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bright green object like a star

16th april i witness an bright green object looking like a star decending from the sky above stockport england at 9.10 pm aprox i would like to know what was this thanks

weird cloud strip falling from the sky the end was really bright

I just seen I weird bright cloud like strip falling from the sky. 

Am in tasmania from south. Was looking towards north. The part falling was bright. 

How do I attach a picture? 

The international space station

Last night Tuesday 15th April 2014 at 2105hrs. I noticed a bright light moving across the night sky, in a westerly to easterly direction. At first I thought it was a plane, though no engine sound. It took approximately 5 minutes to travel across the sky, even had time to phone my parents who also spotted it. Can anyone confirm whether this was the international space station? Regards Neil (my location is Rugby, Warwickshire, England)

green ball moving in sky

On 14th of april 2104, i was on my rooftop and was talking with my friend over phone when i saw a hazy green light coming down towards ground, but it got dimnished before touching the ground..the light was circuar in front with a small trail ..the time was near about 22:10 .. i saw it in jammu city in jammu and kashmir state of india.the light was seen not more the 4 seconds.

Somthing in the sky

It's Tuesday the 15th of April at 22:25 I seen somthing going across the sky with a orange/red line behind the orange and red thing that must of been creating that line then it all disappeared ? It was really strange and i was really scared was it a metor? Coming down to earth my boyfriend said it was a shooting start but it looked like the colours of fire ?

Orange ball of light

Tonight, we were watching the moon for the lunar eclipse, we were based in Kinloch, New Zealand. We saw this odd orange ball of light appear in the east, but must've been below the high cloud as we couldn't see the moon. It was travelling fairly slowly, like a aeroplane, but wasn't flashing. It resembled a ball of fire, as it got closer over head, it increased in size, then after going over top of the house, it got smaller and smaller and then just dissapeared in the west. We have camera footage of it to prove that it wasn't us just seeing things.

Orange ball of light

I shared a similar experience here in Wanganui. Orange ball of light 'hung in the air' and was visible before the eclipse became clear again through the clouds. It moved southward and eventually disappeared.

Firey object seen in sky

Oamaru, Otago. Tonight at 7.20pm my wife and I witnessed a large firey object coming in from the east to west, lasted about 20 seconds and then faded out almost overhead ! There was no noise!

We saw the same thing in

We saw the same thing in Kinloch, Taupo!!! We videoed it too

North East Scotland 6th April 2014

Saw lots of moving lights in the sky and 1 really big trail falling in the sky to the north


Iam from Hyderabad, India

Yesterday 13.04.2014 midnight  at around 00.15Hrs, I was on my terrace, watching the clear sky, all of a sudden I have seen a falling star,   but one after the other I have seen around three fireballs, then grewing suspicisous, thougt of capturing the same in my phone,  They were emerging in the East heading towards West and disapperaing.

Initially thought could be some fireworks some where, but the speed at which the fireballs were travelling made me think those couldnt be fireworks, 

I have seen those fireballs for around 15minutes one after the other around 10-13 fireballs



Wales, uk

I was just out the backyard and could see a bright yellow light in the distance. At first I thought it was a plane but it was only around 200 foot in the air plus it was moving way too fast. This light was constant and did not flash and moved in a direct route. The sighting only lasted about 45 seconds and then the light faded above me then disappeared. There was not one cloud in the sky. Any answers to this? Very strange.

Wales Uk

I seen someone saying Sputnik would be visible about 9.50 in Uk so possibly this is what you saw


Sputnik is our way of saying space station or satelite lol

 11.38 at night while working

 11.38 at night while working in the Northern territory Australia my work partner and myself while heading in from a community we saw what started out as a silver flash light turned into a blue then green lght the size of a rugby ball fall straight down from the clouds above.

What was it?

Last night a friend and I saw a bright light in the night sky. At first we thought is was a plane but it was way too high to be a plane it looked like a bright very slow moving star but as it ascended the light got dimmer. Do stars ascend? And no it was mos def not a plane! Please email with links astrology and biblical thank you.

Meteor sighting in Auckland March 2nd

On March the 2nd 2014 I was driving on Te Atatu road towards the end of the Te Atatu Peninsula in Auckland when a huge bright green shooting star flew low across the night sky. It flew from west Harbour direction towards Massey. It was amazing and huge! There were red flares out the back. A sight I'll never forget - amazing!

green emerald meteor

At 8:30 fish April 9th in Humboldt county California in the northwest pacific I seen the most beautiful thing ever I though it was a shooting star but, come to find out it was a meteor and I will never forget it. It was solo beautiful.... wow....

What just went across the sky from West to East at 8:45PM PDT?

We are in Coeur d'Alene, ID and tonight, outside watching the stars, when a VERY bright fast moving object moved across the middle of our sky from almost due West to East. It slowed down going toward the East, which leads me to believe that it was NOT orbiting, but passing Earth by? It went straight past Orion and through the Big Dipper at high speed!

We figured it out!

