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Shutting star or comet not sure not an expert

Really bright and quick light passed above the house in Shoreham -by See :) it was so fast as almost not real

Just saw something streak

Just saw something streak across the sky around 10:50pm Hawaii time! It was orange and it looked like it had just missed a plane!

Bright light falling

At 9:37 p.m. central time I saw a bright light fall very quickly from the sky, to quickly to be a plane or drone. It fell from the top point of a 20 foot tree to the ground in less than a second before disappearing. I live in Eastern Iowa and spotted it in the low southern sky. It looked as though an led flashlight was pointed in my direction then rapidly fell to the ground before disappearing.

Red light?

Last night around 11 p.m. I saw what appeared to be a bright red light traveling East to West. It was very bright with a white twinkling light following. It appeared to stop for a moment, change direction North, and then just fade away.

Richmond tx i can see it from

Richmond tx i can see it from my house and my grandma who live a hour away said she can see it

White tail-less round luminous comet/asteroid seen on 3/12/16

I saw a Fireball (White round tail-less Comet/Asteroid). It was round with a bright luminous white glow. It careered across the night sky from East to West (left to right). I was facing in a South Bound direction. It was witnessed on 3rd December 2016 at 23:49 hours. It shot across the night sky downwards at an angle of around 95 degrees to 105 degrees approximately. It was visible in the sky for approximately 5 seconds. It travelled for around a few hundred metres (a third of the way across the sky). It had NO tail. It then suddenly disappeared in the Night Sky. It was seen in Northwick Park, London HA1, UK

Hamilton, ON

A little after 4 pm today we saw an orange ball of light with a long smokey grey tail trailing behind it, falling East to West in the sky in Hamilton, ON near Grays Rd. Guessing it's either a meteor or space junk from reading about these other sightings onine. Either way, pretty interesting to see!

large flat trejectory shooting star with trail

4:03 AM Dec 2016 Domet NZ today near orion lit the sky brightest shonting star ive ever seen

shooting star or meteor

I just saw at about 11:00 on Dec 5 2016, a low traveling large bright shooting star or meteor with a long pink tail that looked like fizz going east to west from my porch in Little Torch Key Florida. It was slow moving and real low in the atmosphere, I thought someone shot off a flare at first, and it looked like it would make landfall down the street it was so low. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was not a flare gun and that it was a astronomical occurrence.

I too saw what appeared to be

I too saw what appeared to be a bright red light with white flikering traveling East to West, it then appeared to stop, change direction North and fade away. Approximatly 11:p.m. California time. It was to my estimation, somewhere over Arizona from my vantage point.


I just saw a meteorite come into the atmosphere about 4 minutes ago, it was short lived and was traveling on a easterly direction. It was about a quarter size of the moon at my location. It caught my attention because it was so bright, I have a light house in front of my house and it was lit and was overpowered by the meteor.

Slow falling star

Just saw a bright slow falling light in the southwest (of Indianapolis) passing in front of the brightest star. It went out right after it passed the star. There was no tail and it was slow moving not like any falling star I've ever seen. I saw one just like this before a couple of weeks ago in the southeast direction. It looks as if it was just a flashlight moving in the dark. I've never seen anything like this in my life and now twice in just weeks of each other. It feels eerie and ominous. Anyone else see anything like this in the distant past?! Or is this something only recent?!

yes saw this same thing

yes saw this same thing exactly as you described, like a flashlight beam in the sky

Huge white and then blue flash light up night sky wash state

It was 11/25/16 about 215 am driving with my adult son on way to hospital in Yakima Washington . I was heading due west it was a bit cloudy but lasting literally seconds a huge bright white light lit up the entire sky in a circular pattern close to horizon and then followed immed by a brilliant bright blue huge flash in a circular pattern . Was bright white then bright blue they looked like an explosion in the sky that light up the entire west of the sky in a couple seconds seemed very low as if maybe something exploded and hit close but there was NO sound my son and I think maybe a shooting star but I've never seen anything this large or close and it happened soooo fast you only had time to see it at that very moment ! Amazing wish we knew what it was !

flash of light

I had a similar experience when I viewed a flash of light in the sky. my daughters also saw it but from a different location. I was driving along when I saw what seemed to be a white flash in the sky. my first thought was that it might be lightening, however there was so sound. As well I got the sense that it was a "burst" of light, it seemed "round" versus sharp or typical lightening "flash". Oddly the flash appeared on the right side of the roadway but not on the left side. a few seconds later, I saw a 2nd white flash, again on the right side of the sky but not the left. I was less than 5 minutes from home. once I got home, my daughter said that she was standing near the window, she saw a "burst" of white light on the same side of the sky that I did. when she saw the 2nd "burst" she felt that it was purple in colour. it seemed very strange and unusual, we wonder what it might have been.

