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(homepage photo: Magazine Bay Wharf, Maraetai, New Zealand. Used with permission by Twitter user Mil8Ant)


Saw a green glowing ball of light.

I’m in northern Virginia and I saw a green glowing ball of light fall from the sky off of interstate 28 not to far from the dulles airport. It was around 9:19 pm.

Falling light

Stormville, Ny Nov. 10, 2017 aprox 21:20. Looking west, saw a light falling very rapidly vertical to the ground. I never saw anything like this before. It seemed close, maybe 10 miles.


Saw huge bright light in sky with orange orb at the bottom shoot rapidly from South Coast Wellington -Owhiro Bay towards Airport at around 9:10 PM.

meteor over Cook Straight tonight, 10 Nov 2017

I watched from my picture window a large white object streak across the sky at about 20deg above horizon. It zoomed West to East at about 9pm on 10 Nov 2017. It seemed to breakup and then disappear somewhere south of Wellington airport. It appeared quite large, much, much larger than the landing lights from a aeroplane (which we see often when the planes come from the south). Tonight the planes are landing from the north so we can't see them.


Just saw a meteor east of Wellington. very bright, orange light low in the sky above the orongorongos. Lit up for about 2-3 seconds or more. Seemed to be a long time. Also the size of the glow suggested it was close to earth. Came down maybe in the South Wairarapa?

In Louisiana by lake maurpas.

In Louisiana by lake maurpas. Saw a green light with it looked like a loosely lit streak behind it. It in the southeast. Coming from up high and going down over the horizon.

Burning object falling

There was a object shooting through the sky tonight, not like a star way out in space though. Must have been a meteorite. Only saw for maybe two seconds but it looked close and was burning until it went out. Couple of what looked like sparks came off. I wonder just how many others fell as that must have been the only time I looked up tonight and just happened to see it. Fort St. John B.C Canada!!

Shooting star??

I'm in Arapuni, Waikato NZ. I just saw the biggest blue shooting star with an orange tail. At least I think it was a shooting star. It was huge. It can from high in the sky and down onto or behind Maungatautari maunga. It was beautiful. It was so big and came from very high in the sky I'm 100% sure that it wasn't fireworks.

Meteor seen from Auckland 10pm 06/11/2017

Just saw what I think must be a meteor from Auckland travelling southeast to northwest - it was an incredibly beautiful bright blue light with a trail travelling too fast and too silently for an aircraft or firework. Feeling pretty lucky to have seen such an amazing sight!


Just witnessed at 10.02 Monday the 6th of November What appeared to be a quite substantial sized commet. Orange ball blue tail shoot past our lounge deck above the Tahekeroa hills And dropped out further into makarau?

What appeared to be a commet?

Have just witnessed at about 10.02 Monday the 6th of November What appeared to be a commet located out the back in tahekeroa/makarau area. It was quite a substantial size that shot past with a blue tail and orange ball that disappeared along the west what looked to be in the hills.

Orange Orb (UFO) in Night Sky

Tonight in Auckland being the 5th of November at approximately 10:40pm I observed an Orange Orb moving across the sky from the West to the East then it started to move up until it went through the clouds. No it wasn't fireworks as they were still going off in my neighborhood this was much higher. No it wasn't an aircraft as I work with Aircraft at Auckland Airport and this did not have the haul marks of an aircraft and no it wasn't a helicopter either there was no noise at all. Some may say it was a flare however flares tend to start up high and slowly drift along and downwards this kept going up folks and never came back down. I thought at first I was looking at the Space Station or a Satellite but this was traveling below the cloud level and then rose up through the clouds. There must have been many people tonight who saw this object even though it was for a very short moment. Please let me know if you saw this Orb in the sky.


I saw a Orb on Monday night in Auckland at about 11pm going from west to north east. I saw it for about 30 seconds below cloud cover and it was red with no flashing lights or noise. It was not a plane or helicopter as i live on the flight path and know what the planes look like at night. I did mange to get a photo of the area that i saw it, very strange. Thanks dave

In Hawkes bay same

I also saw, with three others. I found it quite scarey while the others laughed about it being a drone, we tried to video it and the result is nothing like what was in front of us as the phone was moved a lot and attempting to zoom didn’t work, anyway it went at a steady pace, no movements side, no noise, no idea what it was but I have thought and talked a lot about it,

Drone or Not

Thanks Alice and all the others for sharing what you have seen. Which sounds very similar to what I have seen. UFO means that what ever it is in the air it is just unidentified that'a about it. It could be a drone. If the US was going to test a new drone or aircraft far away from prying eyes there is no better place than in the South Pacific.However I have seen these orbs when I was very young and drones weren't around then. One things for sure they have been seen many times and all around the world for a long time so no need to be worried. If they were going to do something nasty or terrible they or what ever it is would have done it by now. Its a great topic for discussion and opens our minds to many possibilities to what they are. Now you seen one you may see more in the future just enjoy the show its amazing that's for sure.

