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Bright blue lihht lit up sky near Creston, ohio 11/27/2015 arpun

Was digging stuff out of shed for Christmas when I noticed the sky pointing towards North West was all  lit up in blue. My brother n law seen it also. It happened for few seconds, went away, then did it again for few seconds again then it stopped. Weird but beautiful. Almost like how a police car's blue siren light would light up the night except I have never known any police lights to light up a huge partnof the sky. X-files, the truth is out there lol

Green light in sky, Sterling, Ohio

We were pulling out of our driveway in Sterling, Ohio and saw a green light light up the sky almost light green heat lighting. My husband saw it first and the light went away then came back and my son and I saw it. The green light lasted long enough for me to almost get a picture with my phone Lol

Green light in sky, Sterling, Ohio

We were pulling out of our driveway in Sterling, Ohio and saw a green light light up the sky almost light green heat lighting. My husband saw it first and the light went away then came back and my son and I saw it. The green light lasted long enough for me to almost get a picture with my phone Lol


i was laying in bed at and I look out my window at 00:30 and I see a bright light at first I thought it was a shooting start but it's moving very,very slow. As I look out my window at 00:40 it's still there and hasnt moved much but I can see it moving as I watch it. it has a kind of flashy effect and and orange outline as if it's projecting colour into some of the Sky. i understand that Planes flash but this definitely does not look like a plane. also at one point I thoight i saw a few things being 'spat' from this thing. im a little bit worried:/im i England.

Bright light surrounded by green

I was a passenger tonight and i saw a bright light with green around it falling directly in the sky. It was a beautiful sight. Friday 27th nov 2012 at around 9:40pm

Green shooting star

Witnessed it from Liverpool UK about 9pm at first just a orange meteor and then produced a very vivid green which remanded visible for 1to 2 secs then vanished



While travelling home from

While travelling home from dyce, aberdeenshire, scotland on Tue 24/11/2015 aprox 1900hr we saw a blue ball with a tail flying through the sky, it's seemed to break up and a ball of fire fell from it. My partner and I both saw it and wondered what it was as we've never seen anything like that before.

falling green light

While driving home from thanksgiving dinner tonight my fiance my brother and I saw a bright green light fall from the sky. It was only about two seconds but we all saw it and it was close to the full moon. It was extremely fast and looked like it fell right out of the sky. Auburn NY

I also saw it in Orlando Florida

it was green and didn't last long (Seconds) The light looked like it was falling from the sky.  Not a shooting star (Too large and slow from my experience anyway).  Not fireworks either.  Strange and pretty.

I saw it too! Albany, Ny

I saw it too! Albany, Ny


I saw it to in massachusetts

Green ball fell from the sky

My family and I were heading north on the Taconic State parkway in Austerlitz,  New York at 6:30 pm.  We saw a green ball fall from the sky.  It lasted for about 5 seconds. 

Fast Moving Green Light

Quincy, MA 11-26-15 seen a fast moving green light in the sky above.  Went down and disappeared pretty quickly.  

I was in Foxboro, MA when me

I was in Foxboro, MA when me & my family saw it to!!

Blue Flash in sky

At approx 230am  bright blue flash lit up the sky for about 2-3 seconds. The light seemed like it was coming Northbound on the 5 Freeway. 

bright green falling star

Bono, Arkansas going north on 63 ar 8:11pm seen a very big bright green shooting star falling very fast lasted maybe a sec at the most

Us too

We saw it this morning (27th) while visiting iceland. It left a trail that lasted a good 2 minutes. We were coming from Reykjavik heading east. Looked to be over the ocean.

Us too

We saw it this morning (27th) while visiting iceland. It left a trail that lasted a good 2 minutes. We were coming from Reykjavik heading east. Looked to be over the ocean.

Glowing orb

Saw same in Missouri at same time! Maybe SW? We were on Highway 21 near Ellington.

Green comet

saw exactly the same thing , bright green falling fast , lasting 1 second . UK Kingston upon Hull . 

Same here, same time in

Same here, same time in Mass!!!!! 


My daughter and I saw several meteors at approx 5:00 on the 24th.  Took photos.  Amazing.  New Jersey.    

Orange fireball

Driving South from Aberdeen in the north east of Scotland at around 11.30pm on the 23rd November I saw a large orange fireball with a long tail travel from north west to south east over Stonehaven. Any idea what it might have been?


My wife and I saw a very bright fireball shoot across the sky around 1:15 to 1:30 AM as we were driving south on RT 45 through Greenville NH.  It seemed very low and it streaked across the sky from west to east.  It lasted so long that I was thinking that it may not burn up but it finally fizzeled out.



Greenville NH

Bright falling fire ball

Last evening, 11/24/2015 at approx. 8:40pm EST, I was driving up Rt 271 N in Northfield, Ohio and saw a bright fire ball falling quickly from straight ahead and everyone ahead of me in traffic began to hit their breaks on the highway because of the sight of it. Within seconds of this visual, it disappeared. I have never seen anything like it - amazing sight!

A bang in the sky.

Last night on the 24th nov 2015 9:33 pm IST I heard a bang in the sky.The bang could be heard 7 kms

away from where we stay.There was a streak or say a tail like in the sky.It stretched very far.Most of the

buildings in the given distance rattled.If any one interested or  any astrophysicists may e-mail me.

Bright light in sky

Did anybody see a bright light in the sky around 2.30am/2.40am? My house lit up but wasnt sure it if was meteor or bright light in the sky. It lasted upto 4seconds. 


