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(homepage photo: Magazine Bay Wharf, Maraetai, New Zealand. Used with permission by Twitter user Mil8Ant)


Just saw a green tailed

Just saw a green tailed meteor 8:56pm falling towards Okarito over West Coast South Island N.Z

Meteor above Papamoa

Saw a green arrowhead shaped meteor travelling from the north, liow across the sky above Range RD Papamoa. It burst a couple of green stars from the back and disappeared in a second. June 30th at 18.46pm.

something in the sky

I was just walking my dog at 11:10pm, in Mattydale, NY, and I saw something in the sky moving south west to north east. It was not a plane...I live near the airport and know planes. It was orangish-red and almost looked like a rocket launch we see in FLorida when we are there. No noise...really high and moving right along. Any ideas??

In the sky

In Sacramento California at about 10pm I was talking a look at Saturn and some what I consider anomalous since they are ever changing. But I'm here to talk about this bright star people are saying is under the moon. I guess people won't look up with a telescope anymore to see if anyone is telling the truth. And I have heard several names for this "star", with I am positive in fact is not a star I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it earlier this week and tonight it was surreal dream or malfunction on my part some reflection but no I'm surely sure that is no star it's MOVING, that disqualifies it right and how about the five clear other I guess "mini me stars" are following closly in suit with the main huge body amongst at least several to five for sure following. So I'm in Sacramento and under the moon there is a bright star or so we have been told, but after numerous chances to observe these object they Are obviously fast moving meteors. I emplore those with telescopes to look.....

Intense bight light Bulls (Santoft area) 30/06/17 approx 18:30pm

Observed from Bulls (Santoft) intense bright light illuminating the night sky ,emitting a white tail with and electric blue hue. It seemed to be traveling from a S/E to N/W direction meters above tree line, then disappeared somewhere below treelline and out of sight. Lasted approximately 2-3 seconds.

Fire ball in sky

Saw a big streak heading towards ground. Lots of colours yellow green orange... Cadell south Australia. Looked great!

Meteor Snell's Beach

Saw a meteor over Snell's Beach tonight. 30/06/17.caught it on dash cam too.

I live in Pipiwai, saw Lime

I live in Pipiwai, saw Lime Green Ball falling in sky then it blew up, no noise but lit the sky up, I was looking south bound towards waipu

Meteor tonight 5.45 p.m.

Thought I'd reported this? Very big fire ball with green flare breaking up seen from beach at Maraetai. Travelling parallel to ground

Meteor sighting Gisborne Nz

Saw a bright blue light fly above me in Wainui beach, Gisborne 30/05/17 at about 6:50pm it flew about me and was about 100 meters long then it looked like it burnt out. Left a faint orange stream afterwards and only lasted 2 minutes.

Meteor sighting Gisborne Nz

Saw a bright blue light fly above me in Wainui beach, Gisborne 30/05/17 at about 6:50pm it flew about me and was about 100 meters long then it looked like it burnt out. Left a faint orange stream afterwards and only lasted 2 minutes.

Star moving

I saw a star moving about 15 minutes to go across the sky like watched it for two minutes it was moving pretty fast way too high to be a plane

Red lights

About 30 minutes ago I witnessed 3 bright red lights coming low across Utah lake. I watched as it spead up and then abruptly zigged to the right and quickly zagged to the left and excelerated away. At first I thought it was a plane but there was no noise and the 3 red lights were not blinking and were perfectly round. I realized it was something else because of the speed at which it went and the turns it was able to make so rapidly. I wish I had my cell phone with me, but it was so fast I probably wouldn't have gotten a picture anyway!


Seen on 25/6/2017 around 5.30pm Above Gisborne a yellow ball outlined with green and including a green tail travelling east to west. Very bright and very quick.

Shooting star

Gisborne: I also saw the shooting star at sunset 5.25pm 26/6/17. It was a bright yellow star quite low in the sky following the sunset with a bright green tail. Lasting 2 -3 seconds before it disapeared behind a cloud.

Shooting star

Gisborne: I also saw the shooting star at sunset 5.25pm 26/6/17. It was a bright yellow star quite low in the sky following the sunset with a bright green tail. Lasting 2 -3 seconds before it disapeared behind a cloud.

Meteor above tauranga

Yes I saw same thing on Sunday 25th 2017 flying above me in Tauranga bout 5.30 pm was a green bluish ball with a tail on it like a Comet quite bright and looked close not to high up in sky wish I had my phone to capture it

Green flash in the sky over Hamilton, nz

We were driving back from Hamilton to Cambridge approx 5.30am Sunday 25th June. Saw a green flash across the sky to the right. Wasn't sure if it was a falling star or Meteor.


my daughter and I saw a very bright long lasting meteor At 5.27 on Sunday the 25th. We were driving SE on SH 1 south of Pokeno. It's path was NE to S at about 15 degrees above our horizon. Its hew was a very distinct bright green. we didn't see its path terminate as it went behind cloud.

Same here

I saw the exact same thing hitching north on highway one, same day and time, quite fast and bright green, clearly higher than the clouds. Finally went behind a larger cloud and disappeared

26/7/2017.. something is on

26/7/2017.. something is on the sky. We don't know what is that.its like flying plates. First it's look like cloud and rotating itself.

There here

A big blue ball of light falling fast off coast of Morton bay 8.37pm 26/7/2017 a loud sonic bang after and the light ball disappeared a km or so off the ground wow what was it .. No meteoroid I tell u..


