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Red light - UK

Just seen a red light /ball in the sky , seems very distant . Unsure what this is , but was noticable in the sky . It was there for about 15 minutes and now i can't see it , this could be due to the clouds. I hope it's nothing major.


Bracken Ridge, Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

2 bright lights in the sky, one seems to be larger and brighter than the other. I am only 15km from the Airport and it doesnt seem like the planes are flying much lower coming in.


Strange object in night sky...

Just seen very strange object in night sky around 6pm over Porirua< Wellingotn similar to what other comments of people sighted here.  Long with three lights was on an angle and staionary.

Strange object in night sky...

About 6pm tonight saw a large birght strange object over Porirua, Wellingotn skies.  It was long, much larger than a plane and appeared to have three light...

Anyone else see it?  I am puzzled!


Just saw a good comet just outside Maheno, Otago, burned brightly with a long tail for a good 10seconds :)

I saw the same one this mrng

I saw the same one this mrng at 7.30 with a tail and 10 seconds give or take then just died out ,I am in Christchurch ,tried to tell people about  it but they just didnt really say much .

Was driving to get my

Was driving to get my daughter and thought there was a plane crashing it was so low and bright  it hovered for at least 10 min - I went home to get my husband so someone else would believe me - he saw it to and then it just disappeared  - I am totally freaked out!  Nutley NJ

Location? time?

Location? time?

Bright light with light diagonally higher

Seen over Auckland, looking from Karaka towards Awhitu Peninsula. Has anyone else seen this? Noticed at 7pm, had disappeared by 7.13pm. Almost looked like a plane very high but remained completely still.

bright light with light ...etc

what type of plane ? jet liner, small plane large ?  


I second this observation; Bright Light ( Larger than average star size ) with a smaller star by its side.

Remained in the sky for atleast 45 mins until it became shrouded by clouds.

Location when seen; West Auckland, Object seen North.

Time; 830pm


I saw this too!  

I saw this too!


Two Lights over West Auckland

Yeah, I saw the same two bright lights (one big, one small) near each other just now (about 8:00pm, 01/07/2015) and twice yesterday evening (about 6:00pm and at 7:00pm). I've never seen them before, and I would have definitely remembered them as they are quite distinctive due to their position (rather low on the horizon) and brightness. Also, there are no other stars in the sky as it is very cloudy, or very few dim ones only. Seen in West Auckland, West Harbour both times. They do not appear to have moved since I saw them yesterday.

2 moving things in sky during day not plains

I see this to whilst out during day time hours in the UK 

I have spotted the same thing

I live in Tikipunga, Whangarei, and I saw this a few nights ago and I can see it again now (6pm) - a bright light with a smaller star by its side.  My son just saw a light fly off to the left of it.

I would love to know what this is....anyone?

Green explosion

after 11pm I seen flickering light towards East Manchester in the distance that I see regular but not every night. Whether it is planes is debatable. like usual I was staring following the light that usually glides down, to my surprise it stopped lit up green went backward kind of turned then got brighter. This was an il luminous green explosion that I cannot put into correct words. Looking like a big splash of paint then then shrunk and went back to its usual flashing lights in the distance and faded out. I'm from the UK in the Manchester area. I would appreciate it if anybody could find out what this was. It occurred on 29th June around 11pm 2015.

Meteor in sky last night.

I live on the west coast of Florida, St. Petersburg Beach. At about 0100 to 0130 Hours on 06-29-2015 I saw a slow moving object moving across the sky, it came out of the west and was moving in a North\North East direction. It appeared to break apart and the tail length doubled in size. Watched for about 30 to 40 seconds til my view was obstructed by tall buildings. Did anybody else report seeing what I saw?

Flying object June 29th at 1:30am

I was sitting on my front porch at 1:30 a.m. On June 29, 2015 and out of the right corner of my eye I seen this big white spot so I turn to look and it look like it could have been a big asteroid unfortunately I don't think they start behind trees, if it was an asteroid  it would have fell straight from the sky but it didn't  and it did not break up it stayed in one big piece it was moving very slowly flew right past my front porch a big round white flood light was pointed right at me and it continued to fly by very slowly it disappeared to the left behind some trees and I would say this sucker was huge I've never seen anything like it in my entire life there was no sound and move very slowly I would say it was in my site for a good 3 minutes. 

