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(homepage photo: Magazine Bay Wharf, Maraetai, New Zealand. Used with permission by Twitter user Mil8Ant)


Long bright meteor breaking up

Saw bright orange ball streaking east in Iceland and then breaking into more small parts that continued on and some burned out. Any idea if meteor or satellite or something?

Appearance of ball of light in the sky on 11 September 2017

Belize Central America - At approximately 10pm I saw a Hugh orange ball with a tail. It appears then slowly disappeared. The sky was very dark and the stars were not obvious. This makes it's appearance obvious.

Appearance of ball of light in the sky on 11 September 2017

Belize Central America - At approximately 10pm I saw a Hugh orange ball with a tail. It appears then slowly disappeared. The sky was very dark and the stars were not obvious. This makes it's appearance obvious.


Around 8pm in Fair Oaks, CA Big green fireball with an orangish tail

Green fire ball

I just saw a green fire ball with a tail attached go across the sky!!! Was reading through the comments and it must be a meteor. Was incredible. Seen in Abu Dhabi UAE

Giant green ball meteor

I saw a green huge fireball-like meteor or something fall from the sky slowly and burn up right before touching the horizon in Luquillo Puerto Rico

Around midnight I saw a green

Around midnight I saw a green fireball in Los Angeles. I thought I was crazy and just seeing things but my friend said it's rare for one to witness. So glad I looked out the window at the right time.


Just saw a shooting was bright..with a cloud... thought it was a was fast and got really bright and burned out. Left a small white cloud after for a few minutes. I live In northern California. Was cool. Also looked like a fireball.

Saw a meteor or space junk burning up

Just saw a meteor or some space junk burbing up it had a tail and was moving fast accross the sky then burned out it looked big.


Saw a large orange object with tail in the sky over Gisborne last night. It was a fast moving ball that lasted a while then disappeared when it got lower. It was way larger and brighter than a shooting star.

Green ball in sky

Just before 21:00 I saw a green glowing ball moving diagonally in sky till it touched the horizon and disappeared. Seen from Cape Town South Africa. There was no tail, just a round green ball. Never seen something like this?

wow.what i saw

so..when i walked out the back door on the porch i looked up in the sky and there was a star or what i thought was was a orangish color and what was wierd was it looked as though it had somekind of tail on it that shot straight up above the tail was like divided into 4 green red would rotate up down left and right.i'm not going to lie i was freaked out.i dont know what it is but i know it is not is the kicker..i took my girlfriends phone and took a pic of it and if u were to zoom in on it looked just like a orangish yellow circle that had horns. i live in mint hill nc.


6/9/17. Middlesbrough, UK. Bright flash of orange light i saw out of my window at about 4am. Bright orange fireball. Light quickly passed my house and the sky returned to black

Orange ball in the sky

9/5/17 My 9 year old daughter went out ahead of me and came running back yelling Mom what is that in the sky?!It is really scary.What I saw was a huge dark orange ball and it looked like it had some blue lines running through it.we live across the road from a cow pasture and it looked like it was almost on the ground.Before we pulled out of the driveway, it was gone


The meteor that apparently went across the skies of BC and Alberta Came across my bedroom window just feet above the ground . No joke! Saw the trail of fire of white, orange, and yellow it came lighting up my house and yard.. I ran to the window and then outside to see if any thing had caught fire, being it's so dry and we are under fire ban. The brightness of the sky quickly went back to the light of the moon. I was in awe with what my son and I had seen. I still need to go outside and look for remnants of it. I believed it was a meteor , this morning I woke up hearing the meteor news.. it came down on my land on the Blood Reserve in southern Alberta.

Flashing lights

22.20 ( 05/09/17) West Yorkshire, UK was out side and noticed lots of tiny flashing lights some red some like stars.

forgot to mention...

Oops I forgot to mention this was observed in Kimberley, BC Canada

Bright lights and the sky is lit

At approx. 23:11 last night Sept 4/17 the sky lit up for just a couple seconds it started out a greenish white then turned to orange. The sky was lit up as if it were daytime for the briefest of moments - Very cool yet a little nerve racking!


Traveling between taupo turangi i seen a large flaming light falling from the sky im pretty sure it was a meteor i think as this is tha first time ever seeing something land so close ..but except when it near landed it lite up with a bright green flame looked pretty outtavit but cool ....

For got to put that it was in

For got to put that it was in newzealand ...north island 3/09/2017 between taupo and turangi

Maryland Cecil County 1am

Maryland Cecil County 1am

Meteor seen from Kelowna BC

September 4th 2017 around 10pm. It went super bright across the valley for 1 second and then I looked up and witnessed sparks flying across the atmosphere. Puuuurty cool, but freaky at the same time !

Huge burning object falling through sky

Southern Alberta, Sept 4 2017. Saw an object falling through the sky, looked like a huge ball of fire falling into the fields. Made my stomach jump into my throat, as it was so startling. I've seen lots of 'shooting stars' etc in my life but this was like nothing I've ever seen! Anyone else see this?! Was this a meteor??

Fireball in eastern sky around 10:15pm

I live in Kelowna BC and as my girlfriend and I were enjoying McDonalds facing east while parked in our car, we saw a huge fireball coming from the top right of the sky, down to the left. It at first was green and then bright white but faded for half a second, and then burnt blue for another couple seconds. Probably 4.5+ seconds total. It was awesome!

meteor sighting?

