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Media right over South Beach Nantucket 8:21 PM Eastern standard

 Media right over South Beach Nantucket 8:21 PM Eastern standard time 

 Saw a very large bright meteorite going from west southwest across the sky to South East 8:21 PM September 2 Eastern standard time. Took about four seconds to cover maybe 45° horizontal distance across the sky. About 35° from the horizon. Could actually see the front white ball start to glow orange before it disappeared. Quite spectacular!!

meteor south african sky 2 sept 9pm.

Just witnessed a very large and bright meteor burning in atmosphere.  south African sky moving from east to west in the northern sky. It happened just before 9pm and actually split in 2. It burned for about 5 secs. Amazing to see it.

Streak of right light over Miami, FL explained

Happy to discover the streak of bright light i saw this morning was a military rocket lauching from Cape Canaveral, FL

White streak of smoke over Miami sky

From Miami, FL....I was driving to work at 6:15 a.m. on Sept 2, 2015, and noticed a bright streak of white smoke across the sky.  I was traveling east and the streak appeared to be moving to the right (south).  Very unusual!!! Possible meteor?? comet?? falling satellite?? or..... perhaps finally....FIRST CONTACT?????




This morning, Sept 2, at 6-6:30am on Folly Beach SC I saw what looked like a white star with an arc of white coming from the top and bottom of it followed by a white haze. It was moving about as fast across the sky as a satellite would. Then the arc of white haze around it dissipated and it went behind the clouds. I've never seen anything like it. 

a comet? a star? zoom out of the sky from the north to the east

I saw a fire ball or a comet or something come from the lit up the sky and had a trail behind it...i didn't have time to run in my house to get a looked like it fell into the east...the ocean...


It's was around 6am this

It's was around 6am this morning 9/2/15 in Vero Beach FL. Me and some others were working out. We saw a big bright white light In the sky. It was coming down just as a comet would. It was big and close but has it was coming down it slowly stop and all we could see is a white spot in the sky. Almost if it was star but it wasn't. Never in my life experience something so amazing like this. I'm glad to have witnessed something like that. So upset with my self didn't have my phone near to take pictures but some of the other witnesses did.

Bright white object in Miami sky

Just witnessed something strange. There was a very fast object streaking from the west to the east and it 

it left an extremely bright whire cloud after. unfortunately, it hid behind the clouds. 

Bright light

Maggie i saw it to and am in the bahamas, I had my phone and recorded a minute of it.

Blue "smoke" across the sky

This morning, on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 6:26am in Cape Coral, I saw a blue streak in the sky. It seemed to be moving pretty fast, since it didn't take that much time to stretch across the sky. I could also see a tiny ball of light surrounded by the blue as it moved. It's 6:31am now, and it seems the tiny ball of light has stopped moving and no longer leaving a trail, though the trail is still there, fading. My first thought was a meteor. Is it....?

Green fire ball alaska

About 4am I spotted a green fire ball traveling across the sky at such a high rate of speed I almost didn't catch what it was I saw it in between seward and anchorage alaska 

Red ball over Porirua

We also saw what looked like a fire ball (but it was triangular in shape) it was orange like fire and the top edge appeared to have flames dancing off the top of it.  It was going across the sky from east to west at about 10.15 last night (31.8.15).  It travelled quickly and horizontally (didn't look like it was losing altitude) across the sky.  Nothing like the speed of meteors that I have seen on TV. It was totally silent.  As it got toward the coastline (Titahi Bay) it looked like its course was deviating side to side a bit and it continued on out of our line of sight.  As it was dark we can't gauge the size of it.  Ten minutes after it disappeared a small plane flew over and we could hear it clearly and it kept getting lost in the clouds, so this fire thing was lower than the clouds for sure.

Large fireball seen on the North Shore, Oahu Hawaii

Last night around 11:00 pm August 31 2015, I saw what looked like fire attached to a cluster of stars leaving a trail of sparkles as it moved from East to West. It was going slow enough for me to stop my car and observe it. It was a beautiful sight. 

As with the other reports of

As with the other reports of this event it appears this was the re-entry of an old Russian satellite Cosmos 1315 launched in 1981.



red ball over Kelburn

Just watched a large red ball come from behind Kelburn horizon (viewed from Oriental Parade) and shot up in the sky, travelling horizontally at speed - faster than a commercial jet or helicopter - and at top of trajectory, it seemed to disappear into the atmosphere. Seen at 10.12pm. Very large, and bright red, with no secondary lights. Watched the sky in the area for five minutes afterwards and nothing reappeared. Anyone else see this?

Re: Red Ball over Kelburn

Your report is of considerable interest as it coincides with a predicted pass of a decaying Russian satellite Cosmos 1315 which was launched in 1981. The reports below from Hawaii about an hour and a half earlier also are believed to relate to re-entry of this satellite

I was trying to look out for the predicted pass you appear to have observed but didn't have much luck - I was in Wellington city and may have caught a glimpse but could not be certain.

