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I saw the same thing but looked green. I'm in Taranaki and it was about 1.25am on the Sunday. I think it was the same thing.

A HUGE round shaped Object in the Sky

It was about 11:50am, 13th May 2017 when a friend called my attention to see what's in the SKY.. Damn it was really huge and scary, looks as if it was gonna descend. Right now in Nigeria, Sokoto State, it's still up there even after 30minutes.. The Sun was shining bright and across this huge Object, just at the middle, it was VERY DARK in there. Tried looking up online what it could mean but non was helpful. I've got pictures of it, don't seem to know how to upload them on here.

At 11:10 pm Eastern daylight

At 11:10 pm Eastern daylight time in NC, USA, we saw a fairly huge red-orange light high in the S-SE sky. It was a steady light but seemed like it slowly got either brighter or bigger until it disappeared. It didn't fade out though. It just sort of turned off. The entire thing lasted about a minute. What was it?

I saw it too!

I saw it too! I am in Tucson, AZ. It would have been about 8:00 my time and it appeared to the South/Southwest. I cannot find any official reports on what it was, the only other report I saw was on some UFO reporting sight. I am just weirded out that this isn't on the newsx and no one seems to have noticed but a few people.


Okay I saw two exactly alike right now and I'm located in Long Beach California. Do I have to worry about this '?

Unknown disappearing light

I was recently at a Chinese restaurant in Cotati. Ca. Out the window I was watching a solid whitish light that looks exactly like a street light moving upward in the sky for about a minute. I glance away for like no more than ; seconds when suddenly it was out of my sight from the restaurant window. So I go outside and loook all afound and nothing.... what the heck? It was blinking, flashing, or fading. Just gone. One person I was with saw it too. No star, planet. Plane. Helicopter. Solid whitish light. Within a minute gone! Please explain. Anamoly?

Falling star/ meteor?

Driving home North from Auckland just past Puhoi turnoff on Friday 12 May 2017 at approx 11:45pm my partner and I saw the largest falling star we have ever seen. Was extremely bright with a red trail and disappeared behind the horizon of hills ahead.


I'm from Namibia,Africa I was having a recreational event with friends outdoors when I saw the star or bright glow in the sky.fortunately one of my other friends saw it too it was about 10 or 9pm.This was the first time to see something like this in my life

Star fell

I am at work. In Clayton County Forest Park Georgia i looked up and i something that look like a falling star it just came down do stars fall from the sky cause that's what I saw

white ball

i seen a white ball fall from about mid sky level , meaning not looking straight up . it did not have a tail it was going very fast down towards the ground it kept the same brightness all the way down it disappeared behind a tree line it was about 5:00 am on 5/8/17 near atlanta ga . it was so fast that i only saw it for about 2 seconds before it went behind the tree line and it was coming almost straight down maybe a very slight angle im not exactly sure how far away it was but it looked to be about the size of a light bulb if i were holding one in my hand . i heard no sound at all but like i said i live about 20 miles south of atlanta and it look to fall somewhere west of atlanta or in atlanta . i dont know what it was but i do know that this is my first time ever seeing anything like that . it wasent a shooting star because it wasent high enough to be a star and i dont think a meteor because from what ive seen on the internet they usually burn out . this was like a white floresant ball that just appeared then went extremely fast down to the ground ! so hope someone could tell me if they seen it to or if there are any reports about it ! thanks

Yes, I also saw it in

Yes, I also saw it in Victoria , really fast bright white light that had a shower of other sparkle lights coming from it as descending. To low for shooting star,

Large bright orange light crossed over Night sky

We live just North of New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States. My teenaged son & I had just stepped out of my car and we both looked up in the night sky to see a large orange light that appeared round shaped in the distance but fast approached over us it got brighter and appeared to be shaped like a triangle. I have my account set up with nasa to text me for views of the space station but did not receive one for the viewing this evening and did not see any notices for a viewing tonight. It was near 9:00 pm central time Monday, May 9, 2017. My son and I are baffled as it was not a shooting star nor a plane of any sort that we are aware of. Any one else notice anything similar or have an explanation for this event?

falling star

Around midnight from Sat 6-Sun 7 May 2017 in Titirangi, Auckland, I saw this huge falling star that almost looked like a comet as the trail it made was a few mm wide before my eyes and had a reddish glow at the end. It appeared out of nowhere at the southern sky and lasted 1-2 seconds. The biggest falling star I have ever seen.

Shooting Star Spotted

At 23:49, I observed a shooting star In the North Western Sky above Los Angeles. I saw a trail of silver/white for about 2 seconds then a bright burst and orange as it disappeared below the skyline.

