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7:48pm -- NEWS JUST IN - Meteor seen over eastern North Island - reports coming in.... receives meteor reports from all over New Zealand and the entire globe, 24/7/365.

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Riverside CA

I was sitting in my car when I took a glance at my windo just in the right moment I was able to catch something falling out of the sky. It was amazing ! And so beautiful to see. I'm guessing it was a meteor it flashed like as if lightning was surging out of it was blue and green and right before it was gone it looked like a gold orange color. I was so glad I got to see it :)

San Diego CA

Just saw something fall from the sky. Looked like a shooting star but turned green and blue (likely when it entered the atmosphere) and then got really bright and burned out. Was heading west towards over the ocean and downward. Do you like call a number to inform someone? Or does this happen all the time? It looked pretty amazing.

Falling Star or Meteor

I live in southern California and around 9pm today April 10, 2017 we saw a huge green red And yellow streak go across the sky then flashed a bright yellow light before it vanished. I don't see how something that big could have been a star but very curious it was about 4 seconds long.

april 10 2017 so cal

Saw the same light tonight also, one old lady was sure it was a UFO, she drove away with her lights off. was pretty funny

Boyfriend saw it around that

Boyfriend saw it around that time as well. He said the sky lit up like it was day light for a few seconds and then he saw the tail shoot by. Wondering what it is.

Meteoric Fireball?

I am in SoCal and also saw this bright streak across the sky just after 9pm. It was magnificent the entire sky lit up for just a moment, like it does with lightening, but a bright aqua color instead. The streak itself was large and brief, only appearing for a moment before falling NW (direction is just a guess). Does anyone know what the colors mean? I would love to know why it was greenish/blue.

Falling Star or Meteor

I live in southern California and around 9pm today April 10, 2017 we saw a huge green red And yellow streak go across the sky then flashed a bright yellow light before it vanished. I don't see how something that big could have been a star but very curious it was about 4 seconds long.

Large object shooting down

Garden grove CA...large object shooting down visible for 3-5 seconds exploding into bright red and yellow flash of light. This took place at approx. 9:06 pm 4-10-17 in the southern sky....

Large object shooting down

Garden grove CA...large object shooting down visible for 3-5 seconds exploding into bright red and yellow flash of light. This took place at approx. 9:06 pm 4-10-17 in the southern sky....

bright flash in sky

Saw a very bright flash and streek across the sky at 9pm pacific time in Corona California. Scared the crap out of me! Not sure what it was . Maybe a meteor not sure.

Biggest "shooting star"

Saw it here in southern California. Green orange shooting star Brite and huge in the sky with a tail and a green flash. Kind of looked like a fire work.


Just after 9pm in the sky over San Diego, April 10, 2017


Very very bright streak of light with multiple colors falling in Temecula toward Pachanga casino.. wow....

Large meteorite

We just saw a huge green meteorite coming down at 8:58 pm over Laguna Beach. California

Huge green burning object

8:59pm 4/10/17 Irvine, CA: just saw an object burning up the atmosphere. It had a very long tail that burned with a green center and orange along the edges. The tail was about 2 inches across the sky when I saw it and shrank and disappeared about a second after. Really crazy! Never seen that before.

Had a beautiful green tail over Dunedin NZ

At about 12:50 am I saw the most amazing meteor going over the east coast of Dunedin, it was large with a green tale and lasted 10 or so seconds, long enough to wake my husband to see the last of it. It burnt out before getting close to the see. Was amazing

I see it was like a ball of

I see it was like a ball of fire in the sky what was it my brother video it on his phone We live in manteca California

Huge fire ball with long tail

California High Desert looking towards the South. 9 pm. Pacific time

Green light Temecula ca.

Green ball of fire just streaked through the sky

Green light Temecula ca.

Green ball of fire just streaked through the sky

I see it was like a ball of

I see it was like a ball of fire in the sky what was it my brother video it on his phone We live in manteca California

A cell in the sky

Almost ten years ago my sons mother and i saw something in the sky there were two of them one yellow one blue they seemed to be playing i thought to myself as i watched these two objects bounce around like pin balls that there is nothing on earth that move like this well maybe a humming bird thats the. Way they. Moved like a humming bird but with no wings has any one ever seen anything like this if so plaese leave me a. Email santinotoiney@yahoo

I was in south Brighton

I was in south Brighton Christchurch at 21.50(9.50pm) on 9/4/17 when A huge burning ball fell from the sky leaving a smoky trail to my northwest, did Anyone else see this?

