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white light

last night fri 1/7/16 around 11/12pm looking roughly east from flatbush akl just caught a white light descending vertically from appox 40 degrees to ground zero   delboy

meteor over WAINUI

saw a meteor sailing through the sky at Wainui Auckland @ 7am this morning

Meteor over Auckland ?

i live just beside One Tree Hill in Auckland and saw what looked like a meteor descending from about 7:15 am to 7:30am. It apeared to be  towards the north of my location ? anyone else see it?

Meteor over auckland

Good evening,


Did anyone see a bright meteor burn out over auckland tonight at 8.40pm? It was burning white and orange.  



Meteor over Ak

saw green white meteor at around 8:30 Te Atatu Peninsula

Meteor over auckland

Good evening,


Did anyone see a bright meteor burn out over auckland tonight at 8.40pm? It was burning white and orange.  




Captured a video around 5.20 pm from my chch home . Myself and kids seen a huge beautiful Meteror falling hard and fast 


anyone else see a meteor/shooting star breaking up in our atmosphere at approx 0440am on the west coast, NZ???

surely someone else saw it. It was beautiful and lasted a few long seconds!!

meteor sighting

hi there, 

was up with the dog outside around same time. a large flash of light and then turned to north west and saw a spectacular lighting show, lasted for quite some time, just seemed to hang there, ran inside to get my wife to make sure i wasnt seeing things. we live in otatara, 5ks west of invercargill, was ana amazing sight to see


Was the same lights I had seen. Had to yell at my husband to verify exact thing I was seeing. Amazing and we live in christchurch.  I'm just glad that there is other people out there witnessing these amazing lights. 


Meteor in the morning sky in Tampa Florida bygunn highway

Meteor in morning sky in Tampa Florida by gunn




From Guam, saw a meteor on Wednesday, June 29, at approx. 10:07pm. It lit up the sky with a long orange trail.

I told my daughter about it and she said she saw a meteor the night before, June 28 a little after 10:00pm as well. Blue flash and orange trail. 




I seen a white light bigger then an average star go northeast across the sky in Michigan at about 10:00pm 6-30

We seen it also..

We seen that last night also and we We seen that last night also and we are in south west Ohio. are in south west Ohio. We weren't sure what it was. But it was really strange.

I seen a white light bigger

I seen a white light bigger then an average star go northeast across the sky in Michigan at about 10:00pm 6-30

Fireball evening of 28th JUne 2016

was outside saw the start of fireball in the east its blazed over 1/4 of the sky heading northwards was large orange went for at least 5 seconds

Flashing light size of a star moved north then easr

I'm in Florida' saw a light size of a star flash and move straight up then changed direction flashed every thirty seconds. Not a plane no red or blue lights . and did not move like a plane. In the area by the big dipper 


Not a plane or star

Sorry, forgot to say we are in Atoka, TN 

Orange Lights

Last night at about 10:14 last night i looked out my window and saw strange orange lights. There was no sound and it ws truly weird. They blazed around i the sky for about 5 minutes then dissapeared behind cloud. Then a few minutes later they reapeared brighter than ever nd formed a y formation.  

Green Fire Ball falling at Johor, Malaysia

Saw behind my working place while goin to the car park. It was huge fire ball, not small one or i will be thinking its a fireworks. I appered for few seconds falling with high speed and disappered. Just few seconds, if not could taken video.

Green Meteor

Finally found someone from Malaysia witnessed it as well. I'm from Malaysia. Location - Port Klang. Saw the huge green fireball at NE 40 degree at elevation of 25 degree moving to the right. Around 4.50AM local time, 29.06.2016. Been searching entire google about this. But disappointing. I've been watching the same thing about 5 years back. Almost similar thing. Huge green fireball. But ended with no clue what it was.

Bright light

From Guam on Tuesday June 26, 2016 @10:26pm. I saw a bright green and white tail light  in the looked awesome wanted to video it, but it only lasted less than 20seconds.

Huge Meteor in Canada

Huge meteor over nova Scotia, Canada ..12:53 am.  Unbelievable, bright with red flame. Awesome! 

I saw it too!! I was driving

I saw it too!! I was driving on hwy 104 just almost at truro and saw the whole thing right in front of me driving towards halifax! It was so huge and bright and on fire and I believe I saw it as it started to burn up all the way until it kinda burst into a fiery bright light. I saw a few regular shooting stars later on that night but this was way more intense and big. What an amazing sight!!! 

Large Meteorite over Glen Haven NS - 06/28/16 @ 12:53am EST

I saw it too! 

12:53am 06/28/16 - I just saw a large meteorite! It was so amazing and beautiful. was out for a midnight walk along the shore, such a clear night I literally stepped into the dock and saw a beautiful shooting star but that was just a normal shooting star. I waiting for a bit And thought that's my one I should go back and I turned to my right and could see this bright orange thru the trees looked like the sunset I'd seven earlier but in the east so caught my eye then it travelled across the sky slower then any shooting star I've seen. Bright white ball was size of a soccer ball crossing sky at MY DISTANCE AWAY it was huge! Then faded and fell to earth like how fireworks fall, was like it was raining fire almost. 

Same here!!

I think I just saw the same one you did, here in Ontario, Canada. That's possible, right? It was the biggest and longest lasting meteor or shooting star I have ever seen. Absolutely amazing. 

I saw a falling star today!