Something just fell over Perth

Thought Korea got us, but no, brighter than the moon, whatever it was was large, left a smoke trail in the sky that lingered for ages. Shined till it went behind a 2 story building, definitely but the ground

strange light got me feeling scared

I'm in wpg mb time I and my partner seen a light in sky like it wasn't a plane looked like a light in the front but something black on top of the light as it was coming from the east flying west as it got a bit closer the light was dimming off and on than the light went off than all you could see was a black thing flying that's pretty strange like why did I have to see that

Asteroid (?) over Omokoroa

I was up early this morning watching shooting stars when I noticed what appeared to be a star moving across space- it travelled from NNE over head and disappeared beyond sight in SSE and took a little over a minute to complete this. Anybody else see this, Approximately 6.10 am, Omokoroa, New Zealand on 7/5/2017.

I seen similar this morning

I seen similar this morning 8/5/17 in lower hutt one star heading in a north direction real fast then couple of minutes later seen one heading in a southwards direction again fast until it went out of site around 6am

I seen similar this morning

I seen similar this morning 8/5/17 in lower hutt one star heading in a north direction real fast then couple of minutes later seen one heading in a southwards direction again fast until it went out of site around 6am

Bright light in sky tonight

At first I thought it was ISS or any kind of satellite. It only appeared for a few seconds so I thought it went into earth's shadow.....went to look up any current satellites passing by and found nothing. I saw it at 10:30 pm 5/5/17 and when I looked up any current satellites passing by it shows Kansas City was completely in earth's shadow at 10:30 pm. Not sure what that was.

Amazing display in the sky that lasted only a few seconds

Las Vegas- I was sitting outside on my porch around 3 Am the sky was beautiful you could see all the constellations. I was doing some work out on my porch and take breaks here and there and will look up to the sky. Around 4 something I seen a beautiful shooting star not so long after that shooting star about maybe 2 to 3 minutes or less I seen another shooting star going down the same direction. I was in shock because I have never seen 2 shooting star almost back to back. I didn't go back to work I just kept looking up at the sky and I seen something that looked or could have been a satellite or just two very slow stars coming from the east of the other coming from West they cross each others paths that was around 4:56... when all of a sudden I look to my left and I see the most beautiful display in the sky it was their only for a few seconds. It had a mix of colors add the way it disappeared it kind of made me doubt myself but I have never seen something so beautiful like that so I know I seen it. It was something out of this world. I was shocked about the two stars back to back but after seen that I was breathless. That happened at 4:57am I look down on my phone to check the time so I could remember the exact moment it happened. The next part you may think its bizarre or just BS but one minute or less after that happened two shooting stars at the same time right next to each other but with a good gap between just shot across the sky down the same direction the other two had gone by earlier. After that I just really didn't want to go back inside and that's also what I seen something that just appeared out of nowhere a bright bright star I was able to record that and take pictures of it. It was so huge and bright I thought it was probably an airplane since I don't live that far from the airport. From the size it first appeared it just started getting smaller and smaller and smaller until it just disappeared into the sky and they were no trace of it. what I see today was just beautiful a little gift to remember for ever

Gabriella! I was looking up

Gabriella! I was looking up in the sky while talking with my friend when I saw something so beautiful and unnatural. It exploded into a large blue horizontal beam then disappeared. I have been looking all day to find someone who saw it to. Would you be able to contact me at all? Every time I try to explain it to someone they think I'm hallucinating.

Size of moon

2am 6may Cambridge New Zealand In bed looking out my window and see bright moon I watched it for a few minutes went to the the bath room and it was gone , I hardly believe what I saw, I regret not taking a photo

Green Trail

On Friday May 5th at approx. 4:55 am in Upland, California, I saw a green/blue trail for about 3 seconds before a bright flash in the North Eastern sky.

Bright falling light

At about 6. 30 am observed a fast falling bright light looking towards towards south Wairarapa. Have never witnessed that before. Would like to know what it was please.

6:33 meteor 5 May 2017

I saw the 6:33AM meteor for the Northern Motorway inland of Waiwera. Bright and green, south of me and moving east to west

Bright White Object

6.34am this morning 5/2/17 Bright white meteor seen moving fast across sky heading in the direction South from Auckland. Absolutely stunning view from my front car windscreen. Glad I'm not the only one to see it.

Meteor over Oamaru

At about 4.20 am 5th May 2017. I saw a bright flash and looked up to see a bright line across the sky that lasted for 8 to 10 seconds and then dispersed over the next 5 seconds. It west was in an east west direction. Awesome to see☺

Bright light over waikato

Approx 6.33 am In Cambridge saw a bright light moving slow and seemed to be a shooting star but a lot slower.

Metoer over Blenheim, NZ

About 6:35am, Friday 5 May: Large, bright white light over Eastern horizon falling in a North to North/West direction before breaking up and disappearing.

Bright white light over Hamilton

4:45am 5 May 2017 What looked like a bright star but bigger than Venus stationary approx 4- 5mins over forest lake Hamilton looking south, NZ. Couldn't miss it! Large white light started to get smaller then disappeared then reappeared like it was pulsating getting dimmer each time until it I couldn't see it anymore. No moon and some cloud but it was clear where the light was.

