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bright red orange light

Here in Oxford New Zealand I  have a great view of the night sky from my bed, saw a large red orange light move quickly across the sky  east to west, I think, and then disapear, around 2am, 25/10/14.

orange light

Orange light in the sky really high and moving quite fast, then burnt out quite big too???

10/10/14 miami, florida

It caught my eye peripheral vision I was in my bedroom watching a sermon, none the less, and at first I got excited thought I saw a falling star, then I realized that could not have been one, it was so much brighter and bigger and it zig-zagged all the way down ??? I was still in awe, amazement and went crazy looking on line, I know someone else had to have seen it, it was too big and awesome. Still don't know what it was, but I prayed and then I got a revelation that it was a fallen angel ??

What in the world

I was just called outside to witness this long white light bounce around the sky, side to side and then disappear...a few seconds would pass and the same thing.   It was almost like a lighthouse light but moving in a much different pattern.  The time is short people Jesus is close even as knocking on the door.

Orange orb

After work as I was walking to my car I saw a bright Orange orb at lower part of the sky so not too far off from the ground. I could not figure out what it was as it was not a plane or helicopter. It looked like a huge bright Orange star. I don't believe in Ufos but this was unreal. It continued to move at the same level across the sky and started to disappear higher into the Sky. It looked as it was moving slowly because of it's size but there's no way a plane could go that fast. I have seen this once before, this time I decide to search for some explanation on the Internet. I sighted this in Auckland at 9.28pm it went of for about 3m max..

Bright lights

Omg just saw a sort of like explosion light in the sky, 10.50 pm I'm from Auckland, South. I was sitting at our dinner table looking out and noticed a very bright light in the sky, thought it was fireworks but when I went outside and have a look, it was this amazing lights one was white and the other was red, it kept flicking shining massive areas of the skies, it looked exactly like a explosion but with no noise! Amazing thing I've ever seen

satellite stops

The other night I was floundering in a small bayou where I live off the gulf coast. There was not much of a moon and I could see the stars very well. I have seen satellites since I was little either being on a boat or in the woods away from the city lights. So as I am looking up I start watching  a satellite move through the sky. But as I am watching it came to a complete stop and started going the other way. I have Sen many satellites and have never seen one stop. I don't even think it is possible.  What could it have been?  People think I am making it up. But I saw it clear as day. 

Lights in sky

I work in Newark NJ. Today I observed two white lights hovering in the sky. The lights bounced around for a couple minutes. I called a coworker over to witness it. We both watched in awe. Not sure what they were but I'm sitting in the window watching now so I can catch them on my phone

faint speck moving

About 5:30AM Hawaii time, looked up at the clear sky.  I saw a very faint speck moving.  I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so I looked at something else and adjusted my eyes.  Looked up thought it was just my imagination, but saw the little speck move and then disappear. 


As I stood chatting in my front yard last evening (OCT.20,2014) in Lexington Kentucky I looked to the western sky in time to see a giant falling meteor fireball! It was quite amazing and the largest I've ever seen I thought I heard a noise with it but it may have been traffic. I live in a suburban area and don't normally have a good view of these events which is why it must've been big. I have yet to reach anyone else that may've witnessed this. The Orionids are occuring now maybe it was that? So amazing and exciting!

Spark of Light

I have seen a spark of light in the sky just like a shootng star, but was very close to my eyes. I am from Auckland and live in the west. Me and my friend were just outside the house talking to each other at 2.25AM and then saw a spark of light that glowing in the dark falling from the sky and just disappeared soundless. I do not know what was it but I was very excited to see. 

explosive flash

Hi, was just telling my son what I saw in the sky after 2am this morning, and he suggested a falling satellite rather than a meteor.
We live north of Auckland. Sitting on the deck in Mangawhai (east coast) and facing Kaiwaka (Kaipara, west coast) I was momentarily blinded by a very bright explosive flash - like a firework without the noise. My reaction was to shield my face. Scarey! I thought it weird how the light travel south to north across the sky before the huge illumination.

Comet-like object in the sky

I saw a comet-like object in the southwestern sky at about 5:45 this morning in Hemet, California.  From my perspective, in the southwest sky the object was below Orion's belt, and appeared to be between Saiph and M42.  It had a distinctive tail.  This didn't seem to be where Siding Spring was supposed to be.  I've been intrigued all day but have been unable to find other reports of it.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get an image of it.  I was out walking, and by the time I got home there was too much light to distinguish the stars anymore.

starlike object moving high up in the sky

at excactly the same place; tonight and yesterday night (19th and 20th oct), me and my wife were out watching the star night, when we suddenly saw a strange starlike round bright light moving, from south to north. Sunday (the 19th), an aeroplane was passing just below it. The aeroplane had blinking lights as every aeroplane has, but that moving starlike object had no blinking lights; were higher up, and moving faster than aeroplanes usually does. Very strange starlike moving light/object. Aalborg; Denmark...

