Photos (2): Flooding in Marlborough

Filed in: has received photos showing the dramatic flooding Rai River in Marlborough.

NewstalkZB listener Brian Turner emailed Danny Watson this afternoon telling him he's been cut off from the rest of the country due to flood waters.

"These are photos of the Rai River in flood now, this is my exit to the bridge which is under water, so as we speak I am isolated from the rest of NZ. The rain is expected to continue throughout the night and as a publican it causes me a great deal of concern as I am missing out on the travellers tales as they cannot go any further until the rain stops".

A view you don't want to have from the front seat of a vehicle!


Lucky you didn't drive into

Lucky you didn't drive into the fast moving water. Thanks for showing the images.
Reminds me of Manawatu flood images.