I was heading south on I75 in downriver Detroit omw to 0hi0 and I seen a falling star around 11:00 pmish. I made a

Red orange flare

June 25 around 10pm, me and my boyfriend were outside with our dogs when we saw a orange flare in the sky. My boyfriends first thought was a plane burning, and we rushed to get our binoculars to see if it was a plane. When I looked it was only a orange fireball, flickering white and orange. We are in Los Angeles County , California. It was quiet a sight to see, as many people did not get the chance to see this. We were lucky to see when it first started burning to when it ended. It started in the west and headed east pretty quick, we thought it was close in the sky, but we saw a plane pass right infront of it. That's when we knew that it was much further than we thought. And now reading comments it was a global event. Cheers to all those that got to see this, and have a story to tell. 


Shooting star

I saw a shooting star, very big and bright in  Sky north  Dayton Ihio/Tipp city at 10.20 pm ish!

Bright green light Auckland

I saw a bright green light while driving on the southern motorway last night approx 2115 hrs. it looked like a shooting star only larger and brighter!!

Shooting Star

Shooting star about 12:40am. Tuesday Morning 28/06/16


Bright green light Auckland

I saw a bright green light while driving on the southern motorway tonight approx 2115 hrs. it looked like a shooting star only larger and brighter!!

Meteor shooting passed

Driving on the road and saw a big bright ball shoot across the sky. Heavy rain at the time as it was heading from wanganui, nz side to mt ruapehu, nz side. Big fright at how big it was

White Ball of Light UK Rickmansworth

on 25th June @ approx 3am i saw a large white ball travelling very fast from right to left, i would say a SW direction. Thr trajectory was from a high point to low point and vanished before it got to the horizon. it lasted for about 3 secs. Shortly afterwards i also saw what appeared to be 3 shooting stars with tails following the same path.

Really interesting...

the wife and i were night

the wife and i were night fishing in derbyshire and saw something very similar it was so close, it actually lasted about 10seconds and was probably the biggest falling star type thing i have ever seen. 

Very bright meteor/spacejunk?

I am in the foothills of the coastal range in Oregon USA. On 6-26-2016 at approx 1:00 in the morning I saw a quite large burning object moving horizontal across the sky, it started to break apart and I lost sight behind the mountain range. It looked to be slow moving and was whitish yellow. I have seen many, many meteor showers but never anything so close and large.

Bright reddish orange light

My 2almost 3 year old son, his father and I were outside trying out his new toy when he asked me; momma, whats that? I looked and i immediately told his father to look at it. It was bright reddish orange and it was moving from northwest to southeast. We stood there and watched it go from moving very fast to slowing down quite a bit and then kind of flickered/got dimmer almost as if it were turning and then the light was gone. We stood there for seconds after but still no sign of it, it just disappeared.  I've never seen anything like it before and im really scared for our future. I wish I had answers, i wish i knew what it was that I just seen. I need answers so that I can sleep at night. We live in Lake Stevens, Wa

white light

6/25/2016 Approx 10:00 PM EDT  NE CT South to north no noise  Thought it was the ISS but ISS is in Pacific right now!  Any idea what it was?


Hello We were driving up the


We were driving up the north west coast of Western Australia on Friday night and we saw a bright light move across the sky. It lasted much longer then a shooting star and then there was a flash of green as it moved out of sight.

Bright white light that moved slow

On Friday June 24, 2016 at about 10:30pm cst or so in Clifton, Illinois, USA, my husband and I saw a bright light in the sky moving slowly from West to east and then it dissappeared and then about 30 seconds or a minute later it reappearred for about 30 seconds and then dissappeared again and was gone. We thought maybe the ISS but we looked at the tracker and not due around our area until July 7th. Anyone else see that around the same time? Anyone ever see anything or know what it is?


Bright green object with white tail

At just after 3am on 25th June 2016 I saw this bright green object streak across the sky.

i am in Hawksworth Nottinghamshire UK looking west and it went from right to left. It didn't appear to be that far away.

Flying object

I saw exactly the same thing at the same time do you know what it was 


the wife and i saw it too. 

the wife and i saw it too. 

orange burning light

\last night my kids and I saw an orange burning light that seemed to just burnout after a couple minutes . we live in Mcgregor Ontario Canada. It came from the south and was moving north toward us.


White light in the Sky UK

Hi, I'm from the UK, at 03:05 Today 25 June 2016 I saw a bright light, moving very quickly across the sky.  It travelled from Right to left in a slight arc, totally silently, it was the brightest white I have ever seen.  Seemed very large, sadly I only was able to see it for a few seconds before it disappeared. A very beautiful sight, sounds similar to the others reported here - I would be fascinated to find out more about this if anyone knows.

im in the South of the U.K., 20 miles South of Guildford.

I Luke.

Fireball in UK

I saw the same, a fireball with a long tail, across horizontally fron east to west, and which disintegrated until disappeared, without sound, about 3am 25th June.

Coalville, Leicestershire, UK.

White light

I saw a bright light moving acrossvthe sky from right to left this morning at 03:05, opened the window but know sound.   Checked to see if it was the International Space Station but this was not scheduled to be in this area.

I live in Alderton near Towcester Northampton.

Amazing sight

Same here in Ct 10:00PM EDT

Same here in Ct 10:00PM EDT Not ISS

White/green light in the sky

I saw it too! walked out of my house at 3am and saw it fall for about 2 seconds, which seemed long. I didnt see it go out as it disappeared behind some houses nearby. I'm so glad somebody else saw it. I was stunned for a few mins, never seen one so large and clear.  It had a green tinge to it.

I'm in the South East UK , 20 miles from Norwich