Large meteorite/fireball/space debris

Approximately 1:30 am saw huge light come across the sky breaking into pieces but following the same rough pattern . No noise bright white in color.

blue light in sky

Seen tonight at 5.45pm in Tamar Valley Tasmania. Very bright almost neon blue ball falling in a north easterly direction. Lasted for about 20-25 seconds before disappearing behind the hills. With the naked eye it was about the size and brightness of a car headlight on full beam from a distance of about 500 metres. Not travelling in a straight line but an arc.



Hi there, we saw a large, greeny white, very bright meteor moving extremely fast in a SSW direction last night (mon June 29) around 5.45pm. It disappeared behind the horizon, having taken about three seconds to cover the whole distance from overhead to the horizon. Might have been the very same one you saw from Tasmania, falling to earth somewhere between us.

It was so beautiful and bright

I saw it around 1:30 a.m in Seneca SC... 

meteors or what

we all seen it  in powder springs tn

Moving Star Hawkes Bay

This morning at approximately 6.15am I saw a moving star? moving very slowly and consistently in a southerly direction here in Hawkes Bay. No flickering or other colours. 

moving star

Could have been the International Space station. Details of time when you can see it are on  "Human Space Flight"site. Follow the prompt for country and city. and then save so you can check any time.

We watch all the time.

Moving Stars

Hi Annie. Check out the Heavens Above website. It allows you to enter your location & tells you exactly whats going by up there. Fascinating.


fire ball

fire ball in the northeast  this  morning  at 1:30

Christchurch, new Zealand.

Christchurch, new Zealand. Saturday June 26 2015, 6:20pm. My husband, in-laws, son and I gathered outside to watch a strange orange light,  almost fiery, moving silently and quickly south. It was big enough to be eye catching and eerily strange. The speed at which it was moving suggested man-powered, but it was silent...

Bright white-blue-yellow flash light

Living in Vaudreuil area, Quebec, Canada, I was with my wife and 2 friends watching Venus and Jupiter. June 26, 2015 perfect clear sky. we have seen multiple satellites and 2 shooting stars then at around 10h30pm, we saw a bright light mostly white with blue and yellow shades for 1 second the first time then 2 seconds and vanished. The trajectory was horizontal. The flash light was of a diameter of around 2 inches. It took 3-4 seconds between the 2 appearances. Never seen something similar in my life.

Comet? Meterorite?

New Zealand - Northland, Paparoa at 8.00pm we saw an extremely bright light out the north-west of us. 40 or so degrees high. No idea if it was the ISS or a comet or a meteorite or whatever, it kept fading every couple of minutes and getting bright again. After about 10 minutes it had moved down and across to the west. Interesting :)


Just saw a small fireball headed west/southwest. Absolutely silent, low in the sky. Observed it for about 15/20 seconds. Short tail, not breaking up. Watched till I could no longer see it. Pretty awesome! 


25th June 2015 10pm local time, 15 miles due north of the pic du midi observatory Pyrenees France, it was a very slow moving fireball half way between the moon and Jupiter in the western sky. It broke up into two or three pieces as it burnt out.  This is not the first I have seen but it was the slowest, time for me to point it out to the others I was with and for them to turn and see the end. Thrilling !

Very Bright light with long, coloured tail

9.30pm Thursday June 26th 2015, Santiago, Chile

I just saw an extremely bright light whizz across the sky (but very low, not far above the horizon). It seemed to be a white ball and had a very long tail (about 10 times the diameter of the ball) and there were rainbow colours in the tail area. Because of the many apartment buildings in the area it was not visible for more than 2-3 seconds. I think the ball had a kind of reddish-pink halo to it. I thought it was some kind of rocket or something but it was silent. It was very low in the sky and it´s trajectory seemed to be on a steep fall towards the ground. I have definitely never seen anything like it before...



Doesn't know what it is ???

Today, 25th June 2015, while going for a walk after having lunch, I saw something coming from the sky doesn't know the actual direction from where it went from to. But it was the first time I saw it that much clear today. I just went so clear in front of me. I was really surprised and as always earlier my mother told me to ask a wish whenever I saw such a thing like shooting star or a meteor whatever it is. So I asked a WISH!! WHATEVER It was but it was so clear and it just got vanished in nearly 4-5 seconds.


looking East towards mount taranaki from okato about 800pm Wednesday night. 24 June . Saw very fast moving streak across sky with long tail and ended with a red ball. Appeared as though it burnt itself out. Too fast for plane and low in the sky.

orange ball

About 10:30 I seen this round orange ball in the eastern sky moving north to south. No sound. Moving pretty fast. Disappeared in clouds.