Oragne sky at night

I'm from Indiana (U.S.A.) and last night facing North the sky was orange all the way up till about 730 this morning.  Very beautiful.

White hovering light like a cloud

I was exiting 59 South (I69) going west on Bellaire Blvd toward Beltway 8. I was with a local TV reporter and we both witnessed something that looked like a glowing cloud on a clear day with no clouds in the sky facing west. It looked odd enough that we decided to drop our plans and keep driving toward it so we could see what it was. We first noticed it at 6:57pm on 10/17/14 and at 6:59pm it disappeared (faded away) in about 1 or 2 seconds. This may have been above Katy but it was definitely west of Houston. 

Not sure what this was but things this could not have been but if anyone else saw this and may have taken a video or pictures I would love to see them. Please post them on this site or email them to

Nice orange ball of light

Nice orange ball of light across West Auckland at 935pm. Fizzed out in atmosphere

Meteor sighting

Confirmed, same time as the Auckland sighting 9.35pm last night from New Plymouth, we were looking for satalites and saw a flash of light then heard the sonic boom, sounded like a sky rocket exploding...

Many bright orange lights off NJ coast sky

Off the NJ coast sky around 10PM there were many bright orange lights going north to south. They just kept comin for about 3-4 minuets

Object in the sky

Oct. 17th 2014: I saw a bright light fly very fast from one side of the sky to the other side and then out of sight. It did not drop either. And I could also SW a trail behind it. Kentucky

"streak of bright light with a tail"

I too did see something, meteor or shooting star or ???, Friday night (10/17) around 8:30p here in San Antonio, Texas. It did seem the "streak of bright light with a tail" was close to earth and zipped just above the tree tops... it was really awesome and I'm glad I got to see it! ;-p

Object in the sky

Oct. 17th 2014: I saw a bright light fly very fast from one side of the sky to the other side and then out of sight. It did not drop either. And I could also SW a trail behind it.

burning object

Just saw a burning object going south in the sky. Lasting several min. Oct. 17, colorado

I'm in Kentucky and tonight I

I'm in Kentucky and tonight I also saw a bright light shooting straight across the sky. It did not drop and it left a trail behind it. It made no sound. Moving north West.

Something fell from the sky ...

Around 12:45am on October 17, 2014 near Winslow NJ on Route 73 and Pump Branch Rd. I seen a 4 foot glowing circle with flames coming from the rear of it falling from the sky..

Shooting Star

On 12/17/14 at around 12:35 AM saw a shooting star to the north going west to east. I live on Long Island in New York


strange light from sky

Around 1am I was taking puppy out for the umpteenth time when all of a sudden there was a bright flash above the tree line and I saw a white streak come straight down then disappear. It happened so fast I thought I was hallucinating. Then, I remembered a few years ago I saw a small fire ball in the middle of the day coming down at an angle then just disappeared. Both times were in my back yard looking towards I-476 in Pocono Mts PA.

Large green meteor/fall object

Wednesday, October 15 around 8:30 PM central time I witnessed a large green "falling star" or meteor in sky north of our house falling from west to east.  Much larger than any falling star/meteor I have ever seen.

Four Red/Orange "Lights" Floating in air

I live in Lovely, Kentucky, and while driving to my brother's last night at about 7:35 pm EST, My husband & I seen these unusual red/orange balls floating in the sky. There were four of them, one at top, two diagonally from each other but lower than the first, and one more lower just below the top one. They were just floating there not far from the ground and didn't last too long. Although it was kinda amazing, it's very confusing considering we have no idea what it was or what caused it, and people who didn't see it thinks I'm losing my mind. Anyone know what this was please let me know. Thanks, I can be reached at

Something is falling out of the sky

Something is falling out of the sky. 

10 -16 -2014

2:24 PM


Philippines - Cagayan de Oro City

North - East direction


I thought it was a jet or passenger plane at first but it was at an odd angle. Maybe about 50 -60 degrees from horizontal, pointing down. Long smoky tail that became shorter... stayed in the sky for a long time.

I didn't see where it went, a building obscured my view.


I took a picture. its clear enough to prove what we saw

I will send the picture from my phone soon.

Orange light in western sky (Glendale, Az.)

