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Meteor spotting in the Wairarapa

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2 really bright stars that just faded away

hi there im from scotland and was doing my security patrols on a windfarm site when i noticed 2 really bright stars as i stared at them they started to get dimmer and dimmer till i couldnt see them anymore they were stationary and didnt move i know it wasnt satalites as i often stargaze when out on patrol if the weather is right these 2 "stars" just flared up for about 10-15 seconds before gradually disapearing could someone explain what i just saw maybe distant star exploding or something?

Shooting star? Sighting

Was outside in the front yard also facing north east with my brother fascinated by a huge stray white rabbit when we saw what we think was a shooting star, not too sure! I didn't see it directly but just in the corner of my eye, yay for peripheral vision :) we live in Mangere, Auckland! Very exciting haven't seen anything like it EVER

Huge falling star

I was just out on my deck facing east towards Hamilton (just before 11pm) and saw a massive falling star ? Often see a lot out here in the country but they normally go across the sky - this one was really different. Was big like the morning star and went straight down and seemed to be so slow. Awesome to see and a little scary at the same time as was so different and so massive. Wondering if anyone else saw it

Meteor/comet/ space junk??? Not too sure!!!!

I saw what could be  meteor/comet/space junk whilst taking my children to school this morning at 6.30am in the Brisbane suburb of West Chermside.......It was just a white speck with a long fiery tail and it was heading north to south!!!

Pink streak in NE sky Auckland, NZ

Travelling on SH1 northbound this mornoing (23 July 2014) about 7.15am NZ time; I saw a pink streak in the clear sky (about NE from my perspective). It was reasonably long and as I watched, it moved so quick that within seconds it was just a dot in the sky.

Anyone else see this?

Mike, Auckland, New Zealand

I saw it too! It was a long

I saw it too! It was a long red streak right next to the moon in the sky. Around 7.20 am. It was a pretty long streak for about 20-30 seconds then it started getting shorter and shorter. Disappeared after a minute or so.

This was from Three Kings 

Pink streak

Yes I saw the same thing this morning while walking In auckland central.but there was a dot in front off the pink streak.

Yes i saw this too. Lasted

Yes i saw this too. Lasted less than a minute. A thin white line in the sky about 4 time the diameter of the moon in length. (moon was close to it). Line was heading downwards and to the left maybe 45deg. It faded quickly to nothing. Im in rahiri rd three kings and it was north below and to the left of the moon.  Probably space junk burning up.

huge meteor or comet flying half way across the night sky

date 21.07.2014 just a few minuts before midnight, less than an hour ago in morroco, north africa we just saw a huge meteor or metorite flying half way across the night sky, a ball of fire fly over the night sky and left a long tail of smoke that hung visiblly in the air for about 10 minutes. My husband and i got scared for a second, thought it was gonna crash on our planet....many heresaw it and they got scared too. badr and petrea elhaoudy

Falling star?

Monday night around 12am saw large star/meteor falling out of the west. It dropped straight down. I live in Beaumont, California

Weird green shooting thing

Me and my buddy were riding dirtroads and looked up both saw something bright green going at a arch and we slowed down and turned down radio and put windows down. We didn't hear nothing and it started flickering and got really bright green then went dark and looked to hit the green so we drove by turned around and heard nothing and talk to other people driving and they saw it too we looked in field a little but saw nothin didn't go in field since it wasn't our land

fire ball like thing in the sky

At 19/07/2014, at 6:20pm, in Hastings in area of Mahora me and my friend went outside to have a smoke. My firend saw a fire ball like thing in the sky and told me to look at it. It started of as a big fire ball thing and then started to get smaller and smaller and it was traveling quite fast and kind of coming down to the ground.

Me and my friend have seen these things in the sky more than once and we are not fully sure what they are but I thought I would leave a comment on here about it.


Lastnight in hamilton nz about after 11pm i was having a ciggy an saw a bright red thing in the sky i thought it was a plane in fire. It dropped really fast and the light was fading as if the fire was being put out. It disappeared and turned white kt started climbing back up high but the colour was a bright pink has or did anyone see this lastnight it dropped really fast and out of sight

Orange light

Tonight at around 7:25pm in Palmerston North, NZ, i heard my grandad yelling out "come outside now!!' so i did. There was a massive,round orange light flying through the sky. My poppa said a few minuetes before he got me outsde that is was a lot bigger and had a tail behind it but by the time i got outside it was small and eventually got smaller and dissipaered.. We were really scared because it look like a big ball of fire coming straight towards us.

Tonite around 11pm I saw a

Tonite around 11pm I saw a red ball flickering in the sky travelling form mid horizon to the middle of the sky from south to north , started out as a pea size red ball slightly shining then just slowly faded

Huge green pulsing meteor?

