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Shooting star

In Rotorua at 12.00am heading west

Orange fire ball

Wednesday night 18 Jan 2017 approximately 11:20pm in Havelock North, New Zealand. We saw a large bright orange fire ball with trails pass across the sky from East to West. We could see about half to two thirds of the sky at the time and it passed through the entire portion of sky we could see, from horizon to horizon. The trajectory was very straight and is passed through the bottom of the Orion constellation. The object was significantly larger than a star but smaller than the Moon. There was no sound.

Green flame

I saw, a green coloured flame coming above my house just in five seconds, suddenly it disappeared. It was Wednesday night at 8 o clock the whole sky was dark and the electricity was gone in India in my town on18-01-2017.It was a terrible event I experienced that night.

Bright bright florescent green ball

Tonight in timaru @ 11.15pm I can't believe I just saw. It was a very bright bright florescent ball fell from the sky. The centre of the ball was bright florescent green & the outer ring of the ball was bright florescent white , omg was truly absolutely spectacular. Wish I had my phone camera ready to capture this strange florescent green ball.

Green ball falling from the sky

My wife and I were driving west and we seen this green ball fall from the sky straight down to the horizon. We are in Wisconsin. We see a lot of falling stars but this one was different. It was so green.

browns bay

There were reports of a super loud bang over browns bay/northshore auckland at 4.30am & the sky lit up?? did anyone see anything?

Shooting star

I saw a shooting star at around 12am midnight from Lower Hutt, NZ. I was just admiring the night sky and its stars. So I took a photo of the moon and then wished I didn't need any glasses to see the moon and the stars. Next second a shooting star whizzes by the bright moon. It was a relatively small trail. It looked more yellowish.

I just saw a black figure

I just saw a black figure standing on the moon and then the clouds passed by and it looked like an up side down cross what does this mean?????????? Princeton Louisiana United States January 17,2017

Black figure

Yes saw fast my moving black figure like trail got chills just looking at it the other night moved fast and was scary experience think sighns of times...

Venus and Mars

Venus is massive and bright in the New Zealand sky to the West at sunset this week, with smaller Mars to the left (positioned at about 10 o'clock). Easily mistaken for other things like UFOs or flight MH370. Stop worshipping irrelevant Rugby players in wedlock and trying to emulate the Kardashians on Favebook, and instead take heed of the night sky and what it has in store for you.


venus appears bright too in kenya Nairobi. Haven't seen it this bright before. 21 jan 2017, also like three days ago i saw a brightly burning star, it wasn't moving but the lighting was varying but i can no longer spot it anymore

Line of lights in sky west of Auckland, NZ 2200 14/01/17

Myself and friend witnessed a strange array of lights above and to the west of Auckland City; viewed from Devonport. There was about 8-10 large white lights evenly spaced apart in a horizontal and linear fashion. Any comments or insight to what these may have been are greatly appreciated as I was completely baffled. They were stationary and seemed to grow brighter then dim. Cloud cover then set in and they were obscured from view. I had ruled out any aircraft as navigational lights weren't seen. Very, very confusing.

Flaming object

In chichester near the Z1 ezpress gas station I saw a flaming object in the sky around 6:30 to 7. I thought it looked like a flaming plane because it was too blurry to see but it was close enough to the ground and it was getting closer and faster. I also tjought it could have been a meteor, comet, or sunburst that manged to get past the atmospere. I did the research and found out a lot of flooding was happening but I think that it is not unusual and it is just the tectonic plates. But now that there is flaming objects in the sky I think I have thw right to say that there is an alien invasion starting because the flaming object kind of looked like it wasn't flaming but it looked like it was covered in orange lights and it looked like it was a giant vertical pipe large enough to hold actual life sized living beings. It also looked like it had a spinning circle around it.

yellow/orange moving object seen in the sky 14/01/2017

yellow/orange moving object seen in the sky 14/01/2017. Time about 8.30pm to 9.30 approx. It was moving fairly fast from South/southwest to north/northeast. We did capture it on video on a phone and took some photos on the phone too. Would love to know if anyone else saw it and what it was

Orange bright object last night in south sky

I also saw the bright orange light in the south sky. It was moving very slowly up but stayed visible for hours .I noticed it about 7pm and it was higher in the sky an hour later . It was fire ornge and very bright.i am in Eastern nc and have a perfectly treeless view 180 degrees of the sky. I never saw anything like this before.ot is not there tonight 18th of Jan 2017. What was it?

Blue flaming object

It passed over Victoria,BC Canada heading South ,south-west at 8:35 PM and was blue in color with long tail.

Flaming object.