Meteor last night

Yes, I saw it. Before 10pm last night, Sunday 9th April 2017, I was watching TV upstairs in bed. The TV is above the top of the curtains. The curtains were closed but I saw a big ball of light coming down at an angle, through the curtains. We look out to Mount Arthur. We live in Westdale Road near Mapua. I was waiting for a noise after or something about it on the news. I wish I had the curtains open as it would have been fantastic. For it to be seen through curtains was amazing. Sian

Meteor Over Wellington

At approximately 9:50pm a green meteor glided through the sky over Wellington. There was a green tail behind it.


Saw this over Riwaka. Beuatiful green tail and exploded in the hills behind Riwaka in a bright green fire ball. Was amazing.

Big Meteor. 9/4 around 7pm.

I'm in North Canterbury. Saw it falling toward the NW. It had a thick, long trail, but then I was blocked by trees. Just before 7pm. There was a plane flying over Chch at the time, I'm sure the pilots got a good view!

Or was it before 10pm?

Im so confused!!.. i wasn't sure of the time, at the time.. but i wrote the comment above at 8:54pm, a little while after i saw it. Or there must be quite a few at the moment??

Green light falling from the sky

I was taking break at work smoking outside and saw a big green light falling very fast toward the earth and very close, I waited to hear a gigantic boom or see if there was an explosion. I never saw or heard anything after that. Something that size should've made some kind of noise if it actually hit the earth . I'm in morristown tn it was about 1:55 am

I also saw the green flash. I

I also saw the green flash. I was driving on I75 north just leaving Tennessee entering Kentucky. Is it a meteor?


Hi, this evening about 9.05 I was outside with the dogs and I enjoy looking at the sky. I saw to the south a bright orange object. I appeared for about a minute and then disappeared. I'm thinking this was a meteor?? I'm north of Christchurch. Did anyone else see it?? I found it very interesting as I've not seen this before.

Strange moving star

Hi. It's 4:30 in the morning. Woke up because baby needed feeding. So afterwards I went outside to have a smoke and I always stare at the sky iv seen things b4 that were strange but this is the strangest. Something moveing across the sky. It looked like a star but it went straight across th sky then it curved off to the left towards the end where I couldn't see it any more. It wasn't a plane. It wasn't a shooting star. Because of the path it took towards the end has baffled me. It took about 8 seconds from when I saw it west to east then turned towards north. What have I seen???

Instantly changed path

I've always wondered what I saw while camping under the stars on 90 mile beach NZ in 2001, sounds like the same thing. A bright white light moderately travelling West to East, after about 5 seconds it suddenly changed path heading north and disappeared in about 2 seconds. Very strange.

Shooting star 07.04.17 9pm

Auckland. New Zealand. I just saw a shooting star around 9pm. It was very low and when I noticed it, it just appeared to be very sparķly object speeding towards ground. It was really fast but because I haven't seen anything inclining towards earth from the sky at that speed before except for on tv, is why I believe it was a shooting star or a meteor maybe that I saw falling. No bright sky, just a streak of light behind the head and speedily coming towards earth and disappeared. I was waiting for some kind of movement or shake upon the contact to earth as it wasn't very far from where I was.

We saw it from the car from

We saw it from the car from Maramarua. (As reported above on Tue, 11/04/2017.) I can assure you it was actually very far from where you were. Perhaps if you could give some idea of the direction then its location could be calculated. Unfortunately from the moving car we can only give the direction as close to true NE from Maramarua, which means it was at least 50 km from Auckland - and anything up to several hundred kilometres away.

Flashing light in the sky

So this morning I woke up to let my dog out, and I noticed what seemed like a lightning flash in the sky over the lake. But the thing is it stayed in one specific area and every 3 seconds or so it just kept flashing the same white light, not producing any sound. I kept watching for about 5 minutes and the light continued to stay in the same area flashing repetitively. It was cloudy and no airport nearby. It literallly looked like lightning in the cloudy sky but lightning doesn't flash at a constant repetitive speed over and over... It was almost as if there was something either hovering and producing this big white flash or a warning light of some sort, if anyone has any ideas I'd love to know what I experienced this morning thanks!!

A comet maybe?