Tonight around 10pm EST in Chesterfield VA I saw a huge pulsing green ball of light with a red tail come straight down from the sky. I first thought it was an airplane and then I thought it was a firework, but there never was any sound. It was bright enough that my sister who was sitting facing me, could see the glow pulsing and reflecting off of my face. I've seen many shooting stars or meteors , but this one takes the cake as the biggest, brightest one I've ever seen.

large meteor and flash on horizon

My wife saw what appeared to be a large meteor falling very low followed by a flash that lite up the Eastern horizon at the same time you saw the object you reported. We live 18 miles south of the VA line in NC. A person in Raleigh, NC captured whatever it was on his car's dash camera--check the WRAL website.

Big bright glowing light with green glow falling very fast

I've never saw anything like i just witnessed .... A very big bright ball falling very rapitly fast straight down with a green glow to it ... I've saw shooting stars but this doesn't come close to what I saw .... I've never saw anything that would compare to what I just saw falling in the sky ... In Greenville, Virginia

Same odd light

I can see the same 'odd light' described in the last comment. Im in Birkenhead, Auckland and the object hasnt moved since i first saw it two hours ago.

Its just small white dot and quite hard to photograph.

Odd light in sky

Im located titirangi west auckland and noticed the same odd light in the sky which didnt move for hours!!! What is it??

white light

We saw this to, it was there for hours and didn't move at all - very odd.Took some pics of it but it is just a white dot.Husband work notified Three News who said they had heard and were looking for it.Maybe something about it on the news tonight but I doubt it.Wonder what it was.....


I see the same thing as well, im in avondale thought it was a star but its way too early!!

ball of flames falling from sky

I am in Raleigh, NC USA. At about 10:10pm here, I saw an flaming object fall from the sky. I have seen many meteor showers as well as the occational lucky draw views. This was either much closer or much larger sighting. I thought at first it could jave been a plane crashing or something but I hearf no crash. Not sure what it was, and I don't know a resorce to confirm or disprove my guess, I believe it was the largest meteor I have ever seen.

Odd light.

What is the odd light in the sky from about 8am this morning and still there now? Hasn;t moved much at all in that time.


From my position, west of Auckland city it is currently about 3 hands left and one above the sun.


im so glad someone else saw

im so glad someone else saw this. i was lying on the patio soaking in the sun when i spotted it sitting there.. so bizare. looks like its within the atmosphere, my gues would be a weather balloon? but it didnt appear to be moving at all

light ball

The light ball was visible in the west at a 50 degrees. Was difficult to film the object so just viewed throught binoculars,  objects had an ultraviolet glow and bright white base reflecting the setting sun 5pm, gone at 5.30pm. What is it? I first thought it was the first evening star but the sun was still above the horizon. 

spec in sky over auckland

Looking at that as well. Also on Wednesday again. Need a telescope  for that.  Just as puzzled. Need to know what it is.

spec in sky over auckland

Yes seen that as well and on Wednesday also. Need a telescope for that. Its in the sky now as well. We all puzzled. 


I can see it too.

Does anyone know what it is?

Is it a planet?

I found out it was a Google

I found out it was a Google balloon. Thats what they told me @ 3 news.

Sighting from near Hamilton

We've been star gazing from spa on the outskirts of Hamilton for 18 months and see satellites and shooting stars at least once a week, but we've never seen what we saw last night at about 9pm.

A bright white/yellow light (about the size of my thumb nail) dropped from about 25o to the horizon in the south south west. For us that looked like it dropped just of the south of Mt Pirongia. It was very impressive!

Kapiti Meteor

Small Meteor sighted about 10pm. Travelled in a West to East direction over Kapiti Island

Weird Light

I was taking a night walk with my sister (we live in Germany) around 1:50 am tonight, and I turned around just in time to see a very bright yellow/white light- that was decent size- almost seem to fall from the sky. At first it looked like a very big, bright, shooting star, but it seemed to fall downward, and houses were blocking the rest of my view so it dissapeared. No clue what I saw, but it went away fast enough that my sister didn't turn around in time to see it before it fell


Just saw a massive meteor fly across Palmerston Norths sky! Looked awesome had a large tail was approximately 40mm long at arms length travelling north west.

Blue meteor

Wednesday 16th July, 9:15pm. We were sitting in a spa at home in Waitahanui, Taupo, and noticed a meteor with a blue flaming tail, moving across the clear sky. It seemed to be travelling faster than a plane but slow enough for us to observe for several seconds. We were facing west and it was heading north at a downward trajectory over Lake Taupo.

floating object

i was in a park today in Auckland city center and I saw a strange white thing floating in the sky. it seemed to be far way but still a good size. it kept changing shape. at first it stayed in one place and the slowly moved in one direction and the took a sharp right turn and went away really fat. it wasnt moving like a plane, balloon, helicopter, or salitlight. it moved on its own. any ideas what i saw? it was around 3pm

look up

anyone have any idea what is floating above westport, i can see 4 shiny objects that are remaining too staionary to be weather balloons

Random light

I saw this as well! I could only seen one from where i was though. Did you manage to find out what it was?