Approx 10mins ago. 5/9/17 6.20-6.25pm. From south new brighton to the west or sth/west of us. I saw an orange streak (comet shape) in the distance. I called my daughter out to see and she saw it as it became smaller/shorter and then faded away to nothing. Did we see a meteor?

aprox 1030 I seen the flash

aprox 1030 I seen the flash and thunder. I hear a mitior hit russia. I found this attempting to conferm the strike

Fire ball in sky

So I thought I was losing my mind but it turns out I wasn't the only one to see this.It looked like a ball of fire in the sky it lit up the whole sky was really strange. I live in salmon arm British Columbia.

Holy cow

September 4th, 2017 10:14pm The sky lit up and a fireball fell out of the sky. Never seen that happen before.

Bright sky with a long rumbling sound

Monday night, September 4th 2017 at 10:10 the whole sky light up for a few seconds. It was followed by a very long, stady rumbling sound. Was it a meteor?? Kootenay Bay, BC, V0B1X0 Canada


Just saw a fireball fall out of the sky! Huge and orange with a tail, it was today Sept 4/17, about 10:19 pm PDT! In Lumby, British Columbia, Canada. Was definitely larger than a shooting star! Amazing, In the dark it looked like it should have crashed and exploded into the mountain but it just vanished behind the mountain! Wow, have n very seen that before!

Fire ball

I seen it to and was starting to think I was the only one. Im in kelowna and we were driving when I saw it. My son was looking down but i stopped the car and I screamed look, look! He saw a bright light but not what I saw. I just kept saying , "Holy F*ck!!!" It looked so close that i felt like i could drive to it and thought to myself, this is going to start a fire for sure! He asked me what it was...the only thing i could think to say was a meteor. It was so bright yellow and it appeared to be a rock followed by a long stream of light. I looked at the time after we got to our destination and it said 10:15, so it had to of happened just minutes before.

I saw it in southern Alberta

I saw it in southern Alberta nothing I've ever seen before. It. was. HUGE. Got my heart racing and I've been googling since trying to figure out what it was. Meteor?? I've seen lots of shooting stars, but nothing like this.

lucky. in Nelson we are

lucky. in Nelson we are smoked out. it looked like sheat lighting in the smoke. still spectacular lasted about a min

I'm in Lumby and I saw it

I'm in Lumby and I saw it too!! The ball of light looked greenish with an orange tail. After it disappeared behind the hills there were 3 large flashes of light. That was the craziest thing I've ever seen!

Possible Meteor sighted over Christchurch at aprox 18:48 NZ time

Strolling back after pulling the garbage carts onto the sidewalk I noticed a very bright yellow fireball above Christchurch with a slight fire tail heading in Westerly direction at 18:48 hrs NZ local time. My first thoughts a Meteorite ? Wonderful sight on a close to full moon early Spring Evening 04/09/2017.


Location: Titahi Bay, Porirua Time: approx 11:25pm 3/09/2017 Big flash in the sky (viewing north) attracted my attention, in time to see the comet or meteor blaze through the sky and then disappear. Awesome and exciting :)

Object falling off the sky

Hi everyone, this is Shadow Njomba from King William's Town, South Africa. Last night, the 2nd of Sept 2017, at about 21: 15, my wife and I saw ahead of us a huge ball of light falling off the sky whilst we were driving on the N2 route, about 20km towards King William's Town from the Port Elizabeth direction. Whatever it was, it quickly burnt out after a couple of seconds. We heard no thunder, no nothing from this strange event but its light intesity was larger and brighter than that of falling stars.


Just saw what may have been a meteor above Sanders Reserve, Auckland, New Zealand. Bright white. 8:45pm NZ time.

Fireball in the sky

Around 3am on September 2nd in Northern Michigan in the Gaylord area I saw the sky light up super bright and then the firebase disappear.


Just saw a green meteor streak across the sky with a long white tail, view from cable bay, landed somewhere in doubtless Bay Area around 735-40pm

I'm in Toronto and I just saw

I'm in Toronto and I just saw a green ball of light moving fast at about a 40° angle! Amazing!!!

I saw a bright flash then a

I saw a bright flash then a tail. About 6am PST, Sacramento, ca

Green light in the sky

Just saw a green light in the sky here in India, 9pm IST. took a pic didnt think it was much. Half an hour later its gone.

We also saw this So I messaged the observatory...

Hi Belinda. Thanks for your message and apologies for the delayed response. It looks like you may have spotted what’s known as a fireball! These are larger than regular shooting stars, and if big enough can indeed be seen before sunrise or after sunset, while there is still light in the sky. Regular shooting stars are too dim to be seen before it gets dark. Comets are a different type of astronomical object - large balls of rock and ice that orbit the sun, and they do not interact with Earths atmosphere.They move fairly slowly, and can be seen for weeks, or even months if they are big enough. Comets would not move across with sky within seconds, unless they were going to collide with us (which is very unlikely!).

Orange flash in the sky but no sound of thunder

Just look up at the sky in sleaford and saw a bright flash of orange but there was no thunder and has kept on going. So if anyone knows can u tell me please


We were sitting in the spa in New Plymouth at approximately 6.30pm in the dark, on Tuesday night looking at the sky. We had enough time to say to each other "Look at that", so maybe 4 to 6 seconds as it fell. It was a bright orange fireball against a black clear sky and it fell downwards with a long tail. Amazing to see and it looked so close and clear.

It was a Fireball

According to the observatory and planetarium on Ties night it was a fireball not a meteor.

and it was in new zealand =)

and it was in new zealand =)

i saw i shooting star once at

i saw i shooting star once at 1:34 AM it was blue


Are there any images of this I haven't managed to find anything seems weird