I live in England, in the early hours of the morning on the 5th, around 3 am, I saw something in the sky. At first I thought it was a shooting star, but it just kept moving. It started whirling around in circles and in different directions, back and forth. It was a pretty clear night, but when I saw lights seeming to shoot off of it, I thought at first it was just the objects light being dispersed through a cloud or something. But it kept happening. It almost looked like it was exploding and sparks were flying off, although it didn't dissipate. A few times it seemed to disappear randomly but then reappeared just as quickly, continuing its strange movements. This went on for over 15 - 20 minutes when I decided to leave it and return inside. Who knows how much longer it went on. Would love to know what it was.

unexplained light in the sky

I live in Botswana- 17 kms due West of the capital Gaborone. We experienced a huge earth tremor on the evening of 3.4 2017. Last night- 4.4.2017- I sat up in bed feeling too hot and uncomfortable and experienced sufficient after shock to make a metal cupboard rack shake against its wooden frame audibly- reaching a crescendo in about a minute and then gradually subsiding. Whilst alert to these alien noises and now fully awake- I perceived the strangest light in the sky- definitely not lightning and sufficient to cloak the entire sky in orange light. I thought I was seeing things so got up and went to the second story of the house where there is a skylight and observed 3 more similar light flashes- bathing the entire sky in light uniformly at approximately 4 minute intervals. I woke my husband- a sensible and sceptical engineer- to witness this ocurence too- it continued - at times the intervals lengthened and at others they sped up - but the flashes persisted. I finally returned to bed and fell asleep witnessing continued flashes- the light extended throughout the sky and the flash was extremely brief- perhaps a second in duration

Brilliant orange light crosses the sky

South UK. Saw a brilliant orange light at approximately 19:30 UTC travelling from North to South. Had visible size. It took twenty seconds to reach the horizon and left no trail. Visibility was excellent. Seemed too slow to be a meteor. There was no sound ( I live in a very quiet area ). Was too fast to be a normal plane. Light was constant. No flickering. No smoke. Was very strange indeed. Was several times brighter than Sirius.

A meteor or a missile?

Hello, I'm from Pune, India. Yesterday night( on 4 th April 2017 at 7:45 pm) I saw a huge meteor fall off the sky. It was slow moving .I contemplated it to be a slow moving fireball but today I read in the news that North Korea had fired a missile into the sea of Japan. Could it be a coincidence? Would I be able to see that?

Weird thing

130am 5/4/2017 whangarei nz, like an electrical ball bueish colour, flickered my house lights. 3 in a row

146am strange light moving

It's April 4, 2017. As I looked up to the sky I saw the northern lights. I saw stars then I saw a star, But then it moved in circles repeatedly never seen a starter that never seen a satellite do that. It was doing this for about half an hour then the light got smaller still moving in circles but in a straight line don't know where it was going or what it was doing I seen this before but I've also seen Many other different things in the sky. I've seen a light on top of houses that had no reflection on the houses in my city. Then it flew off as I fold it it's stopped and flew straight up in the air and it was gone. I don't know what it was but it also didn't make a sound I've seen many other things but nothing like this. All I hope I don't know anymore but for everyone who reads this we all know.

Fallen star or metor

On March 30 I walked outside ,onto my front porch in Gulfport ms.....I was looking straight ahead and saw a bright light fallen into the north directing then it just burst into small little light.....I have never seen this before...what could it be?

moving lights across the sky

hello people..last friday i saw to lights moving same direction across the sky and then after it passes me it started to be (deem) (deam) and then it disappeared ..iam from botswana SouthernAfrica..this is my 2nd to watch this things..they ar just like starts..and iam sure thats not aeroplane..because it was far and it was moving faster for a long distance then it went for good...this is the 2time....are they satelites or what????

Did I just see a meteor?

Im from the north part of Denmark (Northjutland), April 3 around 20:20! I just looked southwest and saw a glowing ball, which I thought was a planet because it was so bright! But then it faded away and disappeared! What did I see??

Possible shooting star or meteor debris

On April 1st at approximately 6.15 am I was driving north up the A1m in Hertfordshire UK it was just turning light with has clear blue sky's when in the distance I saw what looked like star moving extremely fast diagonally across the sky towards the earth it then seem to give off a greenish flash and dissappear whilst still in the sky?! I first thought it was a shooting star but after googlin I understand they can only be seen in the night (dark) sky. I also read that there was possible comet/meteor debris in the skies around this month? So curios to what I actually see?

Large arcing meteorite like streak?????

9:05pm pacific time (4:05 UTC). A very large width streak across about 30 degrees of the sky. It you hold your arm straight out and separate your index finger and thumb about an inch that is how wide this was! I know it's mind blowing in size, but that's what I saw. Perfectly clear night all the stars in the sky.

Green spark falling from sky

About 3:00 a.m. on 4/2/17 my daughter and I were turning into our carport and i saw a green spark (like a falling star) fall from the sky into the trees behind our house.

Object fell from sky

Tonight in Ga on I95 South about 130-200am April 2 did anybody else see it? I was briefly stunned. It was blue green & white fell out of sky but looked like the closed it got the faster it disintegrated.

Fell from the sky...

In saw a fairly large object .... Burning out as it fell.... fall from the sky at 5am est on Phelps Rd in Rush, NY USA (Monroe County, zip 14543).