Your report has been drawn to the attention of experts on satellite re-entry.

Red Ball over São Paulo, Brazil

I just saw something very similar to the reported above, a big red ball with brightness and speed constant that seemed not to be in high altitudes crossed the sky approximately  20:00 pm São Paulo, Brazil.

re: Red Ball over Kelburn

The experts have some doubt about this sighting being related to the remains of the satellite in view of it having been seen to decay over Hawaii, however the fact of the time being so close to that of the predicted pass and the fact that this pass was expected to be to the west (which is the direction you are looking)  seems to be too much of a coincidence to me.  One issue that has been raised is the direction of travel, could you please elaborate on this and the approximate duration of what you saw?  For the observation of any meteor or suspected re-entry the time exactly as possible, direction and approximate elevation (which you supplied), duration and the direction of travel as well as an indication of the size of the object(s) are essential information.

Unfortunately this means that a lot of other reports in here of various objects will not be able to be identified. Moderator would it be possible to advise accordingly in the header to this page so that this becomes a source of useful information instead of a list of sightings which are of limited usefulness and will probably never be identified.

red ball over Kelburn, wellington

Hello there,


very interesting, I knew nothing about a satellite re-entry! It appeared on the horizon above the Victoria University direction, as viewed from Oriental parade, so travelling from west to north-east. From my location it appeared to move from the horizon vertically, but essentially north-east in direction. It appeared quite large in perspective to the city silhouette, and was fiery red, the outline was rounded but the outline pulsed, not at all like a light on a plane or helicopter. I watched it for about 1 minute, as it appeared to be heading across, or towards, the harbour. Once I ruled out a plane or helicopter - as I was listening intently for the sound of either to reach me - I actually started to think that perhaps it was a missile/projectile being used to launch amatuer weather balloon, or some such.


As I say, from my location and perspective, I thought it looked as if it was travelling straight up, from land to sky, without knowing the scale of it given the distance, so if it were travelling at very high altitude that would mean it was actually travelling west to north-east, or more easterly.

red ball over Kelburn

Just watched a large red ball come from behind Kelburn horizon (viewed from Oriental Parade) and shot up in the sky, travelling horizontally at speed - faster than a commercial jet or helicopter - and at top of trajectory, it seemed to disappear into the atmosphere. Seen at 10.12pm. Very large, and bright red, with no secondary lights. Watched the sky in the area for five minutes afterwards and nothing reappeared. Anyone else see this?

We are in Invercargill New

We are in Invercargill New Zealand and at 9.42pm we saw a large blue/green flash flying through the sky.  It was unreal and 2 of us saw it from different vehicles go towards the direction of oreti beach.

what is it?

about 11:00p.m I just seen the does look like shooting stars moving slow here in Hawaii.

Fireworks across the skies of Maui

Around 11:10 I saw what looked fireworks traveling from SE to NW fly over Maui. It was colorful. Lots of amber goldish trails of fireworks with color "lines" in the front horizontal trail. Wider in the front. Lasted between 13th to 25 seconds. Hard for me to define. It was mind blowing! 


Fire in the Kona Sky

I've never seen anything like it before. It was August 30, 2015 About 11pm. 

I was lying in bed when I saw what looked like fire and a trail of embers going from south to north. It was large and very bright red/orange. 

I went to the north side of my house and saw them burn out. I have no idea what that could have been. 

Maybe a meteor? Kailua Kona, Hawaii. 

Re: Fire in the Kona Sky

Appears to be related to re-entry of an old Russian satellite Cosmos 1315 - same for the other report from Hawaii and the one over Kelburn, Wellington, NZ

Yes i see it too.. Yellow and

Yes i see it too.. Yellow and smoke.. I think that metoer is too close..move from west to south.. In 20-21pm in indonesia.

I seen this two days ago

I seen this two days ago Pensacola Florida United Sates. August 08 2015

Correction Aug. 28

Correction Aug. 28

ball of fire

Hi at about 12:35 am aug.30.2015 in jamaica i saw a ball of fire passing over my head... The flame is very strong it doesnt look like a comet or meteor because it looked as if it knew were it was going.. It looked like one of those hot air lanterns that is released after weddings an such but no that was something else.. Maybe its an american maybe 


Last night 29/8/2015 while my son and I were outside barbecuing 8.45pm we saw a ball of light shoot across the Sky starting from the north going all the way across the sky heading south at a massive speed, I am wondering if there was any comets reported.



Saw what looked like a rescue flare twice in the space of ten minutes. Lit up the sky, thought I was going to perish in a meteor shower but I'm still here, still kickin' so all good.

