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Light in the sky

I was driving home and saw what I thought was a shooting star, but it lasted way too long. It was a bigger orb that shot through the sky then disappeared. I'm from Buffalo NY and this happened at about 5:15 a.m. EST.


I just stepped outside looked up and saw a meteor fall from the sky. It actually broke in to 2 pieces. In Montreal, Quebec, Canada

flying objects in sky February 28 2015

Seen 3 flying objects in sky posted together at about 1:50 am Fontana Ca. All of a amber color, one left slowly covered by clouds, then second one following behind. Then 3rd object changes colors to white and yellow then shoots fast. I'm not crazy haha. Blew my mind.

I am in  california i saw a


a big ball going soo fast

I am from kerala. Palakkad alathur i saw a blue ball going so fast.and also sky so lighting.. 

Fireball observed in sky

My parents & I saw a bright light in the sky & heard a thud (which felt more like a blast) that shook our widow panes, at around 09:50 P.M. (Indian Standard Time) in Cochin,Kerala,India on 27th Feb 2015.


I stay india kerala I saw the lights in the last night falling down it was very bright like welding lights what is this ?

Rio Jose Cheeran

i saw meteor from kerala -  kunnamkulam to be exact place ... meteor fireball before 1 hour ... 10:10 pm local time .. it was so bright .. sky look like 8 am morning .. tht much bright ... some 5-6 secnd ... 5 of us saw it ... was sure meteor fireball  or debris .. cant confirm ,,, as it happend so fast

Saw something Green in the sky

I stay in India, Kerala. I saw something green in the sky moving towards east-west at sonic speed. It was really bright and lit the whole area where i stay. 

saw some light in the sky in Kerala around 22 to 22.30 pm

Same thing as you said i too had seen a light that just happened for seconds around 22 to 22.30 pm Feb 27


i saw the same it freaked me out what r they?

Comet over Helena, MT

I saw this same comet at around 11 pm on 2/24/15 mountain time. The comet was heading north and lasted about 10 seconds as it faded into the north horizon. It was really bright in the front and had a very long tail.

piranha apocolyspe?

Was letting dog out around 6am when happened to look up snd see an orangy-yellow kinda tear dropped shaped cloud(really pretty cloud I first thought) then it occurred to me that this "cloud" was actually moving. It also had a whitesh tail that kinda resembled a jets vapor trail. Williams,Az looking in direction of Parks and Flagstaff. Was it a meteor?


Saw meteor with long tail of all colours . Travelling North to South on Wednesday morning at about 6am. Very cool to spot this as have never seen one before !


Driving to work in Pahiatua Wednesday an saw a flash in the sky

It had a trail and very bright around 600am 

Another meteor?

Have a look at the metservice rain radar now - saved the screenshot but can't attach it.


Looks like another meteor

Red streak in sky

Patch/streak of red across sky 6 a.m. Mountain Standard Time seen from Apache Junction Arizona

Yup Saw it too just before 6am

just before 6am out Walking on Mt Plesant Ch-Ch north to south- amazing flash of light


Yes very spectacular, the trail was incredible, almost cloudy then this amazing flashes of light

Comet spotted

I was out walking on Mt Pleasant Christch thisd morning approx 6am passed right over head with a flash of light, looked up and there it was zooming north to south with vapour trail. Was amazing!

bright light

i was driving to work in Cudworth. Barnsley, England at 7:10 am when a really really really bright light looked like it was dropping out of the sky when it got near the trees where it was falling the light broke up into little lights then disappeared. Strange experiance.

shooting star?

Hi my friend thinks she saw a shooting star at 7.07am over the Driffield/ Beverley area East Yorkshire any reports ?

Shooting star over Beverley, E Yorks

I saw a bright shooting star over Beverley at about 7:08am on Weds 25th Feb 2015.  I was looking south and it appeard to come straight down.  It was fully day light and appeared as a bright yellowish streak with a vapour trail.  It then broke up into several pieces and turned a green colour before disappearing in the air.  It wasn't movoing that fast, so it was probably quite a few miles away.

Streak of light in leeds

I saw a light streak across leeds at around 7:15 this morning. No vapour trail etc. Wasn't sure what it was!

Meteor heading due south of Christchurch

I woke up early this moring just minutes before 6.00a.m. Looking towards the south I saw what I thought was fire works but was a meteor which lite up the sky in a spectular fashion for a moment.

Meteor heading due south of Christchurch

I woke up early this moring just minutes before 6.00a.m. Looking towards the south I saw what I thought was fire works but was a meteor which lite up the sky in a spectular fashion for a moment.

Meteor sighting

While getting ready to start salmon fishing at the Orari Mouth this morning i witnessed what appered to be a meteor passing overhead from norwest to southeast, i had just arrived to the mouth and beleive it would have been barely 6am and pitch dark. The flash of light from the meteor was extremly bright, it lit up the beach.. like a huge colouful skytocket lasting for approximately 5 seconds but moving extremly fast, the vapour trail that followed was similar to what you see behind a jet plane, thankfully a mate beside me watched this occurr as it was unreal.