If it was somewhere near chichester I saw it too but near about 630 to 7 and I think it was either a flaming ship, meteor, or (since I have done the research) possibly an alien ship. Some people also said it could have been sunbursts that managed to get through the atmosphere. If you have any similar thoughts please email me back.

white light ball flashed/dropped

BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON, USA was outside about 5:43 pm PST. The moon still pretty full, meaning last night the sky never really got very dark. Despite that, I saw a dropping white light so huge,and so bright, I wondered if a planet just fell, and where near my location debris would be found. There is an airport not too far away and the altitude of planes coming or going is consistent at my location. Knowing how high in the sky a plane would be, I was shocked at how crazy low this meteor,comet or whatever it was got before there was no more light. Watched it fall and 'explode" into a ball of white light at the end of 2-3 seconds. There was no sound. @4 hours later heard jet engines (heard it twice) of the military type. Don't know if hearing them mattered or not?

New comment sighting

Wed Jan 11th aproxomatly 7:55pm saw something falling from the sky on fire . it fell in a angled downward direction toward the earth but straight. And dissapated quickly. Sighting was all of 5 seconds. This was in surrey british columbia . It fell like a meteor i thought but i could see it and it looked like metal on fire with a flaming trail like a comet. But as it fell its trail shrunk untill it went out. I thought either a meteor, satalite falling, even maybe a small plane falling on fire but i waiting to see it land. Right after saw plane fly over from the south its red and blue lights blinking as normal.and then a travel jet from the east.its normal lights blinking.i was thinking they must of seen it.

Bright light

Tuesday 10th January Approx 9.45pm viewed a very bright light in the sky to the South west of Auckland. Stood and watched it for some time thinking it was aircraft landing lights but it did not move. When viewed through binoculars could see that it was an incredibly bright round object. Asked my son to come outside to see it. He was also mystified as to what it was. We both gazed at for some time. Probably at least 45 min. Went inside again but when we went outside about 20 min later it had disappeared.


Bright light high in southern sky last night. First appeared stationery then dropped rapidly. Disappeared in low cloud cover. Eastern BOP, NZ

Stationary large Light In Sky West of Auckland City 2300 12/01?

Knowledgeable answers only please. Cheers, Danny.

Orange ball of light

On the 29th of december late at night between 11pm-1am me and my partner where driving down whitford park rd and we both just happened to look up and see this orange ball of light move across the sky slowly and then disappear. Was pretty exciting because I had never seen anything like that before. Thought it was pretty amazing and then a few days later my mum shared something similar with me and told me she saw an orange ball of light moving across the sky slowly which buzzed me out and then I told her what we had seen in the sky the previous nights. What's going on NZ? These sightings obviously happened in NZ, and we stay in south auckland, manukau.

Bright light moving in LEO

Last night around 11.30pm(Auckland) I observed 2 bright lights moving in formation at an altitude of at least 400 kilometres above the Earth,,one of the objects then stopped and the 2nd continued in for a few seconds before also stopping. The first stopped object then moved to the left and then back to right appearing to hover. It then speed off to join the other further forward object and they both then sped off at a speed I would estimate 4-5 times faster than the ISS. I regularly observe the ISS so I have a knowledgeable insight to it's velocity and the time it takes to pass through the sky .These 2 objects maneuvered and propelled themselves at speeds no known aircraft could possibly achieve.

Slow moving light

Yep my partner and I were out on the deck and also saw a slow moving light which took about 1`-2 minutes to pass and then just disappeared. This is the second time since moving to the country that we have witnessed this type of event. Kool.

Saw UFO (moving light) over MT Tauhara

Saw a bright moving light when out on deck with Dad, moved vertically down the sky then across towards Mt Tauhara then disappeared straight away too bright and fast for satilite and moved in angle. Strangely disappeared as if it had been turned off.

Last night my husband was in

Last night my husband was in the garden just after midnight (12 Feb 2017) and he witnessed a light travel across the sky in a straight line from north to east sort of direction. It went from left so right across the whole of the horizon in 2 - 3 seconds and it was gone. we live in Co. Durham, in the north east of England


Could it of been the space station

Seen meteor

Last night Jan 9/2017 I seen a fireball not far in the distance from my home in Palm coast, Florida. It was a beautiful sight. Did anyone else see it?

Strange star

Just seen something similar tonite 11 Jan 2017.I swear I was'nt dreamING. I even took a picture

11 january2017

I too saw metal looking object on fire fall from the sky with a flaming trail and then dissipate

Bright light over Auckland !?

Lately most nights inbetween 9/10ish I seem to be seeing a bright light moving across the southern sky slowly in the same direction. Definitely not a plane. Anyone know what it is?