I see fire

After a fight with my parnter I went to Milford Beach on the North Shore of Auckland, and looked up to the sky. After 10 minutes I saw a burning ball of fire , and felt complete . What a beautiful sight , To understand that no matter how large or how big an issue might seem ; it will burn out and all will be okay again . Just like what I saw tonight . What a beautiful planet , What a beautiful life . 

auckland meteor

about 7pm-ish tonight 28/08/15, my daughter and I in spa pool when she announced "shooting star!" We each saw a bright and seemingly quite large, trail from the west to the North East across the sky. Most impressive shooting star I've seen.

Burning ball falling from sky

on aug. 24, 2015 and sat in my parking lot talking to a friend . Idk what made me look up but I saw what appeared to be an ball of fire falling from the sky . It was moving from the upper right toward the lower left from the position i was standing . It was moving way to fast to be a plane and if it had been a plane it was surely on fire . It was glowing bright yellow and had a tail of smoke behind it . I've never seen anything like that in my life being the fact that I live in a city environment where it's too bright to even see stars . I am from Newark NJ and would like to know if anyone from my area or close may have witnessed the same thing .

August 26, 2015 7:45 pm. Orange glowing sky in south, s-e sky

i live an hour north of Miami, Fl.  Last night, heavy cloud coverage and rain storms Filled the sky from east to west Horizons.   No sunset was visible in the western sky at all.  I was driving south on state road 7.   This is a north- south road about 8 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. Anyway, The sky in the south/south-east looked like the sun had just set below the south-eastern horizon.  If I didn't know better, I would have mistaken that for the sunset. 


Shooting star - Timaru NZ

About 9 pm very bright green and orange and lasted for several second sbefore burning out. Seen from several locations

A strange light over Timaru

At around 9:00 I saw a light burn up above Timaru, NZ. A shape was falling very fast and burning and it burned up after a few seconds. It was extremely bright


Burning object in sky

This morning just before 7am EST I went outside to go to work. I looked up at the sky in the Southeast and saw what at first, looked like the exhaust streaks from an airplane. But it was falling down. It was moving pretty slowly, but as it fell it got brighter and brighter and then quickly disappeared. I thought it might've been an airplane that was actually on fire falling from the sky. It reminded me of what the Challenger spacecraft looked like when it exploded in the 80s. I am in Michigan between Lansing and Grand Rapids. I searched online for anybody else reporting that they had seen it, but so far I can't find anything. I did have my boyfriend come outside too and he also saw it just before it burned out. 

8 242015

im in Texas as well saw about 650 am something that appeared to be falling like fire with a glow from the sky

the same thing

i saw the same thing but im in taupo it was southeast and a yellow redy coulor and it filled the whole room              it was about 6:20 in the morning

Ocean County, NJ

8.22.15 around 10 pm

Saw what appeared to be a plane but only an orange-y red ball moving pretty fast across the sky

slowed down and just faded out to nothing.  Had a witness and we both don't know what to make of this.

Green flash aug22 2.29am

Was driving North in Albany at 2.29am and saw a huge green flash in sky, similar to that of the northern lights on the other side of the world! There was no real bright focal point, just half the sky a big green flash with various intensity. It seemed cars on the motorway next to me slowed down as well as they saw it. Is it possible we'd have a similar recipe for the famous Northern Lights in Nz??

Saw four large red dots

Saw four large red dots gliding through the vast cloudy sky in a very very spread out line formtion. There's no way they were planes of helicopters... After a minute of staring, the simply dissapeared in mid air and didn't return. Anyone see this??? Very odd. 

Large green falling light

on the evening of 20Agu2015 around 10pm, my wife and I were driving just north of Nashville, TN on I-65 (between Nashvile and Hendersonville. We saw a very large green light appear to fall straight down. Based on the size and apparent distance it seemed as though it was within 10 miles of us. That was the only one we saw.

Driving through central Otago

Driving through central Otago last night and saw a spectacular orange fireball with a long yellow tail. Just amazing ! 

light in sky

August 21st at ~12:35 pm I saw a bright light fly across the sky. I did not see a tail, just a quick bright light zooming past. I am located in Arizona.

Green light in sky

While driving home on county line road in greenwood, Indiana notice a bright green ball shaped object from the sky and disappear into the trees. It lasted only a few seconds but was amazing and beautiful. Still trying to figure out what it was exactly

Green light in the sky

august 1st 2015 at around 11 ish. Driving to San Antonio from Fredericksburg My wife and I spotted a large ball of green light suddenly appear below the clouds. It paused for a split second and then in what seemed like a controlled descent, dropped below our field of view. 

Ball of light 20/08/2015

At 10:40 tonight I saw a ball of  light streak accross the sky over london then dissappear, I was on a balcony and there was nothing obstructing my view, it lasted a couple of seconds and was really fast, did anyone else see anything?


shooting star

last night while I was playing a hockey game at Kapiti Coast turf, I spotted a shooting star or something like that. it looked so big and incredible. I think it was North west from where I was at the time.