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meteor sigting 25-02-15 at 1:30 am NZT

Large meteor with long orange and yellow tail passed over Christchurch - was seen from horizon to horizon travelling N by NW at 1:30 am last night. So bright you could see it as it passed through the clouds. Anyone esle see this? Awesome sighting - biggest I've ever seen in 50 years.

Big bright burning object

Around 1.30am on the 25/01/2015 me and my partner saw a low flying object in the sky which was burning fast and getting lower to the ground. It dissapeard behind a huge cloud but we could still faintly see the burning orange colour. It then became too far away for us to follow. Have never seen anything like this before, it was amazing!

Bright green light

I witnessed a bright green light shoot across Texas near Houston area. It was larger and brighter than anything I've ever seen during a meteor shower. Did anyone else happen to see it?

I saw it too!

I saw it too!

Shooting star

I see my first ever shooting star this morning
It looked very close.
I'm in the uk and it was South west direction
Around 4.55am
Well impressed

Orange light

10.30ish PM ... My granddaughter and I saw a bright organge star like light in the sky.  It was NE of where we live. About five minutes later it just faded and disappeared.  Hmmm....  We live on the North Shore, Auckland, NZ

big ball of light

Big ball of light shot across, looked like it was going north

San Marcos Tx

I saw the same thing about

I saw the same thing about 2315; I'm from Newport Oregon. The big ball of light I saw, was headed north, and going prety fast, then it seemed like it went further and further out (not so much North) but further from Earth, and then diosappeared... was it a meteor? It seemed to have this flickering light, like maybe it was on fire?

lights in sky

approx 9 EST 2 bright orange lights heading north on east coast of florida...10 min later 1 more moving fast but absolutely no noise

low flying object

I have seen the exact thing happen to me tonight moving the speed of an helicopter two of them 5 to 10 mins appart weired  mick from england


Approx 4am Saturday 24/01/15. 
Location: North New Brighton, Christchurch.

Saw two orange lights moving quickly across the sky in a 'downward' movement. The light in front split into two and a fragmant shot upwards and dissappeared from site.

The original front piece kept moving in same direction followed by the second (and perhaps slighly larger light).

I've seen shooting stars but nothing like this and nothing that appeared so 'close' - a remarkable sight. 

rocket in sky

Hamilton New Zealand in daytime....thursday morning saw what looked like a rocket shoot straight up in the sky in the east

too big to be a firework...anyone else see it?


Green ball of light!?

Rangiora Christcurch New Zealand January 24th 2015 at about 3.30am, a glowing bright green ball of light suddenly appeared in the sky hovered for a few seconds and then dropped towards the ground! Did anyone els see it? This is the second time I've seen a bright glowing ball of green light in the sky over Rangiora both of them moving differently! Really intrested to know if anybody else has witnessed these?!

huge bright flying in sky

22/01/15 hastings akina nz 23.00pm large luminating orange light flying through sky in various directions.was outside building forts with the kids untill this was coming towards us and we quickly ran for the house :/ everyone a little shaken up :(

Meteor ?

Belgium, 20 january at 23.25 pm; I saw a big bright yellow fireball with green and blue shades. It flew from southwest to south in a straight line with tremendous speed and was visible for 2 seconds.

The tail was very bright and as thick as the fireball itselfs, but dissepeared very quickly to see. It looked like it was shooting under the stars, at the same height at wich plane flights. The fireball itself was large, as 3x the biggest star en much brighter; also there seemed to crumble a little piece of it.

It was beautiful! ... and I suppose I'm not gonna catch many of such sightings in my life ...

object in sky

In Sault Ste Marie, Ontario on January the 20th at 4:30 PM I saw a bright green object shoot across the northern sky from east to west. It had a stream behind it and moved very quickly. The sky was very clear at the time.


Driving through the Cromwell gorge this morning at 1am saw a beautiful slow moving meteor burn up moving from the south - North

1/20/15 Disney Viewing

While watching the Castle show and fireworks at Disney, my attention was drawn away to what I thought might have been a liftoff but it wasn't bright enough to be a rocket. Comet? Orange tail, burned bright for several seconds then it was gone. 

1-20-2015 something falling and burning bright with tail

I was driving south on I-75 in Florida going to Gainesville, FL. When I noticed something really bright fiery with a tail falling from the sky for several minutes till it began to fade and burn out and then eventually was gone. Had three others in car see same thing. 

Thought maybe it was space junk. I dont know.

Would think more people would of saw it.

Not in news either.

I'm in the suburb of Ngaio,

I'm in the suburb of Ngaio, Wellington and tonight while I was walking my dogs I saw something shooting in the sky. It appeared to be pretty close to the ground, even closer than what an aeroplane would be although I could be wrong as it was dark out and I only saw it for a few seconds.

It was an orange type colour, and looked like a shooting star that I've seen before. It was traveling horizontally. At first it looked like a firework (that's how close it was), but because it was shooting across and didn't make a bang, I'm assuming it wasn't.

It became quite bright in Orange then after about 2 seconds it completely fizzled out and it was gone.

What could it be!?

Strange Sky

This is what I saw .... The place where i saw is Lalitpur , Nepal.... I am amazed coz I havent seen like this before ... Is it the Shooting star or some Aliens flying over the sky ??????????????Shooting star or not ?