It's the International Space Station!!  It's in perfect position for us to see it nearly directly overhead!! Coming back in 45 min!!

large white mass falling from sky.

What the heck did I just see? At about 11:05, in San Bernardino near 36th and waterman, a bright white extra large softball shaped mass descended from the sky. i have never seen a shooting star so slow or that large. what was it?

bright light in the sky

At 3.15a,m this morning in March, Cambridgeshire, England, I saw this bright orange/red glow coming straight towards me, as I picked up my camera it suddenly disappeared.

1st sighting of ...???

I still can't believe what I saw & I wish I would've taken a picture, video, or turned back to watch it closely. I had just picked up my 15 yr old son from his grandparents in Antelope, CA & we were on the Highway 99 freeway going southbound to South Sacramento, CA around 11:45pm on April 6th, 2014. We were enjoying a quiet ride home when all of a sudden I saw what resembled a shooting star falling out of the sky from the south west (only the color was bright green like a neon glow stick) & then it disappeared off in the distance. I've seen many shooting stars before, so that didn't strike me as odd (except for it being bright green. I blurted out to my son if he had just seen anything & he said yes. He described exactly what I had just saw, so I didn't think twice until we saw something else. Moments later, I noticed a huge solid object with a flashing red light, which became two flashing lights as we drove forward towards the U.F.O. It wasn't moving in any direction, but was actually hovering in midair! There was another light that had a strange iridescent green glow emitting from its side pointing west. I couldn't make out any other details about it, as I was driving & needed to glance back at the road periodically, in order to make sure I wasn't straying out of my lane. There wasn't much traffic during this time & all the cars seemed to be in a slow moving trance. The hovering object was dark, yet it was definately noticable to the human eye. I now have that image stuck in my mind & I would definitely recognize it, if I ever saw it again. This was certainly not an airplane, helicoptor or anything I've ever seen before created by was an odd peculiar shape. I repeatedly asked my son what was it & if he noticed the same details I saw..of course he saw the very same thing, but he said he wondered if helicoptors could hover that way..there wasn't a propellar, any noise, just a dark sold object that seemed to be suspended in air. I don't know if there are any other reported sightings from that night, so has anyone else seen anything around the Sacramento, CA area & or someplace nearby on Sunday, April 6th, 2014? I'm just trying to look more into what this was & searching videos & pics to try to pinpoint anything remotely similiar to what my son & I saw that night. I love to research & seek knowledge on things that I lack full understanding of..any suggestions of what this could've been is greatly appreciated.

Bright slow moving star with a trail

Approximately 9.58. NW in the sky over Darlington I saw a bright slow moving star with a trail. What was it. 

Satellites moving across the sky

4/7/2014 I live in Sacramento, California 

            At around 9:30 pm a friend of mine was getting ready to drive home and as we walked out to his car I happend to look up and saw what I thought was just a satellite like I've seen many times before moving across the night sky. It was heading southwest direction and as I pointed up at it to show my friend I had seen another one not far behind it going in the same direction and then another and yet another one a total of 4. I'm not trying to say that they were UFO'S I believe they were only satellites. I have seen more than one in the sky at night before but never so close together all at once. If I were to hold my fingers up and measure the distance between them I would say the first two were anywhere from 2 to 3 inches apart then the next one was about 3 to 4 inches apart and the last one which was not as bright as the others was 5 to 6 inches behind it. all of them moving in the same direction not quite in the same path of each other. I guess what i'm asking is this possible could it have been satellites that close together. If anyone can give me an answer a serious answer that would be really nice . Thank You

huge extremely bright light falls from sky

At 8:20 pm, April 6, 2014 a very large bright object was viewed falling in the southern sky and disappeared in the ocean horizon from our view point at Bodega Bay, CA, USA.  It was larger than any meteor we have seen in our life.  It was not dark yet, but the object was extremely bright and very visible. 

Did anyone see it besides us?

red flaming something in sky

Last night, 4/7/2014  I saw something moving in the sky.  Mind you this was way up in the sky.   It looked like red and orange flames.  It was moving, but not as fast as a comet, kind of irregular.  It was very large and then it just disappeared.  I managed to get a picture of it.  In the picture it looks round, but that was probably of the distance.  My camera is not the best.  I am located near the San Francisco, CA area. 

bright slow falling light

Saw a very bright slow falling light as I watched the tail was like sparks the longer it fell the brighter it became

in the south east of the sky in Iowa


Falling white stream of light from sky

I saw a stream of white light fall from the sky while I was driving and it landed on the grass near Edgar's road Thomastown Melbourne right next to me on the freeway .what if it landed in my car ? It happened at 12:25am Sunday 6 th April 2014 .

