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4 bright lights

Was heading back after watching the game and noticed 4 orange glowing lights. Decided to pull over up maraetai rd and they looked like they were just hovering over the tree line and then started moving north towards Putararu.

Large meteor in North Florida sky

It was about 11: 05 pm Eastern time on August 22,  2014  from West to East, I saw an orangish fire ball (meteor ?) on Alligator Point Florida.

Orange "fireball" slowly went across the sky.

Berlin NJ, USA. 9:15ish. Sitting outside with my friend when something orange went across the sky. It had what looked like a fire-esk tail and was there for a good few seconds before it was gone but it was too slow to be a meteor.

one shooting star

I saw it around 11pm of August 22, 2014 at Bagacay, Dumaguete City. It is so big and so bright.

Unknown light source in sky

I live in Temecula, CA. And I was out with a friend up in a nearby mountain community called De Luz and its in the hills and mountains around the Temecula valley. About a 10-15min drive up Rancho California Rd. We stopped at a lookout point where we looked East and north/northeast and saw the city. We were laying on the top of the jeep seeing about 10 shooting stars when at about 11:30pm we looked west towards the ocean and Oceanside/Pendleton I saw this big orange light that looked like a star but it was about 15times larger than the average star from the naked eye perspective. It just stayed in one spot for a long time and was extetemly bright. It slightly dimmed and lit back up for about 2 minutes then vanished. It was really cool but supppppper weird! Hahaha we don't know what it was but we could be the only ones who saw it....

Red/orange light in sky

I live in temecula, ca and just happened to look up at the sky as i was living my house and saw a red/orange light too. At first i thought it was an airplane light blinking or star but it to big to be that. It stayed for a few minutes, got brighter than disappeared to black. Anyone know what it could be??

Red-orange light in the sky

I just saw what I thought might be a very low flying airplane, but the color wasn't right and there wasn't any sound. It was moving south off the coast of Lincoln City, Oregon and then dissappeared. Very strange.


August 21, 2014 around 10:00 pm I saw what I thought was a falling star but it was much larger than a star and much brighter.  It fell for what seemed to be forever and then it was gone.  I was looking to the east and I was close to Hanover Ontario.  It was so beautiful but I heavn't seen any reports today of any one else seeing it.

Don't know what it was.

It was just about 30 minutes ago when I looked up to the sky and saw what I thought was a plane,,here  in Mississippi. I was looking for different color lights that most planes have. But I keep looking and not ever see it when I realized that it wasn't a plane it just faded away. Like a shooting star moving real slow. Pretty cool.

Large Orange FireBall moving slowly Fredericton, NB - Canada

Noticed large tennis size orange fire ball in the sky at around 9:45 pm last evening August 20, 2014.  It moved fairly slowly and just kept going until I could not see it any longer above wooded area. 

shooting star with smoke trails

on or about the 18th of August in Escondido California as I was standing in the courtyard of the creekside apts on Escondido Boulevard in Escondido California I looked up at the sky and saw what I believed was a shooting star falling from the sky however never had i ever befoe witnessed a shooting star with a trail of smoke following behind it, I was quiteexcited but also perplexed by this. Was it a shooting star or was it a meteor of some sort? the time was guesstimated at about between 10 pm and/or about midnight.

Green fireball

I saw a very bright green glowing ball fall behind my house around 10:30pm August 18 2014 it was jsut above the roof then fell into a field it was incredible I had music on so I didn't hear anything. It happened really fast. I don't know if what I saw was a piece of the meteor reported by others but it was large & very cool!

19-8-14 6 pm

6 pm in Dunedin looking SW; saw a large green blue meteorite descending south leaving a good streak behind for a second or two. Was going full on until it fell below the horizon.

19--8-14 6pm I saw it TOO!

6pm, I watched that same meteor from Queenstown, ripping across the sky above Lake Wakatipu. Incredible

Small Meteor

I was driving at 6pm along Lower Shotover Road, Queenstown and saw a small bright flame about 50 feet in the air travelling at speed across the top of our car. It appeared to disintergrate just before hitting the ground. Very cool. 


I live in Scotland last night while walking my dog at around 12-12:30am I saw a white light pulsing is best way to describe this there was no light below but a light from above like a beam shining down if anyone else has seen something similar please comment


I too saw a circular white light at 12:25 am Tue 19/08/2014 but in my time zone (north american pacific standard time). I live in B.C. Canada. Woke up from noises outside, thinking it was the bear in the yard the night before.  I looked south and up where a bright light about as bright as the moon and about 1/6 the size.  It was motionless.  I live in an isolated town within a narrow mountain valley.  It would not be a helicopter as I would here it.  The moon had just eclipsed the mountian range far to my left (east).  There were no tails like a meteor nor did it have a beam like you saw.  I observed it for 10 seconds then rushed to get my camera or binoculars.  It was gone when I got to the next room.