Condensation Trails

or Contrails, are the water vapor exhausts from the burning of jet engine fuel.  When conditions are right, low temperature, humidity and low winds in the upper atmosphere you will see these sometimes extending from horizon to horizon.  More often you will see short streaks as they pass through a pocket of air that contains these conditions.

Blue light

I am in old orchard beach, Maine around 10:10, a blue flash went across the sky with three of my friends while watching a hotel burn down across the street. Crazy to be watching a disaster then have a blue light flash across the sky.

I am in Jacksonville Florida,

I am in Jacksonville Florida, I was standing outside tonight about 7:27pm and just happened to look up over a big tree and saw something very bright orange/reddish flying thru the sky with a long trail behind it. It lasted for about 30 seconds, then the bright light began to die down and turned a deep red colour. It was so low to earth, ive NEVER seen anything like it before !!!!

I live in the Bahamas and my

I live in the Bahamas and my family and I saw it too. We live on Andros Island and it was over the eastern coast of the island.

Very bright 'falling star' 19/1/15 Somerset, England

I popped out the back door for a smoke at around 21.30 GMT and saw a large bright, white light to the South. Almost blinding, it then fell straight down with a bright trail and disappeared. Almost like a flare. I was stunned!

I am in Somerset, England.

Anyone else see it?!

yes about 7:30 pm in

yes about 7:30 pm in jacksonville florida on 1/20/15 .


At 2:30 central time,today,1/20/2015.... a meteorite went over our are in NE,Mississippi !!!! I have video of the trail,but actually missed the rock itself, when getting my camera!! :( My mother in law called from up the steet & told me to run outside and lookt at the meteorite going over !!!!  wondering if ANYONE ELSE saw it, can"t find ANY news about it anywhere ??!

Bright yellow light

Mon 19th Jan, approx 9:30pm.
Witnessed a large fast moving yellow light from Kinloch, Taupo moving from the south west to the north east. As it approached the north eastern horizon it reduced in size then turned red and disappeared. Presumed this was because the sun was no longer shining on it. It was there so long I managed to call the family out to see it. Like no comet or satellite I have seen before. Maybe an Iridium Flare???


11.08pm last night quite big with good trail on it Waimarama Hawkes Bay


I saw it too about the same time in Gisborne. 


i saw one loooooong shootingstar abt 11 pm. at forresthill field in northshore.

dat was abt 4second long

Was it blue/green in color?

Was it blue/green in color?

large blue object

10:20p.m. eastern standard time Rhode Island usa. very large blue sphere. giant meteor


I saw one tonight as I faced northwest. About 10:30 pm. Bright white with red tail. Ran from 1 oclock to 4/30 but for it faded. big and beautiful.

Saw it too

Facing north north west, looked like very bright star getting brighter and brighter and then gone. 10.30pm palmerston North, New Zealand.

Shooting Meteor

I saw what looked like a shooting at around 9.30 last night 19th January 2015 quite amazing and caught me by surprise..South Auckland

Shooting Star

Hi i saw one too last night thought it was around 11.08pm quite big and had a huge tail on it Waimarama - Hawkes Bay heading West


Im from jersey channel islands and i was looking out of the window. I spotted this metor also. Very bright. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so close and yet it happened so fast. Specifically not sure what direction it come from as i dont have a compass but it was a sight to see. Will be looking out for more comments for anyone else who whitnessed this amazing and unexplained experience. 

blue light in sky

I live on the West coast of Scotland and Last night at around 00:05 in the morning of 19/1/15 I saw a blue/green light fall from the sky moving east to west towards earth.  It was travelling so quickly I presumed it must have been space debis rather than anything man made


I saw the same meteor as in the comment from Papamoa below. It was on fire travelling accross the Bay of Plenty, lasted 4 to 5 seconds - it was very impressive. Samuel, Whakatane.


An incredible sight last night. What appeared as a huge star, began travelling across the sky. Moving briskly, it was majestic. J.Knobel (East Auckland)

Bright light

White light flashed in the sky and was gone in less than a second. Quite big, bigger than any shooting star i've seen and wasn't moving... it sorta looked like something exploded and then nothing. Would of been about 12:55am, i had just got home from work and liked the song that was on so was looking at the stars through my sunroof.

Guessing there is some explanable thing it could be but curious


Greymouth, West Coast of South Island

bright light flash sydney

I saw a same white light flash in the sky around 9.15pm 20/1/2015 in sydney. it was like a bright light flash, no sound, no clouds so couldnt have been lightning. just wondering i anyone knows what this phenomenon could be?





Seen in whakatane to 

Seen in whakatane to 

very bright meteorite

Seen this to over whakatane 20/1/2015 round 11:20pm looked red and green very bright and moving fast 

Saw some shooting stars!!

Whilst lying on a trampoline with friends, at night, we spotted at least 4 shooting stars! We have all made wishes, and we hope yours come true too! REPORTING IN FROM HAMILTON!!

as per comment above

I saw it too over flat bush!


Hi I am from Takanini, Auckland, new zealand, I was standing out side an had just seen a bright object with a white tale behind it, There was no noise an it was moving to fast for it to be a plane it was heading in an upward direction this was my frist time seeing this kind of thing plus I work out at Auckland airport so I know if It was a plane there would have been some kind of noise but there was nothing, just wanted to know if anyone else had seen it.

orange ball long tail

Just saw a large orange ball with long tail shoot across the sky


not far away so close.  Traveling very fast.  Lasted 4 second s papamoa Beach.11.15pm