We have a new puppy, and about 3:40 this am (10/14/14) she needed to go outside (house training). As I stood facing the sky to the west, a very huge shape appeared in the distance. It glowed, not in a bright orange, but a burnt orange color. Suddenly, balls of light began to drop from the shape, and it looked as if they were on fire. As they fell, they would dart off to the right, and to the left moving away from the greater mass. By now, I was totally awe strucked and called for my wife to come take a look. Before she got outdoors, the greater shape began to move so fast that it was unbelievable how fast and how small it had become. Even at a great speed, I could see it for some time as it veered to the right and then to the left as it moved toward the west. I did not see anything at all on any of the news channels, and my coworkers were not up that early and no one else that I am aware of saw the strange orb of light I saw. I still wonder what it could have been. It looked to be somewhere near Luke Airforce Base in the west valley, but I am not good at estimating size and distance in the dark. If anyone could offer a suggestion as to what this strange thing was, I would appreciate your ideas...

big red ball in the sky

Back in june I saw a big red ball in the sky but it also became a very brilliant white light I thought the heavens were opening up. It was changing and very close to the earth. It was there for maybe an hour just moving really slow. I got some pictures but i was on the road so they didnt turn out very well. It was still pretty amazing.  Then around the first week of september as i was outside cleaning out my garage i saw what i believed to be a shooting star except i got a pretty good look at it and there were what looked to be a tail of fire or sparks. I live in northern washington.


Tonight shortly after 10 pm on October 12 2014 In dunedin florida, i was looking east/northeast and saw a green thick comet like object with a thick train of light with a white tip. It seemed like it was moving south. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in the night sky. Was this a comet??

green fireball

Hello Winter Haven and Tallahassee- I saw it it too in Orlando area,Sunday eve 10-12-14 around 10ish. Huge (seemed like anyway), and moving quick towards southeast direction. I thought it was a meteor, but what I saw did not have a tail. Also, it was silent. It was low in the sky and disappeared in the tree line.  It was definately green and glowing, but not like a light from a plane or helicopter. But of course nothing on the news about it...

weird light/commet/?!?

Saw it in brandon too silent kinda looked like flare but it was blue. The weird thing is my friend saw a green light in the opposite detection on the other side of town. At the exact same time 10:15 pm 10/12/2014. 

White Fireball

Thank Goodness thought I was losing my mind for a minute. I live in Winter Haven Fla and at appoximately 10:05 last night while I was watching tv on my couch the sky lit up. I rushed out my 2nd story sliding glass doors to see this really bright white fireball in the sky that quickly disapated afterword. Thought I was nuts cause there was no news coverage. Thanks for confirming i'm not. lol.

Green ball - meteor falling in Tallahassee, Florida

At 10:15pm I saw what it appeared to be a green ball fall down the very dark sky in Tallahassee, FL. It was going very fast and it seemed bigger than anything I've ever seen which must mean the proximity of it's fall was not that far from where I was. (I was a little outside from the main city).

I saw the same thing tonight

I saw the same thing tonight from dunedin Florida. Looking east / northeast. Beautiful. 10/12/14. It was so quick

meteor burning skypeople

One large object seen in lower west northwest sky , Michigan, north of Ann arbor. 10:22pm

Bright green object falling

I too saw the same bright green object falling from the sky around 10:15-10:20 pm from tecumseh Michigan. Looked very close in the night sky... Did not look like a meteor at all... But more like the green light on a plane but falling to the earth at tremendous speed. Was outside with family at a campfire when I saw it. It was in the West northwest sky.  What in the world is it? 

So weird

I'm in Ontario Canada and around 9 pm I was standing looking out my patio and thought I was seeing a shooting star but then the ball turned green and had a red trail on it....?? Can't really find anything online. Wth is this thing?

red comet like object

I saw a red ball go across the sky with a hardly visible tail, west of ottawa looking southeast around the same time.


At 11:30pm 10/10/2014 I saw a meteor/object fall from the sky. With a FULL MOON, it was far brighter than the moon. From south Louisiana, it was in the eastern sky. It started out bright white, then turned light blue as it burned out about 15 degrees above the horizon. Anyone else see this?

Two red lights in sky.

Me and my friend just saw two red light in the sky circling eachother, they both faded out the one faded back in then dimmed out again. They were very slow moving and one was bright. The power is out in Levin (Horowhenua) so there is a very clear view of night sky.

Fast Moving Object in the evening sky

This evening approximately 6:30 PM in southern California I saw a bright white 

fast moving fire ball.  It came from the south and headed north until it looked

like it disappeared in a cloud without any trail.  I was shocked.

meteorite over southern Victoria

Alot of us wittnesed a fast moving large object while in portland Victoria heading towards melbourne. it left a smoke trail and moved very fast. cant find any reports on it which is weird as it was massive!

I also just saw the same

I also just saw the same flying big blue fireball
here in Miami FL, it was really big and long
I always see shooting stars, and Im sure this was
something different.
It happen at 12:46 am october10 2014
The most beautiful thing I ever seeing!!
All the best!

flying speck in the sky

Kapolei, Hawaii around 11:25pm, during the eclipse.  Saw a shooting star in the North.


8.25pm Christchurch my dad just saw a big bright white ball shooting across the beach, it had no tail and broke off into two. Has seen meteorites before but not like this,  so unsure as to what it was exactly.