Green fireball

About 9:05pm I saw a green light shoot across the sky really pretty with a tail and disappear in the clouds over tthe Atlantic ocea. I am on St. Kitts an Island in the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean.. 

Green ball in sky

We saw a large green ball in the sky over Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.  It moved in a downward arc.  My husband noted a tail on it.  This was about 10:15 PM PDT

Saw it in Sooke BC

I saw the same thing in Sooke BC howver it didn't have a tail and fell into the field behind my house! I have no idea what it was but it was a bright glowing green circle

Orange light in sky

Hi Im in Wanganui central. On August 15th at approximately 7pm we spotted an orange light moving across the sky, this is the 2nd time we've seen this, the first time probably been beginning of August around same time of night. It was travelling in a north easterly direction from coast to coast.  It was completely silent and moving  at a steady pace, not blinking or pulsating just a steady glow until it just disappeared i.e now you see it now you dont kind of disappear.

Can anyone advise what this may be?

I just saw the same this 5

I just saw the same this 5 minutes ago, 22/08/2014 looking out east over the Auckland harbour. It was bright orange/red. Brighter than any other star, moving north steadily for about 10 seconds before it faded into nothing!!

Saw same thing

We just saw the same thing!!! What is it?!

blue/green flash

Aug 16th around 11pm  Saw bright blue/green flash of light.  Probally meteor about a 45% angle toward ground  light trail was gone a few secons later.  Corpus Christi Tx

red purple blue yellow green pulsating orb

hi guys  i just went outside to take the rubbish bins out and i noticed a star that was flickering it appeared stationary but then started moving towards invercargill from say tiwai point, bluff way then appeared to change directions to towards catlins. through my telescope the object when pulsating it appeared to pulse in a spiral from the centre outwards. it was no flash or blinking from chopper or plane  or the continuous singular direction of a satellite. so im unsure what it was, it was visual for about 6 minutes, then while trying to focus my telescope on it it just disappeared, i didn't see it shoot off suddenly or land, it just wasnt there anymore. did i just see a ufo?

















What is going on?

I have also seen this so called white light orb looking things in the sky this is my third sighting this month. The first I was heading to downtown Los Angeles on the 105 freeway when my husband and I seen this orb that vanished into thin air. He though it was a drone but to just vanished? I don't know? The last two I seen on the same day August 16 2014 one in the city of Colton, CA. It really grabbed my attention when I seen it and it as well disappeared into thin air. And the third and final one was on the 91 freeway again in the city of Bellflower, CA and it too disappeared into thin air. It is so weird three sightings in one month. Please tell me there are others who have seen this as well!

I posted my original comment Aug 8th 2014 titled San Bernardino

I live in downtown San Bernadino,California right next to the 215 freeway. And honestly, I can come outside anytime after 8:00pm and in less than 50 minutes can spot at least 1 definite questionable object in the night sky. I youtube "begginers astronemy lessons" to help me dififentrierate at least the main stars too. I think its important to look at world issues as well because undeniable accounts of hundreds of wittnesses to a single U.F.O event, where a U.F.O is near structures of historal significance, (u.f.o over whitehouse, u.f.o in palistine land •isreal• at a mousqe, and Christopher Culumbus U.S.O sighting a night before arriving in North America.) My research and internet investigating now lead me to believe the ''Ancient Astrunot Hypothesis'' (I dont believe they manipulated our DNA and im still under the belief of a 1 god/maker who made EVERYTHING) Western World Order (UN) VS. Religion World Order (Extremeist) mabey the extrateristerals know somthings gonna happen...

Saw a bright streak at or around 7:50 PM

Just saw a streak of light that lasted about a second heading 250 degrees West , it looked like it came down at about 65 degrees and burned up high up . The sky was clear and it was still light out, so it was very bright. I'm in Newark California USA.

Im from florida and i was

Im from florida and i was outside looking up at the stars when i seen a white flash like a camera flash from very far away im not sure how to describe it but then it was gone and there was nothing left from where i saw it. that was about 45 mins ago it was around 12 am . if u guys seen it in california which is how many hours behind my time then cud it have been the same thing?..

i saw this same occurrence in los angeles at the same exact time

it literally shot down from the middle of the sky it flared down for about 2-3 seconds and then it was gone . and it was just right before sundown so there was still light out and it was bright

bright streak

saw the streak of light in the southern sky from Antioch, CA just before 8pm. it was a quick bright streak, then it flared and disappeared.

bright light

Hello, site would not allow me to comment so, replied. We were outside at 11:05 pm in Colorado and saw a bright white/ golden light flash and illuminate our yard. It quickly fizzled. Never seen anything like it. Rhonda and Rick

Saw a metero or UFO? Red glow.. It appeared out of nowhere then

I just saw a a red glowing ball making a u shape in the night sky, it almso tmade me soil, my heart beat went really fast, kind of scared me was very strange and exciting. 