Fireball object over Christchurch on 03-Dec-2016 at 21:35

On 03 December 2016 Saturday at 21:35, we saw a red light flying slowly in the sky. The object/light was moving from east to west. Its light was a very bright red (a bit laser like). There was no sound coming from it. There was no blinking lights (unlike a plane). The color of the light also suggested that it was not a satellite. I checked the location of the ISS, but it was on another part of the world so this possibility is also out. The light was seen twice. The first one had its lights turned off after a while but there was still a bit daylight and we could observe that the object had a black color and kept flying. After this another one came from the same direction and turned off its lights after a while. We filmed these. In one of the video, the object with lights turned of can be seen, but not too clear. It looks as a black dot. In the other one, the sky was very dark and the video is very grainy. I saw exactly this on 19th February 2011 (2 days before 22 February earthquake) and it showed up twice just like now, but it was flying from west to east in that case. Some phenomena that you guys want to be aware of maybe?

Burning flame in sky

On 27th or 26th october 2016 around 7 pm I saw a material comming towards the ground the distance was very large and I dont know that weather it hit the ground or not. But it was very big and it was burning like a aeroplane on fire like a red comet but it was orange and red. After 20 days I saw it again I asked my science teacher abou r it but he told me that it may be a burning lantern. NO ONE BELIEVE S ME!! THEY ALL ARE STUPID I am from udaipir, rajasthan. A student of 8th class

Dec 4, 2016 in Ozawkie, Ks

Dec 4, 2016 in Ozawkie, Ks saw some bright lights that exploded lower in the North Northwest sky. A few mins later more lights exploded. Just wondering what it might of been. It was pretty to see. Thanks

9:30 pm Dec 4the just saw a

9:30 pm Dec 4the just saw a light fall from the sky into the feild across the river from me in Missouri

Scotland Meteor

I just saw a meteor in Stirlingshire, Scotland, 4th Dec 1016 at 1125pm, moving straight down and seen in the west from Falkirk area, was yellow/orange and lasted only a second, but still glad I saw it !

Meteor, SW France

I saw something moving from South to North on the horizon, it was fair slow and disappeared. This was at about 19:35 to day, 4th December 2016.

Shoot star? Fireball?

On Dec. 2nd 2016 at approx 17:20, I saw what appeared to be a shooting star go from left to right at a slightly downward tilt, then burst into pieces. I'm from Virginia, near Washington D.C. There were other eyewitness sitings of this exact thing in NYC and th DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area as well ( Thanks Twitter!)

Fireball over Colorado (I think)

Approximately 6:20am to 6:26am I was looking at the few stars still visible before the sun rose. It started high in the western sky between two still visible stars. It was brighter than those starts at first, being white like a star then letting off a red tail and moving toward the southern sky. What followed was a series of 6 flashes as it slowly traveled across the southwestern sky. I have never seen a meteorite travel so slowly, I can only assume my angle of view was close to its trajectory making it appear to move slowly across the sky. Beautiful, intriguing, and awe inspiring. I am located in western Colorado, USA.

I saw a comet or which I believe it was to be

I would really like to know if I saw a comet this morning at about 6:56. It went completely out of sight till about 6:59. I have a short video if that helps. Please email me to follow up. Thanks.

Meteor or whatever it was

Dec 2nd @ approximately 0535 hours I was outside in Standish California drinking a cup of coffee awaiting the morning to come alive, as I usually do. When suddenly a bright flash lit up the ground. Looking up, I seen the bright light followed by an orange tail trailing behind it traveling in a south by southeast direction. The event lasted about 10 seconds. I really enjoyed seeing that.

Coldplay meteor

Sitting high in the west stand last night at the cold play concert saw a meteor in the SE direction coming down at an angle and break up into about 3 flashes-- honest it wasn't the Coldplay stadium lighting, was certainly a meteor


Yes, we saw this too though not from the concert - on our way home to Thames from Auckland - a few bright streaks across the SE. Glad we weren't the only ones:)


I am from Syracuse,NY and it was November 1st 2016 at about 8:40 pm and I was outside Wegmans grocery store chatting to a friend in the parking lot and a large bright, beautiful green ball of light came down at a 45 degree angle and then it seemed like was going to possibly land but disappeared right before the tree line. It was much too slow for a shooting star... whatever it was it was very strange yet very beautiful, feel lucky to have seen something so pretty !

