what i think was a meteor falling down in the star lit sky. It started off like a silver shooting star for a short distance then traveled quite a long distance as a fiery flame.

Blue flying object above forth road bridge

My friends have seen a hige blue light the aize of a house above the forth road bridge in scotland it has happened 2 days in a row also with what sounds like trumpet noices coming from the sky

Blue flash accross sky....west of Scotland

West Scotland blue flash accross the sky never seen anything so fast in the sky, then disappeared? Thought it was a plane when I 1st glanced up and seen it but way too fast shot accross the sky and disappeared in seconds.

Blue Flash

Hiya, We saw a very similar sounding think, just over the border near Jedburgh tonight around 8.30-9ish Blue/Green light, no tail, shot across sky east to west then vanished..... Where in Scotland did you see it? What direction did it go? We thought it may have been a satellite, but seemed much too fast and the wrong colour.

metor - i guess?

Wilmington, Vermont - night sky march 17 or there about. I was using my telescope observing bright planet or star in the Northeast sky was probably around 9:30 10:00 pm. At one point there appeared to be very along straight line below the star. like something a jet might leave behind - but it was way above any height a jet could fly. It - seemed to appear from now where. As I watched this line it seemed to be moving and changing shape as I continued to watch it for at least a good hour - the line was no longer straight and I could see a fiery ball at the end. it seemed to be moving diagonally up and away. I could see the fiery ball or balls at the end of this stream moving at what seemed to be up and way in a jiggered fiery climbing roll. I must have watched for over an hour.

blue flash in sky

Queenstown New Zealand 24/03/2017 around 11pm, saw a blue light like a star then a flash which grew bigger then gone, like a star was exploding, mate who I was with also seen it

White Light

Live in La Mirada, CA - 15 mins away from Disneyland / Anaheim to give you an idea of our location. My kids and I were driving home from dinner tonight (March 24, 2017) around 9:30 pm when we noticed a very bright white light shooting across the sky. The light didn't shoot directly across the sky, more of like an arch. I am presuming it was shooting star, but I don't know much about this so not sure if this type of pattern is considered normal. I was joking around with my kids that if we hear a knock on the door shortly after we get home that it could be the "men in black."

Exactly happened like that

Exactly happened like that but few hours before around 7 pm in India. I thought that it was a UFO or something unusual.

Green light falling from sky.

Green light falling from sky...observed while driving down Rio Saldo towards tempe marketplace March 22 at 730 pm.

Green light

Around 4:50 A.M. 3/23/2017 Gillette, Wyoming. Saw a bright green light falling and had a significant trail of sparks behind it. I can't say that it was a fireball, and it wasn't glowing. But it was a bright green light, not sparkling or anything. It looked like a shot off of a Roman candle firework.

Around 8:30 p.m. (Mountain

Around 8:30 p.m. (Mountain time) in El Paso, Texas my boyfriend and I were in the car driving and all of a sudden he pointed out a meteor falling from the sky (northwest direction) it was a blue-green color at first then changed to white as it got closer and then the color faded alltogether

Bright green arc

This morning at 5:50 am near Haxtun Co. I saw a really bright white light in the sky that suddenly arc'd up and then down disappearing in a green trail. I was looking Northwest of where I live.

Green Fireball 3/23/2017

I am from the Piedmont region of South Carolina in the United States. While driving, my dad and I saw a green streak go straight down. It did not make a noise or anything. I witnessed another one minutes after. It was very unusual because it went in a straight parallel line, and did not disappear. We saw it go straight into the ground, but it was a few miles away and a hill covered where it landed. We looked up to see if there are any meteor showers coming up, and we came up with nothing.

Just saw a bright light go

Just saw a bright light go across the sky.. like a meteor/ shooting star but much closer/ brighter. I'm in uk & this was in the western sky at around 12.10 am

Fiery object seen above Auckland

Tonight at about 10:30 i saw a fiery object above Auckland ,it was not a star or a plane,perhaps a meteor ?It was there for Nearly a minute

Fiery object

We too saw this amazing fiery object. It slowly came towards us, passed over our heads it was amazing to see, we were so taken with trying to figure out what it could be we didn't think to try and photograph it. We were watching from Waikumete Hill in West Auckland and watched it until it disappeared over towards the Auckland City. It was slow moving as it passed over and no sound came from it. I have been looking online to try and find somebody else that must have seen it, it was so large and amazing to big and slow to miss.

Bright green streak

I saw a bright green streak of light like a firework, shoot across sky at 8:40 pm last night in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Object falling

Yesterday March 21, 2017 at around 7pm I had saw something falling from the sky over Fall River, MA. I took a video of the scene.

Object falling

Yesterday March 21, 2017 at around 7pm I had saw something falling from the sky over Fall River, MA.


My boyfriend and I saw the EXACT same thing in PA, like 20 mins from Philly

Last night dad seen a big

Last night dad seen a big blue fireball in sky said it looked low..he thought it landed close...weland Ontario.Canada 9:30 pm March 21 2017

That makes two of us

I was driving from hamilton to Toronto and i was on 401 east and i saw this blue color thing moving from left to right in sky. I thought i was seeing different colors in eyes after long day at work. I tried typing "i saw blue item falling last night" on google and i landed here. Thank god its for real and i would love to know whats that blue thing :D Cheers

Lebanon Pennsylvania

I was standing out side long up at the sky. I saw what appeared to be a falling star. It was a easy bright light with a bright orange streak behind it. At approximately 8:30pm.

Falling star

I saw one over Manchester, Md about 8:35 pm on March 21, 2017. Very bright white with some red and possibly green. Going more or less east to west.