Thankfully it was heading away from us, didnt help the fishing.. but was awesome to see


Meteor Timaru, NZ

My sky cam shows a bright light at 0558 25/02/15 NZDT, low to the south east. Unfortunately the lens had fogged over and no detail image was obtained. 

meteor seen from waimakariri river

Hi.I was out fishing this morning on waimak river.Just before 6am a reflection in the water blinded me with a bright white image.I looked up and saw a spectacular tail behind the white bright light which was moving through the sky.Within a couple of seconds it was gone.A meteriote no doubt from all the comments seemed to be moving south-west.

Meteor Sighting

About 5.55am this morning while walking my dog I saw a brightr flash in the sky north west of Oxford North Canterbury. Amazing flash and a long reddish white tail trailing behind. It was visible for several seconds before dissolving into lttle sparkly stars and dissappearing. Awesome!

I live in  bullhead city

I live in  bullhead city arizona .At 11:00 pm last night was a yellowish ball of light flying across the sky and to the bottom right side was a smaller ball following next to it it had a tail that was so long it was a very remarkable thing to have seen

I live in  bullhead city

I live in  bullhead city arizona .At 11:00 pm last night was a yellowish ball of light flying across the sky and to the bottom right side was a smaller ball following next to it it had a tail that was so long it was a very remarkable thing to have seen

morning sky

Just before 6am a bright blue stream of light travelling south lit up the morning sky. Never seen anything like this before.

i was passing thru Clandeboye

i was passing thru Clandeboye , north of timaru, and everything lite up as if a light had been turned on.

looked out from vehicle to see what looked like a massive skyrocket . this was just before 6-00 am .


so im not crazy

I fully seen it to. I was waiting for it to be on the news. It was 5.57 on main south road leaving dunsandel.It was dark as can be then daylight and i could just see what would look like a contrail from a plane over banks penisular slowley fade away.

I too saw this meteor driving

I too saw this meteor driving to work from feilding to palmerston north. Bright blueish green colour. Very bright on entry and lasted a couple of seconds before burning out.

flying objects

i saw a flashing light object in the sky as i was heading north from yarra glen this morning approx. 10.50, it shot through the sky heading east to west then seemed to burst into flames and disintergrated, it left a white flash mark in the sky for some minutes until this disappeared, i did read that someone else had also seen it, dose anyone know what it was?

Meteor over Marlborough

Just before 6:00am I was out walking and the the whole area lit up which made me turn around to see the bright tail of the meteor as everyone has described below. I unfortunately missed the main event but saw the bright and quite wide trail that remained for around 3 seconds before fading away. It was very impressive, quite exciting start to the day. Never seen anything quite like it. Isn't it funny, I thought it was a Marlborough event and most of you viewed it in and around Chch and one person reported it from as far south as Dunedin! Amazing I could have sworn it landed in the Awatere Valley somewhere :)


I'm from Cairns, Queensland, Australia and drove from Queenstown at 4.15 this morning and saw this massive shooting yellow bright light then it went puff and lit up the whole sky. It was super amazing and totally freaked me out, all I could do was just laugh. Super cool. I was just passed the Lindis pass before Omarama.
I'm definately a believer now!!!!!

Strange sighting over eastern Melbourne area

Strange sighting over east Melbourne area a streak of white light with flames around it lasted a few secounds then out of site at approx 10:50am wednesday 25th Febuary 2015, has anybody else seen this sighting today.
Darren Andrews

Streak of light in the sky

Hi there, I saw the same streak of light / ball of fire. I was heading from sunshine to Tullamarine and saw it. Then saw some smoke / cloud after the fire went out then it also disappeared. Strange but cool.

Yes, I saw something with a

Yes, I saw something with a fiery tail falling out of the sky above Boronia in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne at approximately the same time, as I was driving along the road. Have never seen anything like it before.

Shooting Star

At 5.58 this morning, I opened my door and heard a whoosh, looked up to the sky and saw what I thought at first was a firework, but then thought it may be a meteor and got scared that it was just going to crash near us.  I live in Merivale, Christchurch, New Zealand

But I couldnt move as just watching the sky with a huge light went over and down behind my neighbours house.  The trial lit up the sky.  It was so beautiful and I have never seen anything like it.  I was to meet my daughter at 6am to go running, so ran out to her car as she had just arrived saying did you see it.  She didnt and said I was losing my marbles.  We drove to Hagley for our team session and keep looking at stuff and facebook in case someone put it out there, but no one did.

I am now pleased other people have also witnessed it - Wow how excitiing!

I was walking into work, so

I was walking into work, so just before 6am. To the south of Rangiora I saw the same light trail. Only two out of seven of us walking in door to start at same time saw it. 


Incredible sight this morning just before 6am while out running in New Brighton. Saw meteor "falling" then big bright blue streak that hung in the sky as it burnt up....special way to start the day!


Sww the same thing biking to work just by the parklands pub

Meteor over Dunedin?

My daughter and I were delivering papers this morning and around 6am a
bright light lit up the sky then we saw something burning through the
sky with a long white and blue tail. Meteor perhaps?

Meteor or shooting star !?- seen at 5.45am 25/02/15

Was out running on the Camp Bay road on Banks Peninusula (near Purau Bay) and at 5.45am I saw to the north east a huge white light and then the fiery trail of debris shooting across the sky.

Shooting Star? Meteor? Christchurch 25/02/2015

Just before 6AM this morning my mum was outside and saw something shooting up into the sky. She described it as red and blue, and was like a shooting star.
Does anyone know what it was? Would love to see a video of it! :)