Weird object!

I am in the auckland cbd right now.i can see an object in the sky that was moving before for a while but stopped right now??
Anyone aware of it??

Saw bright light and heard loud electrical current humming noise

At 12.20am Wednesday 16th of July (this morning) I experienced the following: A loud crack noise and then a bright, bright light which lit the whole house for about 30seconds and a loud electrical humming noise which lasted about 30 seconds maybe more followed. I live in Maraetai close to the beach. I went and checked my house and outside where the light was coming from but nothing. I waited to see if the fire alarm would go but nothing. Not even the dogs were barking. It was peaceful, quiet and a very still morning.

I want to know if anyone else has seen the same this morning?

Strange aircraft

Has anyone noticed on the 'plane finder' and 'flight radar 24' apps, a group of 8 aircraft slowly heading up the west coast of New Zealand at an altitude of about 66000 ft? They were over Arthur's Pass/southern alps last night and this morning they are just west of New Plymouth. Any ideas? Rego HBAL261 to HBAL268

object in sky. 7:50-8pm 14-7-14

"Any body else see an asteroid like object break up just over don buck ish area?
This is what i saw. Yellow to orange in colour glob (far away, at lest a few km but still 1cm in size at that distance buy observation approx) with a tail moving 5 times a standard plans speed (approx). was moving in a south direction at negative 10-20 degrees. Appeared instantaneously as if it ignited etc.Observed it for maybe 5 second then started to break up, the parts breaking of glowed then it dissipated and was gone. No sound followed. Any one at all see it? Flair has been suggested but i really don't think so. at-lest a few km up when i saw it. and trajectory doesn't fit. Info please people...................."

Posted this just after 8 alst night. Time is loged i gess on fb. Anyone else see it break up?

object in the sky. 7.55pm approx.14/7/14

Yes, when we were in the spa pool at around this time in Blockhouse Bay we saw this unbelievable BIG bright silver light with it's tail of sparks burning behind it like a comet as it travelled slowly and what seemed very close to us across the sky behind our oak tree towards the west. Maybe 5-10 secs before it was out of our view.Never seen anything like close too.


I saw the same exact thing falling from the sky.... the firery glitter traveling behind it was amazing im glad you spotted it aswell

My family dont believe me. Im on the side near puketutu island mangere bridge and my daughter and I saw it very clear we actually got a bit scared at one point but then it just disappeared.

Object in sky

Yes! I saw it too the other night (Monday 14 July 2014).


I was walking on the West Auckland's road in New Zealand when I looked up at the sky and what I wasn't expecting something unusual was an object flying through the night sky. I was like, wtf?! what the hell?! It was like a ball; it was huge and it was on fire, something like that. It appeared for seconds, and then vanished. I got excited, jaw dropped opened but at the same time I was little scared. I was thinking, what if it crashed down the Earth, which was not. Two other people - I don't know them - didn't see it. 


It happened just before 8pm. I saw it from Glen Eden, Auckland in New Zealand. 


Actually I have seen something like that few times this year; Happy New Year 1 January 2014 in West Harbour, the other night which was about 2 months ago from the same place, and now the third time I saw was few nights ago. 


I'm gonna to keep looking up at the night sky as much as I can. 

Orange light over Hamilton, NZ, 7 July 14

Around 7.15am, Monday 7 July 14 - a large, bright, round, orange light heading approx. north-west(?). Initially thought it was a plane reflecting off the sun, but early morning skies overcast (no sun!). Light stayed bright the whole time & didn't seem to fade as it slowly disappeared from view.

meteor sighting over New Plymouth

Last night at 19.51 i witnessed a meteor heading north west across the sky, a very bright light with a long tail which ,before it disappeared out of my view it was flashing bright  green,it seemed very low in the sky. It was beautiful just wish it lasted longer,it was so quick didn't even have time to say to my husband to turn around and see it.

meteor siting last night in New GlasgowN.S.

Last nght or early this am. What a site t see,,just wondering if anyone else seen this,it was truly an aazing site :)


so one night around maybe june-august 2010, i went out and had bought myself dinner. as i got home and jumped out of my car, i happened to look up at the sky. and there it was, it had just appeared out of nowhere. and for i am only guessing a split second or 2. all i see was look like maybe a meteor or something just appear in clear night, with purple to maybe lightish indigo trail flames then the next second it dissapeared again. and to this day i tell people andthey dont believe me. but hey i know what i saw and i know iam not hallucinating or drugged.