Unusual lights off coast of New Plymouth NZ

Approx 8.45 -9.15pm Sunday 5th November 2017. At first a flickering distant white light, seemed high then became red light with green underneath. I thought, at first, it was a plane, as this is a common path for the planes approaching New Plymouth airport, however it remained in the same spot. There was cloud cover but it remained a bright white seemingly coming towards the coast in a straight line. After watching for about 10minutes it went again to the red and green and descended, at speed, as if into the sea and was gone from sight. After several minutes it reappeared as a white light in the sky where I first saw it almost had a flashing aspect to it. It was not fireworks. Thought it could be a drone but seemed too fast. A friend who I was talking on the phone to also witnessed it. We both have similar views of the coast/sea.

I saw 2 of them and they were

I saw 2 of them and they were like orange dots at the sky. I saw them about 13 minutes ago and they were like planes at the sky but for sure the weren't

I also saw 2of them and I

I also saw 2of them and I thought they were airplanes that were going to crush but it was like an orange dot at the sky about 10 minutes ago. And it happened the same here they hid in the clouds.

Meteor like object

I just saw,6:40 or so a btright object with colorful tail streaking from East to west in Madison county ny. Nov 3

Orange meteor

Hey there, just read your post. I’m in western Canada Alberta close to jasper and I was walking my dog at 8:15 pm through the park and my husband said look up and it was a orange ball of light with residual light very low very close I thought it was a firework but there wasn’t any noise. If it was a meteor it was very close to earth or at least it seemed that way. Amazing

I saw the exact same thing at

I saw the exact same thing at the exact same time in Rensslear county.

Nov 3 2017 7:40 pm EST

Nov 3 2017 7:40 pm EST Brevard County Florida - saw a big blueish round light flash across the sky. Lasted about 3 seconds, very beautiful.

I saw these too on the Texas

I saw these too on the Texas coast

Strange green flash too the south of indianapolis

Last night 11/2/2017 10:27pm in Indianapolis indiana i watch as a hug flash of greenish blue light flash to the soith of the city with after the flash the whole sky turned green for about 10 too 15 secs then a huge dark black cloud covered the moon as the green flash drifted away and the moon came back out from behind the dark cloud u could see a slight green tint to the sky looking in the direction on the moon ...

Bright light

I just seen a very bright light come down in a angle big round light and a long bright tail ,so beautiful and lasted maybe 3seconds,it wasnt a shooting star.kansas

Bright spark and trail

Over Loburn, Canterbury. Bright shining, light sparky trail looked nice.


Bright ball of light falling across sky at angle,,then descending at around 6.15 am 2nd November. It took only a couple of seconds then disappeared from sight (London Forest Hill. )

Green light

I saw a green light shoot across the sky in Oxford (UK) this morning, approx 6.15am, direction West to East. Only lasted a couple of seconds then disappeared from view obscured by houses. Could it have been the same thing?

shooting star

I saw a shooting star around 3:45 am Eastern Time in Williamsburg, Va.! It was magnificent!


I thought I saw something fall from sky Sep 29 2017 in nc

Large bright light falls from the sky

This morning, 10/31/2017, around 3am in Westerville, Ohio, while driving i seen a very large bright white light with no tail, just round, come from the sky and plummeted straight down towards earth. Took only about 2 seconds for it to appear and fall to earth. I've never seen an object like this before. Did anyone else experience this from Ohio?

Meteor Sighting

Sighted Meteor about 10:10pm Tuesday 31/10/2017. Yellow ball dropping to Earth from South West to North East.

The GREEN streak in the SKY

I saw a green ball of light shoot through the sky going at a fast pace it look like a green comet I don't know I can't explain it I saw it about 12:15 this morning not long ago just flying through the dark sky then it disappeared in a cloud it kind of frightened me because i didn't know what it was that I was seeing going through the sky at this time of night and I was on a dark Road by myself I saw it near Fallbrook by the Home Depot Distribution Center here in Houston Texas the same color green as the green light I don't know what it was but like I said it scared me to where I had a panic attack and had to pull over to catch my breath

Green streak in the sky

I think I saw the same green streak you saw. Around 12:30 am 10/31/17 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana I was coming home from the airport and as we were pulling into our neighborhood, I looked out of the window and up to the sky just in time to see a bluish green comet/meteor flying through the sky very fast leaving a long trail. It seemed to be travelling west to east. I had never seen anything like that before. Very cool! We live at the edge of town so there is not much city light.

Same green light

Saw same bright green light shoot across the sky with a long tail in east Texas, October 31, 2017 around 12:20am!!! Very cool, but curious to know more about it!