Saw a very fast moving body

I saw a very fast moving light around 9PM CST that dropped over the eastern sky of Wausau Wisconsin USA. last night (April 4, 2014) I don't know whether it meteor or a satelite but it was very large and very fast

Saw a very fast moving body

I saw a very fast moving light around 9PM CST that dropped over the eastern sky of Wausau Wisconsin USA. last night (April 4, 2014) I don't know whether it meteor or a satelite but it was very large and very fast


11.50pm,05/04/14,meteor or something with a tail burning out over the ocean heading south,i saw it from upper hutt,wellington,freaky aint seen anything like that,impressive.

have just been out for a

have just been out for a smoke at rougthly 11.50pm an seen something enter our atmospere with a tail heading south then brake up into bits an disappear over what looks like the ocean,it was almost fireball looking,i was looking south from upper hutt,never seen anything like it,freaky.

Same here but I saw one

Same here but I saw one earlier

Bright light near Southern Cross

Saturday 5th April, About 8.45pm in Melbourne, Australia, I saw what seemed to be a sudden burst of bright light [brighter than surrounding stars], in Southern Cross Constellation, which then disappeared. Anybody else see it?

I saw a white stream of light

I saw a white stream of light fall on the grass along freeway Edgar's road thomastown at 12:20am Sunday 6th April 2014 ,, where did you see it ? :)

meteor sighting

I was just sitting on my deck at approximately 11.10pm and happened to see something burn up in the sky just over the wellington harbour here in was like a meteor burning up in flames just over the valley.

suspected meteor

My wife and I saw a rare suspected meteor burnt out flying low 9:18pm (infochina time) crossing from west to east in Southern HCM City, Vietnam.

light in the sky

At about 11.15pm on 3 April 2014 I saw a huge falling blue yellow light that appeared to burn up over Lower Hutt

Im glad someone else saw it as well

Im glad someone else saw it as well, I was heading back towards Wellington from Waikanae and saw it towards the South, from where I was I actually thought it had gone down in the hills behind Paekakariki/Pauatahanui area. It appeared to burn-out the lower it got, it certainly was an impressive sight.

Flashing Star

I wonder if this is what I was watching last night around midnight and again tonight.  A star like shape low on the horizon above Upper Hutt (over Akatarawa Valley/Hills) - I am in Birchville, it looks to be sitting about the hills that surround us looking North.  Looks like a star at a glance but if watched it flashes with flickers of red/blue and appears to be dancing around -  not moving a huge distance, but certainly moving.  I am really intrigued as to what this might be, I have never seen anything like it???

flashing star

Yes we have seen this too.  We are in Riverstone Upper Hutt.  It was there last night 5th April.  Looked at it with binoculars and it sure does flash red and blue.  It is not there every night though.  I looked at Carter Observatory as they have a sky map.  It is definitely not Sirius or Venus.  Interesting stuff going on in the sky of New Zealand!

Smoke in the night sky

I was just hanging out, out my fire scape in Hoboken NJ, and saw smoke; In a kite outline shape, move across the sky. The smoke did not disperse like normal smoke instead it followed a path and kept together.It is 8:58pm, and i watched it stay together for a good 10 minutes. I would say it was higher then an airplane, and moved slowly. Anyone know what it could be?

3 Meteors

We saw what the last person below saw, 3 streaks that at first looked like just cloud but continued a long  a path in the sky for at least 15-20 minutes. There were 2 from where we were but then it looked like they merged, we are on the Ewast side of Auckland looking Northwest. I was taking photos of the sunset so I did capture them moving.


Sighted from Whangaparaoa north of Auckland from 7.30 to 8..00 pm. The first 2 were long gold trails like jet vapour following one after the other heading down in a nor west direction the last was a huge black cloud of trail the was also heading in the same direction

Amazing 3 x Meteors

Awesome experience to see the 3 meteors over burning out with long fire trails over Whangaparaoa.  Two were together one following the other about a minute about long orange fire trails.  The third was 10minutes later and black with a huge black trail behind it.  I tried to get a photo but not so clear on the iphone.  Saw on an american website that they were 1LU away from earth and 73m's in size.  Another set to come on 2 April apparantly and they are 1.7km in size but are 73LU away apparantly.  Very interesting.  First time seeing this and 3 in one go - Lucky me!

comet,shooting star!

i sew something,as i left work tonight  at 22:15 on /01/04/2014 .But i'm from the uk, it looked like a comet, it lasted just for a few  sec, but it was really bright, and this was with the naked-eye!

On 28/03/2014 at around

On 28/03/2014 at around 7:00pm in melbourne australia i seen a orange light look almost like a someone had sliced the sky it slowly separated an two little orange lights fell from the big one. What is this?

march 29 2014

In Fort Worth Tx,USA at 6pm Central

There was a round gray shiny object just hovering on the sky.

This might not be related to the topic but, but I know it wasnt an airplane.

Was it a drone? Im not sure.

flying object

Today March 29, 2014 I saw a flying object around 6 pm central.

Im not sure if its related to this on any way, but I know it wasnt an airplane.

It was a round gray shiny sphere, when I saw it I kept my eye on it untill "it" dissapeared after 15 minutes.

Im from Fort Worth, Tx

I took a short video but you can bearly see it because my camera on my phone is blurry.