Green Light in Sky

I was driving in Toronto, Canada, when I looked up and noticed a very fast moving green light around 8:40pm Central time (GMT -5). It was travelling in a southerly direction, appearing like something falling from the sky. It quickly disappeared on the horizon. I personally wouldn't refer to it as a shooting star as it didn't exhibit a 'tail', so it was likely a meteor. But I must admit that the thought of a man-made object crossed my mind at first....ufo?

So I sort of thought I saw

So I sort of thought I saw the same thing, the green light I saw was also heading south, but I saw mine much earlier, at 4:50 am, and further south than you as I am in wyoming in the US. And, I guess my sighting had a shower of sparks behind it. Ok, so maybe not the exact same thing. But definitely heading south, and definitely thought I should mention it

Green meteor

Large green mentor streaking through southern sky from east to west about 1245 am 3/22/2017. Near Kansas City, MO viewing from the city of Lee's Summit.

Green Streak in the sky 3/21/17

Was driving North bound route 5 Southern MD. 6min short of hitting I-95S .. I was driving and seen a Green streak of light to the top right about a good distance off.... It went from the top right in a doward fall to the left then out of site

Green Metor

I witnessed something similar on the same night, but earlier on. Some differences exist, however. First, the one I saw was moving from north to can a meteor change direction like that? Also, the time seems to be much later than it should be which might indicate that it slowed down? Now I'm wondering if this was a man-made object rather than a meteor...just some food for thought?

Bright green thing

Saw a very bright ball with a white tail fall out of the sky I was so amazed I didn't know what it was I was so confused but I'm glad I have witnessed this! I literally turned over opened my eyes and it was there for a second then gone!

Fireball in South Eastern Sky - 03/21/2017 @ 9:12PM

Large fireball breaking apart heading straight down out of the sky. Could not see the color, but it was large.

Green light

My son and I saw a bright green streak across the sky in Gainesville Va. it lasted long enough for me to point it out to my son. It was spectacular!

I just saw a bright green

I just saw a bright green light with tail fall to earth in the marshland of southern New Jersey. USA. March 21 @8:30est.

I was traveling 78 W toward

I was traveling 78 W toward PA I was close to Clinton NJ at the time and I saw it . It lasted about a second if that and I was looking around to see if anyone noticed or if it may cause an accident and nothing happened. Then I was second guessing if I even saw something. I'm so happy I'm not the only one. What was it?

The fast green light

I saw this about between 0830 and 920pm or so in Baltimore. Was second guessing myself but it was fast moving at an angle downward slightly.

The fast green light

I saw this about 920pm or so in Baltimore. Was second guessing myself but it was fast moving at an angle downward slightly.

Small bluish greenish light fell from above

It was a small bluish greenish white-ish light that appeared out of no where somewhat falling and kinda appeared out of nowhere, i swear i didnt blink, im usually looking out at the sky almost every single night so im used to leaving my eyes open for a long period of time. Well i saw that light and i got excited, i got scared, idk what that was? i was thinking maybe alien, but ive seen what ufo's are like they are more bluish or more whitish cause they reflect light at that level. but yeah here in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, i just saw that maybe around 8:57 or :58 pm. i stayed looking around to see something else to be sure of what i saw and no luck. nada. nothing else was in the sky as of right now that im here typing on this website. Thank you for letting me comment this event lol i feel a little better, knowing im not going crazy or whatever. thanks and good luck everyone on planet earth, a.k.a our home. peace. :)

Saw blue/green light

I was driving in Titusville Pennsylvania about 8:20/830 this light appeared in Sky coming down at an angle real fast

Me too

Saw the EXACT same thing in Lansdale, PA

Green flash of light

I saw that same light

Green comet

Bright green rocket like a fire work just shot across the sky very low Spencerport, ny

Green light above Okinawa

Shortly before midnight (JST) on the 20th March a high speed, green object seemed to fall from the sky in an arc above the island of Okinawa. I appeared to fall from east to west across the island. The speed and brightness were amazing!

It was big

21:30 Swedish time. Lying in my sofa in Norrköping, Sweden when I saw a huge green fireball of some kind falling from the clouded and dark sky? Anyone can tell me what it was?

What did I just Wittnes? :o

Om in Sweden time is stund 9:30 om local time Stockholm this was not a normal star the hole sky light up as this big first blue then turning into flames objekt game and the White sky light up havet ever seen anything like this pls Contact if you know what it was at

Meteor Canterbury

March 21 1:34 am, Harewood Road Oxford. Observed a spectacular meteor shoot through the atmosphere with an elongated blue green tail. Looking south east.

Green fire ball

Witnessed a flash of a green shooting star over the mountains in Mount cook new zealand in the south island.. at 1:30 am.. 21st March 2017

Green flashing light

Same here in upstate NY.... What the hell ?????

Last night 19/3/2017 i and my

Last night 19/3/2017 i and my wife saw fireball falling from the sky there were no no street lamps neighter any electric cable it was just above of all these and we saw it clearly as if it fell in some street but when we went through that street there was nothing

Meteor/fireball over E.WA.

Just saw a green fireball moving east to west over the Pullman, WA. Area at 1:30am on March 20th 2017. I was watching tv and heard a series of muffled bangs or thuds from outside and I couldn't tell which direction the noises were coming from so I looked out my window and spotted a large bright brilliant green meteor with a long tail moving across the sky over my apartment. It was north of Pullman out towards Albion WA. Did anyone else see it? And yes the faint noises were from it passing over.