I saw the comet last night too from Maramarua, Upper Waikato around 5:30, 25/06/2017. Seemed like between 5 & 10 seconds.


Witnessed a blue meteor over the Wanganui sky yesterday at approx 5.30pm. Lasted about 3 seconds. Beautiful to watch


We saw what looked like a sparkling green/blue object move quickly for about 3 seconds, then it seemed to spark and explode outwards and disappear, like a fireworks. It was as we were heading east through Egmont Village (Taranaki) at about 5.30. Awesome!


saw a bright yellow meteorite flash down the sky for half a second at 5:50pm east of christchurch

Yes I saw this while

Yes I saw this while travelling east down Prestons Road around 5.40pm. Was quite big as bright and faded out just above the tree line

Meteor below the clouds

Out with mate hunting duck when it flew past at 5.30 ish from below the clouds was a orsum sight Did any one get a pic

Falling star and multicolored lights

On 6/26/17 At 1:00 am EST , i saw a kaleidoscope of lights multicolored low to ground, at the same time the sky revealed a falling light or star that disappeared over the tree tops. This was sighted in Louisville Kentucky. At first it stunned me, but the lights were beautiful.

large green light

While sitting on my deck around 12:00 am 06/26/17.We saw large green glowing light moving very quickly across the sky. We watched until it went out of sight behind a hill. We are in Elkton,Ky

Same here

So glad others saw it. I typed in meteorite over Kentucky last night on google and it lead me to this.. I was playing cards with some friends last night around the same time and we all four looked up and saw it shoot across the sky, was big, and pretty low in the sky, moved quickly but not super fast. Was bright green with a bit of orange. Seemed to get bigger and brighter at first and we watched it go out over the tree lines. We are in Lily Kentucky, Laurel county.

Space Junk Falling through Napier Sky

It looked like a huge circle of space junk on fire falling east to west at 5.26pm for 2-3 seconds. Spectacular viewing but who is going to clean up all that space debris above our heads?

Red fireball dropping in western sky near sunset

Friday, June 23 while enjoying the sunset on Lake Bruin in Louisiana USA I saw something that looked like a rocket but falling instead of shooting into space. It was slow enough that I was able to get my camera to snap a photo with a 300 zoom at high resolution. Close up it's just a large streak of fire. This had to be huge.

Meteor sighting

Driving home last night towards Pyes Pa in Tauranga at around 5:30pm, and spotted an amazing sight of a blue/ green meteor go shooting across the night sky. Truly amazing and magical to watch & couldn't believe my eyes.

Same here I saw it too was

Same here I saw it too was awesome am wondering if anyone got picture of it

Yes I was walking at the The

Yes I was walking at the The Lakes, Tauranga with a friend and saw it

Meteor sitting

I saw a blue/green one tonight, it was fast and small in ocean park San Juan Puerto Rico

Meteor sighting, Rotorua

Tikitere, Rotorua At approximately 5:30pm we saw a green bright light with a tail fly over the paddock, turn a pink colour then fade out. As it was silent and still it was a very eerie experience.


I saw it too, from Brown's Bay, North Shore AKL, at about 5:30pm yesterday while driving - it was bright green, very fast and appeared to travel from East/NorthEast to West/SouthWest, angled slightly towards the ground. When I lost sight of it behind a hill it looked to still be in one piece.

Saw the same thing over

Saw the same thing over Waimauku amazing blue and green colours and went quite slow.

Meteor over Napier

We were on our roof balcony at Kidson Korner last night around 5 30 and saw a meteor pass overhead for a few seconds. Was a intense whitish blue leaving a long tail . It appeared to be very low in the sky and was quite spectacular . It seemed to of extinguished before the horizon . Bevan and Margaret

Magical Light Show

Just on Dusk (25/6) Kaimai , Tauranga NZ I spotted a Glorious LightShow, heading in a SW direction. Beautiful Meteor with Huge Tail of Glowing Blues and Greens....Seperating in to smaller FireBalls....Magical to watch

meteor sighting

My grandaughter and I watched a bright green light with a long tail fly thru the sky and then just stopped.It was early tonight in Papakura.Never seen anything like it.

Glad I'm not crazy! So many

Glad I'm not crazy! So many people seen the same thing last night. Wasn't it beautiful! I spotted the light as I was south bound SH 1 just before the Bombay hills. A massive green light in the sky, too large and fast to be a plane. I only seen it for a couple of quick seconds before it vanished.

Green light with long tail

My husband and I saw a bright green light with a long tail as we were driving through dairy flat last night 25/6/17. It was cool but we didn't see it for long as it disappeared behind a hill. He said it was a drone but I think a meteor.

Meteor over Kapiti

We were walking north up to Nikau Ridge east of Paraparaumu and saw a bright object pass close in the sky in front of us. It was above the patchy cloud cover. Was bright green and travelling from northeast to southwest. At approx17:27 25/6/2017


Sighted on Monday 26:6:2017 not Sunday 25:6:2017

Green Comet

Yup thank God I wasn't the only one! I too saw the same Vibrant green kind of fluorescent object at that same time, watched it for approx 3 to 4 seconds before it disappeared behind a cloud, waited for it to come out below but nothing... spotted while fishing in batley, near maungataroto. Nth Island. Nz.


Waiheke island, Blackpool area. Saw for several seconds a green ball of light with a white tail flying parallel to the earth. Went out of view across Blacpool Beach area and then followed an audible "boom". Around 5.30 ish.

Yes, my family and I saw it

Yes, my family and I saw it too as we were sitting at Hahei eating fish & chips. Pretty freaky!