Space station

I have the seen this slow moving light in the uk, someone told me it could of Been the space station, I used the space station tracker and the night it was due to pass I checked the sky and the exact time It said I saw the space station a slow bright moving star and then it faded Here is the link to spot it®ion=None&city=Auckland#.WHprTobfWEc

Slow moving bright star

I am seeing the same thing Jan.13th 2017 in Fort Myers Florida, looking South it moves towards the West moving very slowly and higher up in the sky over the past 2 hours. At first I thought it was a plane at the airport as it seems to be flashing but they all move much quicker. It is now 8.45pm and it is still there. Have never seen this before.

Slow Moving Shooting Star?

Auckland, NZ, just witnessed a very slow moving shooting star which took 1-2mins then slowly burned orange and disappeared

Orange light

Southeast missouri, just saw a bright orange light falling from the sky.

Bright shining object

1/08/17 at 1900 hrs tonight I was outside in Bealeton, Virginia and in the northern sky I observed a very bright light. Sky was clear but saw no stars. Moon was very clear. I noticed the light appeared to be moving. Very slowly. Thought it was a chopper. No colored directional lights. Checked on it every 15 min. Was directly in line with phone pole. In one hour it moved from north to east about 2 foot from direct line of pole. Definitely moving. No sound, no directional lights

Meteorite. Maybe

This morning I was driving (public transportation) and i about 430 am I seen something falling. It got pretty close as I was in Milwaukee and it looked like it landed in out Greenfield suburb. This isn't the first time I've seen this as I was going over the hoen bridge (Milwaukee) I seen one about two days ago flying past towards Brown Dear . our northern suburbs. Hopefully chicken little isn't right.

I was sitting outside smoking

I was sitting outside smoking and I saw something fall out of the sky. It just appeared and fell right out of the sky at a distance. WTF?

I was sitting outside smoking.

The question is...... What were you smoking?

Bright flashing light in the sky

Driving back home I saw a flashing light,at first I thought it was an aeroplane. An hour later as I was drawing the curtains the bright light was still in the sky at that point I knew that it can't be an aeroplane. Upon observing it closely it was orange and I think there was some blue aswell. It was in the sky for a couple of hours and didn't seem to move much but was constantly flashing. I wonder what it really was...

Ball of fire

Witnessed a ball of fire in the sky on the 7/01/2017 @ about 10.30ish pm Travelling from north to south very fast speed no noise location wairarapa Masterton

Orange light

10.30pm 7th January 2017 Leigh a large orange ball appeared from the the west it was very close then moved very quickly disappearing on the northern horizon. It was a clear night , it was not a plane, it looked like a large ball of fire.

Red light over Levin

We saw that red light too , amazing, coming from the north to the south , we thought it was a plane but it definitely wasn't because the light just disintegrated into nothing . We see planes in the sky at night all the time , but with this one our dog wouldn't stop barking at it , never has barked at planes before , that's what made us go outside and listen , it was making no plane noises as planes do, actually was making no noise .

flashing ball from sky

On new years eve around 11:45 pm i was driving on the 202 N when out of no where a large red ball of fire slowly fell from the sky looked like it was headed towards the freeway. I slowed down for I feared i was going to slam directly into it and just before it seemed to be almost landing on the freeway it disapeared. Very strange but exciting. Happy New Year!!! Mesa Arizona

Red light in sky over Horowhenua

Around 10pm tonight, 5 January 2017, we saw a large bright red light moving in a zigzag in the sky to the north. Watched as it appeared to grow larger as if it may have been coming towards us (south of Levin). It then went rapidly smaller and disappeared completely. It is a clear, starry night. Do not think it was a plane.

Red light in sky

Saw the same light over tauranga in the nth island traveling nth east

Mysterious plane about to crash then disappears

In about July or august I and my step father were eating dinner when we finished I saw the mysterious object come down looking like it was going to crash but wasn't on fire or anything the object seem to look like a plane when the object came very close to crashing I jumped and tripped when I turned around to see us die my step father looked at the object and he saw a Man and a woman with terrified faces when it seemed like it already hit our house then disappearing when a blue light suddenly blinds the our window. Our neighbors also noticed the object and the blue light but have no idea where this blue light came from. Any explanations?

flashing orange green white orbs

On Great Barrier Island NZ , looking out from the Kaitoke Cabins, My partner came to get me out of the shower to look at these lights that were way out at sea and all moving very unlike anything I've ever seen , the orbs were flashing and changing colour , the light was brighter than the stars. There were 3 we could see, one incredibly high in the air, and one was quite low to the water even though it must have been kilometres away you could see the water glowing from the light. the third one stayed yellow more often and it had appeared quite suddenly just over the land back off the beach. it must have been about 11pm, on the 1st of January 2017. They moved about for a long while and we actually went to bed before they had left.

December 21 I saw

I'm from southern Indiana USA and on December 21 2016 I saw a bright blue ball low towards ground had a yellowish orange tail behind it traveling West to East it was about 2 am