Confused what do you think it could be?  It appeared out of nowhere then did that uturn


Wales, Pontypridd at 2:45 am 

Shooting Star in Christchurch

Today about 630am, I was going for a run and looked up and saw what I thought was a helicopter, it was clear morning in ChCh and the object was bright orange. What made me look closer was the speed the object was travelling, it was travelling to fast for a chopper. Must have been all of 5-6 seconds from when I noticed it streaking across the sky to when the light faded. It had a slight tail but it was very long.

Flaming ball Christchurch

I saw the same thing at exactly the same time. I thought it was a plane or something on fire, but then it broke up and dissappeared suddenly. Seemed close and heading toward NE but I'm guessing it was a long way up.. 

Shooting star

I was travelling to Darfied from Sheffield this morning at 630am and saw what looked like a plane with bright lights but travelling too low and very fast heading east.After about 5 seconds the lights spread out and then suddenly went out,approx six or seven lights,appeared to be very low.

Meteortite exploding over Andersons Bay/Otago Peninsula

Whilst walking the dogs at around 6:30am in St Kilda, Dunedin, I noticed a large fireball falling from the sky (near vertical fall but slightly on a NNE heading).  It exploded and fragmented into at least half a dozen visable pieces and stopped burning a few hundred metres above the hills.  From my location it appeared to be over central Andersons Bay (around the areas of Highcliff Road and Duckworth St?) although it could have been much larger and further North along the Otago Peninsula.

meteor/space junk?

at approx 6.45pm over SE qld (australia)coastal..seen a shooting star streak across sky with long white tail and very bright head for a few seconds...the night sky was clear of cloud cover..

bright looking star

Hi I have just been outside my house  at around 9.35pm on the isle of wight hampshire and saw a bright orange looking star it was just above a house twinkling and then it started moving up in the sky quite slow so I sat and watched it incase it disappeared and was just some lantern or something but it didnt. It went higher and higher and got very very bright. A bright white ball and then instead of carryin on going up it started moving across the sky very bright and moving faster. What was it? Im fascinated and would love to know what this could of been please? Many thanks kirsty


630am nz, Charing cross, canterbury today. Fireball came across the sky, looked like the size of a football with firework sparks coming off the back. Suddenly fizzled and vanished.


yes I saw this too about 6.30 18 August 2014


Mark form Oamaru NewZealand saw this Meteor explode in the sky approx 6.30am 18Aug 2014

me too, it was bright orange from where I was at 630am

Could see it clear day as it was perfect morning in Christchurch. Cheesy as it sounds I made a wish :P

meteor over Christchurch NZ

Beautiful orange ball with tail moving North over Cashmere Christchurch approx 18:30


Seen in christchurch sky south at about 6.30am. Burnt out.

San Antonio texas ,USA green

San Antonio texas ,USA green fireball shot across the sky around 10pm central time

3 successive orange moving "fireballs" or earthgrazers

August 16, 10PM observed north of Parry Sound, Canada: 3 objects larger than aircraft but moving much faster than aircraft, 1 minute apart from each other on the same trajectory, moving east to west. Possible Earthgrazers, no apparent drop to earth. Appeared as large round balls of fire. The balls faded out near the west at about 45 degrees from the horizon. Approximate time to traverse the sky: 30 seconds or slightly longer. A spectacular show.

Three Strange orange red lights travelling over Manitoulin

We saw one of these on August 15th while stargazing at our campsite on Manitoulin about 10;30pm and wondered what the heck it was. The next night we saw what you describe ...and yes, on the 16th there were three! The first two were closer together almost following each other just a few seconds apart but the third came a few minutes later.  We know it wasn't a satellite, or a plane as we saw many of those. This was totally noiseless also, and while it seemed to go steady and fast past us all of a sudden it faded out ... (and I can't  believe I would care enough to write this but it was just too bizarre.) Anyone have an explanation?

Likely Earthgrazer Meteor

Most likely thing is that they were earth grazer meteors I figure -- they looked like they faded out when they left the sphere of the atmosphere to continue back into space. Glad someone else saw this!

Shooting star

We were sitting outside and I saw a bight light in the sky. It shot Across the sky and in a straight line, probably lasted 20 sec, bit felt like forever. My husband was there and saw the reflection from it in the neighbors window. As I was freaking out about the shooting star he saw the streak from it. It was so bright, I have seen a few shooting stars bit this was amazing!!!!! We are in Las Vegas I was looking northwest at the time.