I saw I really bright light thru my window

Last night, around 12:00 am - 1:00 am (PST) I heard a deep rumbling noise in my room and when I opened my eyes I saw a very bright light that then faded away. I'm from L.A.

Did anyone see this tonight in Chicago area?

We were in the car on the highway in the Schaumburg, Illionois area on November 24 at approx 9:30 pm Central Time when a flash of light appeared across the lower sky. It had a green ball of light with a short tail and lasted for only about 3 seconds before completely disappearing. Even though we were near O'Hare airport, it was clear that it was not a plane but something more like a meteor that seemed to be very, very close. Did anyone else see this?

I was in Schaumburg as well

I was in Schaumburg as well and I can assure you, you are not alone! I saw this as well and told the person I was with and they did not believe me. I have not seen anything like it before, and it was about the same time I experienced as you did. Great to know Im not the only one!


I saw it. In Lake Villa / Lindenhurst area heading west on Grand Ave. It was 9:45pm. It was huge. Ball of fire and it was dark in the center as it burned out. Almost seemed like i could tell if was a giant rock on fire. Incredibly low. 

I saw it!

9:45 pm 11/24/15 in Downers Grove IL.  Bright green ball with tail.  Looked low heading w-SW 

Green fireball

Driving northwest down rt 30 I seen a green ball of light with a white tail behind it. Must have lasted approx 5 seconds. It was flying west and horizontal. Anyone else notice this? 

Near Oswego, IL 

Green fireball

I just saw the same thing in marshfield misssouri at around 8:20 pm but it was moving so fast it was gone in seconds

Green streak on the sky

I am from Toronto, Ontario

around 8:40pm I saw what looked like a meteor heading north west across the sky, but oddly it turned green.  Very interesting to see, as I have never seen a meteor in green before.

noise from the fireball heard in wnc???

My son and I heard a loud rumbling/booming noise around the same time last night.  Was this heard in the WNC area?


Anyone else hear anything?


Green falling star?

11/23/2015  I saw this very bright green object with a long tail falling from the sky.  It was approx. 5:15 pm.  DeKalb County Alabama.  Northeastern corner of Alabama.

shooting star??

no joke at 9:45 on 11/24/2015 i saw a bright green object with red at the tail shooting across the sky and just disappeared, it happened so fast, Dupage County Illinois

Rock on fire

I saw it too. 945pm. Looked like a giant rock on fire as it burned out. 

Green light

Driving home on A9 in Highlands of Scotland,UK  just east of the Cromarty Bridge tonight around 7pm when a green ball with orange tail  shot down at what looked like a 45 degree angle right to left (south to north). Thought at first it might be fireworks but to the south of the road is the coast. Also no boats visible for it to be a flare. It was pretty exciting!

I just seen two lines headin towards north uk in Northampton sky

The lines was like trial behind plane but there were two next to each other one little bit behind the first heading firstly kind of down the ground like rockets..then they changed directions.. I would rather say this were rockets.. :(

Unusual ?flickering star?

last evening around 10pm had phone call from friend who said to look out in sky eastern sky. Went out and easily saw what she meant. Was a very bright flickering unusually shaped ?star. Appeared to be shaped like a giant firefly and seemed to have color red & white. Watched for several minutes. Seemed to stay in same area but flickered not like a normal star! I tried to take pic with phone but did not work. 

Orange fire ball

Not sure weather it is a meteor or a comet or something else.

Saw a fast moving orange fireball in the sky just a few mins ago (22:40 IST) for about 10 seconds or so. Later it disappeared in the clouds. This is the first time I ever saw any such thing in sky. Please let me know what it is in case anyone figures it out. Curious to know.

Bangalore, India.

The Himalaya Sky

Likewise it was the 24th of nov 2015.The time was 9:33 pm IST,himalaya region 5000m above sea level ,Arunachal Pradesh .There was a loud bang in the sky... I woke up and went out to the balcony and saw streak of cloud stretching quite far in the sky. The sound of the bang rattled the windows of many buildings more than 20kms on its way.Was that an asteroid?Many were saying that it was a jet.But I don't agree because a jet doesn't explode that loud that the sound waves will travel more than 20 kms and rattle the windows of many buildings.It was like the asteroid event that rattled the locals in some other places.So what was that?


Last night, November 23, 2015, on my way to work, in Nancy, Kentucky, I seen a multicolor fireball with a tail falling from the sky, lasted 3-5 seconds....was amazing!


Wonder if this is what I saw just a bit north of you in Indiana


Indiana fireball; south of Indy; NW bound on route 74

Saw a massive slow moving fireball apparently descending perpendicular to the horizon (straight vertical descent) approximately 7:20-7:30 pm EST (USA) 11-23-15. I was driving northwest on route 74 when it became hypervisible. Hard to miss. Key note here is that the object was SLOW moving! I was very worried! The object apparently broke up near the apparent/visble horizon. Not sure if this was reported otherwise.

No idea if this was military, some flying vehicle, satellite, meteor or meterorite.


If anybody saw this/knows what this was, please post a response.




We saw something very similar


We live in LaSalle, Ontario in Essex County and on our drive home within the same time frame, we also saw this and I've been trying to find some verification about what it was.

Here, it seemed to make a dramatic drop at a 45 degree angle before it disappeared.

If you find out what it was, please post your findings.




Greenish Light Fall from the Sky

I saw the same thing. I was driving east on I-80 in Northwest Indiana. I saw it again tonite. My son was with me.