Me and a friend of mine from Gatineau, QC. CANADA were looking to the sky (south-east part) around 23:00 GMT eastern daylight time when we saw a falling small bright blueish ball with a long fiery orange trail off a very slow object heading south , this object was heading  in a downward direction, not climbing, a direction/flight path never observed ever in my history of eye sky surfing  this object was small, clear night sky, anyone who witnessed, you need to post your confirmation here.  it was not a plane.  it had a reddish glow at the front. Like a falling debris from space. It disapear after a few seconds (about 20 seconds or so) like there were nothing left to burn.

Dunedin 23/06/2015

large vaper trail off a very fast object heading south in Dunedin n.z, this object was heading  in a downward direction, not climbing. a direction/flight path never observed ever in my history of eye sky surfing.  this object was large, clear blue sky.  anyone who witnnessed, you need to post you confirmation here.  it was not a plane.  it had a redish glow at the front. 

Hi. Can you please confirm

Hi. Can you please confirm what time you saw the object on the 23rd?  I'm from wanganui & the whole region heard/ felt a boom..still unexplained. 


Sitting inside approx 10.02PM at Turakina Beach, Wanganui. Very loud bang, shook the house. No siesmic activity on Geonet. Several neighbours came out. Can only put it down to a meteorite

Days later and still no

Days later and still no confirmation on what it was? I heard/felt it too. Was heard from turikina too wiototara they say..that's probably a 60 kilometer radius I'd say...big bang but no reports of a flash in the sky?..weird i say??!

We def heard it too. .

We def heard it too. . massive boom and house shook here to. Freaked me out! Were at Whangaehu Beach

Thank goodness someone else

Thank goodness someone else heard it. Were at at Whangaehu and heard and felt it too. 


fire ball falling south island nz approx 5.30pm 23 june 15

something looked like it was falling out of the sky tonight. Im in Queenstown and it was in the distance so could have even been falling down to the ocean over the mountains. there were 2 streams of smoke from what looked like a fire ball and glistening also. No reports of plane crases so far. Anyone else spot it?

two shooting star that crossed each other's path...

while talking to someone on the phone i gazed at the somehow at the clear searching for my favorite constellation since i cant see big dipper i didnt bother finding that much but i still gazed up then i sawa shooting star with its trails of gas that stayed atleast for 2 second or 1 the follow by another same attributes but this one intersected the trail of the first one ... only last for a second also thhats all and i made a wish...  by the way im from the philippines and from quezon city if it helps...


Orange ball

last night in New York City, my friends and I saw something that was not an airplane but looked like a ball of fire moving very fast vertically up in the sky. We followed it and it disappeared once it went in the clouds. It was the weirdest thing ever. I've never seen such a thing. 

bright light?


I am actually in Tempe, Arizona, USA but I saw the strangest thing and Google led me to here. Around 9pm MST I looked out my window and saw a brilliant, almost bluish light stream by. It looked almost like a plane but moving much faster, from the north to south-east.  So quick, it caught my eye and I nearly ran outside to check if an airplane or comet had crashed. No news reports as of 1am MST. I'm still very confused but I feel better knowing others had seen similar events. 

White ball light falling

Hi, just want to let you know I saw a white ball of light appear high in the sky west of TAUPO between 8.30 and 9 pm as I'm not sure of the exact time,  it fell vertically. There were no trails of vapour of any sort from it. I have seen meteors before and know of the vapour trails they have, even spacestation junk will leave a trail when burning up on re-entry. I don't know what it was and I know it wasn't any airplane of sorts. Hope someone else had seen it .

meteor ball ofWhite light

i saw this it was going allmost strait down north west big bright White maby a little yellow between 8 and 9 pm it did not disappear till very low in the sky i saw it from gore

Orange object

About an hour ago June 21 2015 me and my dad witnessed this Orange bright object in the sky of Oakland ca  . it was flying and moved faster than an airplane i know it wasnt an airplane by its speed and then it went north and as it moved quickly it turned into a white cloud and vanished wow i keep looking at the sky i never seen anything like it in my entire 17 years of living.