Falling green light

I was driving south on my street at about 2:30AM October 31st 2017 and saw this bright green light flying through the sky in what seemed to be a southerly arc in the sky over my car like it came from nowhere and seemed to be falling downwards a couple hundred feet away and then it disappeared. It's so cool to see that other people saw it too! I told my mom I thought it was a meteor so I decided to do some research tonight. I'm in South Florida.

Falling Object!!

Just on my way home at the stop light.. I seen this large Blue & White Tail object shoothing into this neighborhood North of me!! It literally freaked me out.. I have seen shooting stars but never anything of this caliber!! I dont know if was an Meteorite or something else extraterrestrial!! It gave me chills!! Pretty though!!

Me and my fiance just saw it,

Me and my fiance just saw it, joshua tx

Orange meteor

Happened to look up and to the East, large orange meteor with trail went whizzing over. Pretty cool! East Coast, Wairarapa approx 2145

Meteor observation - Karori Sat 28-Oct-2017 approx 22:26

I saw a bright meteor while letting the dog out this evening. The following is from my memory of an unexpected sighting (aided by iPhone compass app) so don't treat it as being 100% accurate: Time: approx 2226 NZDT Colour: blue-white Shape: single roughly spherical object Apparent diameter: approx 10 arc-minutes (1/3 full moon) Apparent direction of travel: ~60 degrees east of north (ENE) Apparent distance travelled during observation: ~10 degrees Duration: observed for 2-3s Direction (start): ~358 deg (N) Direction (end): ~6 deg (NNE by N) Elevation (start): ~28 deg Elevation (end): ~23 deg Point of observation: Homewood Crescent, Karori, Wellington NZ -41.27856, 174.74656



Blue rectangular light flashed in sky above Whangarei

Was out walking the dog at approximately 11:15 pm in Onerahi and saw a huge blue rectangular shaped light flash in the sky above Whangarei. It appeared for a second and disappeared. It was beautiful. Be interesting if others saw it too.

Green tail

Just saw a good-sized green trail at 38.8858° N, 94.5330° W at approx 22:22 central standard time.

Green Ball

I saw something green fall from the sky tonight on my way home on I 95 N. I’m in Maryland.

red ball falling from the sky

couple nights ago i got up three in the morning to go outside for a smoke and i happen to look up and i see a ball of fire coming from the sky it was red it really scared me i got up next morning i didn't hear nothing happen i thought it was aliens coming really scary stuff.

Something odd with flickering light in the sky

I live in Plainfield NH, and was looking at the stars to the West and see something that isn't moving, is flickering with color. Very odd

Huge white bright comet/asteroid

On the last night of my holiday in Marrakesh, Morocco, between 2300/midnight, I saw, from where it came into visibility all the way - around 90 degrees - to where it faded, a huge and very bright white light/ball crossing the sky!! Very large and very bright! I was with my gf and two friends, the two friends didn’t see it but my gf saw only out of the corner of her eye. Such an impressive sight like nothing I’ve ever seen before. No other colours involved just seemed very bright and white, and travelled very fast across the sky lasting only a mere 2/3 seconds as I saw it cross - the full spectrum of its visibility/orbit - obviously, personally, from my own view point. Funny thing... I can’t find any info on it anywhere online except reports of orionids and similar constellation meteor showers, I’ve got to say though, I really don’t think this was part of a ‘usual’ meteor shower that’s seen yearly. Please can someone, anyone, comment if they saw it, or moreso if you know what it was, because I can’t find anything on it anywhere. Kind Regards in Advance, Stephen

White Fire ball. Richmond Indiana.

On 10/18/2017 About 10 pm. My husband just pulled away from a stoplight and I just happened to look up and saw a white ball of fire with a little blue and green edges. I told him to look and he looked in the wrong direction and didn’t see it. I couldn’t believe it was so close about 25 feet in front of us. It only was in the sky for about three to five seconds but I can’t say in the sky for it was below the street lights and went out about 5 foot from the ground. I was amazed that it stayed in front of the truck with him picking up speed. I told my husband that it looked like someone shot a fire arrow. I don’t think he believed me till I started reading to him other sightings, and they were just like I had told him I had seen. I would like to know what it was. If it was a meteor, it had to be a nice size. Thanks for letting me tell my experience. I wish I had my cell phone on to record it.

I saw a white ball crossing the sky thie morning OCtober 25th 20

I saw a white ball too this morning at around 7:10am (October 25th,2017), crossing the sky . I didnt have my phone with me to capture it! I have never seen anything like it!! Location =Irvine, California!

I saw the same thing in

I saw the same thing in northwest indiana 10/20/17 about 1245 am I was walking my dog when out of nowhere this huge green ball of light almost looked like a shooting star that's what I thought it was at first shoots in front of me. It looked really close to the ground though so I don't know if it couldve been a shooting star. Been doing research which led me here. Just trying to figure out what it was kind of weird.