Bright lite

I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of Kohl's, Kingston N.Y., talking on my cell phone, looking up at the moon to my left. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere, I saw a large bright light moving horizontally, with a long tail. Before I could open my mouth and say ""shooting star" it was gone! I was a bit stunned because It was not falling from the sky, it was very low, below the moon, and it appeared and disappeared so suddenly

3 orange lights in the sky

Forgot to mention the time of the sighting which was around midnight!! Ally

Orange lights in the sky

Tonight I witnessed 3 orange lights in the sky, individually, about 3-4 minutes apart, travelling from a south east to westerly direction over East Kilbride, at first I thought it was a Chinese lantern!! But the speed and distance covered in such a short space of time makes me wonder!! The third one disappeared for a while but reappeared like a small dim moon (could've been light cloud cover?) but still travelling way to fast I'm my opinion to be a lantern. Anyone any idea? Cheers, Ally.

dark orang balls on sky

I saw similar thing in the sky on 5th dec around 1:00 am IST.. Not sure what it was.. almost 8 to 10 counts.

Tauranga New Zealand Meteorite

Did anyone else see the large meteor heading south over Tauranga New Zealand last night? (Sat December 3 10:45pm) really low in the sky with a bright long lasting tail. Beautiful haven't seen one like that for years.


Yes I saw it over Welcome Bay very bright.


Seen a Metor about 10:30 while eeling at rangitoto lasted up to 30 second to minute a big ball then broke into 3 sets of 4. Unbelievable.

Meteor over Rangitoto last night

I saw it too ! Amazing !

Meteor over Rangitoto

Saw the exact same. Bright orange ball with a massive tail following it. Didnt see it break up though..gutted. I was like...'well f#@k me, thats a meteor' haha

Meteor or shooting star

Looking east from whangamata beach area. Saw a moving bright object in the sky coming from the north heading south. Lasted at least 3 seconds before I lost sight of it behind houses in front.

meteor sighting

about 9.35 nz time looking directly E from my position in Auckland towards the Pacific, i saw a bright white meteor streak N/S and break into three pieces, spectacular

Northeast Montana

Driving North around 740pm November 17th, 2016...the sky suddenly lit up, so bright like it was daytime first thought was that the moon had come out from behind the clouds and then I remembered we had had a full moon several days ago. Off to the East I saw what I can only describe as a "comet", or what I think one would look like. It was a bright green bright ball with light trailing behind it, tails? And it fell off into the dark sky and disappeared. The entire experience was less than a minute, feels considerably longer because of how detailed I remember the experience being and all the thoughts I had in the few seconds trying to rationalize what I saw.

Red Ball on Deakin A.C.T. Australian sky cam

Turned on this particular sky cam and at approximately 12:54 a bright red ball comes out of no where. Have no idea what it was.

flash in the sky

Hello it was around 5:05 to 5:10am this morning on 12/2/2016 and I seen a flash that lit up the entire sky over Calaveras California and there was a tail that lasted about 10 seconds in the sky going east north east direction and I was wondering if anyone else seen it as well???

flash in the sky

Hi I'm in Turlock, California and I saw the same thing around 5:35 to 5:40 am this morning. I was driving and saw something flash and I looked up and saw something orange with a tail going the same direction.

Saw a rather unusual green

Saw a rather unusual green firery object heading across the sky travelling in an easterly direction from the west roughly around 9:35pm est . Was clearly visable from penong sa and was traveling across central Australia . Did anyone else see this or know what it was ?

Shooting star

Between 8pm and 10pm abouts on 30th November 2016 looked like a shooting star ,from east to north . Unusual as you rarely see them now. This was Mangere ,Auckland NZ

Comet maybe meteor

I saw a red/orange streak across the sky, going from south to north around 2000hrs on the 1/12/16 . I took photos of it. I am in Central Victoria, Australia.

A few minutes ago on december

A few minutes ago on december 1st over Renfrew, Scotland i saw a fiery red orb slowly make its way across the sky. I never saw any smoke trails but i dont think it was a helicopter or plane as it flew overhead and i couldnt hear anything. The ball though was rising and falling multiple times and would zig zag at some points. No idea what it was.

Fire Falling From The Sky

Today At About 7:15 - 7:20 pm ,1 Dember 2016 ,I've seen Somthing Falling from the sky.Ik Seemed Like a Fireball Falling in Higher speed. It Freaked me out And I was a Little Afraid!

Just seen the same thing in

Just seen the same thing in Hattiesburg Mississippi only seen it for a second when I lost sight of it behind the trees pretty cool but a little freaky

Fire Ball

8.31pm seen the same thing in Melbourne ..