Weather Video: Spring turbulence this week, sub-tropical low this weekend

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After a very warm week last week for some regions this week is a reminder we’re only around half way through Spring with cold fronts, rain and even a dusting of snow on the Southern Alps.

While Monday is mostly settled with high pressure rolling into the North Island and some of the South Island, on Tuesday a deep low in the Tasman Sea (that is this morning bringing rain and thunderstorms to Sydney) will start to bring rain into the West Coast.

A cold front will spread over the North Island into Wednesday morning with a much cooler Wednesday on the cards for southerners. Thursday and Friday are both unsettled with a real variety of showers here and there, sunny spells and winds mainly from the west.

However a low in the sub-tropics is drifting towards New Zealand and makes for a 50/50 forecast for some this coming Saturday. It's a battle of the air pressure systems!