Green light in sky

Hi At 10.30pm 09/05/2017 over Waterford Ireland I witnessed what looked like a green ball falling very quickly from the sky. It was over in seconds, very bright green in colour. Didn't hear anyone else talking about it.

I presume your date is the

I presume your date is the 03/05/2017 ,I saw it on the cork boarder of Limerick I think it made landfall over the sea as is was very bright by them it lasted about 3-4 seconds ,great to watch

a green light with a tail on fire here in southern nevada

i saw it too here it was 2:50 am I am speechless i think it was a Meteor a green light very very with a tale of fire going down , when i saw it i made a wish for my little boy to heal from his illness for me it was a sign from heaven now I know my son will get better very soon

I saw it . But really close .

The sky was really bright. White . Almost like a lighting , but I did not heared any thunder. I was in my car , waiting for my friend , a few blocks from the ocean at venice beach , california. It was like around 2:48 am. Friday may 5th. I feel that light really close . Almost over venice beach , or closer to the ocean. I got out of the area after that. But I won't forget that moment. It last , for like around 5 seconds . I thought was a lighting and my friend was saying that was a lighting , but last like 5 seconds . Another person that saw it , told us that north korea was starting the war !!! But I am sure this light was something coming from space .

Stange light in the sky

I saw a bright light just after 7 first I thought it to be a plane, I watched for a while...the light faded, but became bright was as if the light was just there...not moving. This made me aware it was not a plan...I stood in the direction of the light and said "hello visitors"...trying to figure out what the light started to flicker and moved south bound. I live in Rangurui, Te Puke.

Last night I was walking

Last night I was walking around and I looked up and saw this weird green ball of light streaking down and then there was this explosion and then it continued going down but instead of green it was red

Big "shooting star"

I've seen "shooting stars" before, and you can tell by the way they arc, the duration, and the tail they leave behind, but all of them look VERY far away. This one had the same characteristics; but looked much closer, as if it would land near by, and was visibly glowing an orange-red colour. Was visible for just a second and disappeared :) 04/05/17 around 8:30pm, east Auckland.

Sighted another bright glow falling from the sky at Dawn

Seen this Bright light again in the sky at Dawn 6.30am this morning 4th May. 2nd bright light I've see in 6 months always on my way to work same direction too except this morning was very quick drop to the ground. It was over so quick and not sure if it had a burning tail like the last one I seen it seemed to burn longer with a burning tail. This was more like a drop and bright light falling out from the sky.

Amazing green ball of light, with red tail.

I just saw an amazing green ball of light with a red tail fly through the air. Looked like it was going straight down. It was so green, I thought it was a fire work. I'm in Port St Lucie, Fl.

Driving to work 6.30

Driving to work 6.30 whitemans valley. Upper Hutt saw silvery blue large shooting star west I think. Awesome. But what was it? 4.5.2017

I saw it too!

I was heading to work along The Esplanade. It looked just like a shooting star but it seemed so large and close which made me think it could have been something else

Apparent meteorite

Witnessed what appeared to be a meteorite hurtling towards ground around 8pm over West Auckland, very bright, trailing smoke and burning up with a greenish tinge at the front of it.

green light in wellington

Hi there I tried to submit earlier, not sure if it worked , was on phone at about 6.30am this morning 04 May 2017 in Newlands, Wellington NZ I saw a bright green light moving fast down towards the ground. There was no sound. What could this have been??

Green light in Wellington

I saw this in Newtown at 6.30am. It was a bright white/green light zoom across the sky and disappear.


must have been the same thing. Strange how it isn't in the news yet. !!

Greenish light

Hi, I was in Newlands, Wellington just coming back from walking my dog and saw a greenish light in the sky. About 6.30 am. It was like a sky rocket but bigger and brighter, plus it was going down towards earth . No sound. A meteor ??? Something else ???

Vega Vega

I witnessed a star move from the horizon to the sky and stop and stay there. Best estimates by using Polaris and the end of the handle of the big dipper as corners of a triangle I can assume by the brightness and location that the star must have been "vega vega" as the moving star became the 2nd brightest in the sky. Location Koyuk, AK time 1:30AM Date 5/3/2017. Two other people also witnessed the event next to me.

Bright flash of blue and purple- a beautiful display!

Saw a trail of bright light followed by a great flash of brilliant blue in the sky yesterday evening at around 8:15, April 3rd 2017. It seemed to grow larger and larger as it moved through the sky, then finally, it flashed in brilliant blues and purples and then just disappeared. It seemed so enormous that I found myself waiting for an earth shattering rumble, but nothing! I witnessed it as I was leaving Unitec Campus, in My Albert.

Saw a trail of bright light

Saw a trail of bright light followed by a great flash of brilliant blue in the sky yesterday evening at around 8:15, April 3rd 2017. It seemed to grow larger and larger as it moved through the sky, then finally, it flashed in brilliant blues and purples and then just disappeared. It seemed so enormous that I found myself waiting for an earth shattering rumble, but nothing! I witnessed it as I was leaving Unitec Campus, in My Albert.